Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Withywindle Weirdos Gignar Ringsmith 1st Luria Axetearer 10th 6th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Issja Gwildoc 2nd Theoma Dunn 1st 1st
Lhun Stars Casimiro Slobberkil 3rd Casimiro Slobberkil 7th 4th
Eregion Eagles Thuvdor Mandicer 4th Fosco Whitfoot 2nd 2nd
Mittalmar Herders Aromli Aeon 5th Tied for 13th 9th
Lithlad Lambas Anson Bats 6th Tied for 13th 11th
Vinyamar Sirens Darwoo Gnomeraper 7th Mogdush Journey 6th 7th
Lhun Attics Gefur Stonearm 8th Helmut Raevuori 4th 3rd
West-emnet Orcs Puung Dryadslasher 9th Pruurk the Ripper 8th 10th
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Angelica Kemble 10th Angelica Kemble 3rd 5th
Anorien Avalanche Otho Tendertush 11th Otho Tendertush 9th 12th
Old Ford Otters Ibpug No-Tooth 12th Ibpug No-Tooth 5th 8th
Highland Colts Patrick Debush 13th Patrick Debush 11th 13th
Mount Doom Merrymen Bafur Rockrender 14th Tied for 13th 14th
Barrow Downs Wights Bagrot Liverdicer 15th Tied for 13th 15th
Khand Killers Baggug Gustford 16th Foinar Stonesnapper 12th 16th
Entwash Goblins Arthash Thamry 17th Tied for 13th 17th
Blackroot Blondes Mantissa Bridge 18th Tied for 13th 18th
Long Lake Waves Begrin Millstone 19th Tied for 13th 19th
Aglarond Ice Nimue Of Lebennin 20th Tied for 13th 20th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Sosur Forgehead 21st Tied for 13th 21st
Methedras Manglers Salvadaro Cueras 22nd Tied for 13th 22nd
Nisimaldor Knights Ralin Lightningfoot 23rd Tied for 13th 23rd
Edoras Roughriders Nuukor Moonkiller 24th Tied for 13th 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Nisimaldor Knights Ishnakh the Tearer 1st Foli Goldsplitter 1st 1st
Mittalmar Herders Lanai Badgermangler 2nd Tied for 13th 5th
Lhun Attics Ponto Moss 3rd Ponto Moss 4th 3rd
Blackroot Blondes Sohai Handwalker 4th Sohai Handwalker 3rd 2nd
Vinyamar Sirens Dalcio Dill 5th Tied for 13th 8th
Entwash Goblins Hifur Dryadslasher 6th Puung Drowthrower 7th 6th
Mount Doom Merrymen Holir Goldkiller 7th Holir Goldkiller 9th 9th
Khand Killers Ponto Bolger 8th Ponto Bolger 8th 7th
Old Ford Otters Fosco Tunnelly 9th Fosco Tunnelly 2nd 4th
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Sifur Grudgesplitter 10th Tied for 13th 12th
Highland Colts Celebo Goris 11th Celebo Goris 10th 11th
Aglarond Ice Dinodas Hornblower 12th Dinodas Hornblower 6th 10th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Kognar the Rude 13th Kognar the Rude 11th 13th
Lhun Stars Ferdinand Green 14th Tied for 13th 14th
Lithlad Lambas Signar Trollhead 15th Tied for 13th 16th
Barrow Downs Wights Ginnette Mugworts 16th Tied for 13th 17th
Edoras Roughriders Isembard Willow 17th Tied for 13th 18th
Anorien Avalanche Dolir Hammermover 18th Dolir Hammermover 12th 19th
Methedras Manglers Tobi Goodbody 19th Tied for 13th 20th
Withywindle Weirdos Divisav Imrithor 20th Divisav Imrithor 5th 15th
Long Lake Waves Anson Bunce 21st Tied for 13th 21st
