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Nilad Latest HOF Legend

Tuesday, January 1st, 2030
The baseball legends today welcomed to their exclusive club a new catcher by the name of Thuralia Nilad. His induction ceremony was held today at the Tolkien Baseball Hall of Fame.

"I remember thinking to myself after I had had a couple of good years, that if I keep doing this, maybe I just might make it to the Hall of Fame. The dream became a reality today and I must say this is a very proud day today.

Over his career Nilad batted .301 and collected 1373 hits, 221 home runs and 791 RBIs. He played in 1369 games and retired from baseball at age 53.

His former manager introduced Nilad saying, "The big thing about Thuralia is that he could hit any pitch. I don't mean only strikes. He could hit a ball off his ankles or off his ear."

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