Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Khand Killers Kognar Dryadgobber 1st Foinar Stonesnapper 10th 4th
Mittalmar Herders Kent Goraugrin 2nd Tied for 14th 6th
Long Lake Waves Friagol the Fruity 3rd Friagol the Fruity 3rd 1st
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Bafur Ironslayer 4th Tied for 14th 8th
Nisimaldor Knights Akor Salvatore 5th Ralin Lightningfoot 9th 7th
Edoras Roughriders Lumth Earaldor 6th Lumth Earaldor 2nd 2nd
Barrow Downs Wights Gamodoc Elvóldur 7th Tied for 14th 11th
Lithlad Lambas Trik Castrovalva 8th Tied for 14th 13th
Lhun Attics Rognash Chiselmasher 9th Gefur Stonearm 8th 10th
Highland Colts Fay Tunnelly 10th Gonzalo the Dwarf 5th 9th
Anorien Avalanche Gamelf Brayton 11th Gamelf Brayton 1st 3rd
Gorgoroth Ghosts Gutslinger Gnomedragger 12th Theoma Dunn 4th 5th
Eregion Eagles Thuvdor Mandicer 13th Thuvdor Mandicer 6th 12th
Methedras Manglers Daisy Proudneck 14th Wol Earthslayer 11th 15th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Ronus Cleverhelm 15th Tied for 14th 17th
Vinyamar Sirens Dibur Ringbearer 16th Mogdush Journey 7th 14th
West-emnet Orcs Puung Dryadslasher 17th Puung Dryadslasher 12th 16th
Blackroot Blondes Carl Pennypacker 18th Tied for 14th 19th
Old Ford Otters Otho Hornblower 19th Otho Hornblower 13th 18th
Withywindle Weirdos Dejahlla Earadriethien 20th Tied for 14th 20th
Lhun Stars Nifur Ghoulcrusher 21st Tied for 14th 21st
Aglarond Ice Nimue Of Lebennin 22nd Tied for 14th 22nd
Entwash Goblins David Sandybanks 23rd Tied for 14th 23rd
Mount Doom Merrymen Delin Silvershaker 24th Tied for 14th 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Anorien Avalanche Asphodel Brockhouse 1st Tied for 16th 8th
Khand Killers Borthak the Wicked 2nd Tied for 16th 9th
Lithlad Lambas Bowman Pelham 3rd Shuhil Green 5th 4th
Blackroot Blondes Hashi Hartig 4th Hashi Hartig 3rd 2nd
Edoras Roughriders Iseolf Nunduil 5th Tied for 16th 12th
Mittalmar Herders Midash Anviltooth 6th Midash Anviltooth 4th 5th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Sjors the Rude 7th Sjors the Rude 6th 6th
Methedras Manglers Polly Bridger 8th Polly Bridger 2nd 3rd
Entwash Goblins Gakak the Crazy 9th Hifur Dryadslasher 9th 7th
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Grul Gnomekicker 10th Saurk the Plunderer 1st 1st
Long Lake Waves Dudo Bracegirdle 11th Tied for 16th 14th
Vinyamar Sirens Glignar Trollbane 12th Tied for 16th 15th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Tika Bolger 13th Billy Hill 7th 10th
Eregion Eagles Aldous Woodenguard 14th Tied for 16th 19th
Highland Colts Kufur Shieldsmelter 15th Kufur Shieldsmelter 11th 13th
Nisimaldor Knights Progdish No-Tooth 16th Foli Goldsplitter 8th 11th
Mount Doom Merrymen Holir Goldkiller 17th Holir Goldkiller 13th 18th
Barrow Downs Wights Grakar Ratclaw 18th Tied for 16th 20th
Old Ford Otters Fosco Tunnelly 19th Fosco Tunnelly 12th 17th
Aglarond Ice Hoilir Trollbender 20th Porag Throatslobber 10th 16th
