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*Trollbasher is Shire MVP

This year's recipient of the Aragorn MVP award for the Shire is Brutus *Trollbasher. The hard-hitting catcher in his 3rd year in the Majors slugged his way into the hearts of voters, winning half of the 1st place votes cast. As the Sam Gamgee Batter of the year, he becomes the first player for Minas Ithil to have won either award while being a member of the Wyrms.

Elle-Rhonda *Hubbard of the Merry Fellows was 2nd in the voting, with perennial favorite and 5-time MVP, Scarlett *III, finishing 3rd. Other 1st place votes went to Galugol Eliolas of Minas Ithil and Porto Moss of Moria.

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