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Minas Morgul Slayers

November 19, 2015

May's Top Starter is Daggerkicker

Tuesday, June 1st, 2032 Veteran Wart Daggerkicker put together quite a successful stretch in May for the Minas Morgul Slayers, earning himself the Mordor Conference Pitcher of the Month award. Daggerkicker racked up a 6-0 record in 7 starts, posting...

November 14, 2015

Slayer Fans Launch Campaign to Keep Ringworker in Minas Morgul

Monday, May 24th, 2032 Rumors of Tognar Ringworker having already made up his mind to leave the Slayers at the end of this season have prompted the front office to activate the legions of rabid dryad fan(atic)s to try to...

November 12, 2015

Star SP Signs Extension with Minas Morgul

Friday, May 21st, 2032 Minas Morgul fans celebrated as word of a signing became reality. Gwaebrylla Norcross won't be pulling up stakes anytime soon, as she has signed a 8-year extension at a pay rate of $8,730,000 per annum. Since...

November 06, 2015

Slayers, Norcross Talk Long Term Deal

The Slayers seem to want to lock up their young starter Gwaebrylla Norcross. Norcross, 25, has been excellent for the Slayers in his early career. She has a career 3.08 ERA and is coming off back-to-back 6 WAR seasons. "We've...

November 02, 2015

Star LF Signs Extension with Minas Morgul

Friday, April 30th, 2032 Minas Morgul announced that they have signed 32-year-old left fielder Gaman Lómebrin to a 5-year, $12,400,000 agreement that will have him playing at Sylvan Cove for the foreseeable future. Currently Lómebrin is batting .225 with 7...

Star CF Kendrick Signs for 3 years

Friday, April 30th, 2032 Chukky Kendrick probably doesn't have his best years ahead of him, but he will surely contribute a lot to the Slayers effort. Minas Morgul locked him up for an additional 3 years at a rate of...

September 03, 2015

Tognar Ringworker Donates Time and Money to Local Cancer Research Facility

Sunday, December 14, 2031 In a news conference today, Minas Morgul catcher Tognar Ringworker has pledged to donate one-tenth of his 2031 salary to the Middle Earth Cancer Society. "I don't do it for the headlines; I do it for...

July 30, 2015

Ravenhill Takes Fellowship Series

Wednesday, October 8th, 2031 The Ravenhill Darkwings were paced by a strong offensive output from Forerunner *Baggins as they downed the Minas Morgul Slayers 4-1 to win the Fellowship Series. Ravenhill won the final game by a 2-0 count at...

July 27, 2015

Hobbit Series Goes the Distance, Minas Morgul Prevails

Wednesday, October 1st, 2031 The Minas Morgul Slayers and Dead Marshes Uruk-hai tangled in a hard-fought Hobbit Series that needed to go the distance to find a winner. That winner was Minas Morgul, with a 4-3 win at Sylvan Cove...

Rowan Hill Suffers Injury

Monday, September 29th, 2031 Minas Morgul reliever Rowan Hill left today's game with a torn meniscus. The injury looked like it occurred throwing a pitch in the game against Dead Marshes. One fan said, "As soon as it happened, you...

July 16, 2015

Minas Morgul Slayers Clinch Spot in Postseason

Monday, September 15th, 2031 The math is in the favor of the Minas Morgul Slayers. The club can no longer be ousted from a playoff position, with a berth in the postseason now a guarantee. Minas Morgul boasts a 83-68...

June 08, 2015

16 Ks for Daggerkicker, Beats Dunharrow 3-0

Thursday, June 26th, 2031 It was a 16-K day for Minas Morgul pitcher Wart Daggerkicker at Sylvan Cove today. He really put on a show in beating the Dunharrow Devils 3-0. Daggerkicker had his good stuff and good location and...

May 16, 2015

Funky Posco Dogwood Trying to Stick

MINAS MORGUL - Minas Morgul's GM loves unconventional pitchers, which is one reason why Posco Dogwood got the chance to see what he can do. In Spring Training, Dogwood was marginal in relief, but the team decided to give him...

His big league performance has been mixed, to say the least, but usually at least gives his team some chance to win. Still, he's not looking particularly impressive or even consistently average. Sometimes he gets rocked but other times he's at least competitive and decent.

"The long ball is what's getting him", manager Alexis Debusher said, "We're trying to figure out if this is just some bad luck or if its something he's going to need more time to work on down at Nurn."

One thing that might work in Dogwood's favor is that the major league team's pitching coach, G'Kar the Crippler, is noted for preaching the benefits of the ground ball. That is something that would be right up Dogwood's alley. On the other hand, is struggling along as the 5th starter in the majors really going to do much to help his development?

"Young players need to be challenged and experience some adversity in order to learn and adjust, but sometimes too much might just make him develop bad habits in an effort to just survive, " Debusher added.

More time at Nurn might be advisable since he has no conventional mainline pitch. He's a knuckleballer with two breaking pitches. A two-seamer might be what he needs to help out in situations where he's behind in the count or to simply induce more grounders.

Another thing working against Posco is Nesil Orebearer being in relief. Granted, Orebearer seems to be adapting well, to say the least, to life in the bullpen as the entire bullpen tries to pick up for Rowan Hill's injury, but Orebearer has to figure to be a better option in the rotation than Dogwood.

"Move underused Cavernmover into a better role, put Dogwood as long relief and Orebearer as starter. That's what I would do, "one analyst commented, "but, then again, they are a .600 team so what they are doing is objectively working."

Perhaps the biggest threats to Dogwood's roster spot are Ardaah Elrymbor, a 23-year-old prospect reliever, and Boriron Celeoborn, a 25-year-old pitcher who worked mostly in relief to good effect last season. Elrymbor doesn't look particularly polished, but if they want to give a pitcher time to develop in the bullpen, why not choose the one with higher upside that's currently doing well in AAA? Likewise, Celeoborn is polished and also enjoyed success last season in a relief role. He's currently vaporizing AAA hitters as a starting pitcher as well.

In addition, there's Malin Bats. He worked in relief last season and was dominating with the innings he was given. Bats has been a slow developer with his control in terms of reaching his ceiling, which scouts think is top tier, but he's done well as a reliever and is doing solidly as a starter in AAA, perhaps itching for another shot at the rotation.

Scouts think Bats and Celeoborn are certainly ready for the majors.

Time will tell how long the Posco experiment continues, but he might want to string together a few good starts to help his own cause considering the Slayers do have multiple options at their disposal.

April 20, 2015

Bad News for Slayers, Hill Injured

Friday, April 4th, 2031 It was announced today in Minas Morgul that Slayers pitcher Rowan Hill will be on the mend for 5-6 months because of shoulder inflammation he sustained in a recent game against the Dagorlad Disaster. Hill was...

February 26, 2015

Veteran Re-Signs with Slayers

Monday, December 30th, 2030 The latest out of Minas Morgul indicates that Bowman Moss has re-signed with the Slayers and that the 31-year-old reliever is set to earn $20,200,000 over a 4-year span. Team officials tell BNN the deal will...

Orebearer Signs for 4 years

Friday, December 27th, 2030 Team officials were upbeat today as Nesil Orebearer signed an extension with the Slayers. He'll be calling Minas Morgul home for the next 4 years and will earn $36,000,000 in salary by the end of the...

January 08, 2015

Daggerkicker Fires No-Hitter

Thursday, September 26th, 2030 In a seldom seen sight, Wart Daggerkicker threw a no-hitter as the Minas Morgul Slayers beat the Isengard Raiders 6-0. In a dominating performance at Sylvan Cove he struck out 8 and walked 1 while facing...

December 09, 2014

Norcross Spins No-Hitter

Sunday, August 4th, 2030 It's a rare thing to pitch a no-hitter in baseball. It's done by the great and the not-so-great. There are times when an average pitcher will briefly be glorified by this achievement. It is not an...

November 03, 2014

MC's Top Pitcher in May Is Elviorion

Saturday, June 1st, 2030 May's #1 hurler was Celegast Elviorion of Minas Morgul. He gunned down Mordor Conference hitters the whole month and claimed the Pitcher of the Month award. The Slayers star piled up 5 wins and 1 loss...

October 20, 2014

Orebearer Out 11 Months

Tuesday, April 30th, 2030 Nesil Orebearer will have to wait a while longer. The Minas Morgul starting pitcher was informed this afternoon that he will miss another 11 months with a partially torn ulnar collateral ligament. The injury has kept...

August 06, 2014

Minto Foxburr Inducted into Hall Of Fame

Tuesday, January 1st, 2030 "He simply produced -- game after game after game. That's what I loved about him." Those sentiments were expressed by one of Minto Foxburr's managers at the gifted third baseman's Hall of Fame induction ceremony yesterday....

May 01, 2014

Orebearer Fans 16 Stars

Friday, July 6th, 2029 Minas Morgul Slayers starting pitcher Nesil Orebearer brought his best stuff to the game against the Grey Havens Stars today at Sylvan Cove, striking out 16 batters in his club's 3-0 victory. In a strong performance,...

April 14, 2014

Cavernmover Hears from Medical Staff

Wednesday, June 20th, 2029 Moimli Cavernmover could soon be placed on the disabled list. The Minas Morgul reliever told reporters that he expects to be "out of commission" for 6-7 months because of a torn rotator cuff. He hasn't played...

March 04, 2014

Daggerkicker Gets Injury Report

Thursday, April 5th, 2029 Since 04/03/2029, when he suffered a torn rotator cuff, Wart Daggerkicker has been waiting. Waiting to hear how badly he injured himself during that day's game. Today word came down from the doctors that the Minas...

February 17, 2014

Injury Update for Minas Morgul, Quietleaf

Thursday, March 8th, 2029 Since 03/07/2029, when she suffered a torn posterior cruciate ligament, Liana Quietleaf has been waiting. Waiting to hear how badly she injured herself during that day's game. Today word came down from the doctors that the...

January 02, 2014

Orebearer Top Choice, Wins Gandalf Pitcher Award

Wednesday, November 1st, 2028 The Minas Morgul Slayers have a rising superstar or maybe even a budding Hall-of-Famer in the making. It's Nesil Orebearer, this year's Mordor Conference Gandalf Pitcher Award selection. This blossoming hurler wowed fans, peers and sportswriters...

November 11, 2013

Minas Morgul Starter Selected Best Pitcher

Tuesday, August 1st, 2028 The Minas Morgul Slayers felt very secure when they sent Nesil Orebearer out to the hill last month. The 27-year-old starter went after Mordor Conference hitters with a vengeance and earned July's Pitcher of the Month...

November 04, 2013

Minas Morgul's Quietleaf MC's Best

Monday, July 24th, 2028 It's always a thrill for fans of the team and students of the game alike when a superstar in the making shows what she's got. Liana Quietleaf, the Minas Morgul Slayers 25-year-old shortstop, put herself in...

October 07, 2013

MC's Top Starter is Orebearer

Thursday, June 1st, 2028 Nesil Orebearer's been around the league long enough to appreciate the honor he received today. After going 5-2 in May, the 27-year-old Minas Morgul hurler has been named Mordor Conference Pitcher of the Month. He fanned...

August 29, 2013

Minas Morgul, Veteran Ringworker Sign Deal

Wednesday, April 5th, 2028 Slayers representatives confirm that they have reached a contract settlement with Tognar Ringworker and that the 28-year-old catcher will stay on at Sylvan Cove for at least 4 years....

June 17, 2013

Slayers Elrilmalith Sizzles with Cycle

Saturday, October 30th, 2027 Minas Morgul's Thuvtai Elrilmalith hit for the cycle today, becoming the first player ever to do so in the playoffs, but his club still went home with their heads hung low. The Slayers were upended by...

February 28, 2013

Fairies Whitewashed by Orebearer

Tuesday, April 27th, 2027 Nesil Orebearer of Minas Morgul easily handled the Bucklebury Fairies, stopping them on 1 hit and chucking a complete-game 5-0 shutout. "He really did a job on us," said the Bucklebury manager. "He had good command...

February 18, 2013

MC's #1 Player, Quietleaf of Minas Morgul

Monday, April 12th, 2027 23-year-old Liana Quietleaf sent shock waves through Tolkien Baseball last week with an eye-popping performance that brought her the Mordor Conference Player of the Week Award. A newcomer to the league, Quietleaf made the establishment sit...

November 29, 2012

Toothkicker Selected Top Performer in MC

Monday, September 21st, 2026 Lagush Toothkicker has the tools to stick in this league for many years. The 23-year-old center fielder of the Minas Morgul Slayers had a pretty hot bat in the Mordor Conference over the past seven days...

November 05, 2012

Ringworker Picked MC Player of the Week

Monday, August 10th, 2026 All week long nobody could get Tognar Ringworker out in the Mordor Conference and that is the prime reason he was voted the Player of the Week. The Minas Morgul catcher took home the trophy by...

October 15, 2012

Minas Morgul Left Fielder Picked MC Player of the Week

Monday, June 29th, 2026 There's nothing like being in the prime of your baseball career -- and playing like it. Just ask Gaman Lómebrin, the Minas Morgul left fielder, who swung a sweet bat all week to not only aid...

September 24, 2012

Latest Injury Report on Hardbottle

Wednesday, May 13th, 2026 Carl Hardbottle will have to wait a while longer. The Minas Morgul catcher was informed this afternoon that he will miss another 5 months with a ruptured achilles tendon. The injury has kept him off the...

September 17, 2012

Moss April's Best Hurler in MC

Friday, May 1st, 2026 Bowman Moss was on top of the world in April, capping it off with the Mordor Conference Pitcher of the Month honors. The Minas Morgul starter was superb in 7 starts with 6 wins and 1...

August 06, 2012

Orebearer Out of Commission 12-13 Months

Saturday, April 4th, 2026 Nesil Orebearer could soon be placed on the disabled list. The Minas Morgul starting pitcher told reporters that he expects to be "out of commission" for 12-13 months because of a torn ulnar collateral ligament. He...

Slayers return Rule 5 pick to Uruk-hai

Wednesday, April 1st, 2026 Team officials for Minas Morgul and Dead Marshes confirmed an agreement. The Slayers returned 23-year-old shortstop Nazbag the Story-teller to the Uruk-hai. The Slayers picked up Nazbag during this year's Rule 5 Draft and rather than...

June 18, 2012

Veteran 3B Megilion Stays in Minas Morgul

Monday, November 24th, 2025: Minas Morgul fans celebrated as word of a signing became reality. Fareand Megilion won't be pulling up stakes anytime soon, as he has signed a 5-year extension at a pay rate of $7,000,000 per annum. Since...

June 04, 2012

*Blackbark Wins MVP in MC

Sunday, November 2nd, 2025: In a hotly contested race, Lilith *Blackbark won the Mordor Conference MVP award and will take home the 2025 Aragorn. *Blackbark, the Minas Morgul 2nd baseman, won the Sam Gamgee Batter award for her .346 batting...

Moss Grabs MC Gandalf Pitcher Award

Sunday, November 2nd, 2025: The Minas Morgul Slayers have a rising superstar or maybe even a budding Hall-of-Famer in the making. It's Bowman Moss, this year's Mordor Conference Gandalf Pitcher Award selection. This blossoming hurler wowed fans, peers and sportswriters...

#1 Batter Named by Mordor Conference

Sunday, November 2nd, 2025: It's been a year of triumph for veteran Lilith *Blackbark of the Minas Morgul Slayers as she hit her way to the 2025 Mordor Conference Sam Gamgee Batter. The 23-year-old veteran compiled a .346 average and...

May 28, 2012

How Sweep it Is! Minas Morgul Wins Return of the King Series

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2025: Minas Morgul gathered in its 2nd Return of the King Series championship today and made it look easy. They swept the Minas Ithil Wyrms in straight games, winning the series 4-0. The Slayers disposed of Minas...

May 17, 2012

Slayers Star Earns MC Bat Title

Wednesday, October 1st, 2025: When the Mordor Conference regular season came to a close yesterday, Lilith *Blackbark was all alone in the top spot in the batting race with a .346 average. The 23-year-old Minas Morgul Slayers second baseman smacked...

May 03, 2012

Minas Morgul Starter August's Best Pitcher

Monday, September 1st, 2025: This month the Mordor Conference spotlight fell on pitcher Nesil Orebearer of the Minas Morgul Slayers. What a August he had! A fine 5-1 won-lost record, 2.53 ERA, 7 starts, 46.1 innings pitched and 46 strikeouts...

April 12, 2012

Minas Morgul Starter Named MC's Top Pitcher

Friday, August 1st, 2025: Bowman Moss of the Minas Morgul Slayers was on top of his game the entire month of July, capping it off with the Mordor Conference Pitcher of the Month honors. He was outstanding in 7 starts...

March 26, 2012

Lilith *Blackbark Selected June's Best Batter

Tuesday, July 1st, 2025: Lilith *Blackbark battered Mordor Conference pitchers all June and wound up taking home the Batter of the Month Award. "I've been around Tolkien Baseball long enough to know you really have to work hard day in...

March 15, 2012

*Blackbark Red-Hot, MC Player of the Week

Monday, June 9th, 2025: Lilith *Blackbark has the tools to stick in this league for many years. The 22-year-old second baseman of the Minas Morgul Slayers had a pretty fair bat in the Mordor Conference over the past seven days...

Royals Snap *Blackbark's Streak at 24

Sunday, June 8th, 2025: After 24 games, Lilith *Blackbark had her hitting streak ended abruptly today by Rivendell at Sylvan Cove. The Slayers second baseman failed to get a hit in 2 at-bats and her brief fling with fame has...

February 16, 2012

MC Selects Moss April's #1 Pitcher

Thursday, May 1st, 2025: A standout performance in April earned Bowman Moss the Pitcher of the Month Award in the Mordor Conference. When his name was penciled in to start by the Minas Morgul skipper, it meant trouble for opposing...

Latest Injury Report on Bumblestitch

Tuesday, April 29th, 2025: Mary Bumblestitch will have to wait a while longer. The Minas Morgul starting pitcher was informed this afternoon that she will miss another 13-14 months with a damaged elbow ligament. The injury has kept her off...

February 09, 2012

Minas Morgul's Orebearer Crowned MC Top Player

Monday, April 21st, 2025: Nesil Orebearer is capable of a great game every time he takes the hill and last week the Minas Morgul Slayers hurler proved that point with gusto to become the newest Mordor Conference Player of the...

November 28, 2011

Gandalf Pitcher Award Winner Announced

Wednesday, November 6th, 2024: The Minas Morgul clubhouse staff referred to him as "the kid" this season. Next year Nesil Orebearer will have to have a new nickname. He earned it after winning the 2024 Mordor Conference Gandalf Pitcher Award....

November 21, 2011

Bucklebury Tops Minas Morgul

Sunday, October 27th, 2024: "Anticipatin' celebratin'" was the Bucklebury clubhouse slogan for the Return of the King Series this year -- and celebrate they did, when they beat the Minas Morgul Slayers 4-1 in the series. The Fairies won the...

November 17, 2011

Slayers Win Mordor Crown

LOTHLORIEN - The Minas Morgul Slayers have won the Mordor Conference championship for the 2nd year in a row. They defeated the Lumberjacks in 5 games to take their 4th conference title. Minas Morgul, the defending Mordor Conference champs, took...

November 16, 2011

Slayers sweep series, move on to Conference Championships

DUNHARROW - The Minas Morgul Slayers took their first round of playoff games by sweeping Dunharrow in the Fellowship Series. This is the second year in a row that reigning Mordor Conference champs, Minas Morgul, have advanced to the Two...

November 10, 2011

Slayers Hurler Triple Crown Winner

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2024: Few men in baseball history have won the pitching triple crown. Nesil Orebearer of the Minas Morgul Slayers joined this elite company today when the season ended, officially making him the league leader in ERA, K's...

October 27, 2011

Slayers Orebearer August's Top Hurler

Sunday, September 1st, 2024: Nesil Orebearer has made fans throughout Tolkien Baseball take notice over the past month with an exceptional 6-0 record. No pitcher in the Mordor Conference threw better in August, garnering him the Pitcher of the Month...

October 13, 2011

MC Selects Orebearer July's #1 Pitcher

Thursday, August 1st, 2024: In July Minas Morgul starter Nesil Orebearer mystified Mordor Conference hitters and carried off the Pitcher of the Month honors by chalking up a 5-0 record in 6 starts. The 23-year-old Orebearer added 61 strikeouts in...

October 05, 2011

the Nasty Now Hall of Famer

Monday, July 15th, 2024: All-time he played in 2457 games, batted .294 with 455 home runs, 2775 base hits, 1537 RBIs and 1611 runs scored -- stats great enough to be acclaimed a baseball immortal. Firbal the Nasty was officially...

October 03, 2011

Hallalonn Gandillas out of Lineup 3 Months

Thursday, July 4th, 2024: The Slayers received bad news this morning. Hallalonn Gandillas will miss 3 months due to a forearm strain. In the Minas Morgul-Grey Havens game he sustained the injury while throwing a pitch. "I'm disappointed more than...

September 08, 2011

Minas Morgul's Orebearer Top Pitcher in May

Saturday, June 1st, 2024: Nesil Orebearer really tore up the Mordor Conference this past month. He went 5-2 in May and won the Pitcher of the Month award. In 7 starts he struck out 63 in 47.2 innings with a...

August 25, 2011

Orebearer Picks up MC Monthly Pitching Honor

Wednesday, May 1st, 2024: Nesil Orebearer of Minas Morgul had an award-winning April as he took home the Mordor Conference Pitcher of the Month award. "He told me once people used to make fun of the way he pitches," Orebearer's...

July 28, 2011

Pair of Pitchers Sign With Slayers

Friday, March 1st, 2024: Minas Morgul opened the vaults to snag a pair of pitchers from the SFL, including a crafty junk-baller and a promising starter. Coilette 'Grouchy' Bender, 32, possesses six different quality pitches, including a slider, curve, knuckle...

July 14, 2011

Veteran Bloodytooth, Minas Morgul Complete Deal

Thursday, December 21st, 2023: Despite his solid numbers, some fans questioned the value of the Rundin Bloodytooth signing even as Minas Morgul officials paraded him before the media this afternoon. Bloodytooth will surely bring a lot to the club, but...

Kendrick Signs for 4 years

Monday, December 11th, 2023: The Minas Morgul Slayers have finished a deal with All Star-caliber center fielder Chukky Kendrick that will extend his stay in Minas Morgul at least 4 years and will pay out $38,000,000. During his career Kendrick...

June 27, 2011

Deneadur Among Greats in SGCBL HOF

Friday, October 27th, 2023: For quite a few seasons Denaumir Deneadur unnerved batters as one of the best pitchers around. Yesterday it was his day for the jitters. The talented twirler became a baseball immortal as he was enshrined into...

May 30, 2011

Star 1B Ringworker Signs for 5 years

Tuesday, September 19th, 2023: Media analysts hailed Minas Morgul's signing of Tognar Ringworker, one of Tolkien Baseball's brightest stars, as a pivotal move. While the deal is certain to raise a few eyebrows, Ringworker is expected to earn every bit...

May 26, 2011

Samwise Millstone Wins MC Trophy

Monday, September 18th, 2023: Samwise Millstone demonstrated his potential to be a star in the game last week and today he took home the Mordor Conference Player of the Week Award. The Minas Morgul left fielder wreaked havoc on opposing...

May 19, 2011

Slayers Ringworker Suffers Injury

Sunday, September 3rd, 2023: "Sore." That's how Tognar Ringworker described his situation to BNN after he got chronic back soreness running the bases against the Raiders. Team officials say they expect Ringworker to be out of commission for about 2-3...

Moss Cops #1 Pitcher Award in August

Friday, September 1st, 2023: Bowman Moss hasn't been around the big leagues long enough to know that youngsters shouldn't be winning Mordor Conference Pitcher of the Month. But when you put up numbers like his, you're going to get some...

