Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Eregion Eagles Sean Glénduil 1st Radiden Tunneldelver 1st 1st
West-emnet Orcs Cokaco Guan 2nd Pruurk the Ripper 7th 4th
Mittalmar Herders Vrarag Legslobberer 3rd Kent Goraugrin Tied for 15th 14th
Edoras Roughriders Nuli Trollbender 4th Sosur Silvermaker 8th 5th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Gabghash Toebelly 5th Georg Oakes Tied for 15th 15th
Withywindle Weirdos Farauron Campbell 6th Tied for 15th 16th
Lithlad Lambas Gufur Orebinder 7th Varin Rocksplitter Tied for 15th 17th
Highland Colts Isembard Bracegirdle 8th Isembard Bracegirdle 2nd 2nd
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Fusil Stoneslayer 9th Mogan Silvershaker Tied for 15th 18th
Anorien Avalanche Hamson Boffin 10th Born Hill 3rd 3rd
Old Ford Otters Nuurt Anvilrender 11th Voirin Goldsplitter Tied for 15th 19th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Ishukh Headmasher 12th Ishukh Headmasher 15th 20th
Lhun Stars Celeb The Cunning 13th Foinar Stonesnapper 13th 13th
Barrow Downs Wights Gamodoc Elvóldur 14th Gamodoc Elvóldur 11th 10th
Blackroot Blondes Noifur Ghoulripper 15th Noifur Ghoulripper 12th 11th
Lhun Attics Rognash Chiselmasher 16th Roignar Heartmasher 4th 6th
Mount Doom Merrymen Bafur Rockrender 17th Bafur Rockrender 10th 9th
Vinyamar Sirens Dibur Ringbearer 18th Foignar Orcmasher 6th 8th
Entwash Goblins Tuudash Tunnelbeater 19th Drigrin Proudneck 5th 7th
Methedras Manglers Tanta Bats 20th Lugnar Shieldsmelter Tied for 15th 21st
Khand Killers Shau Celeoborn 21st Begrin Bauwyn Tied for 15th 22nd
Aglarond Ice Rose Willow 22nd Rose Willow 9th 12th
Long Lake Waves Paurk Ironshaker 23rd Paurk Ironshaker Tied for 15th 24th
Nisimaldor Knights Ralin Lightningfoot 24th Ralin Lightningfoot 14th 23rd
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Barrow Downs Wights Mungo Hedgeworth 1st Tied for 11th 7th
Eregion Eagles Born Dogwood 2nd Bognar Tunnelmasher Tied for 11th 8th
Lithlad Lambas Mili Armormaster 3rd Higor Fingertorturer 1st 1st
Withywindle Weirdos Griprak of Valinor 4th Tied for 11th 10th
Old Ford Otters Mungo Sandyman 5th Mungo Sandyman Tied for 11th 11th
Mount Doom Merrymen Rali Oathcrusher 6th Kim Rockdelver Tied for 11th 12th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Grink Gnomedragger 7th Grink Gnomedragger Tied for 11th 13th
Anorien Avalanche Asphodel Brockhouse 8th Asphodel Brockhouse 2nd 2nd
Khand Killers Erin Brandybuck 9th Erin Brandybuck Tied for 11th 15th
Entwash Goblins Olo Underhill 10th Nark Caverntearer 7th 4th
Lhun Attics Luumsh the Vague 11th Luumsh the Vague Tied for 11th 16th
Mittalmar Herders Renus Trolltearer 12th Midash Anviltooth 3rd 3rd
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Rumak Tunneldelver 13th Sifur Grudgesplitter Tied for 11th 18th
Highland Colts Samwise Trample 14th Tied for 11th 19th
Long Lake Waves Samli Gororon 15th Foli Goldsplitter 6th 5th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Glignar Trollbane 16th Kimli Shieldsmelter 11th 20th
West-emnet Orcs Gliran Chiselarm 17th Gliran Chiselarm 4th 6th
Nisimaldor Knights Drar Armortearer 18th Drar Armortearer 8th 14th
Vinyamar Sirens Tusur Tunnelsmith 19th Tusur Tunnelsmith 5th 9th
