Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Withywindle Weirdos Ginnette Hardbottle 1st Tied for 14th 3rd
Mittalmar Herders Kent Goraugrin 2nd Tied for 14th 6th
Lithlad Lambas Livki The Clutcher 3rd Livki The Clutcher 1st 1st
Long Lake Waves Friagol the Fruity 4th Friagol the Fruity 3rd 4th
Highland Colts Gonzalo the Dwarf 5th Gonzalo the Dwarf 5th 5th
Khand Killers Daisy Bats 6th Daisy Bats 2nd 2nd
Vinyamar Sirens Darwoo Gnomeraper 7th Darwoo Gnomeraper 9th 8th
Anorien Avalanche Lumtai Great Bow 8th Lumtai Great Bow 8th 9th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Gutslinger Gnomedragger 9th Issja Gwildoc 4th 7th
Lhun Stars Minto Tunnelly 10th Minto Tunnelly 12th 10th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Merahir Nńmir Tied for 11th Bilbo Proudneck 13th 13th
Mount Doom Merrymen Bafur Rockrender Tied for 11th Tied for 14th 14th
Methedras Manglers Otho Tendertush 13th Otho Tendertush 7th Tied for 11th
Barrow Downs Wights Frodo Tunnelly 14th Tied for 14th 16th
Eregion Eagles Thuvdor Mandicer 15th Thuvdor Mandicer 6th Tied for 11th
Nisimaldor Knights Ralin Lightningfoot 16th Ralin Lightningfoot 10th 15th
Edoras Roughriders Nuukor Moonkiller 17th Tied for 14th 18th
Lhun Attics Gefur Stonearm 18th Gefur Stonearm 11th 17th
West-emnet Orcs Ligar Tinalith 19th Tied for 14th 19th
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Mogan Silvershaker 20th Tied for 14th 20th
Entwash Goblins Fogan Glitterkiller 21st Tied for 14th 21st
Blackroot Blondes Carl Pennypacker 22nd Tied for 14th 22nd
Old Ford Otters Otho Hornblower 23rd Tied for 14th 23rd
Aglarond Ice Nimue Of Lebennin 24th Tied for 14th 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Saurk the Plunderer 1st Saurk the Plunderer 1st 1st
Edoras Roughriders Gusil Zayas 2nd Gusil Zayas 2nd 2nd
Mittalmar Herders Midash Anviltooth 3rd Midash Anviltooth 10th 5th
Entwash Goblins Hifur Dryadslasher 4th Hifur Dryadslasher 12th 6th
Lithlad Lambas Shuhil Green 5th Shuhil Green 9th 8th
Anorien Avalanche GaŰl Guilermo 6th Tied for 18th 14th
Eregion Eagles Garasam Saimor 7th Garasam Saimor 7th 7th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Honeysuckle Millstone 8th Billy Hill 3rd 3rd
Methedras Manglers Polly Bridger 9th Polly Bridger 4th 4th
Lhun Stars Sing Moonkiller 10th Sing Moonkiller 11th 11th
Highland Colts Kufur Shieldsmelter 11th Kufur Shieldsmelter 14th 13th
Blackroot Blondes Nirbag Orcsmith 12th Nirbag Orcsmith 6th 10th
Long Lake Waves Kieran Rateater 13th Tied for 18th 16th
Barrow Downs Wights Grakar Ratclaw 14th Tied for 18th 17th
Aglarond Ice Porag Throatslobber 15th Porag Throatslobber 8th 12th
Nisimaldor Knights Gabghash the Mean 16th Foli Goldsplitter 5th 9th
Khand Killers Eolf Isaihir 17th Eolf Isaihir 13th 15th
Mount Doom Merrymen Holir Goldkiller 18th Holir Goldkiller 16th 18th
Lhun Attics Ponto Moss 19th Ponto Moss 15th 19th
West-emnet Orcs Tuo Arostegui 20th Tuo Arostegui 17th 20th
