Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Mithlond Stars Casimiro Slobberkil 1st Casimiro Slobberkil 5th 2nd
Ettenmoors Eruption Burt Elröl 2nd Tied for 11th 5th
Minas Tirith Tigers Nimro Goron 3rd Nimro Goron 2nd 3rd
Hithlum Stallions Bilbo Proudneck 4th Bilbo Proudneck 6th 4th
Eldalonde Eagles Ect Moonglow 5th Ect Moonglow 1st 1st
North Mordor Flying Dragons Wogdish Toothdrinker 6th Wogdish Toothdrinker 9th 6th
Ithilien Sentinels Nuukor Moonkiller 7th Tied for 11th 8th
Falas Falcons Fosco Whitfoot 8th Fosco Whitfoot Tied for 3rd 7th
Prairie Hill Ponies Frenchy Dewey 9th Tied for 11th 11th
Erebor Fire Drakes Roman Elfprodder 10th Lula Grimoire 7th 9th
Mount Doom Maniacs Begrin Bauwyn 11th Tied for 11th 12th
Langflood Lightning Arthash Thamry 12th Tied for 11th 14th
Hobbiton Howlers Phaivia Earthdragger 13th Luria Axetearer 10th 13th
Belfalas Bounty Justin Buckland 14th Tied for 11th 16th
Tuna Casseroles Gandeodoc Fandir 15th Helmut Raevuori 8th 15th
Rhosgobel Rainbow Ibpug No-Tooth 16th Ibpug No-Tooth Tied for 3rd 10th
Brithon Fey Vrsuurag Nosejuggler 17th Tied for 11th 17th
White Mountain Raiders Halin Liverdicer 18th Tied for 11th 18th
Southfarthing Snowthorns Salvadaro Cueras 19th Tied for 11th 19th
Hyarastorni Sheep Holfast Middlebrook 20th Tied for 11th 20th
Greenwood Greats Robert Willowbottom 21st Tied for 11th 21st
Lithlad Lizards Boraidoc Elrumir 22nd Tied for 11th 22nd
Helm's Deep Harriers Isengrim Headstrong 23rd Tied for 11th 23rd
Longbottom Belles To-wai Dadayan 24th Tied for 11th 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Hyarastorni Sheep Lanai Badgermangler 1st Aarto Thadigiri 12th 3rd
Belfalas Bounty Maximo Charneca 2nd Maximo Charneca 2nd 2nd
Eldalonde Eagles Gabghash the Mean 3rd Pil-joong Corcorane 1st 1st
Mount Doom Maniacs Ponto Bolger 4th Ponto Bolger 8th 6th
North Mordor Flying Dragons Camelia Baggins 5th Tied for 14th 9th
Mithlond Stars Orangeblossom Headstrong 6th Ponto Black 4th 5th
Ettenmoors Eruption Wilibald Boffin 7th Wilibald Boffin 3rd 4th
Ithilien Sentinels Isembard Willow 8th Tied for 14th 11th
Prairie Hill Ponies Roger Radagast 9th Roger Radagast 9th 10th
Langflood Lightning Puung Drowthrower 10th Puung Drowthrower 6th 8th
Minas Tirith Tigers Marroc Sandybanks 11th Tied for 14th 13th
Falas Falcons Myrmina Elvörŕ 12th Myrmina Elvörŕ 7th 12th
Brithon Fey Cahyono Stennett 13th Cahyono Stennett 5th 7th
Greenwood Greats Gollihil Galand 14th Gollihil Galand 11th 14th
Longbottom Belles Arelbo Clubhammer 15th Tied for 14th 15th
Southfarthing Snowthorns Tobi Goodbody 16th Tied for 14th 16th
Lithlad Lizards Hector Cumme 17th Carlo Satan 10th 17th
Hobbiton Howlers Halir Ettincrusher 18th Divisav Imrithor 13th 18th
Erebor Fire Drakes Mungo Bats 19th Tied for 14th 19th
White Mountain Raiders Balachandran Marsh 20th Tied for 14th 20th
Hithlum Stallions Hank the Eggman 21st Tied for 14th 21st
Helm's Deep Harriers Ighlas Kora 22nd Tied for 14th 22nd
Rhosgobel Rainbow Tied for 23rd Tied for 14th Tied for 23rd
Tuna Casseroles Tied for 23rd Tied for 14th Tied for 23rd
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Hyarastorni Sheep Carl Muddyfoot 1st Valaco Leon 1st 1st
