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Darkwings-Titans Swap Confirmed

Sunday, April 1st, 2029
Ravenhill and Minas Tirith have swapped players. The Darkwings announced today that they have sent 26-year-old starting pitcher Shaoja Florian, 30-year-old shortstop Prorbag Spleensmasher, 21-year-old minor league closer Lomli Ironfist and 22-year-old minor league shortstop Myrth LegÓlas to the Titans in exchange for 28-year-old second baseman Pugnash Humanslurper and 32-year-old third baseman Shima Rasreth.

Spleensmasher is batting .274 with 960 career base hits, including 176 doubles, 35 triples and 58 home runs with 425 RBIs and 524 runs scored. He has played in 1041 games, stolen 213 bases and compiled a .377 OBP.

For his career Humanslurper has batted .262 and hit 73 home runs.

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