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Bywater Swaps Tunnelly to New New York for Day

Monday, July 23rd, 2029
Everybody is overjoyed with a trade consummated today by the Bywater Bounders and the New New York Blernsballers. In the deal Bywater got 27-year-old reliever Shane Dunn and 29-year-old closer Jose Day from New New York and dealt 24-year-old reliever Kulir the Naughty, 19-year-old minor league starting pitcher Tobi Baggins, 22-year-old minor league closer Holfast Mulhall and 26-year-old minor league center fielder Dinodas Tunnelly to the Blernsballers. The general managers that made the swap are happy and the players are happy, too. One of the GMs commented, "This was a good swap for all concerned."

Posted at May 12, 2014 09:53 PM | more from Bywater