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2028 Best Gloves Picked by MC

Wednesday, November 1st, 2028
In baseball circles, a player who has good range, a good arm and good hands is a great catch. Clubs strive to be strong in the field, especially "up the middle." Solid defenders can make a difference in the outcome of tight games and tight pennant races. The Legolas Fielder Awards for 2028 in the Mordor Conference go to these standout defenders:

Pitcher: Grort the Goblin Killer (Numenor Kings)
Catcher: Karan Trollmaster (Misty Mountain Hops)
First Baseman: Wonai the Drooler (Weathertop Witch Kings)
Second Baseman: Lilith *Blackbark (Minas Morgul Slayers)
Third Baseman: Hisin Rockdelver (Dol Guldur Dragons)
Shortstop: Dae Pugh (Lothlorien Lumberjacks)
Left Fielder: Pimpernel Brownlock (Lothlorien Lumberjacks)
Center Fielder: Ishnakh Handthrower (Weathertop Witch Kings)
Right Fielder: Rowan Fields (Lothlorien Lumberjacks)

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