Anfauglith Aristocrats Tied for 22nd Tied for 13th Tied for 22nd
Eregion Eagles Tied for 22nd Tied for 13th Tied for 22nd
West-emnet Orcs Tied for 22nd Tied for 13th Tied for 22nd
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Withywindle Weirdos Thranduil Nunduil 1st Zahoor Mitchel 8th 4th
Mittalmar Herders Carl Muddyfoot 2nd Valaco Leon 3rd 1st
Vinyamar Sirens Hofur Goldtearer 3rd Glonar Orebinder 12th 9th
Nisimaldor Knights Wuurg the Tough 4th Tied for 16th 10th
Mount Doom Merrymen Ag Headpunisher 5th Ag Headpunisher 2nd 3rd
Eregion Eagles Jessie of Erebor 6th Jessie of Erebor 7th 6th
Anorien Avalanche Borulf Silverbane 7th Foisur Armordelver 6th 5th
Entwash Goblins Voisil Earthcrusher 8th Voisil Earthcrusher 1st 2nd
Gorgoroth Ghosts Gwaihil Haliaman 9th Gwaihil Haliaman 5th 7th
Lhun Stars Ugku Gnomebasher 10th Tied for 16th 13th
Long Lake Waves Freddy Belil-gal 11th Freddy Belil-gal 9th 11th
Lhun Attics Cruz Bates 12th Moli Stonethrottler 10th 12th
Blackroot Blondes Musin Orcmasher 13th Halawyn the Loner 4th 8th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Koisin Silversmelter 14th Sim Moss 15th 14th
Barrow Downs Wights Gica Whipkey 15th Gica Whipkey 11th 15th
West-emnet Orcs Marcos Partida 16th Myrth Elvora 13th 16th
Khand Killers Celeadoc Legerŕ 17th Lona Dogwood 14th 17th
Edoras Roughriders Meriadoc Black 18th Tied for 16th 18th
Methedras Manglers Isengrim Sandybanks 19th Tied for 16th 19th
Highland Colts Feli Orctwister 20th Tied for 16th 20th
Aglarond Ice Asphodel Black 21st Tied for 16th 21st
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Tied for 22nd Tied for 16th Tied for 22nd
Lithlad Lambas Tied for 22nd Tied for 16th Tied for 22nd
Old Ford Otters Tied for 22nd Tied for 16th Tied for 22nd
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Mittalmar Herders Genus Longbeard 1st Genus Longbeard 1st 1st
Vinyamar Sirens Gorbadoc Trample 2nd Tied for 17th 9th
Lhun Stars Nicholas Underhill 3rd Tied for 17th 10th
Lithlad Lambas Hudash Dryadtrembler 4th Tavlla Gandegol 8th 7th
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Gundabald Dap 5th Gundabald Dap 5th 4th
Lhun Attics Kate Brandybuck 6th Lifur Clubwalker 13th 11th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Logan Rockkiller 7th Logan Rockkiller 4th 3rd
Eregion Eagles Grotluk Ogreprodder 8th Voror Hubb 3rd 2nd
Edoras Roughriders Foundlin Hammerfell 9th Foundlin Hammerfell 7th 6th
Nisimaldor Knights Fulg Goblinbinder 10th Tied for 17th 14th
Anorien Avalanche Émeric Lierra 11th Tied for 17th 15th
Aglarond Ice Melchor Chiselbane 12th Melchor Chiselbane 10th 13th
Entwash Goblins Amos Madlight 13th Amos Madlight 9th 12th
Old Ford Otters Frik Shigematsu 14th Beleg Oretwister Tied for 15th 16th
West-emnet Orcs Radedoc Na'Ger 15th Radedoc Na'Ger 2nd 5th
Anfauglith Aristocrats L. Rhond Foetooth 16th Smadkub Earkiller 6th 8th
Methedras Manglers Mario Salinas 17th Mario Salinas 11th 17th
Barrow Downs Wights Vrsirbag the Ugly 18th Vrsirbag the Ugly Tied for 15th 19th
