Best Picture Nominees: 1945

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The Lost Weekend (Billy Wilder)
Won Best Picture
IMDb Highest Rated
Don Birnam (Ray Milland), long-time alcoholic, has been "on the wagon" for ten days and seems to be over the worst; but his craving has just become more insidious. Evading a country weekend planned by his brother Wick (Phillip Terry) and girlfriend Helen (Jane Wyman), he begins a four-day bender. In flashbacks we see past events, all gone wrong because of the bottle. Hollywood's first attempt at depicting the horrors of alcoholism.

Mildred Pierce (Michael Curtiz)
Nominated Best Picture
A dark, film-noir, soap opera of a movie. Mildred Pierce (Joan Crawford) dotes on her daughters while husband Bert (Bruce Bennett) looks to Maggie Binderhof (Lee Patrick) for affection. Elder daughter Veda (Ann Blyth) goads her mother about their lack of money, and in response Mildred proposes opening a small restaurant. Realtor Wally Fay (Jack Carson) advises her, while making numerous rebuffed passes, and introduces her to Monte Baragon (Zachary Scott), whose property becomes the first of a chain of restaurants. Veda has a fling with Monte. She also pretends pregnancy by Ted Forrester (John Compton) in order to bilk his family of $10,000. Mildred tears up the check, is slapped by Veda, and orders her daughter to leave. After time away, Mildred returns to find Veda singing in a cheap club. Veda will return only if Mildred promises luxury, so Mildred agrees to marry Monte in exchange for a third of her businesses. Monte and Veda carry on behind Mildred's back. Mildred learns of this only after Monte has sold out his third of the her business leaving her bankrupt. She goes to Monte's beach house to kill him, but he takes the gun from her. As she leaves, she hears a shot from the house...

Spellbound (Alfred Hitchcock)
Nominated Best Picture
Solonor's Pick
The head of the Green Manors mental asylum, Dr. Murchison (Leo G. Carroll), is retiring. He is to be replaced by Dr. Edwardes (Gregory Peck), a famous psychiatrist. Edwardes arrives and is immediately attracted to the beautiful but cold Dr. Constance Petersen (Ingrid Bergman). However, it is soon apparent that Dr. Edwardes is in fact a paranoid, amnesiac imposter, named John Ballantine. He goes on the run with Constance, who tries to help his condition and solve the mystery of what happened to the real Dr. Edwardes (Edward Fielding).

Bells of St. Mary's (Leo McCarey)
Nominated Best Picture
Follow-up to Going My Way (1944), Father O'Malley (Bing Crosby), the unconventional priest, continues his work for the Catholic Church. This time, he is sent to St. Mary's, a run-down parochial school on the verge of condemnation. He and Sister Benedict (Ingrid Bergman) work together in an attempt to save the school, though their differing methods often lead to good-natured disagreements.

Anchors Aweigh (George Sidney)
Nominated Best Picture
Two sailors (Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra), one naive, the other experienced in the ways of the world, on liberty in Los Angeles, is the setting for this movie musical. Particularly notable for its Gene Kelly-Jerry Mouse dance number.

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Best Picture: 1945
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The Lost Weekend
Mildred Pierce
Bells of St. Mary's
Anchors Aweigh

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