Old Ford Otters Adelard Brown 21st Tied for 18th 21st
Anfauglith Aristocrats Tied for 22nd Tied for 18th Tied for 22nd
Vinyamar Sirens Tied for 22nd Tied for 18th Tied for 22nd
Withywindle Weirdos Tied for 22nd Tied for 18th Tied for 22nd
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Long Lake Waves Skradreg Moonbane 1st Skradreg Moonbane 5th 3rd
Withywindle Weirdos Thranduil Nunduil 2nd Thranduil Nunduil 1st 1st
Mittalmar Herders Volin Oathkiller 3rd Volin Oathkiller 2nd 2nd
Highland Colts Otho Knotwise 4th Otho Knotwise 4th 4th
Nisimaldor Knights Sirbag Dryadgobber 5th Sirbag Dryadgobber 8th 7th
Lithlad Lambas Estella Greenthumb 6th Estella Greenthumb 11th 9th
Mount Doom Merrymen Ag Headpunisher 7th Ag Headpunisher 7th 8th
Lhun Stars Loren Evans 8th Loren Evans 3rd 5th
Edoras Roughriders Myrth LegÓlas 9th Tied for 18th 17th
Entwash Goblins Sous Esmoris 10th Sous Esmoris 6th 6th
Eregion Eagles Sohai Handwalker 11th Sohai Handwalker 15th 12th
Barrow Downs Wights Maurarz Driderwalker 12th Maurarz Driderwalker 12th 11th
Vinyamar Sirens Gabzog Ettincutter 13th Glonar Orebinder 17th 16th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Gwaihil Haliaman 14th Gwaihil Haliaman 13th 13th
Anorien Avalanche Lolindir BelÓril 15th Lolindir BelÓril 9th 10th
Khand Killers Erling Willowbottom 16th Erling Willowbottom 14th 15th
Blackroot Blondes Musin Orcmasher 17th Musin Orcmasher 16th 18th
Lhun Attics Donnie the Devas 18th Donnie the Devas 10th 14th
Methedras Manglers Rulg Moonbane 19th Tied for 18th 19th
Aglarond Ice Isumbras Green 20th Tied for 18th 20th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Ralok Earthsnapper 21st Tied for 18th 21st
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Tied for 22nd Tied for 18th Tied for 22nd
Old Ford Otters Tied for 22nd Tied for 18th Tied for 22nd
West-emnet Orcs Tied for 22nd Tied for 18th Tied for 22nd
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Sim Hill 1st Sim Hill 1st 1st
Mittalmar Herders Isembard Fields 2nd Genus Longbeard 5th 2nd
Withywindle Weirdos Naggek Nailslobberer 3rd Naggek Nailslobberer 3rd 3rd
Anorien Avalanche Jonah Thrithraldor 4th Jonah Thrithraldor 2nd 4th
Barrow Downs Wights Diego Tombro 5th Diego Tombro 4th 5th
Eregion Eagles Wirg Rage 6th Guggek Sandslinger 10th 8th
Entwash Goblins Amos Madlight 7th Amos Madlight 11th 10th
Long Lake Waves Bognar Stonetearer 8th Bognar Stonetearer 8th 6th
Methedras Manglers Vrsikor Trollworker 9th Ferdibrand Bramble 6th 7th
Nisimaldor Knights Thuror Oathbreaker 10th Thuror Oathbreaker 9th 11th
West-emnet Orcs Fisil Forgebeater 11th Radedoc Na'Ger 7th 9th
Lhun Stars Kuung Goraugrin 12th Kuung Goraugrin 12th 12th
Highland Colts Galogorn Morillbo 13th Tied for 13th 13th
Edoras Roughriders Guunk Rockkiller 14th Tied for 13th 14th
Old Ford Otters Beleg Oretwister 15th Tied for 13th 15th
Mount Doom Merrymen Sesin Earthcrusher 16th Tied for 13th 16th
Lhun Attics Lifur Clubwalker 17th Tied for 13th 17th
