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Dead Marshes Outfielder Wins Aragorn MVP

Friday, November 16th, 2029
There were a lot of firsts this year for the Dead Marshes Uruk-hai, but one of the proudest accomplishments had to be that of Thraryn *Samarkand. *Samarkand, 25, not only hit .364 to lead all SGCBL batters and won his 2nd Legolas Fielder award in CF and his 2nd straight Shadowfax Stolen Base award, but he became the first Aragorn MVP winner for Dead Marshes in franchise history.

Finishing 2nd in the voting was the MC Sam Gamgee Batter winner, Hisin Rockdelver of Dol Guldur, who batted .303 with 40 HR and 124 RBI. Gleonyc Kendrick (17-7, 1.93 ERA) of the Ravenhill Darkwings was third.

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