Ithilien Sentinels Myrth Legŕlas 2nd Tied for 17th 7th
Belfalas Bounty Lolindir Belŕril 3rd Lolindir Belŕril 3rd 2nd
Ettenmoors Eruption Peregrin Knotwise 4th Sancho Bracegirdle 2nd 3rd
Eldalonde Eagles Nushala Elesserios 5th Nushala Elesserios 5th 4th
Minas Tirith Tigers Selam Olazbal 6th Selam Olazbal 6th 6th
Hithlum Stallions Ferdibrand Buckland 7th Ferdibrand Buckland 8th 8th
Langflood Lightning Bilbo Mugworts 8th Bilbo Mugworts 4th 5th
Hobbiton Howlers Lurbag the Mean 9th Zahoor Mitchel 7th 9th
North Mordor Flying Dragons Gavin Miller 10th James Mugworts 16th 12th
Brithon Fey Galilden Facedragger 11th Galilden Facedragger 9th 10th
Mount Doom Maniacs Gleonyc Hilldweller 12th Gleonyc Hilldweller 10th 11th
Mithlond Stars Malin Pelham 13th Tied for 17th 14th
Falas Falcons Vrong the Clutcher 14th Vrong the Clutcher 12th 13th
Southfarthing Snowthorns Isengrim Sandybanks 15th Tied for 17th 16th
White Mountain Raiders Myrth Elvora 16th Myrth Elvora 11th 15th
Greenwood Greats Fashnak Nosehammer Tied for 17th Fashnak Nosehammer 15th 18th
Longbottom Belles Gerben Curelea Tied for 17th Gerben Curelea 14th 17th
Erebor Fire Drakes Arauhil Earchewer 19th Tied for 17th 19th
Helm's Deep Harriers Asphodel Black 20th Tied for 17th 20th
Prairie Hill Ponies Namli Ugly Mother 21st Tied for 17th 22nd
Lithlad Lizards Florian Luvian 22nd Florian Luvian 13th 21st
Rhosgobel Rainbow Jasmine Bracewaith 23rd Tied for 17th 23rd
Tuna Casseroles 24th Tied for 17th 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Mithlond Stars Irene Knotwise 1st Irene Knotwise 1st 1st
Minas Tirith Tigers Roignar the Stutterer 2nd Roignar the Stutterer 5th 3rd
Belfalas Bounty Saraudoc Imrilron 3rd Tied for 13th 7th
Langflood Lightning Amos the Indefinable 4th Amos the Indefinable 7th 6th
Falas Falcons Ligor Gnomedragger 5th Ligor Gnomedragger 2nd 2nd
Mount Doom Maniacs Bagak Manthrottler 6th Bagak Manthrottler 4th 5th
Ettenmoors Eruption Flambard Proudfoot 7th Flambard Proudfoot 3rd 4th
Prairie Hill Ponies Careryn Moonraper 8th Tied for 13th Tied for 8th
Helm's Deep Harriers Melchor Chiselbane 9th Melchor Chiselbane 9th Tied for 8th
Erebor Fire Drakes Marcho Kendrick 10th Marcho Kendrick 12th 10th
Eldalonde Eagles Boris Bingman 11th Boris Bingman 10th 11th
Brithon Fey L. Rhond Foetooth 12th L. Rhond Foetooth Tied for 13th 14th
Southfarthing Snowthorns Mario Salinas 13th Mario Salinas 11th 13th
Hyarastorni Sheep Massem Zeno 14th Massem Zeno 8th 12th
White Mountain Raiders Rak the Slanderou 15th Tied for 13th 15th
Ithilien Sentinels Borthak Armpoker 16th Tied for 13th 17th
Hithlum Stallions Smadkub Earkiller 17th Smadkub Earkiller 6th 16th
Lithlad Lizards Alex Graniteslinger 18th Tied for 13th 18th
Rhosgobel Rainbow Piyan Schultze 19th Tied for 13th 19th
Greenwood Greats Thimotée bin Thaqib 20th Tied for 13th 20th
Tuna Casseroles Sruuruk Kaklyugin 21st Tied for 13th 21st
Longbottom Belles Borenko Aksenovskaya 22nd Tied for 13th 22nd
Hobbiton Howlers Tied for 23rd Tied for 13th Tied for 23rd
North Mordor Flying Dragons Tied for 23rd Tied for 13th Tied for 23rd
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