Khand Killers Glasil Steelshaper 18th Tied for 13th 18th
Lithlad Lambas Nerin Tunnelsplitter 19th Tied for 13th 19th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Drigrin Black 20th Tied for 13th 20th
Aglarond Ice Tied for 21st Tied for 13th Tied for 21st
Blackroot Blondes Tied for 21st Tied for 13th Tied for 21st
Gorgoroth Ghosts Tied for 21st Tied for 13th Tied for 21st
Vinyamar Sirens Tied for 21st Tied for 13th Tied for 21st
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Withywindle Weirdos Vrsork Rockdelver 1st Vrsork Rockdelver 5th 3rd
Edoras Roughriders Snikzog Crawley 2nd Snikzog Crawley 4th 2nd
Long Lake Waves Milo Banks 3rd Milo Banks 1st 1st
Eregion Eagles Iam Christian 4th Iam Christian 3rd 4th
Vinyamar Sirens Gorbadoc Trample 5th Tied for 19th 9th
Nisimaldor Knights Fal the Smasher 6th Tied for 19th 11th
Anorien Avalanche Drar Beardtwister 7th Tied for 19th 16th
Blackroot Blondes Ghash Footpoker 8th Ghash Footpoker 2nd 5th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Willis Elivande 9th Willis Elivande 11th 8th
Khand Killers Flambard Goodbody 10th Christine Aguinaldo Tied for 13th 12th
Barrow Downs Wights Malin Overturf 11th Malin Overturf 8th 7th
Methedras Manglers Drogo Knotwise 12th Drogo Knotwise 7th 6th
Aglarond Ice Bingo Pelham 13th Bingo Pelham 9th 10th
Lithlad Lambas Musin Mudslinger 14th Musin Mudslinger 15th 17th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Tanta Sandybanks 15th Gandeaden Tyriand 10th 13th
Lhun Attics Isengrim Overturf 16th Isengrim Overturf 12th 15th
Lhun Stars Erunai Gnomedragger 17th Tied for 19th 21st
Mount Doom Merrymen Gorolbo Armorkiller 18th Gorolbo Armorkiller 18th 19th
West-emnet Orcs Blanco Underhill 19th Blanco Underhill 17th 18th
Entwash Goblins Pruurk Knifecrawler 20th Pruurk Knifecrawler 6th 14th
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Tigan Beardsplitter 21st Tied for 19th 23rd
Old Ford Otters Saredur Cross 22nd Saredur Cross Tied for 13th 20th
Highland Colts Vanus Stonesnapper 23rd Vanus Stonesnapper 16th 22nd
Mittalmar Herders Beolbo Brickshield 24th Tied for 19th 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Rugnar Tunnelcrusher 1st Zuvia Arwiama 9th 7th
Edoras Roughriders Deivi Arauborn 2nd Deivi Arauborn 7th 6th
Mittalmar Herders Gimli Ringkiller 3rd Gimli Ringkiller 4th 2nd
Lithlad Lambas Grink Earbelly 4th Grink Earbelly 1st 1st
West-emnet Orcs Roran Earthslayer 5th Roran Earthslayer 5th 4th
Nisimaldor Knights Lyman Stonecutter 6th Ullla Nunduil 2nd 3rd
Blackroot Blondes Gorolbo Oathbearer 7th Gorolbo Oathbearer 3rd 5th
Eregion Eagles Bowman Millstone 8th Bowman Millstone 6th 8th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Amadis the Willful 9th Amadis the Willful 8th 9th
Anorien Avalanche Ferdinand Buckland 10th Ferdinand Buckland 11th 10th
Withywindle Weirdos Dinodas Hilldweller 11th Gonus Goldanvil Tied for 19th 13th
Khand Killers Vaor Gamgee-took 12th Nulir Musictears 18th 14th