Withywindle Weirdos Celemir Tinalinde 21st Celemir Tinalinde 15th 21st
West-emnet Orcs Tuo Arostegui 22nd Tuo Arostegui 14th 22nd
Lhun Stars Hofur Goblintearer 23rd Tied for 16th 23rd
Lhun Attics 24th Tied for 16th 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Wilda Anexoria 1st Wilda Anexoria 1st 1st
Mittalmar Herders Volin Oathkiller 2nd Volin Oathkiller 3rd 3rd
Long Lake Waves Skradreg Moonbane 3rd Skradreg Moonbane 7th 4th
Lhun Attics Vrunak the One-Eyed 4th Vrunak the One-Eyed 6th 5th
Mount Doom Merrymen Belladonna Hardbottle 5th Tied for 17th 10th
Nisimaldor Knights Sirbag Dryadgobber 6th Sirbag Dryadgobber 8th 7th
Withywindle Weirdos Griprak Tynan 7th Gail Bilas 2nd 2nd
Eregion Eagles Jessie of Erebor Tied for 8th Jessie of Erebor 4th 6th
Khand Killers Eva Orccrusher Tied for 8th Tied for 17th 14th
Edoras Roughriders Fak Heartkicker 10th Tied for 17th 15th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Rowan Boffin 11th Tied for 17th 17th
Lhun Stars Legeon Belelad 12th Tied for 17th 18th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Gwaihil Haliaman 13th Gwaihil Haliaman 10th 9th
Entwash Goblins Sous Esmoris 14th Voisil Earthcrusher 5th 8th
Lithlad Lambas Borulf Silverbane 15th Borulf Silverbane 14th 11th
Blackroot Blondes Musin Orcmasher 16th Musin Orcmasher 13th 13th
Methedras Manglers Huuhai Castelli 17th Tied for 17th 20th
Aglarond Ice Melchor Mosseater 18th Tied for 17th 21st
Anorien Avalanche Foisur Armordelver 19th Foisur Armordelver 11th 16th
Vinyamar Sirens Glonar Orebinder 20th Glonar Orebinder 15th 19th
Barrow Downs Wights Glonar Tunnelmaker 21st Lannera Legodoc 9th 12th
Highland Colts Galogorn Morillbo 22nd Tied for 17th 22nd
West-emnet Orcs Marcos Partida 23rd Marcos Partida 16th 23rd
Old Ford Otters 24th Petunia Buckland 12th 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Sim Hill 1st Sim Hill 1st 1st
Vinyamar Sirens Rark the Sly 2nd Rark the Sly 6th 6th
Barrow Downs Wights Marcho Bolger 3rd Diego Tombro 5th 4th
Anorien Avalanche Jonah Thrithraldor 4th Jonah Thrithraldor 4th 3rd
Nisimaldor Knights Celimir Areolas 5th Tied for 14th 9th
Khand Killers Linus Earthrender 6th Tied for 14th 11th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Bowman Bats 7th Tied for 14th 12th
Aglarond Ice Fral Cleverhelm 8th Fral Cleverhelm 3rd 5th
West-emnet Orcs Kobur Eowul 9th Kobur Eowul 2nd 2nd
Lithlad Lambas Hark Goblinhead 10th Tied for 14th 16th
Eregion Eagles Wirg Rage 11th Guggek Sandslinger 7th 7th
Methedras Manglers Vrsikor Trollworker 12th Vrsikor Trollworker 11th 10th
Mittalmar Herders Genus Longbeard 13th Genus Longbeard 8th 8th
Entwash Goblins Amos Madlight 14th Amos Madlight 13th 17th
Old Ford Otters Frik Shigematsu 15th Frik Shigematsu 12th 14th
Long Lake Waves Bognar Stonetearer 16th Bognar Stonetearer 9th 13th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Logan Rockkiller 17th Logan Rockkiller 10th 15th
Edoras Roughriders Fulg Goblinbinder 18th Tied for 14th 18th
