50 Greatest Cartoon Characters

This is a replacement for that horrible list of the "50 Greatest Cartoons" that TV Guide came out with. As I pointed out in my weblog, ten monkeys on drugs could have picked a better list by throwing their feces on the wall and trying to figure out what character it looked like. So, how could we do worse?

First, let me introduce our distinguished panel of monkeys...er, experts...Besides myself, there is Sgt. Grump, Cableman, Just-A-Girl, Menace (formerly Red), Whiny the Elder, Pepperkat and Mrs. R. We are going to come up with this list, based on our years of couch-potato expertise. We've worked hard to get to this pinnacle of success, so don't mock us. (I saw you getting ready to mock. Watch it.) Additionally, if you would like to join in the fun, just add a comment to the blog entry, the Forums, or send e-mail to .

"Cartoon" is defined as "a form of media where, using animation, characters are shown with simplified features, but still maintaining an ability to be recognized."

In order to qualify for nomination to the "50 Greatest Cartoon Characters" list, an entry must be:

Nominations for the list will be made by the panel of experts, based on these criteria. Then, the characters on the list will be ranked, according to their "greatness" (as defined in the blog entry).

We will be creating several side lists (Best Cartoon Show, Best Ensemble or Team, Best Cartoons That Were Not Originally Cartoons, etc.) as time goes on. Additionally, I would like to post the top five favorite cartoons of each member of the panel (using their own criteria...even if it's just "wackiest").

Here in PDF form is the initial list of characters, in alphabetical order, gathered from the TV Guide List and the loud complaints of our team and the people at FARK.

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