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Starslobberer Keeps Hit Streak Alive

Friday, August 31st, 2029
The streak is alive and well -- at least for today.

Erurbag Starslobberer did it again. He bashed 2 hits in today's game and for the last 30 games in a row has collected at least one hit. The 24-year-old Ravenhill left fielder extended his streak as the Darkwings beat the Misty Mountain Hops 5-2 at The Ballpark at Helms Deep.
Erurbag Starslobberer walked in the 1st, grounded out in the 3rd, grounded out in the 5th, doubled in the 7th and hit a solo-shot off Nirt Gamauma in the 8th.

On the year Starslobberer has hit .290 with 25 home runs, 79 RBIs and scored 92 runs.

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