Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Anorien Avalanche Gethron Zhang 1st Pimor Saine 3rd 1st
Withywindle Weirdos Fastolph Dogwood 2nd Fastolph Dogwood Tied for 16th 16th
Lithlad Lambas Minta Hardbottle 3rd Minta Hardbottle 4th 2nd
Highland Colts Porto Miller 4th Isembard Bracegirdle 2nd 3rd
Eregion Eagles Kognar Dryadgobber 5th Kognar Dryadgobber 6th 5th
Vinyamar Sirens Borg Bilas 6th Tied for 16th 17th
Old Ford Otters Celimir Elreodriel 7th Celimir Elreodriel 1st 4th
Nisimaldor Knights Akor Salvatore 8th Akor Salvatore Tied for 16th 18th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Isengrim Millstone 9th Isengrim Millstone 16th 19th
Edoras Roughriders Gamilas Earembor 10th Sosur Silvermaker 5th 6th
Mittalmar Herders Kent Goraugrin 11th Gwilwyn Thrithraldor 7th 7th
Methedras Manglers Pu Zamora 12th Pu Zamora 9th 8th
Khand Killers Velomiel Tindomieon 13th Velomiel Tindomieon 13th 12th
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Milo Proudfoot 14th Florla Calafalas Tied for 16th 20th
Lhun Stars Celeb The Cunning 15th Celeb The Cunning 8th 9th
Entwash Goblins Drigrin Proudneck 16th Drigrin Proudneck 12th 11th
Mount Doom Merrymen Farigol Koboldeater 17th Chukky Bolger 11th 10th
Blackroot Blondes Noifur Ghoulripper 18th Noifur Ghoulripper 14th 14th
Aglarond Ice Rose Willow 19th Erudak Facestomper 10th 13th
Barrow Downs Wights Wuudak the Straggler 20th Wuudak the Straggler Tied for 16th 21st
Lhun Attics Beleg Grudgesplitter 21st Beleg Grudgesplitter Tied for 16th 22nd
West-emnet Orcs Oldor Celebrira 22nd Oldor Celebrira Tied for 16th 23rd
Long Lake Waves Paurk Ironshaker 23rd Paurk Ironshaker 15th 15th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Thailla Legera 24th Thailla Legera Tied for 16th 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Vinyamar Sirens Thubis Eidoc 1st Thubis Eidoc Tied for 13th 13th
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Rumak Tunneldelver 2nd Stan Brock Tied for 13th 14th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Olburz Spleensmasher 3rd Gandaugrin Galäwyn 1st 1st
Barrow Downs Wights Pervinca Boffin 4th Pervinca Boffin 7th 4th
Lithlad Lambas Mili Armormaster 5th Higor Fingertorturer 2nd 2nd
Mittalmar Herders Lanai Badgermangler 6th Lanai Badgermangler 3rd 3rd
Lhun Stars Pimpernel Banks 7th Pimpernel Banks Tied for 13th 15th
Edoras Roughriders Isengrim Proudfoot 8th Tied for 13th 16th
Khand Killers Bowman Bats 9th Iseolf Nunduil 4th 5th
Entwash Goblins Gimli Redear 10th Olo Underhill 5th 6th
Withywindle Weirdos Longo Boffin 11th Tied for 13th 17th
Highland Colts Fesur Steelshaper 12th Toifur Fallohide 8th 8th
West-emnet Orcs Galialbo Hutchison 13th Vorah Entwhis 6th 7th
Old Ford Otters Mungo Sandyman 14th Mungo Sandyman 9th 9th
Aglarond Ice Grotlakh Ettincrusher 15th Tied for 13th 18th
Nisimaldor Knights Farag the Ugly 16th Farag the Ugly 12th 12th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Galildur Sälad 17th Isamli Faelivirin 11th 11th
Eregion Eagles Bognar Tunnelmasher 18th Sjors the Rude 10th 10th
Lhun Attics Luumsh the Vague 19th Luumsh the Vague Tied for 13th 19th
