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Hornblower's 22-Game Hitting Streak Ends

Sunday, July 22nd, 2029
It was the best of both worlds for the Erebor Eagles today at Amon Sul Stadium as they defeated the Weathertop Witch Kings 7-4 and also ended Daisy Hornblower's 22-game hitting streak. The 29-year-old Weathertop right fielder failed to get a hit in 1 at-bat.

"Nothing personal against Daisy, we just wanted to win the game," said the victorious Eagles skipper. "We did a great job keeping her off balance and guessing."

When asked by reporters about her streak coming to an end, Hornblower frowned and said, "I won't lie and say that I'm not disappointed about my streak ending, but I would feel much better about things if we had won the game."

Thus far in 2029 Hornblower is hitting .321 with 20 home runs, 64 RBIs, 58 runs scored and has compiled a .403 OBP.

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