Long Lake Waves Aubric Nolbrae 19th Aubric Nolbrae 12th 18th
Khand Killers Begrin Pelham 20th Begrin Pelham 14th 20th
Mount Doom Merrymen Sesin Earthcrusher 21st Tied for 17th 21st
Blackroot Blondes Tied for 22nd Tied for 17th Tied for 22nd
Highland Colts Tied for 22nd Tied for 17th Tied for 22nd
Withywindle Weirdos Tied for 22nd Tied for 17th Tied for 22nd
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Mount Doom Merrymen Giden Eladriewen 1st Giden Eladriewen 2nd 1st
Blackroot Blondes Ban Malon 2nd Ban Malon 4th 4th
Mittalmar Herders Nicholas Bats 3rd Nicholas Bats 13th 10th
Lhun Attics Trogmub Horse-lover Tied for 4th Trogmub Horse-lover 14th 11th
Lithlad Lambas Gleonyc Hardbottle Tied for 4th Musin Mudslinger 17th 13th
Withywindle Weirdos Meli Brainslasher 6th Wes Eärémbor 7th 6th
Anorien Avalanche Joel Elvŕviel 7th Joel Elvŕviel 1st 2nd
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Iam Christian 8th Dagdush the Wicked 20th 16th
Entwash Goblins Galehir Lawskuull 9th Galehir Lawskuull 9th 8th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Willis Elivande 10th Lily Pelham 6th 5th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Tanta Sandybanks 11th Tanta Sandybanks 15th 15th
Methedras Manglers Ignatie Nyambek 12th Ignatie Nyambek 3rd 3rd
Vinyamar Sirens Peregrin Took 13th Peregrin Took 18th 17th
Old Ford Otters Tarosspur Legeolas 14th Tarosspur Legeolas 8th 9th
Nisimaldor Knights Fal the Smasher 15th Tied for 23rd 19th
Long Lake Waves Nathaniel Elrolinde Jr. 16th Nathaniel Elrolinde Jr. 10th 12th
Edoras Roughriders Ubbe Kierkegaard 17th Ubbe Kierkegaard 11th 14th
Aglarond Ice Menegilda Dogwood 18th Menegilda Dogwood 5th 7th
Lhun Stars Nifur Ironfist 19th Tied for 23rd 21st
Highland Colts Vanus Stonesnapper 20th Vanus Stonesnapper 16th 18th
Barrow Downs Wights Grurbosh Throatpoker 21st Grurbosh Throatpoker 22nd 22nd
Eregion Eagles Daisy Bats 22nd Daisy Bats 19th 23rd
Khand Killers Gweyr Yraueme 23rd Gweyr Yraueme 12th 20th
West-emnet Orcs Hesin Knifecrawler 24th Hesin Knifecrawler 21st 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Eregion Eagles Ferdinand Buckland 1st Rafe Humansmash Tied for 9th 5th
Mount Doom Merrymen Fay the Tearer 2nd Tied for 16th 10th
Mittalmar Herders Wogdish the Tearer 3rd Wogdish the Tearer 1st 1st
Edoras Roughriders Ean Hilldweller 4th Ean Hilldweller 4th 3rd
Lithlad Lambas Idrial Nyberg 5th Idrial Nyberg 6th 4th
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Vridash the Masher 6th Vridash the Masher 2nd 2nd
Nisimaldor Knights Voilin Bloodhelm 7th Voilin Bloodhelm 5th 6th
Vinyamar Sirens Eeaden Sáwen 8th Tied for 16th 13th
Anorien Avalanche Isumbras Overturf 9th Tied for 16th 15th
Lhun Attics Harmony Anviltooth 10th Harmony Anviltooth 12th 9th
Aglarond Ice Fulgor Merolob 11th Fulgor Merolob 3rd 7th
Entwash Goblins Namak Ghoulslicer 12th Tied for 16th 16th
Old Ford Otters Andres Zayas 13th Andres Zayas 7th 8th
Long Lake Waves Ryan Kidneykiller 14th Ryan Kidneykiller Tied for 9th 11th
