Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Southfarthing Snowthorns Progdish the Daft 1st Otho Tendertush 4th 2nd
Hithlum Stallions Born Hill 2nd Bilbo Proudneck 10th 4th
Mount Doom Maniacs Trik Castrovalva 3rd Daisy Bats 1st 1st
Brithon Fey Darwoo Gnomeraper 4th Darwoo Gnomeraper 6th 5th
Erebor Fire Drakes Friagol the Fruity 5th Friagol the Fruity 2nd 3rd
Hyarastorni Sheep Aromli Aeon 6th Aromli Aeon 3rd 6th
Belfalas Bounty Lumtai Great Bow 7th Lumtai Great Bow 7th 7th
North Mordor Flying Dragons Wogdish Toothdrinker 8th Wogdish Toothdrinker 11th 8th
Ithilien Sentinels Nuukor Moonkiller 9th Tied for 12th 10th
Falas Falcons Thuvdor Mandicer 10th Thuvdor Mandicer 8th 9th
Mithlond Stars Casimiro Slobberkil 11th Tied for 12th 12th
White Mountain Raiders Pruurk the Ripper 12th Pruurk the Ripper 9th 11th
Minas Tirith Tigers Peron Godload 13th Tied for 12th 13th
Lithlad Lizards Taffy Areoron Tied for 14th Tied for 12th Tied for 15th
Rhosgobel Rainbow Otho Hornblower Tied for 14th Tied for 12th Tied for 15th
Prairie Hill Ponies Patrick Debush 16th Tied for 12th 17th
Langflood Lightning Fogan Glitterkiller 17th Tied for 12th 18th
Eldalonde Eagles Ect Moonglow 18th Ect Moonglow 5th 14th
Hobbiton Howlers Phaivia Earthdragger 19th Tied for 12th 19th
Tuna Casseroles Kuung Eäril-gambor 20th Tied for 12th 20th
Helm's Deep Harriers Nimue Of Lebennin 21st Tied for 12th 21st
Ettenmoors Eruption Alfred Higuera 22nd Tied for 12th 22nd
Greenwood Greats Robert Willowbottom 23rd Tied for 12th 23rd
Longbottom Belles 24th Tied for 12th 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Hyarastorni Sheep Woprak Driderthrower 1st Tied for 14th 2nd
Eldalonde Eagles Dudo Bracegirdle 2nd Dudo Bracegirdle 1st 1st
Hithlum Stallions Sohai Toothkicker 3rd Tied for 14th 5th
Greenwood Greats Grul Gnomekicker 4th Grul Gnomekicker 3rd 4th
Southfarthing Snowthorns Polly Bridger 5th Polly Bridger 2nd 3rd
Brithon Fey Pimia Chartrand 6th Pimia Chartrand 4th 6th
Mithlond Stars Sing Moonkiller 7th Tied for 14th 9th
Belfalas Bounty Magsen Kielty 8th Maximo Charneca 5th 7th
Minas Tirith Tigers Grakar Ratclaw 9th Tied for 14th 10th
Mount Doom Maniacs Eolf Isaihir 10th Ponto Bolger 6th 8th
North Mordor Flying Dragons Camelia Baggins 11th Lumdor Elarariand 9th 11th
Lithlad Lizards Gubur Tombrobb 12th Gubur Tombrobb 7th 12th
Ithilien Sentinels Marcho Bunce 13th Tied for 14th 13th
Hobbiton Howlers Celemir Tinalinde 14th Tied for 14th 14th
Falas Falcons Meriadoc Underhill 15th Meriadoc Underhill 11th 15th
Tuna Casseroles Ponto Moss 16th Ponto Moss 12th 16th
Longbottom Belles Arelbo Clubhammer 17th Tied for 14th 19th
Ettenmoors Eruption Wilibald Boffin Tied for 18th Wilibald Boffin 8th 17th
Helm's Deep Harriers Dinodas Hornblower Tied for 18th Dinodas Hornblower 10th 18th
Prairie Hill Ponies Roger Radagast 20th Tied for 14th 20th
Langflood Lightning Puung Drowthrower 21st Tied for 14th 21st
