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Ravenhill Darkwings, Archers Agree to Trade

Monday, April 16th, 2029
The Baseball News Network is reporting that the Darkwings and Archers have consummated a trade. Lake Town will receive 29-year-old right fielder Po the Independent, 28-year-old reliever Rebo Pelham, 29-year-old minor league shortstop Borigal Trample and 32-year-old reliever Phaior Elothien in a swap for 30-year-old center fielder Gamella Pender, 23-year-old reliever Higak Kidneycrusher, 26-year-old third baseman David Middlebrook and 31-year-old reliever Belladonna Hill. A league analyst called the trade a "pretty even transaction."

Over his career Trample is batting .252 with 72 home runs and 360 RBIs. In 904 games he has delivered 790 hits, scored 481 runs, stolen 136 bases and gotten on base at a .326 clip.

Pender is hitting .271 during his 774-game career. He has 787 hits, 167 doubles, 22 triples, 160 home runs, 525 RBIs, 149 stolen bases and 503 runs scored.

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