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Dagorlad, Dyson Trade Made

Thursday, November 29th, 2029
You can't always get what you want, but sometimes you find a deal anyway. The Baseball News Network is reporting that Dagorlad and Dyson have made a swap with 28-year-old starting pitcher Gollomer Giantmasher being shipped to the Spheres and in return the Disaster would get 19-year-old minor league center fielder Shavia Casablanca and 21-year-old minor league shortstop Brian Amendola.

The Dyson general manager said the two sides were close to a blockbuster trade before agreeing upon a smaller scale transaction. "This is just a bit of housekeeping compared to what we wanted to do," he said. "I won't name names, but the potential deal we were close to making would have certainly grabbed some headlines." A source inside the Dagorlad organization said the two sides might not be done dealing, and another transaction could be in the works.

In his career Giantmasher has amassed 17 wins and 14 losses with an ERA of 4.68 and 212 strikeouts.

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