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Swap: Belšndir for Patterson

Monday, May 28th, 2029
It's all done except the paperwork. The Ravenhill Darkwings and the Land of Oz Munchkins have agreed to a trade that will send 29-year-old catcher Danus Belšndir, 27-year-old first baseman Phaialia Lomombor, 24-year-old minor league reliever Mororon Firion and 30-year-old reliever Chukky Bats to Land of Oz, while 23-year-old minor league catcher Frodo Fumlefot, 30-year-old first baseman Nora Patterson, 21-year-old minor league starting pitcher Isabelle Delmonte and 25-year-old starting pitcher Bilbo Goodrich will be shipped to Ravenhill. A top front office executive with the Darkwings described the trade talks as "quick and easy." "We're glad to get this deal done. We think it's something that helps our ball club and it didn't take too long at all to sort this one out," he said.

A look at his current stats shows Belšndir with a .214 average, 3 home runs, 11 RBIs and 6 runs scored. He has played in 11 games.

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