September 21, 2003

Daddy's Roommate

AUTHOR: Michael Willhoite
ISBN: 1555831184
Plot Summary: Designed to address children of gay men, the book tells of a young boy, his father, and the fatherís lover taking part in activities familiar to all kinds of families: cleaning the house, shopping, playing games, fighting, and making up.
Complaints: Homosexual themes, promotes sodomy.
Challenged but retained at the Dayton and Montgomery County, Ohio Public Library. Removed from the anti-bias curriculum of the Lane County Head Start program in Cottage Grove, Oregon. Challenged at the Chandler, Arizona Public Library. Removed from the children's section of the Fort Worth, Texas Public Library.
Solonor Says Ban It Because: We should not be addressing the needs and questions of children in understanding their particular family situation. The evil gay dads put them in this mess. Besides, when they see how much fun it is, it will make all the other kids want to be gay!
Pastor wages First Amendment war

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