White Mountain Raiders Tuo Arostegui 22nd Pil-joong Corcorane 13th 22nd
Erebor Fire Drakes Mungo Bats 23rd Tied for 14th 23rd
Rhosgobel Rainbow 24th Tied for 14th 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Hyarastorni Sheep Carl Muddyfoot 1st Carl Muddyfoot 1st 1st
Greenwood Greats Wilda Anexoria 2nd Wilda Anexoria 2nd 2nd
Southfarthing Snowthorns Grort Eäralas 3rd Tied for 17th 8th
Tuna Casseroles Vrunak the One-Eyed 4th Vrunak the One-Eyed 3rd 3rd
Ettenmoors Eruption Berliac Throatshaker 5th Estella Greenthumb 6th 6th
Eldalonde Eagles Sirbag Dryadgobber 6th Sirbag Dryadgobber 4th 4th
Brithon Fey Gorbadoc Trample 7th Cruz Bates 8th 7th
North Mordor Flying Dragons Ag Headpunisher 8th Ag Headpunisher 5th 5th
Hithlum Stallions Rowan Boffin 9th Ferdibrand Buckland 11th 10th
Mount Doom Maniacs Erling Willowbottom 10th Erling Willowbottom 7th 9th
Belfalas Bounty Shatai Föriand 11th Lolindir Belàril 9th 11th
Hobbiton Howlers Mudagk Galilron 12th Mudagk Galilron 13th 12th
Ithilien Sentinels Gilf Dogsbreath 13th Ean Hilldweller 14th 14th
Minas Tirith Tigers Grakar Driderslurper 14th Grakar Driderslurper 12th 13th
Erebor Fire Drakes Freddy Belil-gal 15th Marcho Kendrick 16th 15th
Mithlond Stars Galulas Isän 16th Tied for 17th 17th
Langflood Lightning Blanco Cotton 17th Bilbo Mugworts 15th 16th
White Mountain Raiders Marcos Partida 18th Tied for 17th 18th
Prairie Hill Ponies Namli Ugly Mother 19th Tied for 17th 20th
Lithlad Lizards Ruby Bracegirdle 20th Tied for 17th 21st
Falas Falcons Vrong the Clutcher 21st Jessie of Erebor 10th 19th
Helm's Deep Harriers Tied for 22nd Tied for 17th Tied for 22nd
Longbottom Belles Tied for 22nd Tied for 17th Tied for 22nd
Rhosgobel Rainbow Tied for 22nd Tied for 17th Tied for 22nd
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Hyarastorni Sheep Isembard Fields 1st Tied for 17th 7th
Mount Doom Maniacs Longo Overturf 2nd Longo Overturf 3rd 3rd
Hobbiton Howlers Naggek Nailslobberer 3rd Naggek Nailslobberer 5th 4th
Brithon Fey Rark the Sly 4th Rark the Sly 7th 5th
Ettenmoors Eruption James Tendertush 5th James Tendertush 2nd 2nd
Tuna Casseroles Peter Layfield 6th Peter Layfield 1st 1st
Eldalonde Eagles Diego Tombro 7th Diego Tombro 4th 6th
Greenwood Greats Hudash Dryadtrembler 8th Hudash Dryadtrembler 6th 8th
Belfalas Bounty Annun Elölindë 9th Annun Elölindë 8th 9th
Southfarthing Snowthorns Henus Earthslasher 10th Ferdibrand Bramble 12th 11th
Falas Falcons Voror Hubb 11th Voror Hubb 9th 10th
North Mordor Flying Dragons Foundlin Hammerfell 12th Foundlin Hammerfell 11th 12th
Mithlond Stars Kuung Goraugrin 13th Kuung Goraugrin 16th 14th
Lithlad Lizards Nazwush Silverspoon 14th Nazwush Silverspoon 13th 13th
White Mountain Raiders Radedoc Na'Ger 15th Radedoc Na'Ger 10th 15th
Langflood Lightning Amos the Indefinable 16th Amos the Indefinable 15th 16th
Minas Tirith Tigers Roignar the Stutterer 17th Celuman Radogast 14th 17th