Highland Colts Ishukh Humanwalker 13th Ishukh Humanwalker 14th 12th
Long Lake Waves Sormina Lomebrildur 14th Tied for 19th 18th
Methedras Manglers Sim Buckland 15th Sim Buckland 13th 16th
Lhun Attics Harmony Anviltooth 16th Harmony Anviltooth 15th 17th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Berilac of Bangor 17th Berilac of Bangor 17th 19th
Aglarond Ice Vagnar Trollbender 18th Fulgor Merolob 12th 15th
Lhun Stars Pruurk Heartmasher 19th Pruurk Heartmasher 10th 11th
Old Ford Otters Andres Zayas 20th Andres Zayas 16th 20th
Mount Doom Merrymen Meroman Goldanvil 21st Tied for 19th 21st
Entwash Goblins Amaris Evermind 22nd Tied for 19th 22nd
Barrow Downs Wights Gisil Orckiller 23rd Tied for 19th 23rd
Vinyamar Sirens 24th Tied for 19th 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Berin Goldbane 1st Tied for 21st 13th
Anorien Avalanche Vogush Elephantdicer 2nd Vogush Elephantdicer 2nd 2nd
Mittalmar Herders Nosil Chiselarm 3rd Nosil Chiselarm 11th 9th
Edoras Roughriders Gorbog Moruthor 4th Gorbog Moruthor 3rd 3rd
West-emnet Orcs Grikak the Insane 5th Grikak the Insane 1st 1st
Withywindle Weirdos Signar Elvńwen 6th Tied for 21st 16th
Lhun Stars Sasil Belol 7th Sasil Belol 4th 4th
Blackroot Blondes Shavia Casablanca 8th Shavia Casablanca 5th 5th
Lhun Attics Gleran Rockcrusher 9th Gleran Rockcrusher 7th 6th
Vinyamar Sirens Bill Headstrong 10th Tied for 21st 19th
Lithlad Lambas Isumbras Overturf 11th Wogdish Manthrottler 6th 7th
Eregion Eagles Sruulak Dryadtrembler 12th Sruulak Dryadtrembler 8th 8th
Entwash Goblins Sarind Earthshaker 13th Farag Headmasher 9th 10th
Barrow Downs Wights Begrin Tendertush 14th Begrin Tendertush 14th 15th
Nisimaldor Knights Siltai The Straggler 15th Siltai The Straggler 15th 17th
Aglarond Ice Kenneth the Pillager 16th Kenneth the Pillager 12th 12th
Old Ford Otters Praggek Headgobber 17th Praggek Headgobber 10th 11th
Khand Killers Gloilin Tunnelmover 18th Gloilin Tunnelmover 16th 18th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Greond LegÓl 19th Glelin Tßng 13th 14th
Highland Colts Sebas Rubalcaba 20th Sebas Rubalcaba 19th 21st
Methedras Manglers David Banks 21st David Banks 17th 20th
Long Lake Waves Borin Skyteeth 22nd Borin Skyteeth 20th 23rd
Anfauglith Aristocrats Mitkee Gemli 23rd Aldagrim Proudneck 18th 22nd
Mount Doom Merrymen Feli Ogrestomper 24th Tied for 21st 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Framak McGrane 1st Tied for 16th 6th
Mount Doom Merrymen Justin Headstrong 2nd Justin Headstrong 3rd 1st
Mittalmar Herders Podush Moonbane 3rd Tied for 16th 9th
Withywindle Weirdos Kosil Hammerbeater 4th Ralok Tunnelmasher 15th 10th
Edoras Roughriders Dilg Livertrembler 5th Dilg Livertrembler 6th 5th
West-emnet Orcs Fridak Throatscarer 6th Fridak Throatscarer 2nd 2nd
Barrow Downs Wights Christine Buckland 7th Christine Buckland 4th 4th
Highland Colts Pansy Kendrick 8th Irene Tendertush 1st 3rd