Highland Colts Gavin Sandybanks 19th Tied for 14th 19th
Mount Doom Merrymen Sesin Earthcrusher 20th Tied for 14th 20th
Lhun Attics Lifur Clubwalker 21st Tied for 14th 21st
Blackroot Blondes Tied for 22nd Tied for 14th Tied for 22nd
Lhun Stars Tied for 22nd Tied for 14th Tied for 22nd
Withywindle Weirdos Tied for 22nd Tied for 14th Tied for 22nd
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Mount Doom Merrymen Justin Headstrong 1st Justin Headstrong 2nd 1st
Long Lake Waves Sorria Donat 2nd Tied for 16th 5th
Barrow Downs Wights Huuhai Undomiel 3rd Huuhai Undomiel 3rd 3rd
Lhun Stars Issth Anondir 4th Tied for 16th 11th
Khand Killers Neling Redear 5th Tied for 16th 13th
Edoras Roughriders Doilin Gandeolob 6th Tied for 16th 15th
Vinyamar Sirens Gorbadoc Trample 7th Tied for 16th 16th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Stan Brock 8th Tied for 16th 17th
Withywindle Weirdos Vrsork Rockdelver 9th Vrsork Rockdelver 10th 8th
Eregion Eagles Aroron Durso 10th Aroron Durso 8th 7th
Lhun Attics Peter Layfield 11th Peter Layfield 1st 2nd
Gorgoroth Ghosts Willis Elivande 12th Willis Elivande 9th 9th
Aglarond Ice Huurg Handthrower 13th Bingo Pelham 11th 10th
Nisimaldor Knights Fal the Smasher 14th Tied for 16th 18th
Anorien Avalanche Drar Beardtwister 15th Annun Elölindë 5th 6th
Blackroot Blondes Kiniaold Sinclair 16th Ghash Footpoker 4th 4th
Methedras Manglers Drogo Knotwise 17th Drogo Knotwise 7th 14th
Entwash Goblins Pruurk Knifecrawler 18th Pruurk Knifecrawler 6th 12th
Lithlad Lambas Musin Mudslinger 19th Musin Mudslinger 13th 20th
West-emnet Orcs Blanco Underhill 20th Blanco Underhill 15th 21st
Old Ford Otters Grong Koboldbasher 21st Saredur Cross 12th 19th
Highland Colts Carla Earthsmelter 22nd Carla Earthsmelter 14th 22nd
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Tigan Beardsplitter 23rd Tied for 16th 23rd
Mittalmar Herders Beolbo Brickshield 24th Tied for 16th 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Vinyamar Sirens Nazbog Handtrembler 1st Tied for 16th 13th
Long Lake Waves Milo Banks 2nd Milo Banks Tied for 6th 4th
West-emnet Orcs Roran Earthslayer 3rd Roran Earthslayer 5th 2nd
Eregion Eagles Bowman Millstone Tied for 4th Bowman Millstone 1st 1st
Mount Doom Merrymen Braddock Silkpetal Tied for 4th Tied for 16th 14th
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Zuvia Arwiama 6th Zuvia Arwiama 3rd 3rd
Aglarond Ice Katie Simbelmyne 7th Araiwyn Eisenbarth 12th 9th
Anorien Avalanche Ferdinand Buckland 8th Ferdinand Buckland Tied for 6th 7th
Lhun Stars Bofur Elephanthammer 9th Bofur Elephanthammer 10th 10th
Nisimaldor Knights Dagan Hammerscarer 10th Tied for 16th 16th
Mittalmar Herders Gorolbo Forgemaster 11th Gimli Ringkiller 8th 8th
Lhun Attics Eragak Ettincutter 12th Daisy Cotton 4th 6th
Blackroot Blondes Gwudriel Drowdicer Tied for 13th Gorolbo Oathbearer 2nd 5th
Edoras Roughriders Filo Elephantslicer Tied for 13th Tied for 16th 17th