April 25, 2011

Denihil Picked MC Player of the Week

Monday, July 31st, 2023: At the age of 28, Friagorn Denihil might have some potential he hasn't realized yet -- if his success at the plate last week is any indication. The Minas Morgul catcher put up some exceptional numbers...

April 18, 2011

Star CL Signs Extension with Minas Morgul

Friday, July 14th, 2023: Happy times in Minas Morgul as the Slayers and star closer Hallalonn Gandillas put the finishing touches on a $29,200,000 contract extension that will keep the 27-year-old in town 4 years longer. The signing is great...

April 14, 2011

Denihil: Big Hit in the Mordor Conference

Monday, July 10th, 2023: At the age of 28, Friagorn Denihil might have some potential he hasn't realized yet -- if his success at the plate last week is any indication. The Minas Morgul catcher put up some exceptional numbers...

April 11, 2011

Star SP Signs Extension with Minas Morgul

Saturday, July 8th, 2023: Happy times in Minas Morgul as the Slayers and star starting pitcher Kedera Nightflower put the finishing touches on a $36,000,000 contract extension that will keep the 26-year-old in town 4 years longer. The signing is...

April 01, 2011

Slayers Third Baseman Elylith Injured

Sunday, June 18th, 2023: Duane Elylith and the Minas Morgul Slayers got a bad break in today's game against the Disaster as the team confirmed he will miss 4-5 months with a torn labrum. The Slayers third baseman suffered the...

March 31, 2011

Slayers Left Fielder Galäwyn Hurt

Wednesday, June 14th, 2023: The Minas Morgul Slayers will be without the services of Gamialbo Galäwyn for 3-4 months after an incident in a game against the Isengard Raiders. The 26-year-old left fielder was injured while making a defensive play...

March 28, 2011

MC Star of the Week Picked

Monday, June 12th, 2023: The premier performer in the Mordor Conference this week was Duane Elylith of the Minas Morgul Slayers. The hot-hitting 27-year-old third baseman put up a .571 average and .625 on-base percentage, piling up 12 hits in...

March 10, 2011

Ragnar *Stonecutter Wins MC Trophy

Monday, May 8th, 2023: There's nothing like being in the prime of your baseball career -- and playing like it. Just ask Ragnar *Stonecutter, the Isengard shortstop, who swung a sweet bat all week to not only aid his team,...

March 07, 2011

Orebearer April's Best Hurler in MC

Monday, May 1st, 2023: The #1 pitcher this past month in the Mordor Conference was Nesil Orebearer of the Minas Morgul Slayers. He worked the hitters over real good, finishing April with a superb 5-0 record and a 1.47 ERA....

League Suspends Kendrick and Willowbottom for Fisticuffs

Saturday, April 29th, 2023: Chukky Kendrick of Minas Morgul and Esmerelda Willowbottom of Moria have been sanctioned by the league office for causing the ruckus at Sylvan Cove yesterday. Both players have been given 7-game suspensions for instigating the fight...

Rumor Mill: Granitehammer On Trading Block

Wednesday, April 26th, 2023: In the latest churning of the rumor mill, reports indicate that 30-year-old second baseman Carl Granitehammer of the Minas Morgul Slayers could be on the trading block. While the player refused to comment, the team did...

February 28, 2011

Earbelly Sidelined for 4-5 Months

Friday, April 14th, 2023: It was announced today in Minas Morgul that Slayers starting pitcher Grimthak Earbelly will be on the mend for 4-5 months because of radial nerve compression he sustained in a recent game against the Ravenhill Darkwings....

February 10, 2011

Friagorn Denihil Hurt, Out 5 Weeks

Saturday, March 18th, 2023: Minas Morgul Slayers catcher Friagorn Denihil suffered an oblique strain during a recent game with the Weathertop Witch Kings and will miss 5 weeks. Denihil told BNN, "I hurt it colliding with a player at a...

January 31, 2011

Silkpetal on the way out?

MINAS MORGUL - Eight years ago, if you would have asked K.L. if he'd be considering dropping Silkpetal, he'd have laughed. This was going to be a centerpiece of the franchise offense for her career. For a while, she lived...

November 18, 2010

Megilion Smacks 6 Hits for Slayers

Saturday, September 17th, 2022: It's not something you read about in the sports pages every day -- a 6-for-6 day. It might come around only once in a career -- a lot of players never have one -- but Fareand...

November 08, 2010

MC Player of the Week Awarded

Monday, August 29th, 2022: At the age of 27, Friagorn Denihil might have some potential he hasn't realized yet -- if his success at the plate last week is any indication. The Minas Morgul first baseman put up some exceptional...

September 07, 2010

Silkpetal Honored by Mordor Conference

Monday, May 16th, 2022: At the age of 29, Sakura Silkpetal might have some potential she hasn't realized yet -- if her success at the plate last week is any indication. The Minas Morgul right fielder put up some exceptional...

August 19, 2010

Star 3B Signs Pact with Slayers

Tuesday, April 5th, 2022: The Minas Morgul Slayers have finished a deal with All Star-caliber third baseman Fareand Megilion that will extend his stay in Minas Morgul at least 4 years and will pay out $37,200,000....

August 16, 2010

Star C Denihil Signs for 5 years

Saturday, March 26th, 2022: The Minas Morgul Slayers have finished a deal with All Star-caliber catcher Friagorn Denihil that will extend his stay in Minas Morgul at least 5 years and will pay out $66,500,000. Looking at his all-time stats,...

August 09, 2010

Slayers, Veteran Ruzag Agree to Terms

Tuesday, March 8th, 2022: Media analysts hailed Minas Morgul's signing of Kar Ruzag, one of Tolkien Baseball's brightest stars, as a pivotal move. While the deal is certain to raise a few eyebrows, Ruzag is expected to earn every bit...

Bears Send Elarandel to Minas Morgul

Monday, March 7th, 2022: The Bears and the Slayers finalized a deal this afternoon. Carrock traded 20-year-old minor league starting pitcher Yvestil Elarandel to Minas Morgul to complete the March 1st deal that sent Bowman Moss and a player to...

August 05, 2010

Carrock-Minas Morgul Deal: Moss for Elóldor

Tuesday, March 1st, 2022: Carrock and Minas Morgul announced some roster changes today as the Bears acquired 21-year-old first baseman Lanja Elóldor and 21-year-old minor league catcher Nuurt Anvilrender from the Slayers in exchange for 22-year-old starting pitcher Bowman Moss...

July 28, 2010

Veteran SP the Archer Settles on Slayers

Sunday, February 6th, 2022: Sportswriters, fans and team officials watched today as 37-year-old starting pitcher Istvan the Archer committed to a $1,390,000, 1-year deal with the Minas Morgul organization. Some openly worry that despite his talent, the Archer is too...

June 25, 2010

Elrond Managers Named

League officials today announced the winners of this year's Elrond Manager of the Year awards in both Conferences. For the Shire, Lake Town's skipper, Papa Bear, took home the trophy for guiding the Archers to a 97-66 record, improving over...

June 03, 2010

Minas Morgul's Denihil MC's Best

Monday, September 27th, 2021: At the age of 26, Friagorn Denihil might have some potential he hasn't realized yet -- if his success at the plate last week is any indication. The Minas Morgul catcher put up some exceptional numbers...

Minas Morgul Loses Runar Trollhead

Monday, September 20th, 2021: The Minas Morgul Slayers were dealt a severe blow when Runar Trollhead was hurt throwing a pitch recently in a game against the Dagorlad Disaster. After the game, the team trainer reported Trollhead might have to...

May 24, 2010

Kendrick Week's Top Player

Monday, September 6th, 2021: So far in his young career, Chukky Kendrick has kept a low profile, but after his performance at the plate last week, he attracted the notice of the rest of the Mordor Conference in a big...

Withywindle Weirdos Win Double A Championships

September 4th, 2021: You could hear the cheering all over Withywindle as the Weirdos secured the final out of a 6-3 win over the Gorgoroth Ghosts to capture the 2021 SGCBL Double A Double A Championships 4-1. It was the...

May 22, 2010

Minas Morgul, Spikekiller Close to Deal?

Monday, August 30th, 2021: In an interview, 30-year-old Eiamli Spikekiller complimented the Minas Morgul Slayers on their baseball atmosphere, saying that he'd jump at the chance to play for Minas Morgul. When pressed, however, Spikekiller denied that any deal was...

May 10, 2010

Star 2B Signs Extension with Minas Morgul

Saturday, August 7th, 2021: Happy times in Minas Morgul as the Slayers and star second baseman Duane Elylith put the finishing touches on a $7,840,000 contract extension that will keep the 26-year-old in town 2 years longer. The signing is...

April 29, 2010

Week's Top Performer Honored by MC

Monday, August 2nd, 2021: At the age of 26, Friagorn Denihil might have some potential he hasn't realized yet -- if his success at the plate last week is any indication. The Minas Morgul catcher put up some exceptional numbers...

Slayers Lilith *Blackbark Sidelined

Saturday, July 31st, 2021: Minas Morgul first baseman Lilith *Blackbark left today's game with a sprained ankle. The injury looked like it occurred running the bases in the game against Dagorlad. One fan said, "As soon as it happened, you...

April 15, 2010

Veteran Ruzag Re-ups in Minas Morgul

Wednesday, June 30th, 2021: Kar Ruzag inked a deal that will keep the seasoned veteran on the Slayers roster another 1 year. Earlier today team personnel announced that the 40-year-old had settled on a $10,180,000-a-year deal to play at Sylvan...

March 22, 2010

9-Game Suspensions for Tunnelly-Gandillas Fight

Tuesday, May 11th, 2021: In an announcement today, the league informed Olo Tunnelly of Minas Morgul and Aremer Gandillas of Dagorlad that they both had been suspended 9 games for fighting in a recent game. The league president told them,...

March 03, 2010

Slayers Set For Season

via Slayers Press MINAS MORGUL - The Slayers completed a successful-beyond-expectation Spring Training by staying healthy (most important) and going 16-8 on the Spring Training season. At the team level, the most interesting stat is the team's .259 BABIP allowed....

This seems to point to some degree to the impact of defense. The team focused heavily on defense, especially range, in designing their roster. The S.T. games might be showing the potential impact of that defense. The team ERA was at 4.48, which isn't great by any means, but it would be a major improvement over last season's 5.20 ERA. If the offense continues to play well, it could be a big improvement in the team's record.

Offensively, it will indeed depend a lot on Blackbark, Silkpetal, and Denihil. Blackbark's only problem has been health. She played in 110 games last season and posted a staggering .495 OBP and hit for power as well with a .496 SLG to make for a nice .991 OPS. The team will have to decide how to use this young dryad hitter. She obviously has the skills to be a leadoff hitter with the OBP and base stealing, but that OPS works very well in the middle of the order.

There is help for these hitters, however. 3B Megilion will back up Blackbark at the top of the order, displaying similar skills as Blackbark. Tognar Ringworker will help Denihil out at catcher, and is a good looking young hitter in his own right and arguably should be a starter at least vs RHP, and Duane Elylith has produced a .300 batting average in each of the last three seasons with a .332 last season as a career high. The team will hope he can continue to be a steady presence in the lineup.

The biggest question marks in the lineup are in the bottom of the order. All three of those hitters are pressed into service because of their defensive skills. While Kendrick has developed somewhat and has experience, Endless and Spleensmasher will both be embarking on their rookie campaigns while being underdeveloped as hitters.

On the pitching side, Kar Ruzag will be counted on for his veteran expertise and cunning at the top of the rotation. Last season, he provided a welcome lift, posting a 3.20 ERA and a .234 BABIP allowed. That second number is concerning, as many feel that may go up, and then what will happen to the ultra finesse Ruzag? However, if the defense plays well, that may help mitigate that fear to some degree. 24 year old Esther Gorion is a carbon copy of Ruzag, and the team hopes another year of experience will help her learn some of the tricks of the trade. Trollhead is another young pitcher that kinda flew under the radar in the organization. Against RHB, 23 year old Trollhead has 60's in all three ratings so he shows some skills at least. Lastly, 21 year old Momli Cavernmover will get a shot at the 5th starter in the rotation. Scouts don't like him as a starter since he has only 2 pitches, despite those pitches being highly developed and skilled, especially for a young pitcher like him.

The bullpen will have plenty of question marks - actually the whole staff is a question mark of one form or another - but the bullpen is probably even more so. Gandillas hasn't shown anything despite decent talents. Undomiel is an up-and-down pitcher and has been all her career. Other spots are filled by more young pitchers, like Clawfoot and Trollsnapper, that haven't been tested at all at the majors.

"It should be interesting to see how all these young players perform. I will try not to put too much pressure on them, but I also hope they can get us back on the track of a contending team sooner than later." K.L. spoke.

February 04, 2010

Veteran Tumbletoe Agrees to 3-Year Deal

Monday, January 11th, 2021: Minas Morgul's signing of Theodorus Tumbletoe was met with mixed reactions today as the 34-year-old starting pitcher was introduced to the media. Some experts consider him overpaid at $3,333,333 a year for 3 years, while others...

February 01, 2010

Slayers Announce Deal for Veteran MR

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2020: Veteran reliever Ronald Husband put the finishing touches on a deal with the Slayers today, agreeing to a $7,500,000, 3-year pact. Fans were generally receptive to the deal. Husband has appeared in 845 games in his...

December 17, 2009

Number 3000 for Hammermaker

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020: It was a day of mixed emotions for Minas Morgul shortstop Kobur Hammermaker, who collected his 3000th hit in the club's 3-1 loss to Isengard. Slayers and Raiders fans alike cheered Hammermaker as he reached base...

November 19, 2009

Starting Pitcher Arweoden Will Retire

Sunday, August 9th, 2020: Ending weeks of speculation, Arweolbo Arweoden announced his retirement today. The Slayers starting pitcher has been reportedly weighing the decision since last year, sources close to Arweoden say. "I'm not going to deny it's been a...

November 09, 2009

Vrsol Swordbasher Announces Retirement Plans

Thursday, July 9th, 2020: Sources in Minas Morgul close to Vrsol Swordbasher report that the starting pitcher will retire once the season is over. In all, Swordbasher has compiled a 168-112 mark during his career and a 3.60 ERA....

October 19, 2009

Elylith Sticks it to MC Pitchers

Monday, June 15th, 2020: Duane Elylith has the tools to stick in this league for many years. The 24-year-old third baseman of the Minas Morgul Slayers had a pretty fair bat in the Mordor Conference over the past seven days...

October 08, 2009

More Injury Problems For Minas Morgul's Lilith *Blackbark

Friday, May 22nd, 2020: It was learned today in Minas Morgul that second baseman Lilith *Blackbark would miss more time because her recovery from a fractured thumb was not going as well as expected. The Slayers, however, were quick to...

September 28, 2009

Ruzag MC Winner, Top Hurler in April

Friday, May 1st, 2020: Kar Ruzag took home the Mordor Conference Pitcher of the Month honors in April. After all these years playing ball, the 39-year-old veteran still enjoys the game as though he'd just broken camp for the first...

Minas Morgul Loses Lilith *Blackbark

Wednesday, April 29th, 2020: The Minas Morgul Slayers announced this afternoon that second baseman Lilith *Blackbark would be out of action for 5 weeks. She sustained a fractured thumb playing the Bears. It happened colliding with a player at a...

September 24, 2009

Miners Chill Elylith's Hot Streak

Tuesday, April 21st, 2020: Duane Elylith, third baseman for the Minas Morgul Slayers, gave it a good try, but his day in history finally came to an end, when he went hitless in 5 tries against the Moria Miners. Not...

September 21, 2009

Elylith's Hit Streak Soars to 25 Games

Friday, April 17th, 2020: Duane Elylith of the Minas Morgul Slayers has now hit safely in 25 straight games. He socked 1 hit in today's 3-2 triumph over Dagorlad at Sylvan Cove. D. Elylith flied out in the 1st, flied...

August 04, 2009

Slayers Active Head Into Winter Meetings

via Slayers Press The Slayers continued their offseason activity, signing three more players, making three Rule 5 selections and filling the last job left open on their personnel roster, a manager for Class A Lithlad. The first signing was SP...

Veteran Swordbasher Signs 1-Year Deal

Minas Morgul Slayers fans welcomed Vrsol Swordbasher into the fold, as the veteran announced he'd reached an agreement with Minas Morgul brass. Some were critical of the move, insisting that you shouldn't invest $4,300,000 in a 38-year-old man, no matter...

July 28, 2009

Slayers Make Offseason Moves

MINAS MORGUL - The offseason has just begun and already the Slayers have made some activity. First and foremost was taking care of Silkpetal and getting her under a long-term contract. "We ask for more years from her and thankfully,...

July 25, 2009

Erebor Swaps Undomiel to Minas Morgul for Silverbiter

It was announced today that the Eagles and Slayers came to agreement on a trade. Erebor will get 21-year old minor league center fielder Mefur Silverbiter and a 6th round draft pick and Minas Morgul will pick up 35-year old...

June 15, 2009

Ghosts Win League Championship Series

There is great joy in Gorgoroth today after the Ghosts thumped Lithlad 5-1 to cop the 2019 SGCBL Double A League Championship Series. They defeated the Lambas 4-1 to take the series. This was the 3rd time Gorgoroth has garnered...

Lithlad Lizards Capture League Championship Series

Nobody played better baseball this season than the SGCBL Single A champions, the Lithlad Lizards. They defeated the Hobbiton Howlers 3-2 today at Ballpark of Lithlad and hauled in the League Championship Series trophy for the 4th time in their...

June 11, 2009

MC Names Best Player

Her hard work and hustle paid off this week. The hard-working and hard-playing Sakura Silkpetal was rewarded with the Mordor Conference Player of the Week honors. The scrappy Minas Morgul Slayers left fielder hit .483 while collecting 14 hits in...

MC Top Batter Trophy Won by Silkpetal

In August, Sakura Silkpetal was the toughest out in the Mordor Conference and that is the prime reason she was voted the Batter of the Month. The Minas Morgul left fielder rapped out 34 hits in 87 at-bats for a...

June 08, 2009

Player of the Week: Elefontthrower of the Slayers

There's nothing like being in the prime of your baseball career -- and playing like it. Just ask Eian Elefontthrower, the Minas Morgul first baseman, who swung a sweet bat all week to not only aid his team, but also...

June 01, 2009

Silkpetal Sticks it to MC Pitchers

Her hard work and hustle paid off this week. The hard-working and hard-playing Sakura Silkpetal was rewarded with the Mordor Conference Player of the Week honors. The scrappy Minas Morgul Slayers left fielder hit .556 while collecting 10 hits in...

May 04, 2009

Ruano and Ringworker Swapped

Today at a press conference the Minas Morgul Slayers announced a trade has been completed with the Grey Havens Stars. The Slayers have shipped 34-year old center fielder Boris Ruano to the Stars for 19-year old minor league catcher Tognar...

April 12, 2009

Devils Trade Hammermaker to Slayers for Elfprodder

Dunharrow and Minas Morgul have agreed to a trade today. 39-year old shortstop Kobur Hammermaker and 19-year old minor league center fielder Thuroja Elvaldor will go to the Slayers. In exchange the Devils will receive 35-year old left fielder Hudash...

April 05, 2009

Eagles, Slayers Make Trade

A trade between Erebor and Minas Morgul was made official this morning. The Eagles have sent 19-year old minor league third baseman Muumsh Derrohammer, 38-year old center fielder Vorzava Tinond and a 4th round draft pick to the Slayers in...

March 22, 2009

Minas Morgul, Erebor Agree to Trade

The Slayers and the Eagles finalized a deal this afternoon. Minas Morgul has traded for 23-year old minor league reliever Aureliu Garaldur, 18-year old minor league center fielder Celemir Sowyn and a 2nd round draft pick and in return Erebor...

March 02, 2009

Slayers Deal More Stars

via Slayers Press As the Slayers continue moving towards their rebuilding goal, the team has traded in a single night Gandir, Clubwalker, and Smoothflower. This will drop the team's payroll dramatically, something that needed to be done, ASAP. In return,...

March 01, 2009

Minas Morgul Deals Gàndir to Mirkwood for Kendrick

The Slayers and Marauders pulled the trigger on a deal that will see 22-year old minor league third baseman Clobbergle the Scrivener, 29-year old center fielder Phaiar Gàndir and 30-year old first baseman Boinar Clubwalker head to Mirkwood in exchange...

Minas Morgul-Weathertop Trade: Smoothflower for Spleensmasher

The Slayers have reached a deal with Weathertop, sending 34-year old closer Niara Smoothflower and 24-year old minor league second baseman Gali Emeraldnose to the Witch Kings in exchange for 20-year old minor league shortstop Prorbag Spleensmasher. Reports had been...

December 18, 2008

Lithlad 2018 League Championship Series Champions

Lithlad did well in regular season play, but they did even better in the postseason -- they won the whole shebang, finishing off the Tuna Casseroles in the League Championship Series 4-3 to claim the crown for the 3rd time....

November 20, 2008

Player of the Week Trophy to Ruano

A battle-tested Boris Ruano declared war on opposing pitchers last week, attacking the ball like the well-schooled veteran he is. Today the 33-year-old Minas Morgul left fielder collected the Mordor Conference Player of the Week Award. He wrapped up the...

November 17, 2008

Slayers continue moving to the next generation

via Slayers Press Release The Slayers picked up a couple solid looking prospects to re-stock their farm system in preparation for a rebuilding process. They parted ways with team ace starting pitcher Deneadur in return for 19 year old catcher...

November 13, 2008

Minas Morgul, Rivendell Agree to Trade

The Slayers and Royals confirmed this afternoon that a trade had been agreed upon. In the deal, Minas Morgul will get 34-year old right fielder Hudash Elfprodder, 19-year old minor league catcher Carl Hardbottle and 19-year old minor league right...

November 10, 2008

Minas Morgul's Marblerage Gets MC Player of the Week

At the age of 33, Mim Marblerage might have some potential he hasn't realized yet -- if his success at the plate last week is any indication. The Minas Morgul third baseman put up some exceptional numbers the past seven...

June's Pitcher of the Month Goes to Deneadur

Despite the number of years he's been in the league, Denaumir Deneadur still gets excited when he puts together a quality stretch like he had in June. The 37-year-old starter for Minas Morgul was named Mordor Conference Pitcher of the...

November 06, 2008

MC Trophy Goes to Gàndir of Minas Morgul

This week Phaiar Gàndir, center fielder for the Minas Morgul Slayers, hit his way to the Mordor Conference Player of the Week Award. Gàndir put on a hitting clinic with a .433 average as he belted and battered MC pitchers...

Marblerage Reaches 300 Mark

Mim Marblerage hit a historic home run on June 18 -- career blast number 300. "I am happy to be in such elite company. It has been quite a ride so far," Marblerage said after the game. The Slayers third...

September 24, 2008

Mathilda's Sluggishness Investigated

via Slayer Sports Spectacular MINAS MORGUL - It seems that Mathilda the Sling has lost some of her zing. Her "potential" is as high as ever, but somewhere between Spring Training and now, her ability has dropped off significantly. "This...

September 22, 2008

Deneadur Claims 200th Victory

What would you do after you had just won your 200th game? Run around Sylvan Cove doing cartwheels, jumping for joy and waving to the crowd? Well, maybe you and I would do that, but not Denaumir Deneadur -- that's...

September 14, 2008

Dryad Riots Mar Spring Baseball

via MESNP SYLVAN TOWN, MINAS MORGUL - Breaking news out of Minas Morgul has nothing to do with baseball. Well, that's not completely true. It seems that the local "government" has passed an act banning dryads from ever joining the...

The orcs then attacked Sylvan Cove, the stadium built and designed largely by dryads, in retailiation. No damage was done to the stadium however since rocks and sticks don't really do a lot. The dryads held a rally in the stadium recently while the Slayers were on a Spring road-trip.

