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Erebor Beats Bree 6-3, Hilldweller Ks 16

Thursday, August 30th, 2029
Erebor Eagles starting pitcher Marcho Hilldweller brought his best stuff to the game against the Bree Cheese today at The Eyrie, striking out 16 batters in his club's 6-3 victory. In a strong performance, the 24-year-old Hilldweller gave up 5 hits in his 7.1 innings of work and issued 4 walks.

"I felt good out there," he commented after the game. "My fastball had a lot of life and my off-speed stuff was sharp. That combination was giving hitters fits and working well for me."

His record this year is 7-12 in 27 starts and Hilldweller has a 6.50 ERA.

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