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Wyrms Sweep Dead Marshes

Wednesday, October 24th, 2029
The season came to a crashing halt for the Dead Marshes Uruk-hai when the Minas Ithil Wyrms beat them 7-1 today at Uruk-hai Field to sweep the Return of the King Series 4-0.

Fans in Minas Ithil have already begun the celebration and officials are expecting huge numbers when the championship parade takes place in a few days.

"Unbelievable for us, for our fans," the elated Wyrms skipper said. "This team has worked as hard as any team ever. They deserve it. What these guys have done -- they're going to enjoy it for a long time."

This was the 2nd championship for the Wyrms.

Asked after the game, what it's like to lose in the Return of the King Series, Dead Marshes's manager replied, "You want the results to be different." Then he added, "They simply outplayed us, they deserve it. They beat us. They're the champions."

Minas Ithil finished the season with a record of 119-43 and ranked first in the Shire Conference Hobbit Division.

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