Lhun Stars Gandemer Thornravenys 20th Gandemer Thornravenys Tied for 11th 22nd
Blackroot Blondes Hashi Hartig 21st Hashi Hartig 10th 17th
Methedras Manglers Feli Orctwister 22nd Feli Orctwister Tied for 11th 23rd
Aglarond Ice Salir Oathbearer 23rd Salir Oathbearer 9th 21st
Edoras Roughriders 24th Tied for 11th 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Methedras Manglers Bofur Ogrestomper 1st Bofur Ogrestomper 3rd 2nd
West-emnet Orcs Armalo Spencer 2nd Armalo Spencer Tied for 10th 9th
Barrow Downs Wights Velomiel Earuviel 3rd Glonar Tunnelmaker 10th 10th
Edoras Roughriders Rulo the Vague 4th Voili Rocksnapper 8th 7th
Anorien Avalanche Samli Ghoulripper 5th Samli Ghoulripper 1st 1st
Withywindle Weirdos Gandauthor Imromer 6th Thranduil Nunduil Tied for 10th 11th
Mount Doom Merrymen Holi Trollsmith 7th Holi Trollsmith 5th 3rd
Aglarond Ice Gundabald Cotton 8th Gundabald Cotton 4th 4th
Vinyamar Sirens Bulbo Sandybanks 9th Bulbo Sandybanks Tied for 10th 12th
Mittalmar Herders Volin Oathkiller 10th Volin Oathkiller Tied for 10th 14th
Eregion Eagles Refur Stonesmith 11th Refur Stonesmith 2nd 5th
Highland Colts Fusil Silvermaster 12th Fusil Silvermaster Tied for 10th 15th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Kofur Mudslinger 13th Koisin Silversmelter 6th 6th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Elros Eregion 14th Tied for 10th 16th
Blackroot Blondes Mubur Curumo 15th Mubur Curumo 7th 8th
Old Ford Otters Niggek Bloodytooth 16th Niggek Bloodytooth Tied for 10th 17th
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Tigan Beardsplitter 17th Tigan Beardsplitter 9th 13th
Lhun Stars Loren Evans 18th Loren Evans Tied for 10th 18th
Nisimaldor Knights Kasil Rubyeye 19th Kasil Rubyeye Tied for 10th 19th
Khand Killers Gail Forgebreaker 20th Gail Forgebreaker Tied for 10th 20th
Entwash Goblins Voisil Earthcrusher 21st Voisil Earthcrusher Tied for 10th 21st
Lhun Attics Tied for 22nd Tied for 10th 22nd
Lithlad Lambas Tied for 22nd Tied for 10th Tied for 22nd
Long Lake Waves Tied for 22nd Tied for 10th Tied for 22nd
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Withywindle Weirdos Falir Chiseltooth 1st Delin Stonehelm Tied for 6th 5th
Eregion Eagles Grudrak the Sneaky 2nd Grudrak the Sneaky Tied for 6th 6th
Vinyamar Sirens Neling Redear 3rd Rasil Forgebreaker 1st 1st
Mount Doom Merrymen Belladonna Hardbottle 4th Belladonna Hardbottle Tied for 6th 7th
Anorien Avalanche Doug Sathi 5th Doug Sathi 4th 3rd
Khand Killers Christina Belöl 6th Glasil Steelshaper Tied for 6th 9th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Salg No-Tooth 7th Tied for 6th 10th
Barrow Downs Wights Ronus Cavernbeater 8th Ronus Cavernbeater Tied for 6th 11th
Long Lake Waves Gabghash Handthrower 9th Bognar Stonetearer Tied for 6th 12th
Old Ford Otters Pervinca Fumlefot 10th Pervinca Fumlefot 2nd 2nd
Entwash Goblins Dilir Clevereye 11th Dilir Clevereye Tied for 6th 13th
Edoras Roughriders Silin Goldkiller 12th Tied for 6th 14th
Blackroot Blondes Eladio the Fell 13th Eladio the Fell Tied for 6th 15th
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Fulg Goblinbinder 14th Fulg Goblinbinder Tied for 6th 16th