Khand Killers Grushdrog Eyeslobberer 15th Grushdrog Eyeslobberer 8th 12th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Gorbadoc Millstone 16th Gorbadoc Millstone 14th 18th
West-emnet Orcs Thaira Isüril 17th Thaira Isüril 11th 14th
Highland Colts Lumdor Arwamli 18th Bilbo Green 13th 17th
Withywindle Weirdos Eeaden Elóndir 19th Eeaden Elóndir 15th 19th
Barrow Downs Wights Gisil Orckiller 20th Tied for 16th 20th
Blackroot Blondes Tibur Caverncutter 21st Tied for 16th 21st
Methedras Manglers Glugzug Witch-hunter 22nd Tied for 16th 22nd
Gorgoroth Ghosts Tied for 23rd Tied for 16th Tied for 23rd
Lhun Stars Tied for 23rd Tied for 16th Tied for 23rd
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Eregion Eagles Belladonna Muddyfoot 1st Belladonna Muddyfoot 3rd 3rd
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Gandaudur Fil-Gar 2nd Gandaudur Fil-Gar 2nd 1st
Vinyamar Sirens E.E. the Tailor 3rd Gethro Goldcrusher 14th 11th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Grakar Koboldbasher 4th Grakar Koboldbasher 5th 4th
Lhun Stars Baztrak Giantthrottler 5th Tied for 18th 13th
Nisimaldor Knights Sobur Ringkiller 6th Tied for 18th 14th
Withywindle Weirdos Tatai Elrŕlith 7th Tatai Elrŕlith 12th 10th
West-emnet Orcs Drigrin Cotton 8th Drigrin Cotton 1st 2nd
Lithlad Lambas Tusdar Aldari Tied for 9th Tusdar Aldari 9th 7th
Mittalmar Herders Nosil Chiselarm Tied for 9th Duunk Gnomebasher 10th 9th
Anorien Avalanche Gavin Sandyman 11th Gavin Sandyman 7th 8th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Mitkee Gemli 12th Aldagrim Proudneck 6th 6th
Entwash Goblins Sarind Earthshaker 13th Tied for 18th 17th
Old Ford Otters Praggek Headgobber 14th Praggek Headgobber 4th 5th
Long Lake Waves Borin Skyteeth 15th Borin Skyteeth 13th 16th
Khand Killers Menegilda Bramble 16th Gloilin Tunnelmover 8th 12th
Aglarond Ice Nym Ilbenalu 17th Nym Ilbenalu 11th 15th
Lhun Attics Jossa Debutante 18th Jossa Debutante 15th 18th
Edoras Roughriders Belraith the Poor 19th Tied for 18th 19th
Barrow Downs Wights Gal Melova 20th Gal Melova 17th 20th
Highland Colts Unuk Demoncooties 21st Unuk Demoncooties 16th 21st
Mount Doom Merrymen Feli Ogrestomper 22nd Tied for 18th 22nd
Blackroot Blondes Todo Whitfoot 23rd Tied for 18th 23rd
Methedras Manglers Volin Armormaster 24th Tied for 18th 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Mount Doom Merrymen Erin Pelham 1st Erin Pelham 3rd 1st
Vinyamar Sirens Orangeblossom Hilldweller 2nd Rafe Gollaund 11th 8th
Withywindle Weirdos Grurk Legslobberer 3rd Grurk Legslobberer 1st 2nd
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Sancho Hornblower 4th Sancho Hornblower 5th 5th
Lithlad Lambas Bazwush Humanslurper 5th Bazwush Humanslurper 2nd 3rd
Mittalmar Herders Ferdinand Greenthumb 6th Ferdinand Greenthumb 4th 4th
Nisimaldor Knights Tolir Tunnelhead 7th Tied for 17th 11th
Lhun Stars Erika Cloudeye 8th Betsie Sandyman 8th 6th
Anorien Avalanche Nshan Dar'kin 9th Tied for 17th 12th