Vinyamar Sirens Orangeblossom Hilldweller 9th Orangeblossom Hilldweller 5th 7th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Joseph the Lawyer 10th Joseph the Lawyer 7th 8th
Anorien Avalanche Lelin Ringbiter 11th Lelin Ringbiter 8th 11th
Long Lake Waves Zuthor Connally 12th Tied for 16th 17th
Eregion Eagles Abel Hanshiro 13th Abel Hanshiro 10th 12th
Lithlad Lambas Tubur Elfhand 14th Tubur Elfhand 14th 16th
Nisimaldor Knights Legeron Arwodriel 15th Legeron Arwodriel 12th Tied for 14th
Khand Killers Isumbras Mugworts 16th Isumbras Mugworts 11th Tied for 14th
Lhun Stars Praj Headgobber 17th Praj Headgobber 9th 13th
Aglarond Ice Burt the Crazy 18th Tied for 16th 19th
Lhun Attics Honeysuckle Brownlock 19th Honeysuckle Brownlock 13th 18th
Old Ford Otters Ruukar Starslobberer 20th Tied for 16th 20th
Methedras Manglers Hagor Rockkiller 21st Tied for 16th 21st
Anfauglith Aristocrats Tied for 22nd Tied for 16th Tied for 22nd
Blackroot Blondes Tied for 22nd Tied for 16th Tied for 22nd
Entwash Goblins Tied for 22nd Tied for 16th Tied for 22nd
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Withywindle Weirdos Arelob the Useless 1st Irene Goodbody 15th 5th
Old Ford Otters Mundin Brickshield 2nd Phaibis the Iron Monger 2nd 1st
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Issra Elv÷rÓ 3rd Tobi Headstrong 5th 3rd
Long Lake Waves Russell the Devil 4th Paul the Gru 8th 4th
Blackroot Blondes Grudak Dryadslicer 5th Grudak Dryadslicer 6th 7th
Aglarond Ice Born Green 6th Gruudash Facestomper 1st 2nd
Anorien Avalanche Tonak the Mauler 7th Valin Earthhead 9th 10th
Vinyamar Sirens Ishnakh the Rude 8th Roignar Moonbane 4th 6th
Entwash Goblins Sourk Ratbelly 9th Grimag Moonripper 11th 11th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Kimli Rockdelver 10th Ban Ey 7th 9th
Mittalmar Herders Derrin Tunnelsmith 11th Fesil Oreslayer 12th 12th
West-emnet Orcs Thauthor the Waitre 12th Thuja The Strangler 3rd 8th
Lhun Stars Vrsal Giantchoker 13th Olo Proudfoot 13th 13th
Highland Colts Hark Brainthrottler 14th Hark Brainthrottler 17th 15th
Nisimaldor Knights Hosur Brickshield 15th Allyson Crafton 21st 18th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Yoriyoshi Mathon 16th Yoriyoshi Mathon 10th 14th
Mount Doom Merrymen Gubur Thrithraldor 17th Gubur Thrithraldor 14th 16th
Eregion Eagles Myrth Silborn 18th Myrth Silborn Tied for 19th 17th
Methedras Manglers Lumor Stead 19th Garag the Wretched 18th 19th
Lhun Attics Holfast Green 20th Holfast Green 16th 20th
Lithlad Lambas Holfast Dap 21st EwungaGoiba Gabourel Tied for 19th 21st
Khand Killers Bodo Middlebrook 22nd Tied for 23rd 22nd
Edoras Roughriders Foinar Trolltearer 23rd Foinar Trolltearer 22nd 23rd
Barrow Downs Wights Marcho Headstrong 24th Tied for 23rd 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Blackroot Blondes Traglug Toebelly 1st Ruwon Stonesigh 2nd 1st
Highland Colts Nonar Chiseltooth 2nd Kuukar Devilgobbler 4th 2nd
Old Ford Otters Kagan Trolltearer 3rd Kagan Trolltearer 10th 3rd
