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Udun *Saruman

Udun *Saruman

Induction Information
Named to the Hall of Fame in 2030, Player
Hall of Fame Standards Rating: 61

Born:February 28, 1993 in Unknown Lands (Human)
ML Debut: 4/1/2018
Primary Position: 3B
Bats: S Throws: R
Primary Uniform #: 5

Played For: Lothlorien (2018-2029)
Primary Team: Lothlorien Lumberjacks

Post Season: 2019-2025
Awards: All-Star (8): 2018-2022, 2024-2026; 2024 Aragorn MVP; 2024 Sam Gamgee Batter; 2018 Frodo Rookie

284 home runs, 2111 hits and 1058 RBIs are the stuff of legend, but Udun *Saruman doesn't see it that way.

"For me, baseball is about the team winning. I could have taken an 0-for-4 that day, but if our team won, I don't think you could have come into the locker room and been able to tell that I did not get a hit because the most important thing to me was that we won. That was what we intended to do when we took the field. That's what it was about."

Fortunately for baseball's newest immortal, he had far more good days than bad days. That's why *Saruman has been installed into the Tolkien Baseball Hall of Fame. In his historic career the standout first baseman participated in 1627 games, batted .338, scored 1124 runs... and won a few games, too.

Hall of Fame Teammates: Gimli Cloudskin

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