The protests and counter-protests (and the violence between the groups), seemed to peak and reach an uneasy stalemate, until the orcs made a bold move. They incited the trolls to action and they launched an attack on the Dryad Monument, built by the druids many years ago when the dryads first arrived. The dryads defended the monument fiercely and a small scale battle broke out. Lives were actually lost, more orcs than dryads from the early death counts, but the tide swung when the Attack Trolls showed up. Them, and the Drummer Trolls organized the hordes and pounded the Monument relentlessly.

They dryads then awakened some ents and "found" some volunteer archers (rumored to be sympathetic elves in disguise) to counter the strike. The Monument was damaged but it seemed it would stand firm after all.

Until the Mumak Riders came. The dryads had no answer for these beasts, and even the Ents struggled against them. They were enough of a distraction to let the Trolls do the damage and eventually bring the Monument down. This caused the dryads and their supporters to scatter, but reports are that they are re-grouping and plotting a counter-attack.

The Slayers' players were saddened by this and Agnes Fernia, one of the first dryads on the team, has already asked for her trade or release, citing concern for her family. So far, it seems Sakura Silkpetal, maybe the most well-known of the team's dryad members, stand firm in playing for the team.

"I'm making a statement of support to my dryad sisters in this time of crisis. I might not can join them on the front lines, but by playing for this team, I'm in civil disobedience to this stupid act and I refuse to give up my position." Silkpetal spoke, drawing cheers from nearby dryads.

The rest of the team also seems to be speaking out against the action and hope that baseball can help heal the wounds. A highly active offseason on the field just got even more chaotic after these off-field events.

More to come as events warrant...

September 12, 2008

Slayers Throw Spring No-Hitter

via Minas Morgul Sporting News MINAS MORGUL - The Slayers' season is in question, but the spring has shown one thing consistently, the team hasn't allowed many hits at all. This week, the team did one better. Celolas, considered a...

Celolas threw a one hitter in his prior start and has only one bad outing so far this spring.

The staff as a whole has allowed 76 hits in 108 1/3 innings pitched, a rate of 6.3 H/9. Only two pitchers have shown any real trouble so far. Deneadur is having a terrible spring, allowing a ton of walks and too many hits for his ability. Gandilias would be fine if he can keep the ball in the park. He's given up 7 hits, 4 of them have been homeruns. Mathilda has also had walk problems, but competitor that she is, she's prevented much damage against her.

Of course, the question is: How much of this is the new defensive focus? It could just be a coincedence, but it could also be a real factor.

Offensively, the team has been inconsistent, but it has been good enough so far. Ruano and Gandir are the two RBI leaders on the team, no surprise. Clubwalker has the OPS lead while 2nd place is a real surprise - it's Duane Elylith. Chances are, it won't last, but he seems to be comfortable in the lineup and has shown growth.

Young catcher Denihil has shown some solidity at the plate. A decent, but not great, OPS of .770 would be fine out of the rookie, especially if his defense is as advertised. Mim Marblerage has been good as well with an .897 OPS. A lot of the hitters are making their living with drawing walks, and it will be interesting to see how this plays out as the Spring goes on and into the regular season.

September 11, 2008

Slayers, Fairies Swap Players

A trade between Minas Morgul and Bucklebury was made official this morning. The Slayers have sent 26-year old left fielder Boli Stoneteeth, 29-year old reliever Elrialob Nöriand, a 1st round draft pick and a 2nd round draft pick to the...

September 06, 2008

Firbal glad to be gone

via Minas Morgul Courier MINAS MORGUL - Firbal was making all kinds of waves when the team picked up Denihil. The reason is because he lost his 1B slot to a catcher, Clubwalker. His morale immediately went into the toilet....

"Glad that's over. We don't need distractions on this team. We have young players that are trying to make a difference and their job will be hard enough." K.L. spoke.

It seems the Slayers might be fine now, after a few releases, to get under the salary cap. That makes anyone else on the trading block, especially the unlikely-to-be-cut folks, more likely to not be traded it would seem.

Overall, Firbal is about the only major piece that's gone. In return, the team brought in a nice young catcher, two potent hitters, a young infielder with a chance, and one young reliever to hopefully help the bullpen pull together. The team is lacking at least one SP and reliever, however, and that might be a problem. Especially in the middle innings if the starters can't get the game to Buxton and Smoothflower.

Still, it seems the Slayers have held it together enough to be competitive this coming season. Whether that will be enough to get them out of the basement of their division remains to be seen.

The team is having some debate over where to apply the bonus points for this season. Everything would point to a pitcher, but the best two pitchers are aging and there's not many young players worth the expense at this point. Gandillias, the youngster brought over in trade, would be the best talent, although Frodo Goodbody, the team's lone pitching prospect in their top 20, is also a good candidate for a few years of dedicated focus.

There's more options on the hitting side to be sure. Denihil and Elylith stand out as two young hitters that could be ripe for such an improvement. Focusing on either one over the years could give the team a top level hitter in the making in a couple more seasons. Dividing between them could have them develop into solid hitters (likely for average) while contributing good defense at key positions.

There's always Silkpetal and her 20 points off from her power potential. Pushing up her power would give the team another 90 Power hitter in the lineup in a park that loves homeruns. Gandir could take a few points to join Ruano at bordering 100 Power. Silkpetal could get her contact potential up to 85 and threaten to become one of the better all-around players of all time. Perhaps pushing one of Clubwalkers 80 potential ratings to 100 would be appealing. Then next season, move up the other and give him three 100 potential ratings. Plenty of options.

"I'm likely to want to go with a young player since they will be around the longest. This team, as it stands, probably has just a few years left. Then it will be up to the young players to develop. Who knows what the salary demands will be for a Clubwalker or Gandir in a couple year's time. But we know Denihil and Elylith will likely be low." K.L. spoke.

Elylith also looks to have great signability. His loyalty is above average and his greed is low, according to sources. A focused effort on him could be very, very attractive.

Next year will be the debate over the next created player. Rumors are that the team will create a non-pitcher for the first time, though no one would confirm the truth of that rumor or any other details.

September 04, 2008

the Nasty, Armormaster Swap Teams

The Minas Morgul Slayers have finalized a deal with the Erebor Eagles for the services of 32-year old first baseman Boli Armormaster and a 2nd round draft pick. In exchange, the Eagles will receive 32-year old first baseman Firbal the...

September 01, 2008

Miners-Slayers Deal: Denihil for Draft Pick

It was announced today that the Slayers and Miners came to agreement on a trade. Moria will get a 1st round draft pick and Minas Morgul will pick up 22-year old catcher Friagorn Denihil in return. "I'm not surprised by...

Slayers: Mixed Messages or Parts of a Bigger Plan?

via Morgul Investigator MINAS MORGUL - "You never know with K.L.," a dryad reporter spoke, "Things that don't seem to make sense end up coming together in the end." This seems to be the case. The Slayers picked up two...

Then rumors are that the team has picked up Denihil to add a young catcher to a sorely lacking catcher situation. Clubwalker will likely become 1B so that Denihil's killer defense can take the forefront. What will this do to Firbal?

Assuming Firbal will be gone, the team still would have a killer lineup. The Atrocious could also mature into a slugger type and middle of the order of Ruano, Fandir, Marblerage, Clubwalker is still a killer force and young Silkpetal is still around. It looks like all of this meandering has still left the lineup with weapons. Add in Elylith and Denihil as young hitters with a chance, and the lineup could return to be a feared force from top to bottom.

Even the bench could have a weapon in Boli Stoneteeth. Boli is every bit an everyday outfielder...except when your outfield is of the calibur of Minas Morgul's. As it is, he's an excellent sub/depth option.

And the defense is better. As bad as Mithrilslinger will probably be with the bat, his defense is nice. Ruano/Gandir/Silkpetal can go get it almost as well as they hit it. Elylith is a nice 2B, Marblerage will shift to 3B and be a defensive improvement over Foxburr. Denihil mans home plate with a 110 arm. Only 1B will likely be weak, and that's no weaker than Firbal currently is.

Grillo will be missed in the bullpen, but it looks like Buxton and Smoothflower will stick around, even among cap cuts. That takes care of the back end of the bullpen. Gandillias and a healthy Orehead will be asked to take care of the middle, and the top of the rotation is still as strong as any with the Mathilda/Deneadur combo. What comes after those two is anyone's guess. It will probably fall to some kid that has a chance and hope he fares better than disappointing Celolas. Moonblossom will get one last chance to save her career as 3rd starter most likely.

Where this leaves the Slayers in the division is anyone's guess. The team lost a few key pieces, but added two huge bats in the offseason and the team seems to be more all-around skilled in offense and defense, and even a little baserunning - and have some young players with hope in the system for the first time in years.

August 24, 2008

Minas Morgul Trades Darkleaf to Dagorlad for the Atrocious

The Minas Morgul Slayers announced a deal with the Disaster today, sending 34-year old starting pitcher Kashi Darkleaf to Dagorlad for 26-year old minor league first baseman Sruuurk the Atrocious. It had been talked about for the past few weeks...

August 22, 2008

Grillo Traded for Draft Picks

The rumor has been out there for a while now and today it was made official. The Minas Morgul Slayers have sent 30-year old reliever Leopoldo Grillo to the Dead Marshes Uruk-hai for a 1st round draft pick this year...

August 14, 2008

Slayers, Eagles Agree to Deal

Done deal! The Minas Morgul Slayers have agreed to send 29-year old second baseman Milo Grudgesmelter and a 2nd round draft pick to the Erebor Eagles for 22-year old second baseman Duane Elylith, 30-year old third baseman Kosil Mithrilslinger and...

August 05, 2008

Slayers intend to go all out next year

via Slayers press release MINAS MORGUL - Appearantly, K.L. isn't ready to rebuild yet. The Slayers picked up two potent hitters in a deal with Minas Tirith tonight. One is CF Gandir, just recently extended for eleventy billion gold pieces...

August 04, 2008

Titans and Slayers Agree to Swap

The Minas Tirith Titans have parted ways with 29-year old catcher Boinar Clubwalker and 27-year old center fielder Phaiar Gàndir, sending him to the Minas Morgul Slayers for 23-year old right fielder Wanai Drowthrower, 22-year old minor league catcher Tika...

July 30, 2008

Bucklebury-Minas Morgul Trade: Marblerage for $1

The Bucklebury Fairies have parted ways with 32-year old third baseman Mim Marblerage, sending him to the Minas Morgul Slayers for $1 in cash. The Fairies general manager confirmed the deal in an announcement this morning. Marblerage is currently batting...

July 03, 2008

Firbal the Nasty Pounds HR #300

300 home runs is a lot of home runs to hit. It's a number that very few players reach. Today Firbal the Nasty became a member of that exclusive club. He belted it at Sylvan Cove against the Witch Kings....

June 30, 2008

Foxburr Reaches 2000

MINAS MORGUL - It was a great day for Minto Foxburr of the Minas Morgul Slayers -- but not a perfect day. He became the latest player to reach the 2000-hit mark, but his team lost the game. The 31-year-old...

June 08, 2008

Minas Morgul Trades Chubb to Erebor for Gorion

Officials for the Minas Morgul Slayers confirmed that they have traded 33-year old shortstop Tanta Chubb to the Erebor Eagles. In return, the Slayers will receive 20-year old minor league starting pitcher Esther Gorion, 21-year old minor league reliever Splinte...

May 24, 2008

Slayers Collapse Worries GM and Fans

via Slayers Press MINAS MORGUL - Everything is going wrong for the Slayers. From constant injuries to constant ineptitude, the Slayers find themselves in a position they haven't seen in a decade: Last place. "I don't understand it. We...

May 22, 2008

300 Homers for Ruano

Minas Morgul center fielder Boris Ruano pounded a home run during the Slayers 10-2 loss to Isengard on May 15. Despite the defeat the long ball was a significant achievement and raised his career home run total to 300. "Some...

March 30, 2008

the Nasty Nabs MC Sam Gamgee Batter

The Mordor Conference Sam Gamgee Batter has been selected for 2016 and the award went to the standout Minas Morgul first baseman Firbal the Nasty. He starred this season with a .337 batting average, 205 hits, 39 home runs, 110...

February 25, 2008

Silkpetal Selected Top Player

It was an extraordinary week for Sakura Silkpetal of the Minas Morgul Slayers. First she goes on a hot hitting streak, batting .500, then she is voted the Player of the Week in the Mordor Conference. Last week Silkpetal went...

Southfarthing Wins 2016 A League Championship Series!

The season came to a crashing halt for the Lithlad Lizards when the Southfarthing Snowthorns beat them 2-0 today at Southfarthing Grounds to sweep the single-A League Championship Series 4-0. Fans in Southfarthing have already begun the celebration and officials...

February 15, 2008

Slayers Extend Key Players

via Slayers Press Release The Slayers are looking to keep their team together in their waning years. The ballclub has not nearly been as strong as in years past, a sign that the team is in decay as age creeps...

The first was Niara Smoothflower. She signed a 2-year guaranteed contract at 14 million per year and there's a team option for a 3rd year, also at 14 million in value. The 31-year old closer had a very rocky start to her career. Between season-long injuries and underachieving, her best ERA was 3.40 in her rookie year.

That changed in 2013 when the closer figured out what was wrong with her mechanics. Since then her ERA has varied by just 5 points between 2.34 and 2.39 the prior three seasons and compiled 109 saves in that span. This year, the consistency is still there. Her ERA is 2.41 and she's picked up 22 saves.

"There was some thought that she might be difficult to please, but the negotiations went very smoothly, and for that we are grateful." K.L. spoke.

Reports are that she wanted just a one year contract initially, but agreed to the potentially three year long pact. 'This team has put up with me and has stuck with me over the years and I felt I should stick it out with them and see where this goes.' --A statement from Smoothflower.

The other veteran has been great since day one of arriving in a Slayers uniform. Denaumir 'Iceball' Deneadur agreed similarly structured deal as Smoothflower: 2 guaranteed years with a 3rd at the team's option. Each of the years is worth 12 million per. The 35-year old starting pitcher impressed the franchise since arriving from Moria. That same season, he went 8-1 with the Slayers while posting a 2.17 ERA. This would be a sign of things to come as he then posted what would be his highest ERA thus far in a Slayer jersey - 2.79. He was 43-16 with a 2.35 ERA in the last 2 1/2 seasons with the team.

This year is more of the same. He is 14-5 with a 2.18 ERA.

"This was an important signing for us. He's be steady as a rock for our pitching staff and we feel he can still be a solid or better pitcher through the duration of this contract." K.L. spoke.

That duration would have him at 38 in his next free agency year. It will be interesting to see what the team does with him then if he decides to keep playing. K.L. doesn't see the uncertainty, however.

"We will retain him. He would have to play completely awful or have completely unreasonable demands for us to part ways with him. If he's playing well still - what is there to think about?" K.L. commented.

Lastly, the team signed a younger pitcher, this time Leopoldo Grillo agreed to terms with a 2-year, 4.6 million per year contract. While the price may be high for a middle reliever, Grillo could be worth it as he has been excellent for the Slayers since arriving from Carrock. Grillo is interesting in that he has no real good skill aside from his nasty movement.

"It is near impossible to hit the ball hard off him. He has the seemingly required movement ability to make the team. It's almost like you have to have a minimum score - like the SATs or something." Pitching coach Brandewyn Arostegui commented.

What this does to next year's salary cap situation is anyone's guess as arbitration looms for quite a few players. Still, K.L. seemed pleased with the signings, saying, "We've secured a big part of this team's last attempts at a run with these signings. I look forward to their continued success and crucial skills for our franchise."

February 14, 2008

Mordor Conference Hitter of the Week

Minas Morgul Slayers right fielder Boli Stoneteeth, at the top of his game all last week, was a consensus choice today for Mordor Conference Player of the Week. He victimized opposing pitchers for a .435 batting average on 10 hits...

Slayers, Veteran Deneadur Agree to Terms

Denaumir Deneadur inked a deal that will keep the seasoned veteran on the Slayers roster another 3 years. Earlier today team personnel announced that the 35-year-old had settled on a $12,000,000-per-year deal to play at Sylvan Cove. It's no secret...

Smoothflower Remains with Minas Morgul

MINAS MORGUL - At a midafternoon press conference, Minas Morgul Slayers officials flanked Niara Smoothflower and announced they had reached an extension with the 31-year-old closer. Terms include a $42,000,000 salary distributed over 3 years. In 2016 Smoothflower has recorded...

February 07, 2008

Deneadur - MC's Pitcher of the Month

There's no doubt that Slayers starter Denaumir Deneadur earned his Mordor Conference Pitcher of the Month award. He left absolutely no room for doubt as he mowed his way through the opposition in July. During the month Deneadur was 4-1...

Firbal the Nasty Selected July's Best Batter

July's outstanding offensive player in the Mordor Conference has been picked and the honor goes to the Minas Morgul first baseman Firbal the Nasty. He won the award by batting .406, hitting 8 home runs, knocking in 15 runs and...

MC's Star Player Named

Today the Mordor Conference announced the Player of the Week Award. This week's honoree is Minas Morgul second baseman Tanta Chubb. When she steps into the batter's box, it's usually bad news for pitchers. For the week she batted .400...

January 29, 2008

Slayers land Grudgesmelter

via Slayers Press Release MINAS MORGUL - The Slayers are still ahead, but the race is a three team race and the team has been inconsistent for a .600 team. The Slayers have lost 8 of 10 and have all...

January 28, 2008

Dunharrow Devils Grudgesmelter to Minas Morgul for Eärémbor

A trade between the Dunharrow Devils and the Minas Morgul Slayers was made official this morning. The Dunharrow Devils have sent 28-year old second baseman Milo Grudgesmelter and a 2nd round draft pick to the Minas Morgul Slayers in exchange...

January 09, 2008

Slayers Deal Steelshaper to Miners for Elderflower

MINAS MORGUL - The rumor has been going on for a while now, but today it was made official. The Minas Morgul Slayers sent 31-year old reliever Nark Steelshaper to the Moria Miners for 29-year old closer Elasta Elderflower. Officials...

January 07, 2008

Mordor Conference Hitter of the Week

Minas Morgul sports fans can't stop singing the praises of Boris Ruano, who has been selected the Mordor Conference Player of the Week. Ruano was in a comfort zone all week, finishing with a .545 average (6-11), 6 RBIs and...

December 20, 2007

the Nasty Awarded April's MC Top Bat Prize

The premier hitter in the Mordor Conference in April was Minas Morgul first baseman Firbal the Nasty. For his standout play, he was voted the Batter of the Month. the Nasty was selected after batting .365, hitting 9 home runs,...

November 21, 2007

Slayers announce lower ticket prices

MINAS MORGUL - Citing waning/stagnated attendance figures despite fielding an elite ball club the last few years, the team announced that the average ticket price will drop by $2 this coming season to $9. Previously, ticket prices were $11 on...

November 01, 2007

Hall of Fame Honors Isilborn Imrilron

MINAS MORGUL - What a career and what a ballplayer. Isilborn Imrilron truly was one of the best to play the game and today he was enshrined into the Tolkien Baseball Hall of Fame. "It is an honor to be...

October 22, 2007

the Nasty Picked Best Player

Firbal the Nasty would not be denied the Mordor Conference Player of the Week Award for this past week. His consistent stroke, which produced 15 hits in 24 at-bats and a .625 average, made him the clear favorite to win...

October 18, 2007

Nurn Beats Taur e-Ndaedelos in League Championship Series

The Nurn Demons concluded the season in grand fashion -- they won the SGCBL Triple A League Championship Series. They nailed it down on September 15 at Demons Stadium by whipping the Taur e-Ndaedelos Woods 4-3 to win it all...

October 11, 2007

Howlers Crowned A Champions

The Hobbiton Howlers ignited a huge celebration on September 5th, as they beat the Lithlad Lizards 7-5 to win the Single-A League Championship Series. Hobbiton won the series 4-3, capturing the title for the 1st time. "We stepped it up...

Gorgoroth Ghosts Win AA Championship Series

The Gorgoroth faithful were cheering in the streets on September 2nd, and the Eryn Lasgalen fans were crying in their beer -- The Ghosts won the League Championship Series. They clinched it by knocking off the Old Forests 2-0 to...

September 28, 2007

Gororon out for a year

MINAS MORGUL - Prospect pitcher Foiran Gororon was devastated as the team doctor opened the results of his MRI (Magical Resonating Imagery) performed immediately after the game. "I'm sorry, but I will have to keep you off the field for...

"What?! You're an awesome doc! You can do better than that, can't you?" Gororon pleaded.

"I'm sorry. The one area I am not knowledgeable in is the back...and that is where your injury is originating. The spasms are from torn back muscles. We had hoped the pain was a sign of injury elsewhere, but the MRI confirmed our fears."

Gororon stared at the ceiling, trying to make sense of what he's been told. Dr. Greenthumb left the test results on a table next to Gororon's bed and quietly left the room, leaving the pitcher to his thoughts.

Gororon was on the fast track for a September call-up at the very least. He's been excellent for Nurn all season and will end up with a 10-7 record with a 3.13 ERA. He is second in Class AAA in strikeouts with 173.

"It's a sad day. He was working so hard and even started exceeding the scouts' expectations. Then this happens. We sure have been keeping our doctor busy this year, unfortunately." K.L. spoke. "If there's one person I want NOT earning his keep, it's the doc because that means we are healthy. Not this year."

September 25, 2007

Budding Dryad Analyst Reports on Slayers

Alyssa Purpleflower wants to be a baseball analyst so she asked to review the Slayers - being a dryad-friendly organization. K.L. agreed and here is the result of her work. MINAS MORGUL, Alyssa Purpleflower, Arbor Baseball Press - Current...

Heading up this bashing lineup is Minto Foxburr. He is again putting up a great OBP, over .400 so far, and has helped with some power as well. Fireflower is having the season of a lifetime and the team even got two three good months out of Silkpetal before the league caught up to her and she was demoted to AAA.

The pitching side is cruising along despite two big blows. The first is the recent injury to Moonblossom. She is working hard in rehab, but will still need several months to recover. Scouts have already questioned her stuff post recovery, but her movement is still there.

The other has been the season long slump of Darkleaf. She is usually one of the cornerstones of the staff, but it just hasn't worked out at all for her. One thing she is still doing is preventing the long ball. She's allowed just 3 HR in 143 IP. If she can pull back on the walks or the hits, she'll return to her usual self. Two pitchers that have been nothing but wonderful are Deneadur and Mathilda. Mathilda is one that's been coveted by K.L. forever and finally was able acquire her. She's not disappointed. She's 12-4 with a 2.40 ERA this year to go with her 15-5 run last season for the Slayers. Deneadur has been just as great. He's 37-14 in his Minas Morgul career and he's 13-4, 2.44 ERA this year.

The bullpen has been inconsistent, but at least Smoothflower is still doing her job. 30 saves and a 2.57 ERA will work for this team every time. Nark Steelshaper is slightly down, but still excellent with a 2.97 ERA and Scott Buxton is looking far better than he did last season.

Near Future
The Slayers might be getting close to the time where their best players are starting to fall off and the team begins it's declining period. It may not happen for a couple years, but the ages are starting to get too close to 35, which is usually not good. It will be hard to see the team winning 65% of their games once that happens, but they could still be a division winner and certainly a playoff contender.

After that, it will be up to the young players to rise up. Fireflower already looks like she's going to be dependable and Boli Stoneteeth has shown many signs of being a pesky hitter in the lineup. Then there's Silkpetal, Foxburr should still be going strong, and perhaps Chubb could still be as good as she is now.

The pitching side gets more complicated as most of the young pitchers are relievers (like Noriand, Buxton, Orehead). The rotation will probably as they are for another 3 years, but after that it will get really questionable. Nilcarion, Gororon, and Moonblossom will be key players once the current stars start to fade. The Slayers may already see this as they have recently extended Nilcarion's contract.