Highland Colts Gakak Drowbelly 15th Gakak Drowbelly 3rd 4th
West-emnet Orcs Denaudur Samuels 16th Kobur Eowul 5th 8th
Lhun Stars Mar Eowóriand 17th Mar Eowóriand Tied for 6th 17th
Lithlad Lambas Rorin Iceywater 18th Rorin Iceywater Tied for 6th 18th
Lhun Attics Gloisil Earthsmelter 19th Gloisil Earthsmelter Tied for 6th 19th
Methedras Manglers Vrsikor Trollworker 20th Vrsikor Trollworker Tied for 6th 20th
Mittalmar Herders Genus Longbeard 21st Genus Longbeard Tied for 6th 21st
Nisimaldor Knights Thuror Oathbreaker 22nd Thuror Oathbreaker Tied for 6th 22nd
Aglarond Ice Fral Cleverhelm 23rd Fral Cleverhelm 6th 23rd
Gorgoroth Ghosts 24th Tied for 6th 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Mittalmar Herders Halildur Forgeworker 1st Tied for 8th 7th
Long Lake Waves Hofur Goldtearer 2nd Tied for 8th 8th
Nisimaldor Knights Hark Goblinhead 3rd Rosin Beardworker Tied for 8th 10th
Entwash Goblins James Fields 4th James Fields Tied for 8th 11th
Edoras Roughriders Begrin Hedgeworth 5th Begrin Hedgeworth 2nd 2nd
Old Ford Otters Logan Forgefist 6th Tied for 8th 12th
Lhun Attics Kufur Coalfist 7th Gudur Degen 1st 1st
Withywindle Weirdos Nifur Ironfist 8th Vrsork Rockdelver Tied for 8th 13th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Neling Cavernslayer 9th Valin Axehead 4th 3rd
Lithlad Lambas Kristine Stonearm 10th Musin Mudslinger 6th 6th
Vinyamar Sirens Hilak Ogreripper 11th Hilak Ogreripper Tied for 8th 14th
Highland Colts Kristy Parks 12th Tied for 8th 15th
Khand Killers Miruk Granitebrow 13th Miruk Granitebrow 5th 5th
Barrow Downs Wights Nark Armorkiller 14th Boran Tunneldelver Tied for 8th 16th
Aglarond Ice Balzag Gnomebasher 15th Balzag Gnomebasher 8th 17th
Eregion Eagles Wirg Rage 16th Wirg Rage 3rd 4th
Lhun Stars Gavin Sandybanks 17th Raevel Galicia 7th 9th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Gimli Oakenarmour 18th Gimli Oakenarmour Tied for 8th 18th
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Gifur Stonecrusher 19th Gifur Stonecrusher Tied for 8th 19th
Mount Doom Merrymen Gorolbo Armorkiller 20th Gorolbo Armorkiller Tied for 8th 20th
Blackroot Blondes Carly Ploughman 21st Carly Ploughman Tied for 8th 21st
Methedras Manglers Carla Earthsmelter 22nd Carla Earthsmelter Tied for 8th 22nd
Anorien Avalanche Tied for 23rd Tied for 8th 23rd
West-emnet Orcs Tied for 23rd Tied for 8th Tied for 23rd
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Barrow Downs Wights Braddock Silkpetal 1st Musin Oathdelver Tied for 18th 15th
Mount Doom Merrymen Wong the Insane Tied for 2nd Ponto Baggins 10th Tied for 6th
Mittalmar Herders Resil Trollkiller Tied for 6th Boli Clawslinger 8th 6th
Nisimaldor Knights Dagan Hammerscarer 4th Midash Chiseldelver Tied for 18th 16th
Aglarond Ice Bafur Ringarm 5th Bafur Ringarm 2nd 1st
Lithlad Lambas Longo Bolger 6th Voilin Bloodhelm 14th 13th
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Meli Oathworker 7th Rugnar Tunnelcrusher 1st 2nd
Eregion Eagles Garin Hammerbeater 8th Ela Kenyon 4th 4th
Entwash Goblins Nee of Lake Town 9th Gudish the Ripper 5th 5th
West-emnet Orcs Waldur Forgebeater 10th Roran Earthslayer 9th 8th
Long Lake Waves Leran Ironbane 11th Leran Ironbane Tied for 18th 19th
