Devices of Wonder

Fascinating Stuff from the Getty Exhibitions
One of this year's Webby Awards nominees, this exhibit from the The Getty Museum gives you a little box of toys to play with. There are Flash-enabled pictures of lots of quirky inventions--from a compound microscope to a portable diorama.

Devices of Wonder.

Top 100 Fictional Characters

From Book magazine

According to a panel of experts created by Book magazine, these are The Top 100 Fictional Characters Since 1900. Names on the list include Jay Gatsby, Sherlock Holmes and Winnie the Pooh. Sadly, no Hobbits...

Favorite Shows on NPR

NPR is more than classical music.

Mention public broadcasting and most people stare blankly, as though expecting a four-hour lecture on the mating habits of the tse-tse fly. Couple that with the fact that NPR is usually broadcast on the same stations that carry classical or jazz (not the fave choice of most young persons), and it's no wonder people have never heard of some of the best shows ever produced--not just the best radio shows, the best shows period.

A Prairie Home Companion - Garrison Keillor's show is my absolute favorite!

Car Talk - the Magliozzi Brothers have one of the funniest shows around (sometimes they even talk about cars).

Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! - who knew the news could be so funny?

This American Life - a documentary show for people who hate documentaries (hard to describe).

All Things Considered - the afternoon news program that covers more than just the normal news.

The Capitol Steps - biting political parody from current and former Congressional staffers.


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