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Ravenhill-Bucklebury Deal Confirmed

Monday, April 30th, 2029
Several Darkwings and Fairies players soon will have to start shopping for a new home. It was announced today that the two teams came to agreement on a trade. Ravenhill will get 25-year-old minor league right fielder Farag Nailslobberer and 20-year-old minor league reliever Diego Brandes and Bucklebury will pick up 26-year-old minor league center fielder Brianna Rethiel and 26-year-old minor league starting pitcher Bundin Peremral in return. "I'm not surprised by the news," one of the players told reporters, "It's part of the business and I understand that. I am looking forward to playing for the Darkwings."

Presently Rethiel is batting .133 with 3 home runs and 8 RBIs. She has played in 18 games and scored 4 times.

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