September 21, 2003

Girls and Sex

AUTHOR: Wardell Pomeroy
ISBN: 0385302517
Plot Summary: A girl's guide to sex, including the physical, emotional and ethical aspects. It includes detailed information about anatomy, reproductive systems and the consequences of sexual relationships.
Complaints: Sexual themes
A parent of a child in a Prince George, Canada, school challenged "Boys and Sex" due to its content of "deviant sexual activity." The book was removed from the school library in April 1984, but was later returned. "Girls and Sex" was also challenged in June 1984.
Solonor Says Ban It Because: Another repeat. Makes ya wonder, though. Why's "Boys and Sex" #58, while "Girls and Sex" is only #95? Less sex? Less offensive? Or just 'cause it's girls?
Homewood Public Library Parents Booklists--Sex Education

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