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Hairpoker Hurls No-Hitter

Thursday, September 7th, 2028
"Gandilgorn Hairpoker was just plain nasty on the mound today," according to his batterymate and quite a few of the Numenor Kings after the Bucklebury hurler fired a 3-0 no-hitter.

The Kings were powerless against him. "It is what we call in baseball 'filthy'... his stuff was just too much for us today," the losing manager told reporters after the game."

In an overpowering performance Hairpoker faced 33 batters in all and finish the game with 6 strikeouts and 5 walks.

"After the first couple of innings, I knew I had some good stuff going," Hairpoker said. "In the bullpen, it really wasn't that good, to be honest. But when I got out on the mound and flipped the switch, I had some pretty good stuff. I had a good fastball with control and I was able to throw my breaking ball and changeup for strikes."

On the season Hairpoker has delivered 0 saves in no relief appearances. He has 133 strikeouts in 172 innings with a 5.02 ERA and a 11-13 mark.

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