One thing that might be in the Slayers' favor is the payroll. It is projected to be quite low in the coming years, and that could make for some free agency acquisitions or perhaps more trades.

The tough decision K.L. will have to make is to either break it up, like Bucklebury is doing, or if he will ride the team until they just have nothing left to give and can't maintain their contending status. The first option could speed up the rebuilding process, while the second option will give the Slayers more chances at adding to this run and staying one of the better teams in the league for an even longer time.

Should the decision to break it up comes, he [K.L.] should be proud of the run his team put together. It's one of the more dominate stretches a franchise has had in this league.

Minors System
The minors system for this team is interesting. Their scouting grades don't show many really good players coming up, but yet they are dominating the minor league levels. This makes for a difficult situation to analyze because the data contradicts itself.

Three of the team's four best prospects are already playing or have played at the major league level. Gororon is the only that has not (yet) made the jump to significant major league playing time. Other than them, there is little there to really inspire confidence that they can help transition the team while still being a competitive ballclub. They just don't have the abilities according to scouts.

The performances, however, tell a different tale. Lithlad and Gorgoroth in particular are dominating their respective levels. Nurn lacks the gaudy win totals and awe-inspiring winning percentages, but has won their level's championship two years in a row.

What it may mean is that what the Slayers have in minors could represent some of what the players will look like in 5 or 6 years. That would bode well for the Slayers should that be the case. Otherwise, the team might be stuck in a state that it was before this current run they are on now. Of course, if that happens, then it means the Slayers will get access to the top prospects once again.

Overall State
Overall, the Slayers are in very good shape now. I feel the team probably has two or three more years at it's current level and then probably a couple more years of contending for the division/wild card before age and retirements creep in and spoil the mix.

Beyond that - it is hard to tell. A lot will depend on how well the great records in the Slayers farm system actually reflects the ability of the players there. If it's relatively accurate, the team might not dip too far. If it's way off, then it will be a return to the pre-2008 days.

September 24, 2007

Imrilron Ends Speculation, To Retire

MINAS MORGUL - Minas Morgul Slayers left fielder Isilborn Imrilron will retire at the end of the season, according to reports out of team headquarters. Imrilron, 39, has been considering retirement since last season sources say, though he has declined...

September 23, 2007

Big Deal: Undomiel for Bell

MORIA - The Moria Miners and Minas Morgul Slayers have finalized a huge trade involving 31-year old reliever Deallyra Undomiel for the Miners and 31-year old reliever Katie Bell for the Slayers. "Deals like this are hard to get settled,"...

September 20, 2007

Barrage of Hits Gets Fernia MC Award

Agnes Fernia demonstrated her potential to be a star in the game last week, and today she took home the Mordor Conference Player of the Week Award. The Minas Morgul shortstop wreaked havoc on opposing pitchers last week, pounding them...

September 19, 2007

Firbal the Nasty and Eärilmarion Traded

BUCKLEBURY - The Bucklebury Fairies have finalized a deal with the Minas Morgul Slayers for the services of 20-year old minor league third baseman Gomsh Eärilmarion. In exchange, the Slayers will receive 30-year old first baseman Firbal the Nasty. So...

September 17, 2007

Best Player Award Caps Great Week

Boris Ruano of the Minas Morgul Slayers had a big week with the bat and today was voted the Player of the Week by the Mordor Conference. The 30-year-old center fielder put up these award-winning numbers: .417 batting average, 5...

Slayers *Moonblossom to Miss 8 Months

MINAS MORGUL - Minas Morgul fans held their breath as Amaris *Moonblossom left the July 15 Raiders-Slayers contest with an injury. After the game, the team's medical staff said that the 16-year-old starting pitcher had suffered a torn tricep muscle...

September 08, 2007

Dunharrow Trades Bell to Minas Morgul for Green

DUNHARROW - A trade between the Dunharrow Devils and the Minas Morgul Slayers was made official this morning. The Dunharrow Devils have sent 31-year old reliever Katie Bell to the Minas Morgul Slayers in exchange for 22-year old third baseman...

September 06, 2007

Chubb Homers Herself Into Record Books

MINAS MORGUL - Tanta Chubb hit a historic home run on July 2 -- career blast number 300. "I am happy to be in such elite company. It has been quite a ride so far," Chubb said after the game....

August 21, 2007

Royals-Slayers make blockbuster deal

RIVENDELL - The trade rumors surrounding last season's Shire Conference hitter of the year, Boris Ruano, came to fruition today, as officials of the Royals and the Slayers announced a deal that will send the 3-time All-Star outfielder to Minas...

August 09, 2007

MC Announces Player of the Week

It was announced today by the Mordor Conference that Minas Morgul shortstop Agnes Fernia had received the Player of the Week Trophy for her superlative play last week. The Minas Morgul shortstop wreaked havoc on opposing pitchers, pounding them for...

August 06, 2007

MC Presents Batter of Month Trophy to Chubb

April was one the best months in Tanta Chubb's career. The Minas Morgul second baseman had her way with opposing pitchers all month while posting a .327 batting average and was selected as the Mordor Conference Batter of the Month....

August 03, 2007

Silkpetal Hoping to Stay. Gororon on a mission.

via Slayers Press MINAS MORGUL - Imrilron is healthy, though the team probably doesn't miss their once-feared threat. Injury has taken its toll on the veteran these last couple seasons, and he began the year on the DL after a...

"I want to stay." Silkpetal commented, excitement easily heard in her voice, "I'm loving the taste of the major leagues and I want to keep playing here."

Silkpetal has held her own, especially considering the raw nature of her talents. Her rates are .327/.411/.653 in the early going in 49 total at bats. Ironically enough, most of her damage has come against RHP where she plays as a utility player.

This could work in her favor. Stoneteeth, the right-handed portion of the left field platoon, is struggling mightily right now. He is batting just .212, and this might make it possible to send him down instead of Silkpetal in order to make room for Imrilron. Silkpetal could then take the duties at LF vs. right-handed pitching.

Of course, the team could leave Imrilron in the cold and try using an option to put him in AAA for now. Imrilron will probably not be happy, should he agree to go, but the team would not be disturbed at the major league level.

"I can't imagine K.L. doing that to him [Imrilron]. He loves the guy for what he's done for the team and his place in league history. I can't imagine not using him, especially with Stoneteeth struggling. I know he loves Silkpetal also, but I think he'd defer to the veteran to at least give him a chance considering Imrilron still scouts decently." One analyst commented.

Meanwhile, at Nurn, there is a pitcher who's just come alive since the arrival of the new pitching coach, Norman Hammerbelly. That pitcher would be the once-lauded pitching prospect, Foiran Gororon. While scouts soured on him immediately after his arrival in Minas Morgul's system, Gororon has continued to work hard and is at the peak of those projected abilities and has pushed a little past them even.

His performance is in agreement with this so far as he's 3-1 with a 0.53 ERA in 4 starts. He's been Nurn's best pitcher in the early going and has 33 innings of work in those starts, 2 complete games, and averaging 8 innings per start.

"I want to pitch in the major leagues by the all-star break. That's my goal. I want to look good enough to where the team will take a shot on me and let me compete with the big club in the second half." Gororon spoke.

While early, it's a major turn around for him. Last season, his AAA numbers were: 7-10, 3.82 ERA. If he does maintain this level of performance, the team may well have to give him a long look at some point this season.

August 02, 2007

Great Week for Minas Morgul's Tanta Chubb

This week's Player of the Week was Tanta Chubb of the Minas Morgul Slayers. She bombarded Mordor Conference pitching for 12 hits in 30 at-bats, 3 home runs, and 11 RBIs while hitting .400 and scoring 7 runs. This season...

July 26, 2007

Mordor Conference Picks Top Player

Minas Morgul Slayers second baseman Tanta Chubb had a great time at the plate last week, running up some sensational numbers that no one else could match. Few people were surprised today when the Mordor Conference named her Player of...

July 23, 2007

Slayers: Silkpetal to Stay, Undecided on Gororon

via Slayer Press MINAS MORGUL - Spring Training is over and the team's top prospect, Sakura Silkpetal didn't get much playing time. However, the team feels like it's time to at least give her a shot at the majors. "We'll...

The other major call up, P Foiran Gororon is causing a bit of turmoil in K.L.'s mind. Gororon seemed to develop while being with the major league team even though he didn't pitch all that well. The team might try him in the bullpen just to keep him exposed to the team's pitching coach at the major league level. However, new hire AAA Pitching Coach Norman Hammerbelly, is a vast improvement and K.L. might feel confident in putting Gororon in his hands.

"I still remember what happened to him under the last 'coach' he had and I'm a bit wary of sending him back to AAA, especially after scouts noticed some improvement." K.L. spoke.

Gororon's overall movement grade has exceeded his 66 Potential according to scouts, one of many Slayers to have "overshot" their Potential ratings with their Overall ratings.

We will see come Opening Day if Gororon does indeed get to stick at the majors.

May 31, 2007

MC's Best Player Named

This week's Player of the Week was Minto Foxburr of the Minas Morgul Slayers. His big bat waylaid Mordor Conference pitching for 12 hits in 31 at-bats, 2 home runs, and 7 RBIs while hitting .387 and scoring 6 runs....

May 29, 2007

Minas Morgul Minors Sweep

MINAS MORGUL - The Slayers organization has a reason to be happy this September as their minor league teams each won their respective level's league championships. For Lithlad, the repeat as Class A champions, actually played a little "worse" than...

May 14, 2007

Slayers Closing in on Playoffs

via Slayer Press MINAS MORGUL - August seems way too early to talk about clinching playoff spots. However, it is conceivable that the Slayers can clinch the Troll Division by Sept 1st. The team's magic number is 13. So, a...

Some concerns do show up, mostly in the pitching staff. It has been down some this month, perhaps wearing down under the 4-man rotation. Of course, it could just be a down period, but at this point, K.L. has decided to try a 5th starter to see if there's a difference.

"It may be fatigue, or just a slump, or perhaps interleague play. But it costs us nothing to really take a look, and there's no reason to really use the 4-man at this point. If we can't close the deal now, we deserve to be thrown out of the league." K.L. spoke.

The Slayers are also using it as an excuse to 'clean up' the minors. RP Xiques is already rumored to be dropped, his 1.6 million coming of the books. Mulhern will probably be dropped to make room for the first of the fifth starter guinea pigs, "In the Ear" Earunduil. The team will probably start calling up some of these "out of options" players to see what they can do, and then release them if they fail at the majors. September could be a make or break month for who ever gets the call.

The offense seems to be doing alright sans Badgerpoker. They looked a little limp two weeks ago, but came alive last week, including winning a 12-9 shoot out. Imrilron might count himself lucky that he has his extension, however, as he's been sliding since May. The team doesn't expect power, but his BABIP seems weak for him, and it's impacting his OBP.

New acquisition Boli Stoneteeth has been very strong. While his level of play so far is not likely sustainable, it is a very promising sign. He has been light on the doubles given his gap power, so if he average evens out and drops, hopefully his doubles will do the same and improve.

"Overall, the team is still being a competitive bunch and looking as strong as expected. We're doing well, and hopefully we'll be able to put things together fully before the playoffs." K.L. commented.

May 04, 2007

Gamgee wins MC prize, named best hitter in July

Petunia Gamgee battered Mordor Conference pitchers all July and wound up taking home the Batter of the Month Award. "I've been around Tolkien Baseball long enough to know you really have to work hard day in and day out to...

May 03, 2007

Slayers Star Traded to Devils

MINAS MORGUL - After struggling to negotiate a contract extension with Ciurk Badgerpoker, who becomes a free agent after this season, the Slayers have worked out a trade with the Devils to move him to Dunharrow. Badgerpoker, 32, came to...

April 16, 2007

Minas Morgul's Gamgee Bags MC Batting Award

The Mordor Conference Batter of the Month has been picked for June and the honor goes to the Minas Morgul Slayers hitting machine, Petunia Gamgee. She compiled a .330 batting average with 34 hits and 7 home runs, along with...

April 09, 2007

Nusin Orehead to miss 7-8 months

MINAS MORGUL - Watching Nusin Orehead getting helped off the field today at Blackfield Park, fans of the Minas Morgul Slayers feared the worst. The news wasn't quite as bad as initially feared, but the reliever will miss 7-8 months...

March 17, 2007

Slayers complete another major trade

via Slayers Press Release MINAS MORGUL - The Slayers pick up Free Agent to be Badgerpoker along with long coveted Mathilda the Sling and catcher Silverglove in return for their top hitting prospect C Faelivirin, #10 prospect P Humanwalker, 2...

Mathilda will slide in either as the team's 3rd or 4th starter - depending on what they want to do with Moonblossom. Some think the 15-year old should still be in AAA, despite her amazing stuff, while others think the majors is fine, but with the lighter workload of a reliever.

Relief pitching might not be a bad idea considering the bullpen has some weaker areas. Mathilda would be one of the best 4th starters in the league, giving a match-up advantage. Nilcarion is a bit better as a reliever, but has shown he can do well as a starter.

Silverglove replaces Minta Sandyman, the Slayers long-time catcher. Silverglove displays more power, which is right up Minas Morgul's alley. He'll be around until 2017 and then the Slayers will need to do something about their catcher spot, but it gains the team three years of stability.

The Slayers should have one of the more potent lineups in the league with two power bats being added, especially when Imrilron returns in a month.

"We're hoping this keeps us on the path of being a high-quality team in both the offensive and pitching phases of the game. Our payroll will finally drop after this season, giving us more room to persue talent in free agency as well for the first time in a while. Overall, I think this works for us, even factoring in the fact that Badgerpoker is basically a rental." K.L. spoke.

March 16, 2007

Slayers and Darkwings reach deal

RAVENHILL - The Darkwings continued their move to a younger, rebuilding team today with a mult-player swap with the Minas Morgul Slayers. In exchange for Mathilda the Sling, Ciurk Badgerpoker and Ulaf Silverglove, Ravenhill will get two 1st round draft...

March 09, 2007

Firbal the Nasty on his way to Bucklebury

MINAS MORGUL - The Slayers and Fairies announced a deal today that sends star first baseman, Firbal the Nasty, to Bucklebury in exchange for 2 youngsters and a pair of draft picks. Firbal, 29, has been a hitting star ever...

March 08, 2007

Mordor Conference Awards Isilborn Imrilron of Minas Morgul Player of the Week

MINAS MORGUL - Today the Mordor Conference announced its Player of the Week award winner: Minas Morgul Slayers left fielder Isilborn Imrilron, who batted .464 with 3 home runs and 10 RBI. He amassed a .786 slugging percentage, thanks to...

March 05, 2007

Deneadur No-Hits Uruk-hai!

MINAS MORGUL - There was magic on the mound on April 14. Denaumir Deneadur of the Minas Morgul Slayers no-hit the Dead Marshes Uruk-hai, holding them spellbound and hitless in a masterful display. After the game he said, "It was...

February 20, 2007

Minas Morgul welcomes latest franchise player

via Slayer Press Release MINAS MORGUL - After saying goodbye to Ishanna Seladriel as she enters life outside of baseball, the team brings in a fiesty little dryad named Amaris Moonblossom, 15 years old. Amaris is noticably different than the...

Amaris is also said to be quite sadistic, having spent a LOT of time at BranMorda's sadism seminars during her rookie orientation. While not confirmed, some scouts say she is, or will be, notorious for hitting batters thanks to the 'training' she received. She is also said to have a sharp tongue and won't hold back anything on her mind - another stark difference from the prior two pitchers.

On the field, she most resembles Deneadur in ability at the present time (8-1, 2.17 ERA for Minas Morgul last season) although her endurance will need a lot of work if she's to be reliable as a starting pitcher. As a reliever, she compares well with Nilcarion (5-0, 3 saves, 3.11 ERA). She does not care at all about runners on the bases, utilizing her long windup that allows her to get the velocity and movement on her pitches.

Her unusual and lengthy mechanics are prone to control problems at this stage in her career although scouts think she may make some improvement. Her windup also leaves her with awful position after her follow through, but she does react well (i.e. charges at) the ball when it's hit near her. However, that causes her to have terrible footwork and leads to fielding and throwing errors. Her infield arm is the calibur of a shortstop's and will be able to make the throw from anywhere on the infield - assuming it's actually on target.

As expected, some of her weaknesses are showing up in spring action. She's 1-1 with a 5.63 ERA. She's struck out 8 in 8 innings of work, walking 4, and allowing 9 hits.

January 29, 2007

2013 Elrond Managers of the Year

MIDDLE EARTH - Today the league announced its selections for the 2013 Elrond Manager of the Year trophy in both the Shire and Mordor Conferences. In the Shire, Wilderland's GM, Boof the Wise, took home the award after having improved...

January 12, 2007

Slayers claim 6th postseason berth, 5th division title

MINAS MORGUL - The Slayers put the clamps on their 5th consecutive division title this week, pushing the team to a franchise high 102 wins with 2 weeks left in the season. The previous high was 99 by the 2010...

Of course, the Slayers usually have a good offense. It's the pitching that can be inconsistent and cause problems, but not this year. First was the performance of Badgred the Hated who didn't let contract strife stop him from doing his thing on the field. He is still the team's leader in wins. Denaumir Deneadur, however, stepped in and filled Badgred's shoes in a big way, going 7-1 with a 2.48 ERA for the Slayers. Followed by the nearly constant Kashi Darkleaf (15-6, 2.68 ERA), the Slayers kept a strong 1-2 combination at the top of the rotation. Meanwhile, solid Denema Earora and promising Foemaker helped the back end stay strong.

The bullpen is possibly the team's biggest weakness. A lot of shifting, new faces, and different style of pitcher were tried and maybe something resembling stable has finally formed. Nark Steelshaper was one of the few constants with over 100 innings of relief work while Niara Smoothflower did well to hold on to most games that ended up in her hands.

With things sewn up, the Slayers can turn an eye to trying some AAA players safely. Nurn, which just won the AAA championship, could provide fans at the major league level with some interesting faces to see. Most notable will likely be Ishanna Seladriel's farewell tour. Ishanna was a cult favorite for her wild-yet-effective pitching style, but she lost the magic on her knuckleball and ended up falling off the major league roster. The team is likely to name a new "special" player to their roster at start of next season, the 5th since Ishanna was added to the roster.

Ishanna's brief career was eventful. She was a part of the 2010 Championship team, where she was highly effective against the mighty Marauders and that's where fans started to flock to her. She followed that up with a 15-7, 3.07 ERA effort the next year, and worked in relief in 2012, picking up 16 saves and a 2.90 ERA before everything came apart for her. Her career numbers to date: 44-24, 32 saves, 3.67 ERA, 618 1/3 IP, 447 H, 439 BB, 663 K. She won a SGCBL title in 2010 and just earned a AAA title this season.

January 11, 2007

Mordor Conference Presents Minas Morgul Shortstop Chubb Player of Week Award

The Mordor Conference has chosen Tanta Chubb of the Minas Morgul Slayers as Player of the Week. And what a week Chubb had: She hit .385, swatted 5 home runs, and drove in 16 while scoring 10 runs. A look...

January 02, 2007

Slayers GM Anxious Over Fan Support

via the Slayer Times MINAS MORGUL - The Slayers have drawn approximately 47,000 fans per night. Hardly a poor showing, but still less than teams like Mirkwood, Misty Mountain and their ilk that routinely break 50,000 fans per game. The...

December 28, 2006

Second Baseman Gamgee of the Slayers Earns MC Player of the Week Honors

The Mordor Conference today announced Petunia Gamgee as its most recent Player of the Week. The Minas Morgul second baseman was truly in a zone. She powered her way to a 1.227 slugging percentage, with 5 home runs among her...

December 25, 2006

Red-Hot the Nasty of Minas Morgul Snags Mordor Conference Player of the Week Award

Today the Mordor Conference announced its Player of the Week award winner: Minas Morgul Slayers first baseman Firbal the Nasty, who batted .409 with 3 home runs and 13 runs batted in. He amassed a .955 slugging percentage, thanks to...

December 20, 2006

Slayers making deadline waves

via Mordor Times Dispatch MINAS MORGUL - The Slayers have been busy with trading this deadline. All of the moves were largely centered around their pitching staff, especially the bullpen, and were aggressive moves that carry risk. The keystone trade...

Ironically, the Slayers get another ex-Moria pitcher in Denedaur. Denedaur, recently signed to an extension, has been struggling along with most of the Miners this season. However, K.L. liked how he looked in his ratings scores to another one of his pitchers.

"He reminds me of Kashi [Darkleaf], and look how well she's played in recent years." K.L. spoke.

Denedaur is pretty much Darkleaf with better control and slightly less movement. If he can pitch like Darkleaf, the team could conceivably not even miss Bagdred.

Also coming over is another one of K.L.'s movement fetishes in Foemaker. He's all movement with decent control. He needs defense behind him, but with Chubb/Petunia/Halflinglover up the middle, the defense is strong where it matters most. Foemaker will likely get another spot in the rotation, probably the 4th spot for now while Nilcarion will move to the bullpen.

"I like Nilcarion a lot, but I think he's struggled to getting us deeper into games, especially with our 4-man rotation strategy, he can help boost our bullpen and go from a marginal endurance starter to a durable reliever." K.L. spoke.

The Bagdred move was the big one, but not the only one by any means. The Slayers recently completed a deal with Numenor to bring over Noriand, a reliever, in return for constantly disappointing Arborna, among others. Arborna was always a bit of a problem for the team, first getting into problems with Elensar - then next was then-ace Galealbo Elvawen - and finally just constantly not measuring up to her ratings. Noriand is another in the "movement and control" line of pitcher.

Next on the list is a rumored deal between Dol Guldur and the Slayers, sending 3 rarely used major leaguers and a couple picks to the Dragons for catcher prospect Faleivirin. "We are stripping our depth, but we need a catcher prospect. He's raw still and it's a gamble, but it's a risk to take considering the 'quality' of our minor league catchers.

Lastly, the most minor trade on the Slayers' dockett is another rumored deal, this time with Weathertop. The Slayers drop Sabino Valdez, once considered a diamond in the rough by scouts, and a 6th round pick for Weathertop's 5th round pick.

"It will be interesting to see how things go with the team, especially with the Bagdred move. It looked like things were going well, but front office concerns reared their head. Hopefully, the Slayers will keep things going in the right direction." a local analyst spoke.

December 19, 2006

Bagdreg the Hated traded to Rivendell

MINAS MORGUL - Despite a season that seemed to assure him of the Gandalf Pitcher Award in the Mordor Conference after years of struggle, Bagdreg the Hated has been dealt to the Royals. In a move that shocked fans, Minas...

December 18, 2006

Slayers make deal for Numenor hurler

MINAS MORGUL - Minas Morgul and Numenor officials announced a deal today that sees Kings pitcher, Elrialob Nöriand, and a 1st round pick heading to the Slayers' camp in exchange for Sylvania Arborna, Kinar Saphirecryer, Kimar Elradriend and Minas Morgul's...

December 15, 2006

MC Player of the Week Chosen: It's Minto Foxburr of the Minas Morgul Slayers

Not every ball that came off Minto Foxburr's bat last week was a line drive or a towering shot--it just seemed that way to the teams that played the Minas Morgul Slayers. For his exploits, Foxburr was named the recipient...

December 04, 2006

Second Baseman Gamgee Packs a Mighty Punch, Takes Home MC Batter of the Month Award

Petunia Gamgee put her mark on the Mordor Conference this June by putting together some award-winning numbers. Minas Morgul's second baseman tagged 38 hits, 8 homers and drove in 23 runs on his way to the top hitter title. If...