Barrow Downs Wights Belladonna Proudneck 15th Tied for 16th 19th
Highland Colts Janice Proudneck 16th Janice Proudneck 13th 15th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Amadis the Willful 17th Amadis the Willful 9th 11th
Khand Killers Falir Silverdelver 18th Nulir Musictears 14th 18th
Methedras Manglers Sim Buckland 19th Tied for 16th 20th
Entwash Goblins Namak Ghoulslicer 20th Tied for 16th 21st
Old Ford Otters Celebo of Erebor 21st Ferdinand Overturf 11th 12th
Withywindle Weirdos Gonus Goldanvil 22nd Gonus Goldanvil 15th 22nd
Anfauglith Aristocrats Tied for 23rd Tied for 16th Tied for 23rd
Lithlad Lambas Tied for 23rd Tied for 16th Tied for 23rd
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Anorien Avalanche Vogush Elephantdicer 1st Vogush Elephantdicer 8th 5th
West-emnet Orcs Terra Stonecrown 2nd Drigrin Cotton 1st 1st
Nisimaldor Knights Dilg the Wicked 3rd Tied for 19th 15th
Lithlad Lambas Grishburz Driderslurper 4th Wogdish Manthrottler 2nd 2nd
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Nicholas Ploughman 5th Nicholas Ploughman 11th 7th
Edoras Roughriders Vrsirbag Daggerkicker 6th Vriurk Bloodbelly 18th 17th
Blackroot Blondes Tigoja Gamamli 7th Tigoja Gamamli 4th 3rd
Withywindle Weirdos Signar Elväwen 8th Meriadoc Mugworts 9th 6th
Vinyamar Sirens Koprak Manthrottler 9th Koprak Manthrottler 13th 12th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Isumbras Headstrong 10th Bernard Deneomer 10th 10th
Lhun Attics Gleonyc Hilldweller 11th Gleonyc Hilldweller 7th 9th
Eregion Eagles Sruulak Dryadtrembler 12th Sruulak Dryadtrembler 3rd 4th
Khand Killers Marroc Bunce 13th Gloilin Tunnelmover 15th 14th
Entwash Goblins Farag Headmasher 14th Farag Headmasher 5th 8th
Long Lake Waves Elanor Bauwyn 15th Borin Skyteeth 17th 18th
Methedras Manglers Voinus Fareomli 16th Tied for 19th 19th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Glelin Táng 17th Glelin Táng 6th 11th
Old Ford Otters Praggek Headgobber 18th Praggek Headgobber 12th 13th
Highland Colts Sebas Rubalcaba 19th Isumbras Dogwood 14th 16th
Barrow Downs Wights Noifur Armorslayer 20th Tied for 19th 20th
Mittalmar Herders Moisil Tang 21st Moisil Tang 16th 21st
Mount Doom Merrymen Feli Ogrestomper 22nd Tied for 19th 22nd
Aglarond Ice Tied for 23rd Tied for 19th Tied for 23rd
Lhun Stars Tied for 23rd Tied for 19th Tied for 23rd
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Nisimaldor Knights Tolir Tunnelhead 1st Remli Oretwister 15th 10th
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Dudish the Vague 2nd Dudish the Vague 1st 1st
Long Lake Waves Semyon Fattori 3rd Semyon Fattori 6th 5th
Mittalmar Herders Podush Moonbane 4th Tied for 17th 15th
Entwash Goblins Sadish Heartwalker 5th Sadish Heartwalker 4th 4th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Joseph the Lawyer 6th Joseph the Lawyer 7th 6th
West-emnet Orcs Reaver Tunnelbreaker 7th Reaver Tunnelbreaker 3rd 2nd
Vinyamar Sirens Orangeblossom Hilldweller 8th Thuvlla Elvilmambor 11th 8th
