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Friagorn Eärärion Wallops 3 Homers for Archers

Friday, August 17th, 2029
What did Friagorn Eärärion eat for breakfast prior to his game against Bree? Whatever it was, it provided some surprising power as the Lake Town center fielder smacked three balls up and out of the park at Bree-Land Ballpark. His power surge sparked the Archers to a 15-5 victory over the Cheese.

He told BNN reporters, "When they throw it in your wheelhouse, you got a shot at a homer. I got three shots today and nailed them all."

On his 3-homer day he went 3 for 4, scored 4 times, drove in 3 and put his name in the league record book.

Friagorn Eärärion hit a solo-shot off Rabur Bolger in the 1st, hit a solo-shot off Rabur Bolger in the 3rd, walked in the 5th, grounded out in the 6th and hit a solo-shot off Hob Kendrick in the 8th.

Hitting .279 to date, Eärärion has 37 home runs and 88 RBIs. He has played in 99 games.

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