November 27, 2006

Big Slayers-Bears Trade

MINAS MORGUL - The Minas Morgul Slayers traded 29-year old starting pitcher E. Bladeslinger, 32-year old starting pitcher H. Eartrembler, 31-year old minor league third baseman G. Chiselsnapper, 28-year old minor league first baseman P. Elfhand, a 1st round draft...

November 20, 2006

Minas Morgul Slayers First Baseman Firbal the Nasty Dominates MC Pitching, Named Latest Player of Week

The Minas Morgul Slayers received word today that first baseman Firbal the Nasty was selected Mordor Conference Player of the Week for his stellar performance in last week's games ending Sunday. the Nasty took full advantage of his plate appearances,...

Minas Morgul Slayers Starter the Hated Picked Mordor Conference Pitcher of the Month

Bagdreg the Hated has a new piece of hardware to show his family after the Mordor Conference presented him with the Pitcher of the Month Award earlier today. Minas Morgul Slayers fans owe a lot to the Hated. In May...

Firbal the Nasty of the Slayers Ravages MC Hurlers, Wins Batter of the Month

In May Firbal the Nasty beat the baseball like a drum the entire month and netted the Batter of the Month award. In 27 games the Minas Morgul first baseman scorched Mordor Conference pitchers for a .370 BA with 40...

November 16, 2006

Petunia Gamgee of the Minas Morgul Slayers Grabs Mordor Conference Player of Week Award

Petunia Gamgee went on a hitting tear last week against Mordor Conference pitchers and collected the Player of the Week award as an acknowledgment of her dominance. The Minas Morgul Slayers second baseman swatted 12 hits in 23 at-bats with...

November 06, 2006

Mordor Conference Pitcher of the Month Awarded for April: the Hated of Minas Morgul Honored

The Minas Morgul Slayers were very happy to see Bagdreg the Hated take the hill last month as he went 5-1 with a 1.58 ERA to win the Mordor Conference Pitcher of the Month award for April....

Isilborn Imrilron of the Slayers Ravages MC Hurlers, Wins Batter of the Month

Though his face is weathered and his hands are calloused, Isilborn Imrilron can still get it done at the Tolkien Baseball level. In fact, the 37-year-old left fielder for Minas Morgul was named the MC Batter of the Month today,...

October 30, 2006

Slayers Bladeslinger Delivers a No-Hitter

DUNHARROW - Estagrel Bladeslinger made quick work of the Dunharrow Devils on April 21. The 29-year-old hurler tossed a no-hitter, fanning 3 batters in 9 innings. "I really didn't have my best stuff today," he admitted after the game, "there's...

Minas Morgul Left Fielder Isilborn Imrilron Snaps up MC Player of the Week Honors

Callers to the Minas Morgul sports talk radio station can't stop singing the praises of Isilborn Imrilron, who has been selected MC Player of the Week. Imrilron was in a comfort zone, finishing with a .480 average, 8 runs batted...

October 26, 2006

Imrilron reaches 500 HR milestone

MINAS MORGUL - Legendary slugger, Isilborn Imrilron, swatted his 499th and 500th career homers in a game against the Grey Havens Stars on April 14. Before a packed house of 49,000 Slayer fans, "Cheese Crusher" sent a "Foghorn" Shegorn pitch...

October 23, 2006

Bagdreg the Hated Hurls No-No Against Isengard

ISENGARD - Bagdreg the Hated of the Minas Morgul Slayers was certainly the King of the Hill on Opening Day in the SGCBL. He really did a number on the Isengard Raiders, and that number was zero--how many hits he...

October 14, 2006

Slayers look to young talent in draft

via Slayer Press MINAS MORGUL - The Slayers have always been high on young prospects, but they went about a far down the age ladder as you can go for their 3rd overall draft pick via Rivendell. "Garin Tunnelly" is...

September 19, 2006

Slayers-Royals Trade

RIVENDELL - Wasting no time at rebuilding the Royals, new GM Elrohir has struck a deal with the Slayers to bring Relin "The Rock" Rockmaster to Rivendell. The Royals traded their 1st round draft pick and a promising minor leaguer...

September 17, 2006

2012 Aragorn MVP

MIDDLE EARTH - The winners of the 2012 Aragorn Most Valuable Player awards for the Shire and Mordor Conferences have been determined by ballot of the owners. In the Mordor Conference, Minas Morgul's Firbal the Nasty becomes the heir apparent...

September 14, 2006

Squishmasher and the Nasty win Sam Gamgee Batter

A season for the ages earned Rivendell's third baseman Loopy *Squishmasher the Shire Conference Sam Gamgee Batter this year. *Squishmasher has hit 20 longballs this year while batting .337. He adds 38 doubles, along with 85 runs scored. He's 3rd...

September 12, 2006

Dagorlad wins 1st Mordor Title

MINAS MORGUL - For the first time since 2004, the Dagorlad Disaster appeared in the Mordor Two Towers conference finals. And for the first time ever, they were able to declare victory, defeating the defending Mordor champs, Minas Morgul, in...

September 11, 2006

Slayers take series in 7 games

ROHAN - After going 0-3 against the Slayers in the series, Rohan brought it back to their home field for a Game 7 showdown in the Fellowship Series. Game 1 saw Kashi Darkleaf and Andrack Antslammer hook up in a...

September 08, 2006

Disaster-Slayers meet in tie-breaker for Troll Division

DAGORLAD - After leading comfortably for most of the season, an amazing 14-game winning streak by Minas Morgul and a lackluster showing during the final week by Dagorlad left the Troll Division (and the Mordor Wild Card) in a...

Slayers win 14 straight and the division

via Slayer News Press Daily MINAS MORGUL - This season in Minas Morgul was another season filled with internal drama, turmoil, and threats to totally strip the team and start over. In fact, a couple icons had been dealt,...

"It was time to get going. We had just come off a great week, and still were in trouble. I wanted them to know that we haven't done anything yet, and we had a lot of work to do." Earora spoke.

The Slayers did have a lot of work to do, but started off in fine fashion, sweeping Dagorlad to put themselves in the thick of both the race for the Wild Card and Division. Still trailing both, the Slayers had to keep playing well.

Next, the Slayers were set to face Isengard. Dagorlad got to play Dol Guldur - a match up that would seem to see both teams win the majority of these games. Instead, Dagorlad stumbled, but Minas Morgul had to win to make it worth anything. As it turned out, the Slayers would take the first three from Isengard, closing down the lead to 1 game with the final game of the season looming.

The Slayers got a great performance from Kashi Darkleaf, leading the way in a clear 8-1 win. Dagorlad lost a wild, high-scoring game whose score looked more like a football score, ending at 14-10 for Dol Guldur. Ironic, because the Diaster were 14-2 against the Dragons before this week, yet went 2-2 at this crucial time. This deadlocked the Slayers and Diaster after 162 games. In the process, the Slayers had won 13 in a row and Misty Mountain had trouble with pesky Grey Havens to allow the Slayers to secure at least the Wild Card.

That would seem to take the steam out of any sense of urgency in the playoff game. Not so claims the player set to start the game, Badgred the Hated.

"There was no let down after hearing we clinched a playoff berth. We wanted to defend our division title and anything less would be somewhat of a disappointment. Taking the ball for the playoff game, I was hyped for the game." Badgred commented.

Badgred pitched on sheer will, pushing through a complete game using 122 pitches despite being less than 100%, and allowed just one run to give the Slayers the win.

It is said that big players step up when needed, and new acquisition Badgred certainly shook off any adjustment pains he had in September. He took the ball 8 times, going 5-1 with a 1.53 ERA. Despite being in a 4-man rotation, 3 of his last 4 starts went 8 or more innings.

Hagush Eartrembler also stepped up. Considered to be excelent in the clutch, Eartrembler went 3-0 with a sub-2.00 ERA after being placed in the rotation in hopes of giving the team a spark.

Relievers Steelshaper and Xiques also were excellent in September. Steelshaper won 13 games on the season, responding to the career high workload K.L. place upon his most proven and consistent reliever.

A couple more trade acquisitions put the team on their back this September. In fact, they were involved in the same transaction. Petunia Gamgee finally lived up to her skills, putting up a 1.070 OPS in September. Relin Rockmaster, a severe disappointment for much of the season, woke up in September with a .500 OBP and crushing 8 HR. Both of those performances pale to Firbal the Nasty's however. Perhaps the team's "new Imrilron" Firbal put up his first 40/40 season of his young career. He picked up much of Imrilron's slack with 11 HR, 29 RBI, and 28 Runs scored. A lot of career highs for him as well: 3B, HR, RBI, R, K (career low), AVG, OBP, SLG, and OPS.

While the team celebrates a wonderful rally to victory, another large challenge stands in the way of the Slayers making their third straight appearance in the RotK Series. The next opponant is the with the best record in the Mordor Conference, the Rohan Riders.

"Rohan will be tough as always. They present a balanced, consistent roster and that's always a challenge. Hopefully this run to the playoffs didn't sap all our energy, because we'll need to dig deep and keep this thing going." K.L. commented.

Fourteen wins in a row, but the Slayers are looking for twelve more. The twelve that would net them another claim to the title of World Champions.

September 07, 2006

Hagush Eartrembler fires 2-hitter against Dagorlad

MINAS MORGUL - Hagush Eartrembler had some fun again on September 25. Dagorlad hitters did not. Minas Morgul's right-hander gave up just 2 hits in his 2nd shutout of the season. He now has 4 career shutouts in 82 games...

August 31, 2006

Player of the Week honors go to Faromli and the Nasty

The Shire Conference's best player of the week was Mirkwood's Galaigast Faromli, who wins the award for the 4th time in his career. Galaigast went 12 for 25 (.480), while hitting 3 HR and collecting 11 RBI. He got at...

August 25, 2006

Slayers go into September hopeful

MINAS MORGUL - September dawns across the league and the frantic race to get into the postseason reaches it's highest peak at this point of the season. Despite playing poorly for the last 2 or 3 months, the team...

Among those possible is Keran Grudgesplitter, a relief pitcher formerly of Grey Havens. He's possible because he needs 10 more games to reach the 700 games milestone. As mean as K.L. can be to his players, he does like to see them achieve things like this and that makes Grudgesplitter a candidate for a call up.

Oaknar Steelbark, one of the few Ents in the league, could be rewarded for his 20-4, 2.70 ERA season for Nurn. Maurin Gallegos could get a chance as well. He's been closing for Nurn, and posted 27 saves. He's got some room to grow so the team may give him so chances at the majors to see how he responds.

Warren Holton is almost assured of a spot on the expanded roster. He performed very well and has good looking skills so far. Gudish Earthcrawler has excellent command of his pitches, but there's some major question marks around his ability to get outs and prevent the extra base hit. One advantage to Earthcrawler is that he's a good hitting pitcher.

Not much expected to happen on the hitters side, although sluggers Dean Shute and Gormaichel Darkelf could get the call. Shute has played for the team before in 2010 and was decent. His versatility makes him interesting as well. Darkelf is an extra-base hit machine when he's on - able to strike doubles as well as homeruns. He also played on the 2010 team, and put up an .812 OPS - not bad - although his next season wasn't very good.

August 10, 2006

Red hot Badgerdicer and Chubb win Batter of the Month award for July

The Shire Conference's best player of the month was Bucklebury's Buugush Badgerdicer, who wins the award for the 1st time in his career. Buugush pounded opposing pitchers, hitting .327 with 9 and 25 RBI while slugging .615. Badgerdicer has hit...

August 06, 2006

Big Minas Morgul-Moria Trade

MINAS MORGUL - The Slayers and Miners announced a major deal that shakes up the Mordor Conference wild card leaders and, Moria officials hope, give the Khazad-dum squad a boost. Minas Morgul sends three pitchers to Moria--Quinn Ladygrass, Galealbo Elvàwen,...

August 03, 2006

Spinner (BYW) and Chubb (MIN) win P.O.W. award

It's the 1st time that the Shire Conference Player of the Week award goes to Bywater's pitcher Bugrin Spinner. Bugrin went 2-0 with an ERA of 0.00, while fanning 16 in 15 innings of work. He hurled a shutout as...

July 16, 2006

Bree's Fyrith wins Player of the Week award

Gollilmer Fyrith from Bree wins his 3rd Player of the Week award for putting up the best numbers this week in the Shire Conference. In 20 at bats he hit .500 with 3 HR and 7 RBI. This year Fyrith...

Minas Morgul's Minto Foxburr pounds five hits

WEATHERTOP - Minto Foxburr saw the ball really well, leading Minas Morgul to a 10-1 win over Weathertop on June 12. His five hits thrilled his teammates and coaches, and Minto seemed happy as well after the game. In the...

July 03, 2006

Mirkwood's *Catsquisher wins Player of the Week award

It's the 3rd time that the Shire Conference Player of the Week award goes to Mirkwood's third baseman Mohair *Catsquisher. Mohair was on fire, hitting .538 with 0 HR and 4 RBI. *Catsquisher has walked 13 times this year and...

June 29, 2006

Minas Morgul News and Notes

via the Minas Morgul Times Daily MINAS MORGUL - The team has pretty much decided to send Seladriel to AAA. Her knuckleball has definitely lost something as evidenced by her giving up 5 HR already, compared with 6 all...

Coming up in her place might be the third member of the return from the Ala'Niel trade. SP Snowlegs is 7-1 in Nurn and his skills look solid. He will probably get a slot while Darkleaf gets sent back to the bullpen where she will be better utilized. Galealbo Elvawen will probably avoid the AAA fate, for now, as the team thinks her problem is BABIP allowed (which is at an absurd .390) and that usually points to defense.

A shake-up in the field is likely to occur. Halflinglover might get the oppertunity he hoped for as it's likely he'll be starting in the OF. Foxburr is pretty much going to be displaced back to 3B, which moves Gamgee to SS. Fernia will return to her utility type duties for now.

3B is a wash with this move. Gamgee is hardly good there, and Foxburr is known for his problems in the field in general. SS is a wash as Gamgee and Fernia are similiar defensively. So the improvement comes from putting Imrilron back in LF. But what of Marquis Smith? Does he get pushed aside to RF?

Another question is will this matter to Elvawen? She's a groundball type pitcher. It might be better, defensively, to put Glothien at 3B, but Foxburr on the bench won't likely fly, so he'll have to sub.

Overall, the pitching wasn't too bad. They improved their rank to 8th in the league, up from 11th last week. Many of the performances were decent, giving up 3 or 4 runs, something the offense should figure to be able to handle (though sometimes it's questionable for some reason). Imrilron is still carrying the bulk of the load, but the team as a whole is still 1st in offense, doing it with walks (2nd in the league) and power (1st in HR, team Slugging, and team OPS), as planned in the offseason. This despite a moderate 9th overall ranking in batting average.

June 26, 2006

April Batter of the Month award winners announced

The Shire Conference's best player of the month was Rivendell's Loopy *Squishmasher, who wins the award for the 5th time in his career. Loopy went 43 for 100 (.430), while hitting 4 HR and collecting 24 RBI. The Batter of...

June 15, 2006

Mirkwood's Calafalas wins Player of the Week award

The Shire Conference's best player of the week was Mirkwood's Idril Calafalas, who wins the award for the 2nd time in his career. Idril went 14 for 23 (.609), while hitting 3 HR and collecting 9 RBI. While compiling an...

June 09, 2006

Slayers set lineups

The Slayers are set for the majors and have released their projected lineups: Relin Rockmaster, Age 28, 3B Minto Foxburr, Age 26, LF Isilborn Imrilron, Age 35, RF Firbal the Nasty, Age 26, 1B Tanta Chubb, Age 28, 2B Petunia...

While the OBP emphasis has been the big story in Minas Morgul and the added speed of Rockmaster gets a lot of notice, the team actually infused more power as a side effect. Gamgee and Rockmaster give the team two more power hitting infielders, especially in Gamgee - who looks a lot like Tanta Chubb.

Galealbo Elvàwen
Ishanna *Seladriel
Kashi Darkleaf
Deneama Eärórà
Quinn Ladygrass

Relievers: (+ denotes closer)
Nark Steelshaper+
Niara Smoothflower
Hagush Eartrembler
Gemina Velenda
Vrsidush Stonejuggler
Sylvania Arborna

The starting rotation was fine last season and should be as capable this season. Denema Earora has found her rhythm on the mound while the team will look for Elvawen and Seladriel to continue leading the rotation. Quinn Ladygrass will get the first shot at the 5th starter spot although if she struggles, Eartrembler or Arborna will be there to try for the spot. The rotation tends to do their damage by limiting hits allowed, and this year's staff should be no different.

The bullpen was inconsistent last season, and it hurt the team in the win-loss column. The team won only 88 games last season, largely because of the bullpen, but they did well enough to still guide the team back to the Return of the King Series.

Still, the talent is there for this group to truely lockdown leads and shut down struggling outings from starters. Steelshaper has all the skills of a shutdown closer while he's supported by a case of well-rounded and courageous pitchers. A weakness in the bullpen has been the lack of true strikeout stuff. They do hold down walks better than the starters, though.

The pitching staff as a whole is relatively young, largely of the same age as the starting lineup. The difference is that the pitchers tend to be more inexperienced, either from injury (Smoothflower), finally getting a chance (Ladygrass) or just lack of oppertunity (pretty much everyone aside from Stonejuggler).

Overall, the Slayers should be contending all season again this year. The team played better down the stretch and in the playoffs last season, more like they should have played during the regular season, but will need better consistency to really make things easier on them.

June 01, 2006

2011 Aragorn MVP

MIDDLE EARTH - The winners of the 2011 Aragorn Most Valuable Player awards for the Shire and Mordor Conferences have been determined by ballot of the owners. In the Mordor Conference, it was another easy victory for Minas Morgul's Isilborn...

May 19, 2006

Gamwich (MIR) and Imrilron (MIN) win Sam Gamgee Batter

Mirkwood's leftfielder Minto Gamwich will never forget this day. A great season convinced the voters that he is the worthy Shire Conference Sam Gamgee Batter winner. This year Gamwich drove in 113 and scored 110 runs while batting .273 with...

May 18, 2006

Mirkwood wins 4th League Title

MINAS MORGUL - The Mirkwood Marauders won the Return of the King Series for the first time since their "three-peat" between 2005 and 2007, and they did it in grand style, sweeping the defending champion, Minas Morgul, in 4 games....

May 15, 2006

Slayers Continue Title Defense

The Slayers entered the playoffs as the worst playoff team in the league, by record. Their 88 wins were the fewest of any playoff team and for much of the season, it looked like they wouldn't even reach that...

"We didn't want to just give it away. I was confident that our bats would work and that our pitching would find a way to get it done. I knew it would be hard, but possible." K.L. spoke.

The Slayers did just that. They pitched well, especially in games two and four, and the offense took care of the rest.

Seladriel's fame grew a bit more in Minas Morgul with her 2-hit shutout in game 2 of the series to get the Slayers out of Rohan with two big wins. Already becoming a hands-down fan favorite, this performance just got the dryad fans in a frenzy as the team headed home in hopes of closing the series.

Staff ace Galealbo Elvawen didn't do particularly well, but did enough to leave with the lead after 8 tough innings. Steelshaper took care of a shaky 9th to maintain the win. Darkleaf was pounded, but Denema Earora responded with a solid outing and the series was closed on a bullpen effort after Elvawen couldn't get through the game in her second time out.

"The fans were going crazy!" Tanta Chubb spoke, "They were just getting more and more into the games with each inning. Even in the loss, it seemed like they were just willing us onward."

This trip through the playoffs holds a bit more meaning for Niara Smoothflower as she's been beset by injuries and poor play since her rookie season.

"I feel blessed to be here and am glad for the oppertunity. I hope I don't let my team or the fans down, especially the fellow dryad fans." Niara spoke humbly.

Any mention of offense has to start with MVP candidate Imrilron, but, while he had 2 HR in the series, it was Minta Sandyman of all people who did the bulk of the damage. After a terrible season, she put up 10 RBI in the series to, by far, lead the team in that category. Picked up during the season via trade, Firbal the Nasty still didn't show his HR power, but picked up 6 RBI. Marquis Smith and Minto Foxburr each scored 6 times to lead the team.

On the pitching side, Seladriel and Earora combined for 2 wins, 16 IP, and just 4 hits allowed. Beardcutter allowed 1 run on 3 1/3 IP and the rest of the bullpen pulled together to help Steelshaper pick up 2 saves and Smoothflower to claim the clinching win in game 5.

In fact, it was a lot of playoff firsts for Smoothflower. She picked up her first postseason win in her first postseason appearance. She also picked up her first postseason at-bat, with which she got her first postseason hit, extra base hit (a double), and ended up scoring her first run.

Next on the Slayers' plate is Lothlorien. Lorien pitchers simply shut down the Uruk-Hai, allowing 1 run in 4 games. The Lorien bats didn't do much, but they didn't have to. The Slayers will have their work cut out for them in trying to solve such a hot and talented pitching staff.

"If we do what we are capable, we can take them." Isilborn Imrilron spoke to the hitters in the locker room, "We did it last season, and we can do it again. We just need to take care of our business and the rest will fall into place."

May 11, 2006

Minas Morgul's Imrilron named Batter of the Month

Bree's designated hitter Gollilmer Fyrith had some reason to celebrate, as the league named him the Shire Conference Batter of the Month. He had an on base percentage of .432 and hit .340, while driving in 26 runs. Fyrith has...

May 09, 2006

Slayers eager for postseason

MINAS MORGUL - The Slayers completed step one of their title defense, return to the playoffs. "Obviously, the most important step is to return to the tournament and we barely achieved that." K.L. spoke, "Fortunately, we were able to...

May 08, 2006

Mirkwood, Minas Morgul win division titles

The Mirkwood Marauders won the Shire Elf Division for the 4th year in a row, and they will be going to the playoffs for the 6th consecutive season. The Marauders usually dominate with excellent pitching, but this season they are...

Minas Morgul's Imrilron wins Player of the Week award

The Shire Conference Player of the Week award goes to Minto Gamwich, Mirkwood's starting leftfielder. He hit .375 with 10 RBI and slugged .969 in 32 at bats. The Mordor Conference's best player of the week was Minas Morgul's Isilborn...

May 04, 2006

Fyrith (BRE) and Imrilron (MIN) win P.O.W. award

The Player of the Week award in the Shire Conference goes to Bree's Gollilmer Fyrith this time, as the designated hitter displayed the best offensive perfomance in his league. Gollilmer pounded opposing pitchers, hitting .500 with 4 HR and 6...

May 03, 2006

Slayers' minors perform well again

MINAS MORGUL - Nurn took the cake for most of the season, posting those gaudy winning percentages and expanded their own Minor Leagues wins record to 106 wins. Although Lithlad came on very strong at the end. It is...

April 24, 2006

Player of the Week honors go to Cheeseslicer and Imrilron

The Shire Conference's best player of the week was Old Forest's Sjors Cheeseslicer, who wins the award for the 1st time in his career. Sjors went 2-0 with an ERA of 1.59, while fanning 16 in 17 innings of work....

March 09, 2006

Pulley (BYW) and Imrilron (MIN) win P.O.W. award

Bywater's first baseman Lester Pulley had some reason to celebrate, as the league named him the Shire Conference Player of the Week. Lester was on fire, hitting .345 with 6 HR and 12 RBI. The Player of the Week award...

Minas Tirith's Bloodspear earns Batter of the Month award

The Shire Conference's best player of the month was Minas Tirith's Balin Bloodspear, who wins the award for the 1st time in his career. He had an on base percentage of .410 and hit .378, while driving in 16 runs....

March 06, 2006

Moria's *the Shriek wins Player of the Week award

The Shire Conference Player of the Week award goes to Morag *the Shriek, Moria's starting third baseman. *the Shriek helped his team with an average of .440 and 11 RBI in 25 at bats. His season numbers are: .274 AVG,...