Blackroot Blondes Edgar the Squealer 20th Edgar the Squealer 13th 20th
Mount Doom Merrymen Raeve the Lame 21st Raeve the Lame Tied for 13th 21st
Long Lake Waves Gerard Cooper 22nd Tied for 13th 22nd
Anorien Avalanche Tied for 23rd Tied for 13th 23rd
Methedras Manglers Tied for 23rd Tied for 13th Tied for 23rd
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Vinyamar Sirens Galiamir the Iron Giant 1st Galiamir the Iron Giant 4th 1st
Edoras Roughriders Celomer Legera 2nd Celomer Legera 7th 2nd
Anorien Avalanche Eranak the Unknowing 3rd Eranak the Unknowing Tied for 12th 12th
Methedras Manglers Lonny Moruthor 4th Lonny Moruthor 1st 3rd
Withywindle Weirdos Pansy Headstrong 5th Boriathor Darkelf Tied for 12th 13th
Mittalmar Herders Otho Bracegirdle 6th Otho Bracegirdle 3rd 4th
Aglarond Ice Da Pfeil 7th Da Pfeil 10th 6th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Gundabald Bunce 8th Gundabald Bunce Tied for 12th 14th
Entwash Goblins Ardador Elorfimbor 9th Ardador Elorfimbor Tied for 12th 15th
Nisimaldor Knights Isengrim Bridger 10th Isengrim Bridger 2nd 5th
Blackroot Blondes Gufur Celorfilad 11th Gufur Celorfilad 12th 16th
Old Ford Otters Elreamer Belil-Gal 12th Tied for 12th 17th
Eregion Eagles Refur Stonesmith 13th Refur Stonesmith 9th 9th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Phantai Velom 14th Phantai Velom 8th 8th
Lithlad Lambas Retsin Darkghost 15th Tied for 12th 18th
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Meriadoc Trample 16th Eva Orccrusher 5th 7th
West-emnet Orcs Rowan Boffin 17th Rowan Boffin Tied for 12th 19th
Long Lake Waves Sotok Nünd 18th Myrth Celebrimir 6th 10th
Lhun Stars Muudish Knipp 19th Muudish Knipp Tied for 12th 20th
Khand Killers Gamumli the Slaver 20th Tied for 12th 21st
Highland Colts Ricky Vaught 21st Ricky Vaught Tied for 12th 22nd
Barrow Downs Wights Aremer Elor 22nd Denama Gaimli 11th 11th
Mount Doom Merrymen Mark Goodbody 23rd Eand Eowarang Tied for 12th 23rd
Lhun Attics 24th Tied for 12th 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Vinyamar Sirens Thuus Arathorian 1st Thuus Arathorian Tied for 8th 8th
Lhun Stars Dumli Forgedelver 2nd Dumli Forgedelver 3rd 1st
Anorien Avalanche Gorilf Euthor 3rd 8th 9th
West-emnet Orcs Cugdush the Stutterer 4th Cugdush the Stutterer 1st 2nd
Barrow Downs Wights Arwoma Geolas 5th Marcho Bolger 2nd 3rd
Lithlad Lambas Morgan Eliason 6th Morgan Eliason Tied for 8th 10th
Aglarond Ice Sufur Earthsnapper 7th Tied for 8th 11th
Old Ford Otters Pervinca Fumlefot 8th Pervinca Fumlefot 5th 5th
Khand Killers Sancho Cotton 9th Tied for 8th 12th
Lhun Attics Lanar Celénduil 10th Lanar Celénduil 4th 4th
Eregion Eagles Shaia Eowändir 11th Shaia Eowändir Tied for 8th 13th
Entwash Goblins Kimvia Glebriril 12th Tied for 8th 14th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Gorbulas Hill 13th Erudak the Squeaker 6th 6th
Mittalmar Herders Gomsh Elephantdicer 14th Gomsh Elephantdicer Tied for 8th 15th
Long Lake Waves Kieran Rateater 15th Kieran Rateater Tied for 8th 16th
Blackroot Blondes Roibur Orcteeth 16th Fufur Armordelver 7th 7th