Vinyamar Sirens Nazbog Handtrembler 12th Nazbog Handtrembler 3rd 3rd
Highland Colts Elol Galindil 13th Luumak Humanslurper 12th 10th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Pervinca Proudneck 14th Tied for 18th 20th
Khand Killers Kirin Orctearer 15th Kirin Orctearer 13th 12th
Lhun Attics Eragak Ettincutter 16th Eragak Ettincutter 6th 9th
Blackroot Blondes Vrsirbag Daggerkicker 17th Gorolbo Oathbearer 7th 11th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Sruuurk Heartdragger 18th Falir Silverdelver 11th 14th
Methedras Manglers Lifur Forgedelver 19th Ralin Cleverhelm 15th 17th
Anorien Avalanche Granil Longbeard 20th Granil Longbeard 18th 21st
Old Ford Otters Irene Middlebrook 21st Besur Axefist 16th 18th
Edoras Roughriders Vugnar Rockbender 22nd Vugnar Rockbender Tied for 18th 23rd
Lhun Stars Bofur Elephanthammer 23rd Bofur Elephanthammer Tied for 18th 24th
Withywindle Weirdos Gonus Goldanvil 24th Gonus Goldanvil 17th 22nd
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Withywindle Weirdos Higak the Rude 1st Higak the Rude Tied for 16th 13th
West-emnet Orcs Amadriembor Garariand 2nd Bifur Bromburg Tied for 16th 14th
Edoras Roughriders Gandihil Guglielmo 3rd Gandihil Guglielmo Tied for 16th 16th
Lithlad Lambas Porto Grimm 4th Disin Cavernsplitter 14th 8th
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Berin Goldbane 5th Berin Goldbane 8th 4th
Barrow Downs Wights Isulas Palomares 6th Dilir Armordelver Tied for 16th 17th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Gigdish the Malicious 7th Nusin Grudgecrusher 3rd 3rd
Entwash Goblins Denise Bolger 8th Denise Bolger 2nd 2nd
Nisimaldor Knights Dilg the Wicked 9th Dilg the Wicked 1st 1st
Aglarond Ice Prignash Footthrower 10th Prignash Footthrower 16th 19th
Highland Colts Marroc Bunce 11th Tied for 16th 20th
Eregion Eagles Suran Orcslayer 12th Foinar Trolltearer 4th 5th
Anorien Avalanche Lilok Fingertorturer 13th Foisur Armordelver 13th 11th
Mittalmar Herders Nosil Chiselarm 14th Nosil Chiselarm 9th 7th
Vinyamar Sirens Bill Headstrong 15th Bill Headstrong 5th 6th
Old Ford Otters Relin Beardtwister 16th Relin Beardtwister 10th 10th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Voinus Silverdelver 17th Voinus Silverdelver 6th 9th
Lhun Stars Camelia Took 18th Sasil Belol 11th 15th
Methedras Manglers Voinus Fareomli 19th Voinus Fareomli 7th 12th
Blackroot Blondes Foinar Orebiter 20th Hagor Elfhand 12th 18th
Mount Doom Merrymen Feli Ogrestomper 21st Feli Ogrestomper Tied for 16th 22nd
Khand Killers Rusil Tunnelbeater 22nd Gloilin Tunnelmover 15th 21st
Lhun Attics Gleran Rockcrusher 23rd Gleran Rockcrusher Tied for 16th 23rd
Long Lake Waves 24th Tied for 16th 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Jolly Kidney 1st Jolly Kidney 10th 5th
Barrow Downs Wights Ediberto Spleenwhomper 2nd Noifur Armorslayer 13th 10th
Nisimaldor Knights Saravin Boreahil 3rd Sobur Ringkiller 4th 2nd
Lithlad Lambas David Banks 4th David Banks Tied for 17th 15th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Sanus Orerender 5th Dudo Banks 1st 1st
Vinyamar Sirens Tolir Tunnelhead 6th Tolir Tunnelhead 6th 3rd
Mittalmar Herders Rasin Denildriel 7th Rasin Denildriel Tied for 17th 17th