Mount Doom Merrymen Grurk the Drooler 9th Tied for 17th 16th
Anorien Avalanche Camelia Bolger 10th Tied for 17th 17th
Eregion Eagles Cuumsh Legmasher 11th Abel Hanshiro Tied for 12th 12th
Methedras Manglers Pimpernel Miller 12th Tied for 17th 18th
Lhun Stars Erika Cloudeye 13th Erika Cloudeye Tied for 12th 13th
Khand Killers Bulbo Tunnelly 14th Tied for 17th 19th
Blackroot Blondes Brian Tunnelcutter 15th Brian Tunnelcutter 9th 9th
Aglarond Ice Santo Roper 16th Bill Sandyman 2nd 3rd
Withywindle Weirdos Grurk Legslobberer 17th Grurk Legslobberer 10th 11th
Barrow Downs Wights Wilibald Brockhouse 18th Christine Buckland 5th 7th
Lithlad Lambas Tubur Elfhand 19th Tubur Elfhand 14th 20th
Highland Colts Irene Tendertush 20th Irene Tendertush 8th 14th
Old Ford Otters Kate Overturf 21st Kate Overturf 16th 21st
Edoras Roughriders Vugnar Rockbender 22nd Tied for 17th 22nd
Gorgoroth Ghosts Merin Tunnelbeater 23rd Tied for 17th 23rd
Lhun Attics 24th Tied for 17th 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Lithlad Lambas Frunak Gnomechewer 1st 24th 12th
Long Lake Waves Russell the Devil 2nd Paul the Gru 6th 1st
Khand Killers Orangeblossom Mulhall 3rd Suran Oremaster 22nd 16th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Grishburz the Clutcher 4th Rufur Demoneater 23rd 17th
Aglarond Ice Higak the Odiferous 5th Higak the Odiferous 9th 7th
Edoras Roughriders Crystal Mulhall 6th Isembard Kendrick 20th 14th
Withywindle Weirdos Arelob the Useless 7th Bogak Anvilrender 18th 13th
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Masin Beardworker 8th Arwuwyn Tebrimir 4th 4th
Barrow Downs Wights Meriadoc Cotton 9th Mereahil Fithraldor 1st 2nd
Blackroot Blondes Sjors the Slobberer 10th Sjors the Slobberer 2nd 3rd
Entwash Goblins Sourk Ratbelly 11th Sourk Ratbelly 12th 9th
Vinyamar Sirens Ishnakh the Rude 12th Yasha Hill 5th 5th
Anorien Avalanche Asphodel Brandybuck 13th Asphodel Brandybuck 3rd 6th
Old Ford Otters Mundin Brickshield 14th Rogash the Iron Monger 13th 15th
Nisimaldor Knights Tariyel Holyday 15th Thurboz Hammerlover 8th 8th
Mittalmar Herders Fesil Oreslayer 16th Fesil Oreslayer 11th 11th
Lhun Stars Vrsal Giantchoker 17th Vrsal Giantchoker 21st 21st
Eregion Eagles Bodo Kendrick 18th Myrth Silborn 17th 19th
Methedras Manglers Nicholas Roper 19th Nicholas Roper 16th 20th
Lhun Attics Dung Lockhart 20th Holfast Green 10th 18th
West-emnet Orcs Wanai Heartdragger 21st May Pelham 7th 10th
Highland Colts Gandeohil Daytraveler 22nd Gandeohil Daytraveler 19th 24th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Dudrak the Smasher 23rd Gorbaduc Bramble 14th 22nd
Mount Doom Merrymen Nrodar the Iron Fist 24th Gubur Thrithraldor 15th 23rd
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Lithlad Lambas Diador Tinonduil 1st Tied for 9th 1st
Blackroot Blondes Kate Roadapple 2nd Kate Roadapple 5th 2nd
Old Ford Otters Vavia the Terrible 3rd Tika Miller 7th 4th
Highland Colts Nonar Chiseltooth 4th Kuukar Devilgobbler 2nd 3rd