Methedras Manglers Dinodas Brockhouse 17th Tied for 8th 17th
Mount Doom Merrymen Aruma Anondir 18th Aruma Anondir Tied for 8th 18th
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Mon Sheley 19th Tied for 8th 19th
Edoras Roughriders Tied for 20th Tied for 8th 20th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Tied for 20th Tied for 8th Tied for 20th
Nisimaldor Knights Tied for 20th Tied for 8th Tied for 20th
Withywindle Weirdos Tied for 20th Tied for 8th Tied for 20th
Highland Colts Tied for 20th Tied for 8th Tied for 20th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Anorien Avalanche Shazava Fistslicer 1st Shazava Fistslicer 10th 10th
Edoras Roughriders Arwowyn Galindil 2nd Doilin Gandeolob 3rd 2nd
Vinyamar Sirens Isembard Sandyman 3rd Tied for 10th 11th
Withywindle Weirdos Gamaithor Wyndomiel 4th Vadak the Deatheater 6th 5th
Lhun Stars Glo Corcuera 5th Glo Corcuera 5th 4th
Entwash Goblins James Fields 6th James Fields Tied for 10th 12th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Neling Cavernslayer 7th Mosin Goldbane Tied for 10th 13th
Lithlad Lambas Bruce Ratchewer 8th Galildur Isauron 7th 7th
Long Lake Waves Sorria Donat 9th Sorria Donat 2nd 3rd
Khand Killers Miruk Granitebrow 10th Miruk Granitebrow Tied for 10th 14th
Old Ford Otters Bundin Elreoborn 11th Bundin Elreoborn Tied for 10th 15th
Blackroot Blondes Issja Anándel 12th Issja Anándel 4th 6th
West-emnet Orcs Iseahil Fówen 13th Iseahil Fówen 8th 8th
Lhun Attics Tiran Orcdelver 14th Gudur Degen 1st 1st
Nisimaldor Knights Eiamli Gandir 15th Eiamli Gandir 9th 9th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Erurbag Spleensmasher 16th Tied for 10th 16th
Methedras Manglers Wi Elefontslobber 17th Wi Elefontslobber Tied for 10th 17th
Highland Colts Pimpernel Trample 18th Pimpernel Trample Tied for 10th 18th
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Born Muddyfoot 19th Born Muddyfoot Tied for 10th 19th
Aglarond Ice Tied for 20th Tied for 10th 20th
Mittalmar Herders Tied for 20th Tied for 10th Tied for 20th
Eregion Eagles Tied for 20th Rorag Nosethrower Tied for 10th Tied for 20th
Mount Doom Merrymen Tied for 20th Tied for 10th Tied for 20th
Barrow Downs Wights Tied for 20th Tied for 10th Tied for 20th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Mount Doom Merrymen Talla Brilhirion 1st Ponto Baggins 1st 1st
Aglarond Ice Hidak Wilson 2nd Wuudak the Tearer 8th 4th
Eregion Eagles Garin Hammerbeater 3rd Ela Kenyon 5th 3rd
Withywindle Weirdos Dinodas Hilldweller 4th Dinodas Hilldweller 2nd 2nd
Highland Colts Waldur Forgebeater 5th Waldur Forgebeater 13th 8th
Nisimaldor Knights Elradriel Anóndir 6th Tavalia Celadrieng 10th 7th
Barrow Downs Wights Musin Oathdelver 7th Musin Oathdelver Tied for 17th 17th
Edoras Roughriders Gandihil Guglielmo 8th Gandihil Guglielmo 4th 5th
Entwash Goblins Gilly Ploughman 9th Gudish the Ripper 6th 6th
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Mario Stowe 10th Tied for 17th 18th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Celemir Gil-Gawen 11th Dalo Manthrottler 12th 10th
