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Minas Ithil Win Ultimate Fantasy Baseball Association Championship!

Sunday, October 29th, 2028
The Minas Ithil Wyrms celebrated wildly after they eliminated the Diagon Alley Wizards in the Ultimate Fantasy Baseball Association title series by a 7-0 score. The triumph gave the Wyrms the series 4-0. And the celebration continued when they players hit the locker room and the party really began. The champagne flowed freely as the jubilant players passed around the championship trophy. Others dove headfirst and slid from one doorway to the next on a slick plastic sheet. Some were drenching each other with champagne and exchanging bear hugs. "This is a great ending for a great season," the victorious Minas Ithil skipper told the reporters in the club house. "Winning the Ultimate Fantasy Baseball Association doesn't happen often in a career. This title is to be savored and remembered." Minas Ithil previously won its 1st league title to qualify for the overall crown. During the Shire Conference Hobbit Division regular season the Wyrms recorded a 116-46 and finished first in the standings.

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