Old Ford Otters Lenwe Legàriand 8th Erimak Tinalith 7th 7th
Withywindle Weirdos Grimli Axerender 9th Grimli Axerender 2nd 4th
Edoras Roughriders Nunus Trolldragger 10th Beleg Rocktearer 8th 9th
Entwash Goblins Glonar Beardworker 11th Tied for 17th 18th
Khand Killers Olo Green 12th Fal Livertrembler 3rd 6th
Long Lake Waves Memli Grudgesmith 13th Memli Grudgesmith 5th 8th
Eregion Eagles Audain Thröndir 14th Nalin Geomli Tied for 17th 19th
Anorien Avalanche Camelia Bolger 15th Lelin Ringbiter 9th 11th
Aglarond Ice Wuudak the Tearer 16th Wuudak the Tearer 17th 20th
West-emnet Orcs Reaver Tunnelbreaker 17th Bognar Cavernbreaker 11th 12th
Mount Doom Merrymen Justin Headstrong 18th Justin Headstrong 15th 14th
Blackroot Blondes Gefur Goblintearer 19th Gefur Goblintearer 12th 13th
Lhun Stars Midash Hammersmith 20th Tied for 17th 21st
Methedras Manglers Dibur Trollhead 21st Dibur Trollhead 14th 16th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Tink'jell Grudgetearer 22nd Tink'jell Grudgetearer 16th 22nd
Highland Colts Tied for 23rd Tied for 17th 23rd
Lhun Attics Tied for 23rd Tied for 17th Tied for 23rd
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Withywindle Weirdos Meli Rocksnapper 1st Meli Rocksnapper 1st 1st
Methedras Manglers Besil Orcdelver 2nd Valin Chiselfist Tied for 15th 12th
Lithlad Lambas Meli Footkicker 3rd Meli Footkicker Tied for 15th 14th
Anorien Avalanche Gail Forgehead 4th Gail Forgehead Tied for 15th 16th
Edoras Roughriders Eva Chiselarm 5th Eva Chiselarm 2nd 2nd
Mittalmar Herders Nimue Elrorfiviel 6th Nimue Elrorfiviel 4th 3rd
Long Lake Waves Bartleby Bolles 7th Olo Bauwyn Tied for 15th 17th
Eregion Eagles Shaglakh Bloodcrawler 8th Henar Trolldragger Tied for 15th 18th
Nisimaldor Knights Galeohil Foecutter 9th Gollilmir Foeslayer 3rd 4th
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Bill Bridger 10th Issra Elvörà 8th 5th
Highland Colts Samwise Roadapple 11th Elroron the Ruler Tied for 15th 19th
Vinyamar Sirens Gorbadoc Proudneck 12th Gorbadoc Proudneck Tied for 15th 20th
Aglarond Ice Orangeblossom Mulhall 13th Furin Denildriel 15th 21st
Anfauglith Aristocrats Pumsh Bugsmasher 14th Pumsh Bugsmasher Tied for 15th 22nd
Entwash Goblins Olburz the Basher 15th Feli Ghoulcrusher 7th 8th
Old Ford Otters Salg Gnomechewer 16th Kate Sandybanks 6th 6th
Khand Killers Cyril Fingerkiller 17th Cyril Fingerkiller 5th 7th
Blackroot Blondes Bagdreg Gnomehammer 18th Bagdreg Gnomehammer 9th 9th
West-emnet Orcs Hob Underhill 19th Chad Fadrierith Tied for 10th 10th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Isengrim Dap 20th Isengrim Dap 10th 11th
Lhun Stars Minto Roper 21st Lanus Cavernmasher 12th 13th
Barrow Downs Wights Nagush No-Tooth 22nd Noilin Elväwen 13th 15th
Lhun Attics Suran Oremaster 23rd Crystal Boffin 14th 23rd
Mount Doom Merrymen Glosin Axerender 24th Bill Mulhall Tied for 15th 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Lithlad Lambas Boris Elrolinde 1st Kar Grudgecrusher 24th 7th
Withywindle Weirdos Neli Orckiller 2nd Neli Orckiller 4th 1st
Entwash Goblins Pansy Mugworts 3rd Ysabrylla Gandilhir 3rd 2nd
Highland Colts Scott of Gondor 4th Elendil Tinond 5th 4th
Vinyamar Sirens Lanai Wolfgobber 5th Bufur Anvilhead 1st 3rd