Ithilien Sentinels Borthak Armpoker 18th Tied for 17th 18th
Prairie Hill Ponies Meraudoc Eiaron 19th Tied for 17th 19th
Erebor Fire Drakes Nicholas Hill 20th Tied for 17th 20th
Hithlum Stallions Drigrin Black 21st Tied for 17th 21st
Helm's Deep Harriers Tied for 22nd Tied for 17th Tied for 22nd
Longbottom Belles Tied for 22nd Tied for 17th Tied for 22nd
Rhosgobel Rainbow Tied for 22nd Tied for 17th Tied for 22nd
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Minas Tirith Tigers Huuhai Undomiel 1st Huuhai Undomiel 1st 1st
Southfarthing Snowthorns Snikzog Crawley 2nd Snikzog Crawley 2nd 2nd
Mithlond Stars Isumbras Millstone 3rd Tied for 17th 8th
Brithon Fey Hilak Ogreripper 4th Peregrin Took 4th 3rd
Eldalonde Eagles Fal the Smasher 5th Tied for 17th 12th
Hyarastorni Sheep Nicholas Bats 6th Nicholas Bats 10th 6th
Hobbiton Howlers Meli Brainslasher 7th Meli Brainslasher 7th 7th
Hithlum Stallions Prol Devilgobbler 8th Heidy Sarilmir 12th 10th
Mount Doom Maniacs Flambard Goodbody 9th Christine Aguinaldo 11th 13th
Erebor Fire Drakes Fastolph Knotwise 10th Fastolph Knotwise 8th 11th
Tuna Casseroles Isengrim Overturf 11th Nuumsh Legslobberer 6th 5th
Longbottom Belles Kiniaold Sinclair 12th Kiniaold Sinclair 5th 4th
Ithilien Sentinels Till Proudfoot 13th Till Proudfoot 15th 15th
Langflood Lightning Pruurk Knifecrawler 14th Pruurk Knifecrawler 9th 14th
North Mordor Flying Dragons Isamli Nithrandel 15th Isamli Nithrandel 13th 16th
Belfalas Bounty Joel Elvàviel 16th Joel Elvàviel 3rd 9th
Ettenmoors Eruption Celegast Elaril 17th Tied for 17th 18th
Lithlad Lizards Isembard Took 18th Hurt Humancrawler 14th 17th
Falas Falcons Daisy Bats 19th Daisy Bats 16th 19th
Helm's Deep Harriers Theoma McGrane 20th Tied for 17th 20th
White Mountain Raiders Elendil Elàrà 21st Tied for 17th 21st
Greenwood Greats Baran of Mirkwoo 22nd Tied for 17th 22nd
Rhosgobel Rainbow Aruma Anáril 23rd Tied for 17th 23rd
Prairie Hill Ponies Telia Padd 24th Tied for 17th 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
North Mordor Flying Dragons Vrsong Ettincrusher 1st Vrsong Ettincrusher 1st 1st
Mount Doom Maniacs Wuudak the Tearer 2nd Posco Bramble 6th 4th
Hyarastorni Sheep Gromgob Nosejuggler 3rd Thean Legedur 3rd 3rd
Southfarthing Snowthorns Gamahir Areolas 4th Randy Slobberwocky 12th 7th
Eldalonde Eagles Lyman Stonecutter 5th Ullla Nunduil 14th 9th
Greenwood Greats Zuvia Arwiama 6th Vridash the Masher 2nd 2nd
Tuna Casseroles Eragak Ettincutter 7th Dexter Oaks 5th 6th
Hithlum Stallions Dogush Footkicker 8th Ariagast Mousema 9th 8th
Brithon Fey Koprak Manthrottler 9th Ponto Brownlock 4th 5th
Belfalas Bounty Ferdinand Buckland 10th Ferdinand Buckland 13th 11th
Ettenmoors Eruption Idrial Nyberg 11th Idrial Nyberg 7th 10th
Erebor Fire Drakes Zuthor Connally 12th Tied for 22nd 14th
Helm's Deep Harriers Araiwyn Eisenbarth 13th Araiwyn Eisenbarth 18th 12th
Hobbiton Howlers James Bunce 14th Bandober Donla 16th 13th
