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*Trollbasher Wins Shire MVP

Friday, November 16th, 2029
Earlier, Brutus *Trollbasher won his third consecutive Sam Gamgee Batter Award, and today he was rewarded with his third straight Aragorn MVP. *Trollbasher was the easy choice in the Shire Conference after leading the Minas Ithil Wyrms to their second SGCBL title. He hit .360 with 37 HR and 102 RBI, but on top of that the fleet footed catcher threw in 34 stolen bases.

Coming in second to *Trollbasher was Old Forest's Elle-Rhonda *Hubbard who batted .302 for the Merry Fellows with 39 HR and 121 RBI. *Trollbasher's teammate, Levi Legura (20-2, 2.27 ERA) who won this year's Gandalf Pitcher Award, was third in the voting.

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