Nisimaldor Knights Rodni Gravedi 6th Pansy Hedgeworth 2nd 5th
Eregion Eagles Hisil Táng 7th Digan Mithrilhammer 6th 6th
Anorien Avalanche Kenneth Temir 8th Fisil Chiselbinder 8th 8th
Lhun Stars Zuseen Badgerbadger 9th Fari Hilson 7th 9th
Edoras Roughriders Golleon Lan 10th Foinar Trolltearer 21st 14th
Lhun Attics Glifur Oathsmelter 11th Nofur Gnomeeater 13th 12th
Aglarond Ice Raevel Bardin 12th Gebur Cavernmaster 10th 10th
Blackroot Blondes Glisil Goblinarm 13th Myrth Tinalinde 9th 11th
Khand Killers Florra Earadrielith 14th Florra Earadrielith 11th 13th
Long Lake Waves Nark Anvilhead 15th Valin Oathsnapper 16th 15th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Ririn Goldsmith 16th Masin Cavernmasher 17th 17th
Mittalmar Herders Gorbadoc Tussle 17th Goli Cleverhelm 14th 16th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Kimra Earalinde 18th Boli Orebreaker 12th 18th
Barrow Downs Wights Mablung Moore 19th Rordumdor Elväwen 23rd 21st
West-emnet Orcs Dagan Shieldsmith 20th Gloilin Tunnelsnapper 18th 20th
Old Ford Otters Kagan Trolltearer 21st Dwalin Dipweed 15th 19th
Methedras Manglers Biggles the Channel Surfer 22nd Biggles the Channel Surfer 19th 22nd
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Chukky Hedgeworth 23rd Gorolbo Sholas 22nd 24th
Mount Doom Merrymen Verin Oakenslayer 24th Fulg Belöl 20th 23rd
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Anorien Avalanche Nuumsh Drowthrower 1st Nuumsh Drowthrower 1st 1st
Eregion Eagles Voilin Chiselmasher 2nd Voilin Chiselmasher 14th 11th
Lithlad Lambas Neli Rage 3rd Neli Rage 2nd 2nd
Barrow Downs Wights Ruzrat Throatscarer 4th Rordumdor Elväwen 19th 17th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Hisin Orebearer 5th Hisin Orebearer 3rd 3rd
Methedras Manglers Dinar Beardsplitter 6th Biggles the Channel Surfer 12th 9th
Long Lake Waves Christine Banks 7th Christine Banks 4th 4th
Mount Doom Merrymen Noibur Bilas 8th Noibur Bilas 5th 5th
Vinyamar Sirens Kelir Coalfist 9th Kelir Coalfist 6th 6th
West-emnet Orcs Bogak Cavernshaker 10th Bogak Cavernshaker 7th 7th
Lhun Attics Gisur Ironsplitter 11th Gisur Ironsplitter 17th 14th
Highland Colts Raymond Lomadriendir 12th Raymond Lomadriendir 8th 8th
Entwash Goblins Kurt the Devastator 13th Kurt the Devastator 9th 10th
Aglarond Ice Holfast Green 14th Gebur Cavernmaster 15th 16th
Khand Killers Hifur Toothkicker 15th Hifur Toothkicker 10th 12th
Nisimaldor Knights Golliagol Gil-Gawen 16th Golliagol Gil-Gawen 11th 13th
Old Ford Otters Neli Silvershaker 17th Neli Silvershaker 13th 15th
Lhun Stars Mumli Oakenarmour 18th Mumli Oakenarmour 16th 18th
Mittalmar Herders Fesil Oreslayer 19th Fesil Oreslayer 18th 19th
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Masin Beardworker 20th Masin Beardworker 20th 20th
Withywindle Weirdos Bogak Anvilrender 21st Bogak Anvilrender 21st 21st
Gorgoroth Ghosts Hoisur Stonecrusher 22nd Hoisur Stonecrusher 22nd 22nd
Blackroot Blondes Marin Granitehammer 23rd Marin Granitehammer 23rd 23rd
Edoras Roughriders Valin Earthhead 24th Valin Earthhead 24th 24th
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Thursday, January 22nd, 2015 - OOTP Baseball 15.6 Build 34