Falas Falcons Rafe Humansmash 15th Rafe Humansmash 19th 16th
White Mountain Raiders Pruurk Heartmasher 16th Gaudriel Earararil 15th 15th
Prairie Hill Ponies Ruulg the Fireball 17th Isembard Banks 11th 17th
Ithilien Sentinels Arweand Eowarandil 18th Tied for 22nd 21st
Rhosgobel Rainbow Andres Zayas 19th Farag Armpoker 17th 18th
Minas Tirith Tigers Betsie Pennypacker 20th Betsie Pennypacker 21st 22nd
Lithlad Lizards Nudak Elrlinde 21st Curt Dryadslicer 20th 23rd
Mithlond Stars Wugush Headpunisher 22nd Harol Cat-herder 10th 20th
Langflood Lightning Amaris Evermind 23rd Gorbadoc Muddyfoot 8th 19th
Longbottom Belles 24th Tied for 22nd 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Mount Doom Maniacs Grishburz Driderslurper 1st Grishburz Driderslurper 5th 3rd
Eldalonde Eagles Celimir Areolas 2nd Celimir Areolas 6th 5th
Ithilien Sentinels Gorbog Moruthor 3rd Gorbog Moruthor 4th 4th
Hithlum Stallions Bernard Deneomer 4th Bernard Deneomer 1st 1st
Greenwood Greats Fosco Roadapple 5th Fosco Roadapple 2nd 2nd
North Mordor Flying Dragons Gilberto the Independent 6th Gilberto the Independent 7th 7th
Brithon Fey Bill Headstrong 7th Gethro Goldcrusher 17th 12th
Tuna Casseroles Tusdar Aldari 8th Tusdar Aldari 10th 8th
Hyarastorni Sheep Beogrin Thiaron 9th Duunk Gnomebasher 20th 14th
Belfalas Bounty Gavin Sandyman 10th Gavin Sandyman 11th 9th
White Mountain Raiders Kate Pennypacker 11th Kate Pennypacker 8th 10th
Southfarthing Snowthorns Siltai The Straggler 12th Siltai The Straggler 9th 11th
Ettenmoors Eruption Lasi Phillips 13th Wogdish Manthrottler 3rd 6th
Minas Tirith Tigers Imrauwyn Sáwen 14th Imrauwyn Sáwen 12th 13th
Langflood Lightning Farag Headmasher 15th Farag Headmasher 15th 16th
Erebor Fire Drakes Vrarag the Straggler 16th Vrarag the Straggler 14th 15th
Falas Falcons Gorbulas Proudneck 17th Gorbulas Proudneck 19th 20th
Hobbiton Howlers Meriadoc Mugworts 18th Meriadoc Mugworts 16th 18th
Lithlad Lizards Sheamer Campbell 19th Grakar Koboldbasher 18th 19th
Helm's Deep Harriers Vuugush Handwalker 20th Vuugush Handwalker 13th 17th
Mithlond Stars Ponto Black 21st Tied for 21st 21st
Rhosgobel Rainbow Theoma Ping 22nd Tied for 21st 22nd
Prairie Hill Ponies Adaowyn Menjivar 23rd Tied for 21st 23rd
Longbottom Belles 24th Tied for 21st 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Hyarastorni Sheep Podush Moonbane 1st Tsen Gambor-Lilywhite 10th 7th
Southfarthing Snowthorns Erling Millstone 2nd Vogush Elephantdicer 3rd 3rd
North Mordor Flying Dragons Justin Headstrong 3rd Justin Headstrong 2nd 1st
Greenwood Greats Dudish the Vague 4th Dudish the Vague 4th 4th
Hithlum Stallions Bingo Banks 5th Bingo Banks 1st 2nd
Mount Doom Maniacs Bingo Underhill 6th Bingo Underhill 5th 5th
Brithon Fey Orangeblossom Hilldweller 7th Orangeblossom Hilldweller 7th 8th
Helm's Deep Harriers Bill Sandyman 8th Bill Sandyman 8th 9th
Erebor Fire Drakes Luumsh Derrokicker 9th Luumsh Derrokicker 6th 6th