Old Ford Otters Issbis Elrarathien 12th Giden Eowebrilas 7th 9th
Khand Killers Siloja Siand 13th Siloja Siand Tied for 17th 19th
Anorien Avalanche Fridak the Squasher 14th Tied for 17th 20th
Lhun Attics Eragak Ettincutter 15th Eragak Ettincutter 14th 11th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Vorzava Eowithraviel 16th Tied for 17th 21st
Mittalmar Herders Gromgob Nosejuggler 17th Moralqua Elolinde 11th 12th
Lithlad Lambas Peregrin Green 18th Nolak Heartdragger 15th 15th
Vinyamar Sirens Utah Adams 19th Tied for 17th 22nd
Methedras Manglers Randy Slobberwocky 20th Randy Slobberwocky 9th 14th
Long Lake Waves Elanor Bauwyn 21st Elanor Bauwyn 16th 16th
West-emnet Orcs Daisy Took 22nd Rukak the Seer 3rd 13th
Blackroot Blondes Tied for 23rd 17th 23rd
Lhun Stars Tied for 23rd Tied for 17th Tied for 23rd
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Tavzava Gamama 1st Berin Goldbane 5th 1st
Vinyamar Sirens Balin Chiselarm 2nd Balin Chiselarm Tied for 16th 16th
Mount Doom Merrymen Elol Tinonduil 3rd Sruuurk the Massive Tied for 16th 17th
Blackroot Blondes Elroborn Gwillas 4th Elroborn Gwillas 7th 3rd
West-emnet Orcs Ultok Alonso 5th Irene Hornblower 10th 6th
Highland Colts Spli Moonbeam 6th Spli Moonbeam 2nd 2nd
Old Ford Otters Bagak Heartwalker 7th Bagak Heartwalker Tied for 16th 18th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Grul the One-Eyed 8th Grul the One-Eyed 8th 7th
Eregion Eagles Lolok Nailslobberer 9th Celem Eowithraviel 9th 9th
Khand Killers Carl Took 10th Carl Took Tied for 16th 19th
Edoras Roughriders Ag Goblinmaker 11th Ag Goblinmaker 11th 11th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Celeden Arwamli 12th Celeden Arwamli Tied for 16th 20th
Long Lake Waves Leran Ironbane 13th Leran Ironbane 3rd 5th
Aglarond Ice Tigseen Eowémir 14th Tied for 16th 21st
Mittalmar Herders Beogrin Thiaron 15th Beogrin Thiaron Tied for 16th 22nd
Nisimaldor Knights Thulla Eowar 16th Dilg the Wicked 4th 8th
Lithlad Lambas Kristy Goodrich 17th Higak Bugsmasher 13th 13th
Withywindle Weirdos Sjors the Spitter 18th Tied for 16th 23rd
Lhun Stars Camelia Took 19th Thailla Arwodriel 1st 4th
Entwash Goblins Myrbis Gilmathien 20th Myrbis Gilmathien 12th 12th
Methedras Manglers Brian Camlost 21st Brian Camlost 6th 10th
Lhun Attics Fingon Celiomir 22nd Nick Overturf 14th 14th
Barrow Downs Wights Tuugash No-Tooth 23rd Tuugash No-Tooth 15th 15th
Anorien Avalanche 24th 16th 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Blackroot Blondes Tweety Bird 1st Tweety Bird 1st 1st
Vinyamar Sirens Theoden Trollgobber 2nd Tied for 14th 14th
Aglarond Ice Bodo Baggins 3rd Bodo Baggins 5th 2nd
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Tusur Trollmaster 4th Gollin Lomaldor 4th 3rd
Mount Doom Merrymen Anson Roper 5th Tied for 14th 15th
Old Ford Otters Lenwe Legàriand 6th Vic Ejea 10th 8th
Khand Killers Frilma the Cougar 7th Porto Kendrick 3rd 4th
Anorien Avalanche Chukky Dogwood 8th Fram Hornblower 9th 7th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Diador Galindil 9th Diador Galindil Tied for 5th 5th
Nisimaldor Knights Sim Proudfoot 10th Sim Proudfoot 8th 9th