Gwogast Gorund stars with cycle against Dagorlad

MINAS MORGUL - Gwogast Gorund is a pretty good hitter, but his 4 hit performance on May 29 seemed to surprise even himself considering that the hits added up to the cycle, one of the most difficult things to accomplish...

March 02, 2006

Minas Morgul's Chubb wins Player of the Week award

The Shire Conference's best player of the week was Bywater's Lester Pulley, who wins the award for the 1st time in his career. Lester went 12 for 28 (.429), while hitting 2 HR and collecting 10 RBI. This year Pulley...

Slayers land Firbal

The Slayers swung another big trade today with the acquisition of Firbal the Nasty from Wilderland. The Slayers parted with a young, good-looking prospect in Terra Treegirl as well as well-rounded reliever in Piarg Halflingslobberer. The Slayers will also...

"The Nasty" will be the starting 1B. The question is who will fill the other spot in the roster. Some think the team will bring up Driderwalker for depth at 1B, although Vogel will likely get some looks as well for his sheer versitility. Less likely, though possible, is a pitcher being called up. Quinn Ladygrass is ready for major league action and now there is a roster spot for her. Fosco Sandybank and Gemina Velenda are also patiently awaiting their next chance.

Some wonder why the team would be worried about the offense. Imrilron is supposedly declining (at least according to scouts - who dropped him again last week), and is getting up in age. Perhaps the team is looking for his successor. That said, the offense has been wildly inconsistant thus far, and part of that may be the lack of ability to manufacture runs. Firbal could help with that as his singles could be followed up with a stolen base, or advancing to third on another single.

Placement in the order is another topic for discussion. Batting him somewhere around Imrilron and Chubb would be the traditional case, but leadoff is another option. Foxburr is the current leadoff hitter, but has hit lower in the Slayer order before.

Regardless, the Slayers pick up a young hitter that has the makings of being someone special as he enters his prime years. Chances are, where to bat him is a problem K.L. doesn't mind having.

March 01, 2006

Wargs Trade Firbal the Nasty

WILDERLAND - Star first baseman, Firbal the Nasty, was dealt to the Minas Morgul today in a 3-for-1 swap that brings slugger, Gandaugrin Gamaiborn, and pitchers, Prarg Halflingslobbr and Terra Treegirl to the Wargs. Firbal, 26, has been a rising...

February 25, 2006

Beardcutter wants out?

via Alynda Sylvane Minas Morgul Times MINAS MORGUL - Appearantly, Fabur Beardcutter has been feeling less than wanted in Minas Morgul lately. Not so much by his teammates or even from K.L., but instead from the fan base. In particular,...

"I mean, "Fabur continued, "no one got on Imrilron and his huge salary when Foxburr got mentioned in the same breath as him for MVP. Or jumped on him when he hit just 42 HR, his lowest ever total - in a homerun haven."

"We may be 'stupid little dryads', but we know that Imrilron is perhaps the best player ever in this league and definitely one of the best hitters - and that you're nothing like him." One dryad lashed back, "You're not even the pitcher version of him. You make Imrilron's level of money, and don't give Imrilron's level of dominance!"

A lot of this stems from the fact that Beardcutter has won no more than 15 games in his career. In fact, last season he was just 12-11, barely over .500. This combined with the fact that Elvawen has won 15 games four times in her prior six years, reached 20 wins last year, and makes less than $7 million per year has gotten the dryad portion of the fanbase in a frenzy.

"It's ridiculous. I'm just as good as any pitcher in this league and I'm on their team. You'd think they'd be happy to have me on their mound instead of for the opposition, but that doesn't seem to be the case. It's [expletive] annoying." Beardcutter continued.

Despite the lack of wins, Beardcutter has appeared on the leaderboards for WHIP and Ks in every year of his career and in all but last year and his rookie year for ERA. Still, it's hard for most dryads to grasp the wins and his salary and the relation between the two. It doesn't help that Galealbo Elvawen, their current favorite player to compare him to, has several categories of leaderboard appearances in just six full seasons.

In response to his "what do they want from me?" blurb, the dryads held a region-wide survey. The question was: What do you want from Fabur Beardcutter.

The top answers by demographic are listed:

1. Win more than 20 games (48%)
2. Sign for less money (36%)
3. Leave (12%)
4. Marry me (4%)

Elves and Men
1. Nothing, you're doing fine (55%)
2. Win more games (30%)
3. Teach Seladriel to throw strikes (10%)
4. Become the closer (5%)

1. Name of a good local tavern (83%)
2. Win more games (13%)

1. Entwives (93%)
2. What was the question? I was sleeping... (7%)

Ogres, Trolls, and Goblins
1. Duh, more games win (63%)
2. Less talk. More pitch. (20%)
3. Shiny things (12%)

The survey didn't exactly turn out quite like the dryads had hoped, at least not with how some of the races responded. Still, it did show the most any of the various peoples of the region want more wins out of Fabur, though the Elves and Men were by far the most satisfied with Fabur's play.

K.L. is hoping that the frustration among his team's newest and fastest growing fan base will pass.

"I think it's just a phase. They [the dryads] have been flocking to the games and the sport in general, but don't quite get how to read the stats and such, but they understand gold and wins, and how much of each you're getting. I think that's why they are so focused on that. I think it will go over with time. Fabur has been fine for us and the salary isn't much of a thought at this point." K.L. spoke. "Hopefully, the support of his teammates and the front office will help him get through this.

Fabur can help himself through this by just keeping as quiet as he can about the rantings of the dryads. Certainly, dragging Imrilron, who's essentially revered in Minas Morgul, won't help people understand his feelings any better.

February 23, 2006

Isilborn Imrilron blisters three bombs

MINAS MORGUL - Hitting a homerun is fine, but hitting three of them in one game is something special. Minas Morgul's leftfielder Isilborn Imrilron accomplished that feat in a 12-2 win over Dol Guldur on May 5. His 1st shot,...

February 20, 2006

Firbal the Nasty (WIL) and Imrilron (MIN) win monthly award

The Batter of the Month award in the Shire Conference goes to Wilderland's Firbal the Nasty this time, as the first baseman displayed the best offensive perfomance in his league. the Nasty helped his team with an average of .390...

February 09, 2006

Bucklebury's Eärämbor wins Player of the Week award

The Player of the Week award in the Shire Conference goes to Bucklebury's Flordor Eärämbor this time, as the second baseman displayed the best offensive perfomance in his league. Eärämbor helped his team with an average of .611 and 5...

January 25, 2006

New Logos for Titans and Slayers

OLD FOREST - Thanks to the design services of T. Bombadil & Sons, both the Minas Morgul Slayers and the Minas Tirith Titans will be sporting new logos this season....

January 24, 2006

Slayers Claim Title

Minas Morgul finally succeeded in getting past the first round, and they never looked back. Running the playoff gauntlet with a staggering 12-2 record (.857), the Slayers refused to be denied this oppertunity. The hordes of dryads that were in...

The dryad fans certainly got into it. They booed mightly when Dryadpoker took the mound. They cheered twice as loud whenever he got in trouble and when he was removed after allowing 2 homeruns and several runs, they cheered as he left - finding joy in his struggles.

"I just can't stand him." One dryad spoke, "It's good we beat him."

Fan favorites like Imrilron and Foxburr recieved chants of their names when they stepped to bat and the growing fame of Seladriel showed by the long line of fans wanting her autograph after her victory in game 3.

On the field, the Slayers did it in every way possible. They entered pitching duels, slugfests, and extra inning games. One duel where Seladriel has soldified her place in the hearts of the fans by outduelling the amazingly talented Brilhirion, delivering the Mirkwood ace his only loss in the postseason.

Big achievers were Imrilron, who won the RotK MVP award while Seladriel allowed just 12 hits in 25 IP. Darkleaf picked up 6 saves. The bullpen as a whole did well, and both Chubb and Sandyman both drove in at least a dozen runs.

"We played as a total team effort all postseason long and that's what I was hoping we'd be able to do and it's what we needed to do." K.L. commented.

January 22, 2006

Slayers Eager for Title Series

The Slayers players are acting like little kids. Well, maybe not that far, but they are very excited to be playing in their first Return of the King Series as well as their first Mordor Conference pennant. "This is...

After being shut down in the previous two playoff trips, Minas Morgul has lost just one game so far this playoff trip, going 8-1. The team has used both pitching and offense as they continue to establish themselves as a balanced team.

Their next opponant will be Mirkwood. Looking at the team ranks, Mirkwood is 1st in offense and 14th in pitching. Minas Morgul ranks 2nd in both hitting and pitching. That looks to put the key on-paper matchup as the Slayer pitching against the Marauder bats.

"I'm feeling good." Ishanna Seladriel spoke, "I'm looking forward to this next challenge and want to win the title for our fans and ourselves."

The Slayers will need to save their energy and emotion for the Series. The veteran players are looking to calm the team down during the off-days so that everyone can be focused and able to concentrate on what they need to do.

Slayers Sweep Rohan

ROHAN - Minas Morgul slid into their first Mordor Conference championship title with a 4-game sweep over the RoughRiders. In Game 1, Galealbo Elvàwen out-pitched Andrack Antslammer for the 5-2 victory. Game 2 saw Fabur Beardcutter doing the same to...

January 20, 2006

Minas Morgul Advances...Finally

via The Minas Morgul Times Picayune MINAS MORGUL - The Slayers finally got past the first round of the playoffs. After being ousted by the Kings the two seasons prior, Minas Morgul finally got to see a different playoff foe,...

Much has been made of the Dead Marshes pitching, ranking first in ERA. They have a solid offense to back it up while the Slayers are often regarded as an offense-first team, despite their quality pitching of their own. It's also been said that the Slayers are a bit "inflated" due to their division.

In the end, the Slayers won the series 4-1, relying mostly on the pitching as the stats show.

Ishanna Seladriel, making her first postseason trip, led the way for the rotation. She picked up a win and was on her way to what looked like another good outing when rain interfered. Overall, she put up 11 innings, allowing just 6 hits and striking out 14. The Slayers got a great performance from Beardcutter. After another weak season in the terms of Win/Loss percentage, but put up a nice 7 inning outing for a win.

The bullpen also played well, in general. Kashi Darkleaf completed 2 of the 3 saves she could, blowing a 6-3 lead in game 2 as her failure. Aside from that blowup, Kashi did well. Arborna picked up the clinching win and Stonejuggler picked up one as well. Steelshaper and Earora provided great support in the bullpen.

Offensively, there was little they could get going against the Uruk-Hai pitching. The lineup did produce 5 HR in the 5 games, but only managed 21 total runs, about 4 per game. Tanta Chubb looked like her usual self as she lead the team in OPS as well as RBI in the series. Imrilron was 2nd in OPS and had the most walks while Sandyman put up 4 RBI. None of the rest had more then 2 RBI.

The next opponant will be Rohan, who advanced against Grey Havens in the first round.

"Rohan will be another tough opponant. They are a well-rounded team and play well as a team. We have to play another round of great baseball if we want to advance to the Championship series. It's great we took the next step, but I hope the players aren't happy with just getting this far." K.L. commented.

January 12, 2006

Imrilron reaches 400 HR

MINAS MORGUL - Isilborn Imrilron became the first player in league history to reach the 400-HR mark for his career, and he did it in typical fashion, bashing 2 homers in a game against Grey Havens on September 19. The...

January 09, 2006

Slayers win Troll Division

MINAS MORGUL - With their 7-4 victory over Rohan on September 12, the Minas Morgul Slayers won their 2nd straight Troll Division pennant, finishing well ahead of 2nd place Dagorlad. The Slayers go into the playoffs with over 2 weeks...

December 22, 2005

Player of the Week honors go to Graniteslinger and Imrilron

Valin Graniteslinger wins his 9th Player of the Week award. Shire Conference pitchers couldn't figure out how to retire this guy all week long. He hit .393 with 12 RBI and slugged .857 in 28 at bats. It's the 15th...

Imrilron reaches 1500 hits

DAGORLAD - Isilborn Imrilron keeps piling up the numbers. On August 14, he became the first player to reach the 1500-hit mark for his career when he tripled in the 8th inning of a game against the Disaster. The Minas...

December 19, 2005

Galealbo Elvàwen pitches 1-hit shutout against Dead Marshes

MINAS MORGUL - Great days are rare. But not for Minas Morgul's left-hander Galealbo Elvàwen. Dead Marshes found out the hard way that he is among the leagues top pitchers, getting just one hit. It's his 3rd shutout this season,...

December 16, 2005

*Elfheim (MT) and Elvàwen (MIN) win monthly pitcher award

Reaver *Elfheim couldn't have pitched much better than he did in July, and the Shire Conference thought so as well, naming the left-hander Pitcher of the Month. He went 4-1 in July and finished the month with an ERA of...

December 12, 2005

Imrilron reaches RBI milestone

MINAS MORGUL - Isilborn Imrilron reached an historic plateau when he collected his 1,000th career RBI in a game against Bywater on July 23. The historic milestone came in typical fashion for the league's greatest slugger, as he was called...

December 05, 2005

Minas Morgul's Isilborn Imrilron slams three taters

CARROCK - Minas Morgul beat Carrock 12-0 on July 10, but that was not the real story of the game. Isilborn Imrilron was, as he went deep three times. His 1st shot, off Berilac Boffin in the 1st inning, was...

December 03, 2005

Slayers Active Traders

The Slayers have been active on the trading block lately, making three deals around the all-star break. Among the players to go was Hildebrand Bridger. She was brought in last season and played pretty well, good enough to get...

Evermind was also traded from the team to Lothlorien for a solid-looking utility infield prospect in Padron. Padron will bolster the club's A-ball team, Lithlad, as they try to move up the standings. The teams also got a pick from Lothlorien, which became a piece in the Slayers' third trade. Another underachiever was dealt in Oathbane and the team picked up a decent looking utility infielder in Harkness as well as a high round draft pick from the Urak-Hai.

Oathbane became expendable with the emergence of Tina Legal and the acquisition and improvement of Dean Shute, the team's Rule V pick.

"I'm pleased with how the trades went. I think they help all our organizations and draft picks will help keep the system populated. I think the players we gave up will have good futures with their new teams, but I also like who's coming to us." K.L. commented.

Most of the trades did not impact the major league roster, and perhaps that's by design - not wanting to mess things up. The minor league teams, however, will get some makeover as they try to each win their respective divisions.

Dead Marshes-Minas Morgul Trade

DEAD MARSHES - The Uruk-hai have traded the injury-prone minor leaguer, Thomas Harkness, to the Slayers in exchange for Lignar Oathbane. Harkness, 23, has been plaqued by a series of injuries this season, starting with a sprained ankle in April,...

December 02, 2005

Gamaiborn-Bridger traded

BREE - Disappointed with the performance of power-hitting first baseman, Gandaugrin "Doggy" Gamaiborn, the Cheese sent him over to Minas Morgul in exchange for Slayers reliever, Hildibrand Bridger. Neither Gamaiborn nor Bridger have lived up to their teams' expectations, and...

December 01, 2005

Lothlorien-Minas Morgul Trade

MINAS MORGUL - The Slayers entered into a deal to send pitcher, Garadorn Evermind, to Lothlorien in exchange for infielder, Clement Padron and the Lumberjacks' 3rd round draft pick. Evermind, 25, started in the Rohan farm system in 2003 before...

November 29, 2005

Slayers First Half Report

The Slayers have embarked on their best ever season. After 83 games of play, the Slayers are looking at a 54-29 record, a .651 winning percentage. The team is on pace for 105 wins, a franchise high should the...

Leading the way for the team on offense has been a tandem of Minto Foxburr and Imrilron. Imrilron is no surprise, but Foxburr is a mild surprise. Foxburr has always been a quality player, frequently threatening or surpassing .900 OPS. However, this year, returning to the full-time lineup, Foxburr is putting up a career year, perhaps even an MVP type season. This infusion has helped the offense endure a poor first half by Tanta Chubb while also surviving the injury to spark plug Tina Legal.

There's also been some good supporting cast members in the offense. Minta Sandyman continues to shed her underachiever label with another solid first half. She's actually 2nd on the team in RBI. Kadish Ettinripper is batting .390 in part-time play as he shares time with Gwogast Gorund who is batting .345 himself. Perhaps the biggest surprise is Marquis Smith. Thrust into the role of starting CF, he's responded with a .354 average and a .932 OPS.

The pitching side has been lead by the rotation. Galealbo Elvawen will get the headlines and the all-star appearance, but Fabur Beardcutter has been just as good. Then new addition to the rotation, Kashi Darkleaf is not too far behind Beardcutter and combines with the wild stats of Seladriel and the solid play of Eartrembler.

There is one sizable weakness. The bullpen. It hasn't really hurt the team yet, given the team's record, but it is still worrying. Veteran Stonejuggler and oft underachieving Denema Earora have actually posted the best ERAs. The rest have been inconsistant at best. The only other decent performance is from Niara Smoothflower, who's had to battle injuries in each of the last two seasons.

The minor league teams are cruising along. Nurn (AAA) is doing the best, not much of a surprise given its the most populated system, but the success of Gogoroth (AA) is encouraging. The Slayers will have work to do if they want all their systems to win their respective minor league division. Nurn is in good shape, but Gogoroth has Entwash right on their heels and Lithlad (A) is in third place, 7 games out.

November 18, 2005

Minas Morgul's Chubb wins Player of the Week award

Moria's centerfielder Moran Alcarin had some reason to celebrate, as the league named him the Shire Conference Player of the Week. Alcarin helped his team with an average of .467 and 10 RBI in 30 at bats. He hit in...

November 15, 2005

Mirkwood's Ballscarer earns Batter of the Month award

The Batter of the Month award in the Shire Conference goes to Mirkwood's Curt Ballscarer this time, as the catcher displayed the best offensive perfomance in his league. Curt went 46 for 100 (.460), while hitting 3 HR and collecting...

November 07, 2005

Mirkwood's Ballscarer wins Player of the Week award

Mirkwood's catcher Curt Ballscarer had some reason to celebrate, as the league named him the Shire Conference Player of the Week. In 27 at bats he hit .519 with 1 HR and 7 RBI. He got at least one hit...

November 03, 2005

Minas Morgul's Legàl severely injured

MINAS MORGUL - Minas Morgul's third baseman Tina Legàl will miss at least 5 weeks after she got hurt seriously while running hard toward second base in a game on May 10. She began limping and then fell down, causing...

October 17, 2005

Slayers Opening Day Report

via Minas Morgul Post Dispatch MINAS MORGUL - Winterball is over. Spring Training is complete. The teams are ready to begin a new campaign. The Slayers are expected to do well again this season, predicted to win their division for...

Pitching Staff
The staff is much improved over the course of the Slayers history. A mixture of development success, a few free agent signings, and mostly successful trading, the team has a talented, perhaps even feared staff as a result.

Starting Pitching
Whether the team goes with 4 or 5 starters is up in the air. Right now, the team is set to try 5 starters although it's hardly a sure thing to continue beyond opening week.

Heading the rotation is the girl that has been since her devleopmental increase, Galealbo Elvawen. She's been a quality pitcher, if a bit lighter than expected on the wins side. Her career marks are a .550 win % with a 3.38 ERA. Solid, considering their ballpark. She won a career high 18 wins last sseason.

Second will be Fabur Beardcutter, the fabled 20-million-dollar pitcher. The Slayers, sparing no monetary cost in an effort to improve, picked up the pitcher in one of their many minor league for major league talent trades. He won very few games, but was strong in the second half. He, arguably, has the best stuff on the staff. His stats support that with more than 9 Ks per 9 innings in his career and a sub-1.00 WHIP.

Third looks to be the wild girl, Ishanna Seladriel. Walks are the only real weakness as her knuckleball moves incredibly. She allowed just 14 HR, fewer than 1 hit per inning, and even K'd quite a few. Her stuff is said to have improved and her stamina is better, perhaps allowing her to last longer, survive her often sky-high pitch counts, and turn the corner. If nothing else, she's shown she can survive in the bullpen.

The bottom end features Hagush Eartrembler (10-2 last season) and an experiement in Kashi Darkleaf. Eartrember was acquired in a swap of slow developers with Rohan and has finally shown some positive signs. He'll get another chance this year. Darkleaf was injured much of last season, but she showed great improvement before and even better after her injury in the second half. If she falters, expect her to return to the bullpen where she thrived.

Relief Pitching
A couple new additions to the bullpen. Lefty specialist Borulas Celol was acquired in a trade Dead Marshes. He's shown little good in his career, but the Slayers have tried to find a lefty to count on. The other, Deniagrin "In The Ear" Eärunduil, was picked up in the rule 5 draft, and looks to continue in a budding Minas Morgul tradition of having a contributor come from the draft. Nark Steelshaper will feature in the setup role again, after a strong rookie campaign. In 48 1/3 IP, he allowed just 36 hits and a 2.79 ERA.

The closer is a trade acquisition from last season, Hildibrand Bridger. She gave the Slayers a reliable closer for a change, and helped turn the team around in August and September. She saved 26 and looks to get the chance for a whole lot more.

The Hitters

Minta Sandyman, once labelled as a perpetual underachiever, she is now looked on as the #1 catcher after splitting time with Fandir, who came over in yet another trade that also netted Imrilron. Minta had a career year with 23 HR, .280 average and over an .800 OPS. Fandir will be used as a pinch hitter, to give Sandyman days off, and as a pinch runner as she does have solid speed.

Minto Foxburr returns to the starting lineup at 1B with the trade of Myrtai Elvywyn. Foxburr looks to contribute his tremendous ability in the clutch, his consistency and leadership, and his ability to put up a nice OBP, something lacking in the Slayer offense. Despite some decline in his skill, Foxburr still has the ability to help the Slayer offense. He will be spelled by a similar player in Giol Driderwalker.

Second base is nailed down for the forseeable future by Tanta Chubb. The hobbit slugger has started living up to her potential, stroking 45 HR, 110 RBI and 101 R. Her excellent defense will also be welcome.

SS will see some changes as Lyric Portoga was weak as was Oathbane. A platoon situation is expected to develop with Vogel, traded for last season, and Glothien, traded for this season. Glothien will also be a defensive sub vs RHP (he starts vs LHP) at SS. Agnes Fernia is the girl of the future here.

3B is held by K.L. favorite Tina Legal. Legal came alive as a part time player in 2008 and earned full time play last season, batting .325 with 20 HR, 96 RBI, and a .884 OPS. Her defense can be erratic, but the team will live with it.

The outfield will be counting on Marquis Smith in CF in all likelihood. Gamer that she is, Lumtina Elvawen will probably be playing out her last year in Minas Morgul. She has served her contract well and added the spark K.L. had hoped at the top of the lineup. She should get playing time all year long, but Smith will be the main starter. Marquis can be similar to Legal in batting with his high contact and gap power. He won't have the HR, but that would be fine.

Imrilron will anchor LF once again and the Slayers will hope for another MVP type season from him to go with his gold glove level defense. Extended for 4 years last season, he may well retire as a Slayer. Last year, actually a down season from him, netted 42 HR, 118 Runs and RBI and a 1.011 OPS. The season before, he smacked 53 HR and was a huge part of the team's postseason berth.

Rightfield could be iffy. Ettinripper will probably be starter again as his consistency is amazing. His numbers are almost the same all year and if he gets hot, his career high of .346 could be reached again. Gwogast Gorund gave Ettinripper time off last year, hitting .305 with 31 RBI and 31 R.

This is one area that could be weaker. Foxburr was a monster in pinch hitting appearances, especially late in the game. He frequently drove in the winning or tying run last season. With a platoon in SS, that's one body for the bench, but it will be against their weaker side, unless they come in to face opposing bullpens. Dean Shute, a rule 5 selection, could be big from the bench. He knows 5 positions with servicable skill and has some pop in the bat. Lumtina Elvawen and Giol Driderwalker could also feature huge roles as pinch hitters or extra inning subs.