Ettenmoors Eruption Belladonna Proudfoot 10th Belladonna Proudfoot 12th 11th
Hobbiton Howlers Roland Moneymaker 11th Valacol Ratgobber 16th 13th
Belfalas Bounty Vrsodish Celeomli 12th Vrsodish Celeomli 11th 12th
Tuna Casseroles Honeysuckle Brownlock 13th Gleonyc Hilldweller 9th 10th
White Mountain Raiders Alfred J. Celithramir 14th Praj Headgobber Tied for 13th 14th
Longbottom Belles Progdish Nosejuggler 15th Progdish Nosejuggler 15th 16th
Eldalonde Eagles Legeron Arwodriel 16th Minto Muddyfoot Tied for 13th 15th
Mithlond Stars Sarind Catsqui 17th Tied for 21st 17th
Lithlad Lizards Camelia Boffin 18th Leonard the Firball 17th 18th
Ithilien Sentinels Gollin Glioril 19th Tied for 21st 19th
Langflood Lightning Namak Handthrower 20th Namak Handthrower 20th 21st
Prairie Hill Ponies Naggek Facestomper 21st Naggek Facestomper 19th 20th
Minas Tirith Tigers Bulbo Hill 22nd Tied for 21st 22nd
Falas Falcons Ko-Rei Gollailob 23rd Tied for 21st 23rd
Rhosgobel Rainbow Shaglakh Ettinhater 24th Shaglakh Ettinhater 18th 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Greenwood Greats Tobi Headstrong 1st Tobi Headstrong 1st 1st
Helm's Deep Harriers Meriadoc Hilldweller 2nd Gruudash Facestomper 6th 2nd
Hithlum Stallions Vriurk Manripper 3rd Vriurk Manripper 9th 4th
Southfarthing Snowthorns Bernardo Dares 4th Higor Nosethrower 16th 8th
Hyarastorni Sheep Ellie Dwarfpunisher 5th Ellie Dwarfpunisher 4th 3rd
Tuna Casseroles Dejahja Arwima 6th Tathor Sun-worshipper 7th 5th
Erebor Fire Drakes Saroma Aunglor 7th Gruudak Toemasher 19th 13th
Hobbiton Howlers Bogak Anvilrender 8th Bogak Anvilrender 11th 11th
Mithlond Stars Pansy Dogwood 9th Olo Proudfoot 3rd 6th
Langflood Lightning Lenore Bugsquisher 10th Lenore Bugsquisher 10th 12th
Longbottom Belles Sjors the Slobberer 11th Sjors the Slobberer 5th 7th
Minas Tirith Tigers Sorria Elrolinde Jr. 12th Sorria Elrolinde Jr. 8th 9th
Prairie Hill Ponies Gandeohil Daytraveler 13th Kuukar Devilgobbler 13th 14th
Falas Falcons Myrth Silborn 14th Myrth Silborn 15th 17th
Ettenmoors Eruption Sruulak the Malicious 15th Sruulak the Malicious 24th 21st
Ithilien Sentinels Isembard Kendrick 16th Phaivia he Seer 14th 15th
Eldalonde Eagles Daisy Greenthumb 17th Christine Bolger 17th 18th
Rhosgobel Rainbow Ugku Spleensmasher 18th Srogor the Wait for It 18th 19th
White Mountain Raiders May Pelham 19th Thuja The Strangler 2nd 10th
North Mordor Flying Dragons Kuukar Badgermangler 20th Kuukar Badgermangler 12th 16th
Brithon Fey Maughash Starslobberer 21st Maughash Starslobberer 20th 20th
Belfalas Bounty Marcho Hedgeworth 22nd Ponto Bats 23rd 22nd
Mount Doom Maniacs Lumor Stead 23rd Minto Sandyman 21st 23rd
Lithlad Lizards Kakor Fingercrawler 24th Posco Hill 22nd 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Longbottom Belles Myrth Tinalinde 1st Iseagorn Locke 4th 1st
Helm's Deep Harriers Boigo Longstrider 2nd Tied for 10th 2nd
