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Hall of Fame Honors Ciurk Badgerpoker

Tuesday, January 1st, 2030
A huge crowd watched Ciurk Badgerpoker become the newest member of the Tolkien Baseball Hall of Fame today.

"I'm a big believer in whatever you want, if you want something out of this game, you've got to put the work in it. You've got to work hard," said the outstanding center fielder, whose new plaque described him as "an artisan with a bat whose daily pursuit of excellence produced a .270 lifetime batting average, 2256 hits and 450 home runs."

After the induction ceremony Badgerpoker was asked what was the most thrilling moment in his career. He responded quickly, "No doubt about it, your first hit in the big leagues. That's tops. It means you're on your way. When you get the first hit, then you can get the rest."

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