Lithlad Lambas Nienor Farelbo 4th Ralph Golleathor 9th 4th
Barrow Downs Wights Mablung Moore 5th Kimli Earthslayer 6th 6th
Nisimaldor Knights Fraugol Hillop 6th Fraugol Hillop 1st 5th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Ferdibrand Fields 7th Tied for 11th 8th
Khand Killers Gorbadoc Dap 8th Tied for 11th 9th
Mount Doom Merrymen Fulg Bel÷l 9th Fulg Bel÷l 5th 7th
Lhun Stars Bagnar Granitebrow 10th Tied for 11th 10th
Aglarond Ice Nagush Derrohammer 11th Tied for 11th 11th
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Guugor Ringrender 12th Tied for 11th 12th
Methedras Manglers Eridush the Horrible 13th Tied for 11th 13th
Withywindle Weirdos Noshnak Wolfgobber 14th Tied for 11th 14th
West-emnet Orcs Holir Oathmaker 15th Tied for 11th 17th
Vinyamar Sirens Koignar Alcazar 16th Tied for 11th 18th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Masin Cavernmasher 17th Masin Cavernmasher 8th 16th
Lhun Attics Kanar Fierros 18th Ernesto Journey 7th 19th
Entwash Goblins Wilibald Bunce 19th Wilibald Bunce 3rd 15th
Anorien Avalanche Fisil Chiselbinder 20th Tied for 11th 20th
Eregion Eagles Erika Ironfist 21st Tied for 11th 21st
Long Lake Waves Dagdush the Massive 22nd Tied for 11th 22nd
Edoras Roughriders Foiran Granitebrow 23rd Tied for 11th 23rd
Mittalmar Herders Tiran Goldworthy 24th Tied for 11th 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Vinyamar Sirens Luumsh Gaulf 1st Luumsh Gaulf 11th 4th
Withywindle Weirdos May Goodbody 2nd May Goodbody 3rd 1st
Lithlad Lambas Hifur Toothkicker 3rd Hifur Toothkicker 13th 8th
Lhun Attics Vrigor ErÓlinde 4th Vrigor ErÓlinde 10th 9th
Old Ford Otters Sim Cotton 5th Sim Cotton 7th 5th
Highland Colts Nonar Chiseltooth 6th Kuukar Devilgobbler 8th 6th
Edoras Roughriders Ruzrat the Atrocious 7th Ruzrat the Atrocious 6th 7th
Entwash Goblins Simon Kei 8th Simon Kei 2nd 2nd
Gorgoroth Ghosts Niara Herren 9th Tied for 16th 13th
Nisimaldor Knights Bill Overturf 10th Bill Overturf 12th 12th
Anorien Avalanche Hurin Tunnelworker 11th Tied for 16th 14th
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Lana Cavernsplitter 12th Lana Cavernsplitter Tied for 14th 15th
Barrow Downs Wights Sorria Elrolinde Jr. 13th Sorria Elrolinde Jr. 1st 3rd
Long Lake Waves Gosin Goldrender 14th Tied for 16th 17th
West-emnet Orcs Grailas Limke 15th Grailas Limke 4th 10th
Mount Doom Merrymen Kuukar Badgermangler 16th Kuukar Badgermangler 5th 11th
Lhun Stars Rili Cavernmaster 17th Tied for 16th 18th
Aglarond Ice Satu Toothdecay 18th Satu Toothdecay 9th 16th
Blackroot Blondes Marin Granitehammer 19th Tied for 16th 19th
Methedras Manglers Berilac Isaraldor 20th Tied for 16th 20th
Khand Killers Foinar Chiselfist 21st Foinar Chiselfist Tied for 14th 21st
Eregion Eagles Erika Ironfist 22nd Tied for 16th 22nd
Anfauglith Aristocrats Holfast Fields 23rd Tied for 16th 23rd
Mittalmar Herders Derrin Stormrage 24th Tied for 16th 24th
Thursday, October 20th, 2016 - OOTP Baseball 17.11 Build 73