Minor League Help
Despite all the trades of the team's picks and several prospects the last few seasons, the team has potential help from the minor leagues and often gets a contribution or two from the minors during the year. Hagush Eartrembler, for example, began his year last year in the minors.

Pitchers on the farm that could likely help include Smoothflower, Evermind, Arborna, and Earora. These four are on the front line to go in to support the staff or the bullpen in all likelihood. Arborna, in particular, has seen time in each of the past two seasons. While her ERAs are often on the high side of average, she wins games, sporting a 20-7 career record. Valdez, a Rule 5 draftee of last season, contributed to last year's campaign (3.08 ERA in 38 IP), and could get a chance to do so again.

Not a whole lot of help from the hitter side, at least on paper. Elrilmer is versitile in the outfield and has great defense, but his offense has yet to mature. Gamwich has been disappointing as well in the chances he's had. Ghoulgobbler is much the same way, but both have big bats that could help if they ever get going.

One of the several minor league signings, Gorchamiel Darkelf, could be a dark horse contributor at SS. He has speed, rare on the Slayers roster, above average defense at two positions, and some power for both the gaps and homeruns. Oathbane and Portoga are still around to help as well.

October 07, 2005

Slayers go crazy on minor league deals

MINAS MORGUL - The Slayers signed 20 players to minor league deals on March 1st, marking a team record in both total FAs signed and most signed in a day. The team sited the lack of money to sign "real"...

September 23, 2005

Slayers confined to city

MINAS MORGUL - In hopes of keeping the players safe in light of the vicious attacks suffered just this week, the Slayers have asked that all players in the Minas Morgul active roster remain in Minas Morgul. All minor league...

September 20, 2005

Sam Gamgee Batter winners announced

Rivendell's third baseman Loopy Squishmasher will never forget this day. A great season convinced the voters that he is the worthy Shire Conference Sam Gamgee Batter winner. Squishmasher has hit for a .341 average this season. He has 76 extra...

September 09, 2005

Slayers Prepare for Return to Playoffs

The Slayers have done it. They proved that last season was no fluke and are in line to increase their franchise record in wins, set just last season. The team has 91 wins currently, needing just 3 more to...

The offense did well also. K.L. favorite Tina Legal is having a career year in her first as an everyday player. She actually has the best batting average on the team by 1 point over Imrilron, and her OPS of .887 is third best behind Imrilron and another resurgent player in Tanta Chubb. Chubb has 45 HR and 110 RBI, by FAR her best offensive output in her career.

Minta Sandyman also played well, trying to keep her career going on the upswing after years of being a disappointment. Lumtina Elvawen is trying to fight off aging, and succeeded with 22 HR and 43 SB so far, while part-time players like Minto Foxburr, Lyric Portoga, Giol Driderwalker, and Gwogast Gorund have done very well when they got the call. Foxburr in particular seems to be deadly in the pinch hit role, hitting .354 with a .904 OPS in those situations.

Overall, it seems the Slayers are looking to keep improving. The payroll of the team is nearing the salary cap, however, so it will be interesting to see what the team does. However, with a minor league system that is still producing success, having won all three levels this past minor league season, and is ranked between 4th and 8th overall depending on the day, the moons, and what the scouts ate for lunch that day, it would seem that the Slayers will find a way even if they have to lose some of their better players.

After all, this team has been a roster-in-flux ever since K.L. took over. They are used to it by now.

September 08, 2005

Lake Town's Fadrier wins Player of the Week award

It's the 1st time that the Shire Conference Player of the Week award goes to Lake Town's pitcher Gandogast Fadrier. Gandogast went 2-0 with an ERA of 0.00, while fanning 19 in 16 innings of work. Kadish Ettinripper wins his...

Minas Morgul wins Troll Division

MINAS MORGUL - With their 5-3 win over Lothlorien, the Minas Morgul Slayers win the Troll Division for the 1st time in team history. Galealbo Elvàwen (17-8) pitched a 6-hit, 3-run game into the 7th inning, and the bullpen held...

September 01, 2005

Hagush Eartrembler pitches his 1st shutout of the season

DAGORLAD - Minas Morgul's right-hander Hagush Eartrembler will never forget this day. The 28-year old recorded his first career shutout, a 2-hitter, against Dagorlad on September 1. 'I'll have to give a lot of credit to my catcher. He put...

August 25, 2005

Minas Morgul's Legàl wins Player of the Week award

The Player of the Week award in the Shire Conference goes to Gorgoroth's Zoot the Unchaste this time, as the centerfielder displayed the best offensive perfomance in her league. She hit .550 with 12 RBI and slugged 1.050 in 20...

August 15, 2005

Red hot Gandilhil and Imrilron win Batter of the Month award

The Batter of the Month award in the Shire Conference goes to Old Forest's Gollauman Gandilhil this time, as the rightfielder displayed the best offensive perfomance in his league. Gandilhil helped his team with an average of .353 and 23...

Minas Morgul's Darkleaf out for 7-8 weeks

MINAS MORGUL - Minas Morgul's pitcher Kashi Darkleaf was part of a scary incident that saw the right-hander being hit by a line drive in the 8th inning of the game between Minas Morgul and Misty Mountain on July 28....

Slayers excited by Beardcutter acquisition

via Alynda Silvane, dryad reporter MINAS MORGUL - "I am beyond overjoyed to have him on our roster." K.L. commented. Beardcutter gives the Slayers a potent 1-2 combination at the top of the rotation. If Eartrembler can keep going and...

August 14, 2005

Beardcutter traded to Slayers

DUNHARROW - For the second time in less than a month, Fabur Beardcutter has been traded. This time, the Devils are sending the All-Star pitcher to Minas Morgul in exchange for 3 minor leaguers and a journeyman relief pitcher. On...

August 11, 2005

Player of the Week honors go to Graniteslinger and Imrilron

The Shire Conference Player of the Week award goes to Valin Graniteslinger, Mirkwood's starting first baseman. In 25 at bats he hit .560 with 3 HR and 12 RBI. While compiling an on base percentage of .323, Valin hit .281...

August 08, 2005

Old Forest's Rockmaster wins Player of the Week award

Relin Rockmaster wins his 2nd Player of the Week award. Shire Conference pitchers couldn't figure out how to retire this guy all week long. Relin was on fire, hitting .542 with 1 HR and 5 RBI. He hit in every...

July 31, 2005

Slayers part with Ghoulslobberer

The Slayers made their first trade since announcing the whole team being availible for trade talks, sending SS Mugor Ghoulslobberer to Dunharrow. The Slayers picked up CL Hildibrand Bridger and RP Fosco Sandybanks in return. The Slayers are in...

Bridger has been mediocre for much of her career, but has done well this year. In terms of pure talent, she enters a bullpen as perhaps the most talented of all the healthy arms in the bullpen. She is expected to be the closer. The Slayers had thought to use Stonejuggler as closer to begin next week's games, but now he could get consideration in the rotation as 5th starter.

Sandybanks still needs time to develop and he will likely be assigned to AAA. Fosco is an interesting choice for the Slayers as he lacks movement, which would seem to give up too many HR in their home ballpark. However, he has some of the best stuff, potentially, on the team. Only Gemina Veledna is similiar, and quite similiar at that. That and his good control could help him pick up strikeouts, which might end up being the best way to go.

"Consider Sandybanks a bit of an experiment. We need to see if our whole philosophy of pitching might be wrong and players like Sandybanks could show us something valuable in that department." K.L. commented

Sandybanks is rated as a 5-star prospect, but isn't listed on the league's top-100 prospects list. Where, and if, Sandybanks will rank on the Slayers top prospects list remains to be seen.

Team management has also said that the Slayers are still open to trading more players, especially for good quality starting pitching or pitching in general.

July 20, 2005

Rohan, Minas Morgul make minor swap

ROHAN - The RoughRiders sent three minor leaguers to the Slayers in exchange for Minas Morgul's first two picks in the 2010 draft. Pitcher Garadorn Evermind, first baseman Neil Friesen and outfielder Wilo "Flametrhower" Toothkicker were traded from the AAA...

July 08, 2005

Imrilron signs extension - Pitching shakeup expected

via Alynda Silvane, Dryad Reporter MINAS MORGUL - The Slayers inked an agreement with the best hitter in the league, Isilborn Imrilron. The extension likely carries him to the end of his career as it lasts for 5 years at...

June 30, 2005

Pitcher of the Month award winners announced

The best month of April in the Shire Conference certainly had Gorgoroth's right-hander Dejatok Belebrildur, earning him the Pitcher of the Month award. He struck out 57 hitters in his 6 starts, putting together a record of 4-0 while pitching...

June 22, 2005

Slayers welcome new pitcher

via Alynda Silvane, Dryad Reporter MINAS MORGUL - The fallout with Elensar hit the fans hard. They were shocked that all of this was going on, but didn't really blast the team for it. "She will be missed, she was...

Scouts think she has a nasty knuckler with tremendous bite whenever it breaks and often has several movements within its flight path. The movement is very consistent, sharp, and often has one last "bite" at the end, right when it's about to cross the hitting zone.

There's one problem, however. Ishanna has very little control over the pitch. One scout thinks she could walk over 130 batters, easily. This, combined with her rather low endurance for a SP will make for some interesting stat watching on this new arm.

Still, she could have success. The walks will pile up, but it will be the hits and strikeouts that will determine her success. She does have some potential for improving her control, but it doesn't appear she'll become anything special at all in that area. However, she should keep the ball in the ballpark and that's job #1 when pitching in Blackfield Park.

In terms of personality, she's a really quiet dryad, keeps to herself a lot, but is generally a nice person to be around. Early indications that she and Niara [Smoothflower] could become good friends as they are very similiar in personality.

"We'll have to see how it goes with her and see how best to use her. Our
bullpen is a mess too, so it's not out of the question to utilize her in the bullpen if it seems starting won't do it for her this year. We'll be watching her and trying to see how we can help her come next offseason." K.L. spoke.

Ishanna, 27, will begin as starter #2 in the rotation for next week's games.

Despite the new pitcher, K.L. might it really clear that the Slayers "are still seeking a starting pitcher of good or better ability" and that the same pieces are up for trade [draft picks and prospects besides "Fireflower" and any at the major league level].

Elensar leaves over dispute with teammate

via Alynda Silvane, Dryad Reporter MINAS MORGUL - Elensar got her wish, but not in the way she expected. Tiring of Arborna for reasons largely unknown, she constantly bothered team owner K.L. about her fellow teammate. It came to a...

After hearing the conflicting reports, K.L. investigated. Elensar didn't say much, but the doctors showed their imagery of the shoulder, taken through the use of elaborate equipment. When asked about the information, Elensar said that Arbrona must have released it. However, that didn't explain why she left the field. After hearing more than enough of all of this and the ridiculous level this hatred has elevated to, he asked Elensar to leave. Some discussion came about with the rest of the team. No one else had any sort of problem with Arborna and Arborna herself really hasn't caused any problems for anyone on or off the field.

K.L. asked Elensar to return to the field in time for her next start, however, Elensar said that she "would need the season to clear her mind". Again, K.L. asked, even offering to keep her in AAA just for some seperation time. However, Elensar refused, saying that she "is tired of looking at Arborna and just will not be on the same field with her". Elensar's journal was found, and read with several comments about Arborna, despite the fact Arborna has done nothing personally.

Galealbo Elvawen was Elensar's last hope.

"As ace of this staff, I'll let you say. Is Elensar helping the rotation or not with her obsession over Arborna?" K.L. asked.

"I want to win. Plain and simple." Galealbo spoke, "If she can't get her mind on the game and if being around the girl [Arborna] is that much of a problem, then she doesn't need to be here. Period."

"Alright then." K.L. spoke, "Elensar, you can have all the time you want. You're free to leave the team. We will get someone to take your spot on the roster, and you're free to find another team."

Those words shocked Elensar, as if K.L. was going to kill her.

"What's wrong? You're getting your wish. Now you don't have to worry about Arborna bothering you anymore." K.L. spoke and he and the rest of the team left.

June 20, 2005

Season ending injury strikes Minas Morgul's Elensar

MINAS MORGUL - Minas Morgul's left-hander Maeglin Elensar will not pitch again this year, suffering a serious injury in the game against Isengard on April 2. Minas Morgul wasted no time and rushed him to an hospital. Team officials were...

Slayers Ready for Opening Day

via Alynda Silvane, Dryad Reporter MINAS MORGUL - With opening day's games just around the corner, the Slayers will probably get some early looks at Sabino Valdez, their Rule 5 selection. Sabino hasn't made good on his very solid projections,...

The team's first ever Rule 5 pick, Denema Earora is still trying to find her way, but she has blossomed into a pitcher that has the skills. Last season was a step in the right direction for her. Denema got the HR allowed down while also showing a better BB/K ratio and far fewer hits allowed. She will play primarily in relief although could be asked to spot start.

The pitching staff will be glad to have Niara Smoothflower back, and she's again the closer. Last year's best replacement was Vrsidush "Juggs" Stonejuggler - this year he will begin as 5th starter. His first start will be the first in his career. They will also welcome Smaugorn "Foghorn" Shegorn, formerly of the franchise formerly known as the Cheese. He will begin his Minas Morgul life in the bullpen, although he has the stamina to go as a starter.

Rookie Gemina Velenda will get a chance to show what she can do. She had some appearances last year, but she's since reached 10 in stuff and has started improving her control and movement.

The rotation is largely the same: Elensar, Elvawen, Arborna, and Belil-Gariand make up the front 4. Only Stonejuggler is different.

Offensively, the team made some changes as well. Foxburr has been demoted to part-time player at 3B for the present as Tina Legal has shot up over the spring in her ratings. She'll be granted 3B for that and her better defense. Should Tina hold strong, Foxburr's future with the Slayers could be in doubt. Last season, Tina had a very impressive season, batting .310 and posting a .876 OPS. Just about every major stat was a career best for her in a role that grew from part time to full time last season.

Another part of the Foxburr benching is Tanta Chubb's sudden increase. She seems to have a whole new attitude and work ethic. On paper, she's a similiar player to Myrtai Elvywyn, the team's slugging 1B - definitely too talented to not get another chance to hold down 2B. Chubb's defense also improved after the team's offseason season training program. This displaced Tina from 2B and moved her to 3B.

Fandir and Sandyman will hold down the catcher's spot once again, probably splitting time about evenly, much like last year. Both players thrived with that arrangement - both catchers posting a career best seasons.

SS will be held by Ghoulslobberer again this year. He was fine at the plate with a .378 OBP, more than acceptable, and he was one of the players invited for special training in his defense. He and Chubb are both "7" in range at their positions, and if need be, he can play 3B with decent ability as well. Why mention 3B? Because "Fireflower" is in AAA already - at 19. She won't be brought up any time soon in all likelihood, but if she does start improving and becoming more and more like a big league hitter...

The outfield centers around Lumtina again. It looked for a while last season that her legs wouldn't hold up, but she pulled it together and posted a fine season. The Slayers will call upon her to do more of the same. Should she falter, the team has precious few choices to fall back on. Marquis Smith has the talent, but is taking a painfully long time to develop.

Imrilron will handle LF, which goes without saying. He'll be in the center of the lineup once again. Ghoulgobbler will have to make do on the bench, and he could be potent in that role if he can get his mind in the game. RF is a question mark. Gorund would like a chance there, but Ettinripper has better defense and has proven his ability to hit, being a steady .300+ hitter since arriving. Drogo Gamwich is another possible RF, but could use some more time to work on his eye at the plate.

It should be a very tough fight. The Slayers will bring offense to the table in all likelihood. The pitching staff should be more stable now that their two anchors in the bullpen are healthy and there's some potential help around them. Minas Morgul's bench should be strong too with players like Foxburr, Ghoulgobbler and the loser(s) of the RF battle, and whoever isn't starting at catcher - all of whom should be solid or better hitters.

It will fall to the pitching staff to protect those runs and keep games as close as possible. Can Arborna repeat her rookie success? Will Earalad and Smoothflower be the same after their injuries? Can Belil-Gariand be the anchor in the center of the rotation once again?

A lot of questions and some very important answers have yet to be found. Let the games begin.

June 05, 2005

Aragorn MVP Winners Announced

MIDDLE EARTH - The winners of the 2008 Aragorn Most Valuable Player awards for the Shire and Mordor Conferences have been determined by ballot of the owners. In the Shire, the winner for the 2nd year in a row is...

June 03, 2005

Minas Morgul starts working on bullpen

Minas Morgul is trying to work on their biggest weakness that reared it's ugly head after a couple injuries to key players. To that end, the Slayers are trying to fix the situation. They've completed two offseason trades. The...

Miners and Slayers Trade

MORIA - The Miners sent a pair of pitchers to Minas Morgul in exchange for 1B-OF Earon Denima. Paul Tuller, 28, and Prarg Halflingslobbr, 27, will be joining the dryads for 2009. Tuller has been a reliever in the Moria...

Bree trades Shegorn

BREE - The Cheese put Smaugorn "Foghorn" Shegorn on the block with an offer of $1 mllion to the first team that showed interest. Minas Morgul took that offer and entered a deal with Bree to bring the 30-year-old pitcher...

Two-time MVP Retires

MINAS MORGUL - Thaira "Goldie" Lómebrildur, the only player to have won the Aragorn MVP award in both conferences, has retired at the age of 36. Lómebrildur had a brilliant career that started when she was the 1st pick of...

June 01, 2005

Elrond Managers Named

MIDDLE EARTH - The Elrond Manager of the Year awards were given out at a ceremony today. Winning the award for the 2nd straight year in the Shire Conference is Xade of Bucklebury. He piloted his team to 1st place...

Squishmasher and Imrilron win Sam Gamgee Batter

MIDDLE EARTH - A season for the ages earned Rivendell's third baseman Loopy Squishmasher the Shire Conference Sam Gamgee Batter this year. His season features a league record batting average of .360 (206 hits in 572 AB), 39 doubles, 2...

May 30, 2005

Fellowship Series Recap

Fairies take series from Archers, 4-1 LAKE TOWN - With their ace starters, Beardcutter and Shinsnapper, winning 2 games apiece, the Bucklebury Fairies defeated the Lake Town Archers in their Fellowship Series matchup. This is the first time the Archers...

May 29, 2005

Slayers set for first postseason; Team Awards given

via Alynda Silvane, Dryad Reporter MINAS MORGUL - After coming close in year one of the league, the Slayers took care of a postseason berth this year. The team load may have shifted from the pitching to the offense as...

The team is pretty much set as far as roster and lineups that will participate in the playoffs. The only large difference will be the return to Belil-Gariand to the rotation after the team placed him in the bullpen to help rest his tender ACL. Doctors have noted a full recovery for Beama, and he will take his normal spot among the starting rotation. The only other decision will be to go with either a 3-man or 4-man rotation. Deathskull will likely head to the bullpen. He finished up at 9-7 on the season, but seemed inconsistent in September after rebounding in August. Arbornia could be a dark horse contributor as 4th starter, which is what is tempting the decision to go 4-man. Arbornia got lost in the hoopla around Deathskull's early performance but she ended up 9-2 with a 4.29 ERA in her rookie campaign.

The decision of "ace" could be interesting as well. Elensar won 18, but lost 14 while Elvawen (Galealbo) won 15 after a slow start. Both pitchers have around 3.50 ERAs. Beama ended at 16-8 with the best ERA among starters at 3.08. He could be named game 1 starter as well. His arm is perhaps the freshest.

The offense is set in batting order and strategy. Lumtina is the one who will try to get things going while the middle of the order attempts to string damaging hits together. The back 2 hitters will just try to top things off, however, judging by Lumtina's 90 RBI season as leadoff hitter, the bottom of the order can get things started as well.

The Slayers will have to face Numenor, best team in the Mordor Conference, in the first round. Numenor is ranked 9th in runs scored and 1st in runs allowed. Minas Morgul is ranked 5th in runs scored and 9th in runs allowed. Minas Morgul took the season series against Numenor 8-7.

In other news, the team handed our their awards to the best pitchers, hitter, and fielder of the season.

Best Starting Pitcher: Beama Belil-Gariand. (16-8, 3.09, 9th in wins, 4th in ERA)
"A warrior all season, he came in and immediately got the team believing in themselves and leading the way by example. He kept us in almost every game he started and our season success is due in no small part to Beama." K.L. spoke.

Best Relief Pitcher: Niara Smoothflower. (4-6, 25 saves, 3.46, 6th in Saves)
K.L. commented, "Our quiet young closer who came in as a rookie and helped secure the end of the rotation. Unfortunately, injury cut short her rookie campaign, but we never found a replacement for what she did."

Best Hitter: Isilborn Imrilron. (.342, 53 HR, 149 RBI, 129 R, 1.074 OPS, 1st in BA, OBP, SLG, OPS, RC, RC/27, H, RBI, TB, 2nd in R, HR, EBH)
K.L. spoke, "This one is a no-brainer. There's no doubt he's the most influential reason why we are in the postseason. Last year we pitched, but couldn't hit. Imrilron did the most to change the hitting part of the equation single-handedly and plays nice defense was well. He helped in almost every way possible."

Best Fielder: 2B Tina Legàl (.986 FPct, 4.99 Range, 5 E, 51 DP)
"Scouts didn't think she'd be able to do what Chubb does at the position defensively, but the little ball of energy that is Tina proved them wrong this year. I brought her in for her bat to relieve the struggling Tanta Chubb, and Tina comes with her glove as well." K.L. spoke.

May 12, 2005

Floralia Eäràlad out for 5 weeks

MINAS MORGUL - Minas Morgul is without its right-hander Floralia Eäràlad for at least 5 weeks. She injured herself while throwing a pitch to Eond Elruborn in a game against Dead Marshes on September 5. Her face showed signs of...

May 06, 2005

Slayers Arrive in First Place

The fans in Minas Morgul have witnessed their team do something that has never been done before in their history - be in 1st place at this date in the season. As September draws near, the Slayers have taken...

The pitching has been strong also. Beama Belil-Gariand is leading the way. The ex-Bree hurler has 15 wins (tied for team lead) against just 6 losses, and a nice 2.89 ERA. Rookie Ufrat Deathskull continues to be a battler and has provided the team with a 7-2 record and a solid 3.66 ERA. He also has a 1-hit shut out to his credit.

Other rookies are getting it done for the Slayers as well. Sylvania Arborna has not been terribly impressive with her ERA (4.30), but she is 5-1 and generally gives her team a chance to win. She hasn't given up more than 4 runs in her last 10 outings. Niara Smoothflower, the team's rookie closer, has sometimes been hurt by her inexperience, but 23 saves and a solid 3.53 ERA will be taken by the team. Gemina Velenda is trying to establish herself in the bullpen, and was going okay until her loss against Dunharrow.

Meaglin Elensar is 15-11, tying a career high for her while Galealbo Elvawen has picked it up as of late. Her ERA is a not-impressive 4.07, but she's won her last 4 decisions and the team is 5-0 in her last 5 outings. She's also been up to her strikeout tricks (9.7 per 9 innings) and has allowed fewer hits than innings pitched.

May 02, 2005

Ufrat Deathskull turns in great performance against Weathertop

WEATHERTOP - Ufrat Deathskull, usually uneffective, had a great performance against Weathertop on August 19, pitching a 1-hitter for his 1st shutout of the season. Gorchamiel Darkelf spoiled the bid for a no-hitter when he singled with no outs in...

April 28, 2005

Minas Morgul's Lumtina Elväwen pounds six hits

GREY HAVENS - 'Wow, six hits in one game is something special, isn't it?' said Minas Morgul's centerfielder Lumtina Elväwen after the 7-6 win over Grey Havens on August 12. A 370 foot drive to left field marked her 1st...

April 14, 2005

Roster Changes Coming

Tired of the inability to take advantage of Isengard's slump to claim the division, K.L. has indicated there will be changes in the pitching staff and especially in the lineup. The team has hinted that Galealbo Elvawen may well...

