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Shire Sails to Shutout Win Over Mordor

A dominant Shire Conference staff steamrolled the Mordor Conference All-Stars in the 27th annual mid-season classic. Allowing just 3 hits, Shire pitchers fanned 9 and walked 2 for a shutout win.

Meanwhile, the Shire batters were able to knock in 6 runs on 11 hits. The biggest blow coming in the 7th inning when they scored 4. The first came when Nose GladrierÓ of Moria smacked a pinch double to score Brutus *Trollbasher of the Minas Ithil Wyrms. Next, the Wyrms Wilo Headhater drew a bases-loaded walk to score GladrierÓ. Then, Minas Ithil shortstop, Uffrat Moonkiller, sent a screaming liner to deep center for a 2-run double, scoring Bree's Ponto Bramble and Marin Goldtearer of the Wyrms.

The first two runs scored by the Shire came in the 3rd and 4th innings. Olo Bats of Minas Ithil launched a solo HR to left to start off the scoring in the bottom of the 3rd. Then, Diazava El÷lindŰ of the Minas Tirith Titans scored from 2nd on a throwing error by Dol Guldur third baseman, Hisin Rockdelver.

This gives the Shire a 15-12 advantage in the All-Star series.

44,747 fans showed up for the first All-Star Game to be held in Carrock. The winner of the game was Arulas Cross of the Erebor Eagles. Ediberto Whistler of the Misty Mountain Hops was tagged with the loss. The player of the game was Uffrat Moonkiller of the Minas Ithil Wyrms.

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