Withywindle Weirdos Norin Ghoulslasher 11th Kosil Hammerbeater Tied for 14th 16th
Lithlad Lambas Zagbog Toebelly 12th Tied for 14th 17th
Eregion Eagles Audain Thröndir 13th Audain Thröndir Tied for 14th 18th
Entwash Goblins Eian Celuriand 14th Eian Celuriand 7th 10th
Highland Colts Pruulg the Daft 15th Pruulg the Daft Tied for 14th 19th
Barrow Downs Wights Clarence Took 16th Clarence Took 2nd 6th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Prolo Elephantdicer 17th Tied for 14th 20th
Long Lake Waves Stephen Denand 18th Stephen Denand Tied for 14th 21st
Mittalmar Herders Wilibald Trample 19th Wilibald Trample 13th 12th
Lhun Stars Vortai Sil-Gal 20th Kristy Dogwood 11th 11th
West-emnet Orcs Sabar Fistripper 21st Sabar Fistripper Tied for 14th 22nd
Lhun Attics Gollilnd Galawyn 22nd Drogo Bats 12th 13th
Methedras Manglers Hagor Forgemaster 23rd Tied for 14th 23rd
Edoras Roughriders 24th 14th 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Vinyamar Sirens Fisil Ringsmith 1st Fisil Ringsmith 12th 2nd
Blackroot Blondes Marus Gelb 2nd James Beasley 2nd 1st
Lithlad Lambas Hashi Contreras 3rd Hashi Contreras 14th 9th
Anorien Avalanche Isor Arkenston 4th Isor Arkenston 1st 3rd
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Halok Galand 5th Sorria Undomiel the Changed Tied for 16th 16th
Methedras Manglers Vaggek the Rude 6th Soseen Eäräthien 11th 6th
Nisimaldor Knights Bat Dacosta 7th Bat Dacosta Tied for 16th 17th
Withywindle Weirdos Clark Schmidt 8th Hosur Ringsmith 8th 5th
Barrow Downs Wights Frohil Earuldor 9th Annun Elrailbo Tied for 16th 18th
Edoras Roughriders Eva Chiselarm 10th Eva Chiselarm 13th 11th
Old Ford Otters Elremli Earararil 11th Elremli Earararil 3rd 4th
Long Lake Waves Glosil Redear 12th Glosil Redear 7th 7th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Gar-garort Gelb 13th Sunak Starslobberer 5th 8th
Highland Colts Fasur Earthhead 14th Fasur Earthhead Tied for 16th 19th
Entwash Goblins Bagrot Earthslasher 15th Puung Heartchewer 9th 12th
Lhun Stars G'Kar Dryadslasher 16th Gromgob Ghoulslicer 4th 10th
Khand Killers Gilly Greenthumb 17th Gilly Greenthumb 6th 13th
West-emnet Orcs Bagrot Gnomechewer 18th Bagrot Gnomechewer Tied for 16th 20th
Mittalmar Herders Maltame Celiothien 19th Maltame Celiothien 15th 15th
Aglarond Ice Furin Denildriel 20th Furin Denildriel 16th 21st
Eregion Eagles Justin Sandyman 21st Pu Lee 10th 14th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Ramon Barefield Tied for 22nd Ramon Barefield Tied for 16th 22nd
Lhun Attics Raven Wyndomiel Tied for 22nd Will the Basket Weaver Tied for 16th Tied for 22nd
Mount Doom Merrymen Rasil Gorimli Tied for 22nd Rasil Gorimli Tied for 16th Tied for 22nd
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Highland Colts Asphodel Middlebrook 1st Boof Pizano 2nd 1st
Nisimaldor Knights Narin Goldbane 2nd Rodni Gravedi 6th 3rd
Methedras Manglers Biggles the Channel Surfer 3rd Biggles the Channel Surfer 10th 4th
Blackroot Blondes Tony Janicki 4th Gamiadur Legelinde 19th 11th
Vinyamar Sirens Pancir Naquin 5th Pancir Naquin Tied for 22nd 22nd