Gorgoroth Ghosts Baztrak Toothchewer 5th Masin Cavernmasher 4th 6th
Anorien Avalanche Denise Baggins 6th Tied for 9th 7th
Nisimaldor Knights Fraugol Hillop 7th Fraugol Hillop 1st 5th
Entwash Goblins Isumbras Millstone 8th Tied for 9th 8th
Withywindle Weirdos Gandilmir Harnden 9th Vrudak Fingereater 6th 9th
Eregion Eagles Isembard Millstone 10th Tied for 9th 11th
Lhun Attics Glifur Oathsmelter 11th Tied for 9th 12th
West-emnet Orcs Borigal Roper 12th Grailas Limke 3rd 10th
Lhun Stars Bagnar Granitebrow 13th Tied for 9th 13th
Khand Killers Gollihil Ferretface 14th Tied for 9th 14th
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Guugor Ringrender 15th Tied for 9th 15th
Vinyamar Sirens Koignar Alcazar 16th Tied for 9th 16th
Long Lake Waves Prorbag Trollgobbler 17th Prorbag Trollgobbler 8th 17th
Edoras Roughriders Thuvah Merauden 18th Tied for 9th 18th
Methedras Manglers Ariand Gamamir 19th Tied for 9th 19th
Mount Doom Merrymen Selir Oathdelver 20th Tied for 9th 20th
Aglarond Ice Gebur Cavernmaster 21st Tied for 9th 21st
Anfauglith Aristocrats Rufur Hammersmith 22nd Tied for 9th 22nd
Barrow Downs Wights Gundabald Proudfoot 23rd Tied for 9th 23rd
Mittalmar Herders Tiran Goldworthy 24th Tied for 9th 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Withywindle Weirdos Teemu Conners 1st Teemu Conners 1st 1st
Blackroot Blondes Betsie Muddyfoot 2nd Kate Roadapple 12th 3rd
Lithlad Lambas Olburz the Basher 3rd Tied for 18th 6th
Long Lake Waves Tika Ploughman 4th Saroma Aunglor 10th 4th
Eregion Eagles Saravin Sathie 5th Saravin Sathie 9th 5th
Edoras Roughriders Ruzrat the Atrocious 6th Ruzrat the Atrocious 2nd 2nd
Gorgoroth Ghosts Niara Herren 7th Niara Herren 15th 10th
Entwash Goblins Sabino Clogthrower 8th Rumak Orerender 16th 11th
Anorien Avalanche Eeahil Doyle 9th Eeahil Doyle 13th 9th
Aglarond Ice Fruhil the Explorer 10th Fruhil the Explorer Tied for 6th 8th
West-emnet Orcs Gloilin Tunnelsnapper 11th Gloilin Tunnelsnapper 4th 7th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Boli Orebreaker Tied for 12th Tied for 18th 16th
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Lana Cavernsplitter Tied for 12th Lana Cavernsplitter 17th 14th
Nisimaldor Knights Uujjeen Eladrielindë 14th Tied for 18th 18th
Methedras Manglers Arauhil the Runner 15th Tied for 18th 19th
Lhun Stars Rili Cavernmaster 16th Tied for 18th 20th
Highland Colts Atanarat Anárŕ 17th Atanarat Anárŕ 8th 12th
Lhun Attics Berliac Hardbottle 18th Tied for 18th 21st
Vinyamar Sirens Het Deneomer Jr. 19th Het Deneomer Jr. Tied for 6th 13th
Barrow Downs Wights Besil Hammerbearer 20th Kimli Earthslayer 11th 17th
Old Ford Otters Farin Bloodytooth 21st Sim Cotton 3rd 15th
Mount Doom Merrymen Hoilir Earthjuggler 22nd Fulg Belöl 5th 22nd
Mittalmar Herders Derrin Stormrage 23rd Tied for 18th 23rd
Khand Killers Foinar Chiselfist 24th Foinar Chiselfist 14th 24th
Thursday, January 19th, 2017 - OOTP Baseball 17.12 Build 75