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Royals, Neuromancers Confirm Swap

Wednesday, January 16th, 2030
After prolonged negotiations Rivendell agreed to ship 26-year-old second baseman Ludor Bright Blade to Chiba City for 21-year-old minor league center fielder Baztrak Giantthrottler and 21-year-old minor league shortstop Rose Overturf. The deal is awaiting confirmation from the league office but neither team expects any hang-ups. "It took longer than expected," said one GM, "but we knew that the deal was going to happen."

Looking at his all-time stats, Bright Blade has a lifetime .264 average with 233 hits, 47 doubles, 1 triple, 14 home runs and 98 RBIs. To date he has scored 109 runs, walked 107 times and stolen 9 bases.

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