West-emnet Orcs Alfred J. Celithramir 10th Alfred J. Celithramir 7th 7th
Eregion Eagles Abel Hanshiro 11th Tied for 17th 14th
Aglarond Ice Tasil Grudgetwister 12th Tied for 17th 16th
Lhun Attics Praj Headgobber 13th Praj Headgobber 9th 9th
Methedras Manglers Rona Walekino 14th Rona Walekino 6th 10th
Old Ford Otters Kate Overturf 15th Shaglakh Ettinhater 14th 17th
Long Lake Waves Laweye Canchola 16th Laweye Canchola 10th 13th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Raventhorne Trollgobber 17th Raventhorne Trollgobber 12th 15th
Blackroot Blondes Gotam Solero 18th Gotam Solero 13th 18th
Highland Colts Durblakh the Vague 19th Tied for 17th 19th
Barrow Downs Wights Bulbo Hill 20th Bulbo Hill 16th 20th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Celimir Ealthir 21st Celimir Ealthir 15th 21st
Edoras Roughriders Kolin Silversmelter 22nd Tied for 17th 22nd
Entwash Goblins Tied for 23rd Tied for 17th Tied for 23rd
Khand Killers Tied for 23rd Tied for 17th Tied for 23rd
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Masin Beardworker 1st Arwuwyn Tebrimir 7th 1st
Mount Doom Merrymen Lonus Hosey 2nd Gubur Thrithraldor 13th 6th
Long Lake Waves Chylnoth Sinaran 3rd Chylnoth Sinaran 5th 3rd
Withywindle Weirdos Meli Rocksnapper 4th Asteroid Blaster Curumo 19th 10th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Yoriyoshi Mathon 5th Yoriyoshi Mathon 3rd 2nd
Old Ford Otters Mundin Brickshield 6th Srogor the Wait for It 16th 11th
Barrow Downs Wights Gomli Ringrender 7th Abguk Throatshaker 14th 13th
Lhun Attics Dung Lockhart 8th Holfast Green 9th 8th
West-emnet Orcs May Pelham 9th Grailas Limke 1st 4th
Highland Colts Harto Sierras 10th Harto Sierras 6th 7th
Edoras Roughriders Meroman Musictooth 11th Estella Banks 23rd 19th
Aglarond Ice Mungo Bunce 12th Bill Sandyman 10th 14th
Lithlad Lambas Nolok Elesse 13th EwungaGoiba Gabourel 21st 17th
Blackroot Blondes Halir Throatprodder 14th Por the Crusher 2nd 5th
Mittalmar Herders Donar Spikehandler 15th Donar Spikehandler 11th 15th
Methedras Manglers Sruulak the Malicious 16th Garag the Wretched 12th 16th
Anorien Avalanche Nank Clawslinger 17th Ponto Bats 8th 12th
Vinyamar Sirens Lulaklenzi Snider 18th Eillf Rymer 4th 9th
Nisimaldor Knights Allyson Crafton 19th Drabo van Esch 15th 18th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Faro Tuviel 20th Faro Tuviel 18th 20th
Lhun Stars Isidoro Halind 21st Cemal Agrela 17th 21st
Khand Killers Joop Nasor 22nd Joop Nasor 20th 22nd
Eregion Eagles Bafur Oakenshield 23rd Nibs Hilldweller 24th 23rd
Entwash Goblins Wuunak Gnomechoker 24th Renato Folad 22nd 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Long Lake Waves Woprak Toothbelly 1st Prorbag Trollgobbler 18th 1st
Blackroot Blondes Srik Driderslurper 2nd Tied for 20th 3rd
Lithlad Lambas Olburz the Basher 3rd Vrsorbag Starslobberer 5th 2nd
Gorgoroth Ghosts Mikey Sosaya 4th Masin Cavernmasher 8th 4th
Nisimaldor Knights Isumbras Hilldweller 5th Lomli Bromburg 4th 6th