Lithlad Lambas Rho Aldario 6th Issbis Elririand Tied for 22nd 23rd
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Drogo Brandybuck 7th Drogo Brandybuck 12th 6th
Lhun Attics Gisur Ironsplitter 8th Toifur Ghoulripper 3rd 2nd
Eregion Eagles Masin Beardworker 9th Hisil Táng 9th 5th
Anorien Avalanche Kadish Darkbrother 10th Anson Goodrich 14th 8th
West-emnet Orcs Porba Mancutter 11th Holfast Cotton 8th 7th
Edoras Roughriders Mungo Green 12th Mungo Green 13th 10th
Withywindle Weirdos Frodo Brandybuck 13th Arelob the Useless 21st 18th
Long Lake Waves Derrick Chain 14th Left Ea the Western 18th 16th
Old Ford Otters Meriamli Grudgesplitter 15th Meriamli Grudgesplitter 17th 14th
Barrow Downs Wights Roman Armenta 16th Grakar Ratclaw 22nd 24th
Mount Doom Merrymen Fosco Baggins 17th Noibur Bilas 5th 9th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Hisin Orebearer 18th Hisin Orebearer 16th 17th
Aglarond Ice Dalo Heartcutter 19th Belladonna Mugworts 7th 12th
Entwash Goblins Zuvia Celilborn 20th Grimthak Footkicker 11th 15th
Khand Killers Eragak the Smasher 21st Eragak the Smasher 15th 19th
Lhun Stars Zathras Taylor 22nd Zathras Taylor 20th 21st
Mittalmar Herders Arweand Earorfiwyn 23rd Nolok Elesse 4th 13th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Pruruk Derrohammer 24th Baztrak Toothchewer 1st 20th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Lithlad Lambas Vusin Norà 1st Vusin Norà 22nd 15th
Eregion Eagles Voilin Chiselmasher 2nd Voilin Chiselmasher 3rd 1st
Nisimaldor Knights Bawb Earthcrawler 3rd Bawb Earthcrawler 10th 6th
West-emnet Orcs Bodo Pennypacker 4th Bodo Pennypacker 8th 5th
Withywindle Weirdos Kim Chiseltooth 5th Kim Chiseltooth 18th 14th
Blackroot Blondes Nuumsh Drowthrower 6th Nuumsh Drowthrower 15th 11th
Methedras Manglers Flortok Glang 7th Flortok Glang 14th 10th
Mount Doom Merrymen Camellia Pelham 8th Camellia Pelham 2nd 2nd
Highland Colts Elrelf Isan 9th Elrelf Isan 12th 8th
Anorien Avalanche Kendur Drowbelly 10th Kendur Drowbelly 16th 12th
Lhun Attics Ronaldo Stonesoup 11th Ronaldo Stonesoup 6th 4th
Vinyamar Sirens Lanai Wolfgobber 12th Lanai Wolfgobber 24th 22nd
Eryn Lasgalen Old Forests Kristy Green 13th Kristy Green 20th 18th
Anfauglith Aristocrats Gorbadoc Banks 14th Gorbadoc Banks 5th 3rd
Old Ford Otters Goraidriel Elóthien 15th Goraidriel Elóthien 17th 17th
Long Lake Waves Goraidriel Lomombor 16th Goraidriel Lomombor 19th 21st
Edoras Roughriders Rodney the Eleventh Warrior 17th Rodney the Eleventh Warrior 7th 9th
Lhun Stars Rark Gnomehammer 18th Rark Gnomehammer 4th 7th
Barrow Downs Wights Cok Thoirney 19th Cok Thoirney 23rd 23rd
Mittalmar Herders Moisil Anvilhead 20th Moisil Anvilhead 11th 13th
Aglarond Ice Lugor Brainthrottler 21st Lugor Brainthrottler 13th 19th
Entwash Goblins Kurt the Devastator 22nd Kurt the Devastator 9th 20th
Khand Killers Florra Earadrielith 23rd Florra Earadrielith 21st 24th
Gorgoroth Ghosts Gorbadoc Hedgeworth 24th Gorbadoc Hedgeworth 1st 16th
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Friday, April 18th, 2014 - OOTP Baseball 14.7 Build 42