September 22, 2003

Free Banned Books!

Unfortunately, I did not get off the ground fast enough to tell you about the September 21 BookCrossing event for Banned Books Week., in case you're not familiar with it, is an organization that encourages you to leave a free book in a public place. The finder reads it, logs a journal entry, and passes it along in the same method. On Sunday, they planned the following special book release event:

RELEASE ZONE: On the steps of your local city hall (city government office)
RELEASE METHOD: A well-labeled book, ideally from the 100 Most-Challenged list, left on or near the steps, and protected from the elements as needed. You might get creative by "hanging" the book from a tree limb, or "jailing" it inside a small cage, etc. Use your imagination, and try to take pictures!
RELEASE TIME: Sunday, September 21st, at sunset wherever you live.

But just because you didn't do it on Sunday, that doesn't mean you can't do it any time during the week. Free a banned book!

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