Hyarastorni Sheep Hidush Nosehammer 3rd Hidush Nosehammer 1st 3rd
Greenwood Greats Sanai Bloodcrawler 4th Goreagorn Darkbrother 2nd 4th
Falas Falcons James Boffin 5th Carly Boffin 5th 5th
Erebor Fire Drakes Dagdush the Massive 6th Lidish Heartdragger 9th 6th
Mithlond Stars Rosendo the Reverent 7th Tied for 10th 7th
Hobbiton Howlers Frodo Fumlefot 8th Tied for 10th 8th
Rhosgobel Rainbow Tanta Hedgeworth 9th Tied for 10th 9th
Hithlum Stallions Ferdibrand Fields 10th Tied for 10th 10th
Prairie Hill Ponies Prignash Ettinhater 11th Proruk Grillwasher 8th 11th
Tuna Casseroles Grurbag No-Tooth 12th Tied for 10th 12th
North Mordor Flying Dragons Janice Kendrick 13th Tied for 10th 14th
Brithon Fey Vrsorbag Starslobberer 14th Vrsorbag Starslobberer 3rd 13th
Eldalonde Eagles Kes Ginther 15th Tied for 10th 16th
White Mountain Raiders Sabar Ratbelly 16th Tied for 10th 17th
Minas Tirith Tigers Eeahil Doyle 17th Proruk Of Lebennin 6th 15th
Ithilien Sentinels Dejbis Moneybasket 18th Tied for 10th 18th
Southfarthing Snowthorns Fridak Ratbelly 19th Carl Hill 7th 19th
Lithlad Lizards Gurkain Headpunisher 20th Tied for 10th 20th
Belfalas Bounty Denise Baggins 21st Tied for 10th 21st
Ettenmoors Eruption Tika Bridger 22nd Tied for 10th 22nd
Langflood Lightning Merodriel Eowüril 23rd Tied for 10th 23rd
Mount Doom Maniacs Ruzdug Fingereater 24th Tied for 10th 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Helm's Deep Harriers Meriadoc Hilldweller 1st May Green 5th 3rd
North Mordor Flying Dragons Vark Gnomehammer 2nd Vark Gnomehammer 7th 4th
Falas Falcons Inigo Foulburner 3rd Inigo Foulburner 8th 5th
Tuna Casseroles Tathor Sun-worshipper 4th Tathor Sun-worshipper 2nd 2nd
Greenwood Greats Sanai Bloodcrawler 5th Arwuwyn Tebrimir 1st 1st
Hithlum Stallions Dudo Bridger 6th Tied for 9th 6th
Rhosgobel Rainbow Dwalin Dipweed 7th Tied for 9th 9th
Langflood Lightning Aragrin Celilmalith 8th Feli Ghoulcrusher 6th 8th
Minas Tirith Tigers Eeahil Doyle 9th Proruk Of Lebennin 4th 7th
White Mountain Raiders Nicholas Muddyfoot 10th Tied for 9th 11th
Belfalas Bounty Kenny Morningstar 11th Tied for 9th 12th
Prairie Hill Ponies Elessar The Odd 12th Tied for 9th 13th
Southfarthing Snowthorns Born Millstone 13th Tied for 9th 14th
Ettenmoors Eruption Honeysuckle Millstone 14th Tied for 9th 15th
Brithon Fey Darrick Hafer 15th Tied for 9th 16th
Ithilien Sentinels Nick Pelham 16th Tied for 9th 17th
Eldalonde Eagles Isembard Hornblower 17th Tied for 9th 18th
Longbottom Belles Por the Crusher 18th Por the Crusher 3rd 10th
Mithlond Stars Bill Moss 19th Tied for 9th 19th
Hyarastorni Sheep Camellia Baggins 20th Tied for 9th 20th
Hobbiton Howlers Theoden Hamm 21st Tied for 9th 21st
Mount Doom Maniacs Rosetta Loera 22nd Tied for 9th 22nd
Erebor Fire Drakes Tweety Anór 23rd Tied for 9th 23rd
Lithlad Lizards Urz McCrary 24th Tied for 9th 24th
Thursday, May 26th, 2016 - OOTP Baseball 17.8 Build 54