Aglarond Ice Gleonyc Dap 6th Gleonyc Dap 1st 5th
Eregion Eagles Hifur Nosebasher 7th Carly Boffin 17th 8th
Anorien Avalanche Rali Armormaster 8th Lakew Hynne 12th 7th
Mittalmar Herders Marroc Bunce 9th Gl Gnomehammer 11th 10th
Vinyamar Sirens Higor Nosethrower 10th Drogo Hedgeworth 9th 11th
Lhun Attics Berliac Hardbottle 11th Ernesto Journey 6th 12th
Lhun Stars Rili Cavernmaster 12th Tied for 20th 14th
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Voifur Beaty 13th Florus Oakenarmour 13th 13th
Withywindle Weirdos Vrudak Fingereater 14th Malok Periganovlu 2nd 9th
Entwash Goblins Fodish Tithrand 15th Anson Sandyman 10th 16th
Khand Killers Thuror Silvermover 16th Foinar Chiselfist 14th 17th
Highland Colts Kuukar Devilgobbler 17th Kuukar Devilgobbler 3rd 15th
Barrow Downs Wights Meriadoc Hilldweller 18th Kimli Earthslayer 15th 18th
West-emnet Orcs Holir Oathmaker 19th Gordon Glarion 16th 19th
Mount Doom Merrymen Noibur Bilas 20th Tied for 20th 20th
Edoras Roughriders Vruudish Drowthrower 21st Tied for 20th 21st
Methedras Manglers Besil Orcdelver 22nd Tied for 20th 22nd
Old Ford Otters Farin Bloodytooth 23rd Farin Bloodytooth 19th 24th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Boli Orebreaker 24th Holfast Fields 7th 23rd
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Mount Doom Merrymen Sabino Clogthrower 1st Tied for 19th 7th
Khand Killers Dwalin Dipweed 2nd Foinar Chiselfist 14th 5th
Withywindle Weirdos Celain Buckland 3rd Celain Buckland 3rd 1st
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Tanta Buckland 4th Florus Oakenarmour 12th 8th
Long Lake Waves Gosin Goldrender 5th Gandogast Foularm 11th 9th
Highland Colts Atanarat Anárŕ 6th Atanarat Anárŕ 5th 3rd
Gorgoroth Ghosts Keran Toemasher 7th Masin Cavernmasher 9th 4th
Blackroot Blondes Godush Ettincrawler 8th Godush Ettincrawler 6th 6th
Eregion Eagles Inigo Foulburner 9th Carly Boffin 16th 14th
Nisimaldor Knights Dalo Throatscarer 10th Tied for 19th 15th
Vinyamar Sirens Darrick Hafer 11th Darrick Hafer 8th 10th
Lithlad Lambas Nick Pelham 12th Nick Pelham 10th 12th
Methedras Manglers Arauhil the Runner 13th Tied for 19th 17th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Holfast Fields 14th Holfast Fields 7th 13th
Old Ford Otters Neli Silvershaker 15th Farin Bloodytooth 18th 19th
Lhun Attics Eldrin Ongluth 16th Eldrin Ongluth 1st 2nd
Aglarond Ice Elessar The Odd 17th Tied for 19th 20th
Anorien Avalanche Traruk Goblinmaker 18th Traruk Goblinmaker 17th 18th
Entwash Goblins Meraulbo the Indefatiguab 19th Meraulbo the Indefatiguab 4th 11th
West-emnet Orcs Baltesar Landol 20th Tied for 19th 22nd
Edoras Roughriders Dejbis Moneybasket 21st Tied for 19th 23rd
Barrow Downs Wights Kimli Earthslayer 22nd Kimli Earthslayer 15th 21st
Mittalmar Herders Kanakarasa Emlin 23rd Kanakarasa Emlin 2nd 16th
Lhun Stars Baldrick Thingrimsson 24th Baldrick Thingrimsson 13th 24th
Monday, September 18th, 2017 - OOTP Baseball 17.12 Build 75