Lumtina Elvawen has also worn out her welcome in the lineup. Her recent 1 for 18 performance doesn't help matters. Elrilmer will likely take Lumtina's place as the starter in CF. However, Ghoulgobbler could get the call as well. He's been scalding the ball to take the place of Gamwich/Golias platoon in RF.

Tanta Chubb might be heading to AAA outright. Her average dipped below .200 and she could be sent to AAA to get some confidence back...hopefully.

"The offense is killing us - what else is new around here? Also, expect some changes to the pitching staff roles." K.L. commented.

Beama (11-3) and Deathskull (6-1) have been the team's most consistent pitchers. It is thought that they may end up being 1-2 in the rotation with Elensar to 3rd spot in the rotation. Eartrember, whose struggles continue, may be departing the active roster.

"Some might think I should just 'wait it out' but I'm not going to do that. There's an obvious problem here, and maybe some tweaking will get things back on track." K.L. spoke.

April 06, 2005

Entmaiden controversy resurfaces

MINAS MORGUL - Lilac Slenderleaf is a rather non-descript "prospect" in the Slayers' AA system. At 27, and still stuck in AA, one would not expect a news story surrounding this player. Except this girl is no ordinary girl. She's...

"You ask me, that's either an Ent wearing a leafy dress or one huge dryad." The fan spoke, "Even more suspcious is that there's only one of them? If they did come back, why would they do so only one at a time? That's nonsense."

When ask about how he'd want to prove one way or another Slenderleaf's gender, he said: "A pollen test. Maybe a sap test too. There's no way I'll believe it without those two tests for a start. And then from there, I'll see what other ways to prove it."

So far, Slenderleaf has been unavailible to comment, and K.L. doesn't really seem to care right now because she's about Minas Morgul's 34th best prospect, and an old one that that.

"I'm curious, but that's about it. Not that it really matters either way. I just go by what they tell me. I'm not about to ask about their entire Middle Earth life history just to play baseball." K.L. spoke. "They just better not hurt Lilac with all this 'testing' being mentioned."

The Dryads are up in arms about the whole situation and the druids aren't very keen on the idea either. The Dryads in particular are rumored to be filing a petition to the Minas Morgul leaders to get this whole thing stopped.

"We're sorry if we cause the Slayers and K.L. any problems with this - he's been so kind to us, but we just feel something has to be done. I think he'll understand as long as it doesn't get very chaotic." one Dryad fan spoke.

If it does get chaotic, K.L. will probably but a stop to the whole thing himself. His Slayers are finally enjoying a successful season, and he doesn't want anything to distract fans from that.

"That's what they deserve most, successful baseball. They have it and now this entmaiden thing is starting up again. If it does keep the fans away, or disturb the minor leagues too much, it will have to stop if I must get involved in it myself." K.L. spoke.

So far, nothing much beside chest beating and empty words have taken place, much like the last time when Lilac Slenderleaf first revealed herself as an entmaiden. Team officials will be watching to see if it progresses any further and if it gets out of hand.

March 25, 2005

Elvàwen to AAA?

MINAS MORGUL - Rumors about Galealbo Elvàwen's performance have run rampant around the Slayers' clubhouse. Galealbo has been visably distressed with how she's been playing despite the team's success. "I don't think I'm doing what I can. I feel like...

Whether or not Minas Morgul will demote the young starting pitcher remains to be seen. Galealbo had any further comments. The team members interviewed said, basically, that they "supported Galealbo and want to help her work through it and don't want her sent down."

Galealbo is currently 4-3, but has a far lower QS % than she or her team is used to (43%) while so far posting her worst ERA (4.25) since her rookie season in which she split time with Bree and Minas Morgul. She still has electric stuff, striking out hitters at a rate of 10 per 9 innings and has walked just 15 to go with 120 strikeouts. Her inconsistency has been unsettling. However, she is allowing just a .236 average against her and her ERC is 2.76?

Whatever the problems she's having, early talk out of Slayers camp is that she will not be demoted and no changes are expected to be made. "Why mess with it? We're going good as a team, easily the best season we've ever had. Galealbo might not be her usual self, but hey she's 4-3 and we're still doing the job, so she's doing well enough to not lose and that's a .571 winning percentage - not bad at all. Her ERC tells me that's its either 'bad luck' or that she's just getting burned on big hits at the most damaging times. I don't foresee any demotion to AAA. I'll say that right now." The team will likely try to rally around their struggling ace. They have been working well together and this may be the best course of action.

March 09, 2005

Slayers extends key players

The Slayers have made a statement to their team and fans by picking up the contracts of some of their most key players. Galealbo Elvawen was the big winner. The young dryad pitcher picked up a $6.5 million gold...

The Slayers also extended their newly acquired key players. Beama Belil-Gariand, acquired in a trade with Bree, was rewarded by his new team with a 4 year contract extension worth 3.5 million gold per year.

Minto Foxburr, picked up in an offseason trade with Bucklebury, was expecting to go to arbitration. However, the Slayers came to terms with the 22-year old hitter on a 4 year, $5 million per year contract extension.

"It shocked me. I wasn't thinking they would, but they didn't want to take the chance on being assigned a salary on me, so they decided to talk with me about a contract. It was rather painless, which was also a bit surprising." Minto commented.

Other players signed by Minas Morgul to extensions were:

Eoden Elrilmer signed a Minor League Contract extension.
Tina Legàl signed a contract extension, $600,000 per year, for 3 years.
Seoborn Radomir signed a Minor League Contract extension.

March 03, 2005

Myrtai Elvywyn knocks lights out with three homeruns

MINAS MORGUL - Myrtai Elvywyn can hit'em a long way, and Dead Marshes pitchers couldn't smile about that on April 27. Minas Morgul's first baseman unloaded three bombs, adding to his reputation of being one of the best power hitters...

February 11, 2005

Slayers Find Free Agent Success

After years of trying to find success in the free agent market and often times getting pushed aside for the major players, the Slayers finally had the success they have looked for. They claimed quite a few good quality...

CF Lumtina Elvawen will help what was a bottom 5 offense last season. She'll play CF full time in all likelihood and will play very good defense and has ability on the basepaths as well. She appears to be a threat in most phases of the offense.

SS Ghoulslobberer plays atrocious defense at either position (he also knows 3B), however, he knows how to hit and how to get on base. He is a career .303 hitter and has a .398 OBP in his career. He has thrice scored 90 or more runs.

RF Gorond Gollilas may see playing time, but will probably do most of his work as a pinch hitter or a platoon player. Veteran Sebur Silverhead will likely be called on for a pinch hitter or defensive replacement considering his glove would be welcome in place of Foxburr or Ghoulslobberer in the late innings.

Offense was definitely a focus in the offseason, but some good pitchers have come out of the market as well. Primarily relievers, helping perhaps the second biggest weakness of the team.

Kimra Elraith, a female elven reliever, will try to make herself more welcome in Minas Morgul. Reliever "Nuclear" Giantslammer was the first player brought in. Ownership commented bring in his experience with winning it all to help the other players aspire to greatness. He also has some untapped ability to handle right-handed batters, or so the team hopes.

Pitchers Ringarm and Goldcrusher rounded out the team's acquisitions in the 5-day period. They both will also have roles in the bullpen.

Things will be interesting to see what happens when the team's SP prospects become ready as well as the ace closer prospect Niara Smoothflower become ready. The team will have more pitching that it will know what to do with and some hard decisions will need to be made.

But for now, the team looks much improved in terms of talent and would appear to have done a lot to help their weaknesses this offseason. With the rule 5 draft still to come as well as still possibilities for trades there could be more moves to come should favorable situations arise.

For the first time in years, fans have a reason to dare to be optimistic about the coming season.

February 07, 2005

Foxburr welcomed in Minas Morgul

The Slayers entered the offseason seeking a young offensive player to help shore up one of the worst offenses in the SGCBL. The team had put their young SP on the trade block, each raved over by league scouts....

Foxburr will likely play at 3B, although his defense is easily his worst aspect. However, the team has toyed with the idea of using some of their development points on his glove to help it out. This will let Elvywyn go back to 1B and could mark the end of a disappointing time with the team for 1B Driderwalker.

Trading Nosethrottler also means the Denema Earora will be placed in the starting rotation in all likelihood. This also means she'll probably get the increase in her control.

"Excellent." Galealbo Elvawen commented, "Just what we need, someone who can help Tanta [Chubb] hold up the middle of the lineup or put someone for her to drive in. I'm more than pleased to see Foxburr playing for us."

The Slayers had considered remodeling their home park to be more pitcher friendly, however those thoughts may be put on hold for a year to see how the offense can do with Foxburr and any free agency acquisitions the team may pick up.

The Slayers are not expected to remove their top pitching prospects currently on the block from the trading block as they want to stay open to acquiring another high quality young hitter.

December 02, 2004

"Goldie" Extends contract. Elvywyn signs as well.

Minas Morgul was relieved to hear that Thaira Lómebrildur, the venerable outfield lady, will indeed sign on for more years at her original franchise. Thaira "Goldie" Lómebrildur signed a 4 year extension worth a total of about 32 million...

November 25, 2004

Thaira Lómebrildur returns - Strange Activity in Minors

Minas Morgul signed injured and declining outfielder Thaira Lómebrildur today to a 2.7 million gold contract for 1 season - in which she won't play. It was an interesting move mainly because she won't play at all until next...

In other news the Slayers' minor league system has been showing strange activity lately. Much speculation has gone on about what's going on down there. Reports of druids and dryads being seen in the dugouts, throwing out first pitches, etc. abound.

"I'm going to have someone check it out. I don't normally like anything out of the ordinary going on in the minors so we'll just have to see what turns up and what the purpose is." K.L. commented.

So far, nothing malicious has been reported and it might just be curious fans becoming a little too curious - or perhaps someone has order an impromptu tryout down on the farm.

November 08, 2004

Minas Morgul Owner Frustrated

By Gimli Deathbrow MINAS MORGUL - The Slayers find themselves just 3 games out of first, but are playing a terrible .370 winning percentage. "I don't care how 'close' we are to winning the division. When you play ball...

The offense is still the biggest offender. Highly touted Elvywyn has 10 HR, which leads the team, but his .215 average is terrible. Minta Sandyman continues her inexplicable suckiness while leaving poor Tanta Chubb, one of the few young players actually performing, as the center of the lineup.

Speaking of the youth, it has been slow in growing and moving up to help the parent team. Emeraldmallet's team doctor has just informed the Slayers that Emeraldmallet will need 2 more weeks. Sylvania Arborna hasn't developed any further and the young hitters are still a long way away.

Things still look bleak in Minas Morgul, and it doesn't appear things will change until the players develop into their projections...

...and then perform up to them.

November 01, 2004

"Dryadhenge" Erected in Minas Morgul

By Lobelia Hardbottle, MESN MINAS MORGUL - The Druids, who flooded team offices last month after a typographic error on a team try-out notice, have settled into their new home at Minas Morgul and have grown quite fond of...

October 21, 2004

Confused druids ready to play

By Lobelia Hardbottle, MESN MINAS MORGUL - After signing Dryads, and even Entwives to the team, the Slayers have a new situation on their hands: the Druids. Fifty-five of these skull-bearing, pagan god-worshipping devotees arrived at Minas Morgul this...

Slayers Add Security

By Gimli Deathbrow MINAS MORGUL - The Slayers are looking to take extra precautions whenever their players take the field and have increased security around league office in all levels of their organization. "The scary thing is that whoever...

Of course, hiring the staff won't be easy. The team wants to make sure that the person or people responsible for the killings don't worm their way into the security structure, which would make things even more dangerous. "I'm not going to say what we are going to do in case the parties responsible hear this, but there will be quite a few checks made, and if anyone thinks this is just a job to make a few extra coins - they won't get past the front door," K.L. said.

The Slayer players have voiced some concerns now that the killings are looking more of a serial nature instead of just a random tragic incident. Much of their concern had factored into the team decision. Starting pitcher Denema Eärórà said, "I don't feel afraid to play, especially at home, but it does get into your mind. It can't be helped. I hope something can be done at our games and around the league so that road games can be safe for everyone."

"Things have been fine down here in Nurn," added minor league reliever, Phanth Fithran. "We're keeping our eyes open, and hopefully nothing will happen. It's good to hear that the parent team is going to take some action to help keep things safe. Hopefully everyone will step up and keep the league fun and safe."

The Bounders are the first team to take a restrictive action according to league news reports. So far, the Slayers are not looking to go that route. "Right now, we don't have any leads to really tell us how to pursue such an action," said K.L. "We don't know if it's a particular item or organization, or if its just a crazy person with far too much time on his or her hands. First step is to increase security overall before we add the burden of restrictions and such on the fans."

Hopefully, whoever is responsible for these actions will be caught...or worse.

October 18, 2004

Dryad-loving Slayers field first dryad players

By Gimli Deathbrow MINAS MORGUL - Minas Morgul has confirmed that they have perhaps the league's first dryads to make their way to the playing field. Denema Eärórà was the first to reveal her dryad ancestry. Afterwards, Sylvania Arborna,...

The players are helping keep interest in the team higher as Opening Day nears. "It's good to see that they are well received. I'm glad for them and hope they can be enjoyable for the fans to watch and be able to see them succeed in the league." K.L. commented.

Only Denema is likely to make any impact this season as she's slated to be the team's 4th starter in her rookie campaign. Fans have immediately latched on to her because of that, especially the dryad portion of the fanbase. "Not only is the owner sensitive to us, he now encouraged the dryads among his players to come forward and be who they are. It's great!" One younger dryad commented. K.L. wouldn't confirm...or deny..that he encouraged or advised the dryads to come forward.

Not to be overlooked, the two Ents in the minor leagues are attracting interest in those cities - as well as the other two dryads in the minors system. Whether the current interest will be sustained over the course of the season remains to be seen, but the fans should be rather excited when the Slayers play their first home series of the season.

October 12, 2004

Slayer Fans Anticipate 2007 Season

By Gimli Deathbrow MINAS MORGUL - Minas Morgul has revamped their pitching staff by adding some experienced players that might actually have a little talent. The biggest name acquired on the bump would be Floralia Eäràlad, a starting pitcher....

Relievers also made arrivals, mostly via trade this time around. Stonejuggler is one of the better ones. A solid pitcher, he has some upside as noted by scouts. The most interesting might be Armormaster, not only for his wierd ratings, but for the fact he will be the team's closer. Interest is mounting about how the knuckleballer will handle the closer's role. "Our offense was weak, but the pitching might have been even worse. The bullpen in particular was inexcusable and hopefully the moves we made will help tighten up that part of our team." K.L. said.

The draft was also completed today, and another young arm will be brought to Minas Morgul. SP Emeraldmallet was the team's first round selection in today's draft. The 22 year-old dwarf is projected to be a top level pitcher and should be a good addition to what is hopefully a maturing duo of Elvawen and Elensar.

"He looks very good. I think we did a good job with our high pick and hopefully will be as big a part of our future as we hope." K.L. commented.

Scouts also like the personality of Emeraldmallet. The young dwarf has been known to become the team cheerleader and raise his team's morale. Many of this former teammates speak rather highly of him and can only remember him as a positive influence in the clubhouse.

The Rule 5 draft remains, and the Slayers have submitted their protections to the league as they prepare to make their selections. Opinion is mixed about just what kind of talent will be availible, but K.L. remains hopeful.

"Every player is another oppertunity. We'll just have to see and make the best selections we can. Like with any draft, there's a measure of risk and uncertainity. Just because these are major league ready players, that doesn't take away the risk." K.L. commented.

Overall, Minas Morgul already looks better on paper. They brought in some more talent without losing too much of their future. The pitching in particular looks more rounded and developed and the offense should be more productive as well, especially if Driderwalker, Chubb, and Sandyman show signs of finally snapping out of their funk.

No one is expecting anything, however, it looks like the Slayers are likely to be competitive at the least.

And that would be a start in the right direction.

October 08, 2004

Slayers Snag Free Agents

MINAS MORGUL - Just a day after supposedly giving up on the free agent market, the Slayers picked up 3 of the 5 players signed. Free agent pitcher Kulg Fingerdrinker signed a contract of $3 million per year for...

Swearing off the free agent market?

By Gimli Deathbrow MINAS MORGUL - Perhaps ignoring the free agent market is too strong a term, but the Slayers, after again being snubbed despite making mounds of offers to players, is feeling rather frustrated, especially their owner. "People...

October 06, 2004

Minas Morgul Adds Power

By Gimli Deathbrow MINAS MORGUL - Swapping 3 players for power hitter 1B Myrtai Elvywyn, the Slayers hope to improve what was a terrible offense. "We couldn't hit, that's for sure. There was some power potential there, and that...

"We'll cross that bridge if and when we get to it. If nothing else, we'll just play a few people out of position and let them either learn it or just deal with the defense creatively. I'm not behind the liberal use of defensive replacements if that's what it comes down to in order to get the offense working." K.L. said. "The way the pitchers have been aside from the big two, one wonders just how much the defense will matter anyway."

When asked about the cost to bring in Elvywyn, K.L. added, "I don't think it will hurt us or that we'll miss the players. If they become something better to their new team, that's how it goes, but based on where they are now I don't believe Tinarawen or Nosehammer would factor into our plans and the young player we gave up, CF Nundel, is a solid contact type hitter, but we are crowded in the OF already."

October 03, 2004

Minas Morgul Looking Ahead

By Gimli Deathbrow MINAS MORGUL - The new scouting ratings have been released, and while team management is still taking in the changes, they have been taking a peek at the free agency system. "We have a truck load...

Among the current players, Tanta Chubb was not given very strong evaluations of her current ability, as her lack of progress over the years factored into the scouts' decision. However, scouts do hold out hope of her becoming a very solid player and a possible all-star contender.

Ettinripper and Ghoulgobbler were looked on favorably while Minta Sandyman is expected to stagnate at the age of 23, a very bad sign. "We'll have to see what's up with Minta. I don't get her, and I don't know if we just projected too high on her or if there's something wrong in the picture." K.L. said.

Gwogast Gorund and Giol Driderwalker look to compete for the future 1B spot, and it might turn into a race of who can learn the most positions.

Many of the players in AA have been deemed ready for AAA. This should help the AAA system become more stocked with youth that have a chance, instead of with players that just happen to not be on the major league roster.

As for free agency, the team appearantly has some players they want to persue to add to the team's roster. "There's some, yes. Who? Well that will remain to be seen." K.L. said. Whether or not it will make a difference in the fortunes of the Slayers remains to be seen. However, adding talent can't hurt the team, especially with an under $20 million payroll.

August 09, 2004

Slayers Suffering Without Offense

By Gimli Deathbrow MINAS MORGUL - The Slayers' problems this year stem from the offense. The pitching staff is decent, ranking 14th, but the team is 21st in runs scored. There have been a few bright spots. Ghoulgobbler has...

June 05, 2004

Minas Morgul News

By Gimli Deathbrow MINAS MORGUL - Minas Morgul has fallen hard due to the fact that their offense has been anything but solid in recent games. The pitching has been strong, even excellent, as it ranks 5th in the...

Elvawen has been excellent to start the season. His 1-2 record is a misfortune as his ERA is a very nice 2.66. "I like the way he's throwing. He's showing confidence and poise even though he probably knows he won't get the run support he needs. He hasn't let it get to him and is showing his stuff," team owner, Knuckleball Lover, said.

Elensar continues his solid play in the league even though he's still been unable to recapture the talent he had when he first arrived in the league. He is leading the way from the #1 starter spot with a 2-0 record and a sub-2.00 ERA.

Offensively, it's been Ghoulgobbler and that's about it. His batting average is the biggest surprise at .276 while his ever-present power is showing up once again.

In the minors, Gorund has been doing well at 1B for AAA Nurn and is looking to take 1B from the sluggish Driderwalker. "Maybe some competition will wake Driderwalker up. The Slayers have said that Driderwalker has the job until he loses it. Maybe it's time for them to send a message to Driderwalker that the gig is almost up," one scout said. "I mean under .200 in a park that's been remodeled to encourage offense?"

Pitcher Arthur Tepper has not impressed consistantly in AA, but scouts feel that he needs to be challenged in AAA. Tepper certainly has the ability to be a winning pitcher even in the minors, but he's not showing it right now.

The Slayers have seen winning ways from their minor league teams. What it means is debatable, but after the ridiculously poor performance overall from the minors last season, it's a welcome sign.

April 13, 2004

Happenings in Slayer Land

By Shagsnik the Massive MINAS MORGUL - The Slayers' little run of winning ended with a 1-5 week. The only real good news comes in the form of development. Of course, at this point in time, it is arguably...

In the minors, 2B Chubb has made his way back to AAA. He spent some time in AA after his first stint in AAA and looks to get things going. He still looks like a star hitter in the future, the Slayers are hoping that time in AAA will help speed his development.

C Armenta was sent back to AAA this week after continuing to struggle in the majors. He was barely over .200 in batting average and it was decided that he should work in AAA.

1B Gwogast Gorund is also improving himself. His ability hasn't moved up much, a couple points in contact, but he's made his way from A to AAA.

P Sokak Koboldtrembler, one of the top Slayer prospects, has made his way to AA despite not being officially ready according to scouts. However, Koboldtrembler hasn't shown any ill affects. In his first week of AA, he's put up 5 scoreless innings and notched a save.

P Galealbo Elvàwen continues to succeed at AAA, running his record to 7-3 and putting up a 2.69 ERA. His success is making it hard for Slayer management to ignore him and all indications are that he'll be given another chance at the majors in the very near future.

P Tomohisa "Ginzu" Shinzo continues to rehab his back after tearing it earlier this season. Doctors report that the injury is healing on schedule and think there won't much anything in the way of permanant damage. This has allowed scouts to remain optomistic about his future and the Slayers are eagerly awaiting his recovery. Some indicatiors are that he could venture into trying being a SP.

February 12, 2004

Young Slayers Exceeding Expectations

By Shagsnik the Massive MINAS MORGUL - Their expected record says it all. This team should be 13-21. Look at their team stats and they LOOK like a 13-21 team. Yet they are 16-18 and *gasp* haven't been blown...

February 01, 2004

Slayers trade Chiselmaker to Mirkwood

MINAS MORGUL - The Minas Morgul Slayers, continuing their push toward a younger team, traded 30-year-old relief pitcher, Gebur Chiselmaker, to the Mirkwood Marauders for a pair of 20-year-olds and next year's 3rd round draft pick. Chiselmaker, who just...

January 01, 2004

New Look for Minas Morgul

MINAS MORGUL - Completing their transformation from the Mordor Mimes, the Minas Morgul Slayers unveiled their new logo. The "get tough" attitude has permeated the organization, and fans are expecting to see a team that will battle opponents to...

December 29, 2003

Mordor Team Changes Name

MORDOR - Feeling that the Mimes of Mordor is lacking in its ability to strike fear into the hearts of their opponents, the owners of the team have renamed them the Minas Morgul Slayers. Team majority owner and spokesman,...

December 03, 2003

Mordor Rebuilding, Promises New Name and Stadium

By Shagsnik the Massive MORDOR - As the final days of the team known as "Mimes" approach, owner/GM K.L. is looking ahead to making changes with the team. With his created player declining and not bouncing back as of...

October 27, 2003

Mimes Creep Closer to .500

By Shagsnik the Massive MORDOR - The Mimes, amid new ownership and talks of new names for the team, have crept to within one game of .500 and just 3 behind the division's new leader, Dagorlad. "We're playing pretty...

October 19, 2003

Mystery Owner Takes Over Mimes

By Solonor Rasreth MORDOR - While news from the head office of the Mordor Mimes has never been easy to come by, MESN has learned that there is new blood running the team. It seems that a mysterious character,...