September 21, 2003

Jump Ship to Freedom

AUTHOR: James Lincoln Collier and Christoper Collier
ISBN: 0440443237
Plot Summary: Daniel Arabus and his mother are slaves in the house of Captain Ivers of Connecticut. Since Daniel's father fought in the Revolution and saved up enough money, by law, the Arabus family should be free. But Daniel's father is dead, and Mrs. Ivers has stolen the money. When Daniel steals it back, a furious Captain Ivers puts him on the next ship bound for the West Indies--and certain slavery. Does he dare jump ship in New York? And then what?
Complaints: Violence, offensive language, racism
Challenged at the Nathan Hale Middle School in Crestwood, IL (1996) because it "was damaging to the self-esteem of young black students".
Solonor Says Ban It Because: Yeah, having a strong, young black hero fight his way out of slavery has to be tough on the old self-esteem.
Profiles in Connecticut Black History

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