North Mordor Flying Dragons Giden Eladriewen 1st Giden Eladriewen 1st 1st
Eldalonde Eagles Nugrub the Atrocious 2nd Nugrub the Atrocious 5th 3rd
Hyarastorni Sheep Nicholas Bats 3rd Nicholas Bats 8th 6th
Hobbiton Howlers Wes Eärémbor 4th Wes Eärémbor 4th 5th
Belfalas Bounty Joel Elvŕviel 5th Joel Elvŕviel 2nd 2nd
Erebor Fire Drakes Nathaniel Elrolinde Jr. 6th Nathaniel Elrolinde Jr. 10th 9th
Hithlum Stallions James Fields 7th Gandeaden Tyriand 13th 10th
Langflood Lightning Able Belil-Gal 8th Able Belil-Gal 3rd 4th
Southfarthing Snowthorns Grong the One-Eyed 9th Grong the One-Eyed 11th 11th
Brithon Fey Hal Took 10th Stanislov Bullard 7th 7th
Longbottom Belles Grurbosh Throatpoker 11th Grurbosh Throatpoker 16th 12th
Mithlond Stars Lugor Dryadslasher 12th Lugor Dryadslasher 14th 13th
Falas Falcons Lucas Salo 13th Tied for 17th 15th
Helm's Deep Harriers Menegilda Dogwood 14th Menegilda Dogwood 6th 8th
Prairie Hill Ponies Lino Headhater 15th Tied for 17th 17th
Mount Doom Maniacs C.L.R. the Nobod 16th C.L.R. the Nobod 15th 16th
Greenwood Greats Carl Sandybanks 17th Tied for 17th 19th
Tuna Casseroles Bagrot Toecrusher 18th Sascha Musiceye 9th 14th
Ithilien Sentinels Ubbe Kierkegaard 19th Ubbe Kierkegaard 12th 18th
White Mountain Raiders Elendil Elŕrŕ 20th Tied for 17th 20th
Minas Tirith Tigers Gamilhir Thrarith 21st Tied for 17th 21st
Lithlad Lizards Puung Cowstitcher 22nd Tied for 17th 22nd
Ettenmoors Eruption Adelard Aeon 23rd Tied for 17th 23rd
Rhosgobel Rainbow Honeysuckle Overturf 24th Tied for 17th 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
North Mordor Flying Dragons Fay the Tearer 1st Ruby Miller 10th 5th
Hyarastorni Sheep Thean Legedur 2nd Wogdish the Tearer 4th 2nd
Eldalonde Eagles Lyman Stonecutter 3rd Ullla Nunduil 1st 1st
Helm's Deep Harriers Somina Belebrilindë 4th Somina Belebrilindë 7th 7th
Ithilien Sentinels Ean Hilldweller 5th Ean Hilldweller 3rd 3rd
Belfalas Bounty Halauman the Goblin Killer 6th Halauman the Goblin Killer 6th 6th
Greenwood Greats Man-su Valenzvele 7th Srunk Manthrottler 2nd 4th
Mount Doom Maniacs Pruurk Heartmasher 8th Pruurk Heartmasher 5th 8th
Hobbiton Howlers Silzava Eläril 9th Adom Hammerback 12th 11th
Erebor Fire Drakes Tavbis the Slander S Tied for 10th Tavbis the Slander S 8th 9th
Langflood Lightning Amaris Evermind Tied for 10th Amaris Evermind 14th 13th
White Mountain Raiders Beren Elembor 12th Lutina Belebrilinde 9th 10th
Prairie Hill Ponies Lumdor Arwamli 13th Bilbo Green 11th 12th
Brithon Fey Ugku the Squasher 14th Ugku the Squasher 13th 14th
Mithlond Stars Wugush Headpunisher 15th Tied for 15th 15th
Minas Tirith Tigers Betsie Pennypacker 16th Tied for 15th 16th
Rhosgobel Rainbow Farag Armpoker 17th Tied for 15th 17th
Hithlum Stallions Ariagast Mousema 18th Tied for 15th 18th
Tuna Casseroles Gian-Carlo Alpoim 19th Tied for 15th 19th
Southfarthing Snowthorns Glugzug Witch-hunter 20th Tied for 15th 20th
Lithlad Lizards Burzarz Koboldchoker 21st Tied for 15th 21st
Longbottom Belles Aromli Belŕlindë 22nd Tied for 15th 22nd
Ettenmoors Eruption Tied for 23rd Tied for 15th Tied for 23rd
Falas Falcons Tied for 23rd Tied for 15th Tied for 23rd
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Ithilien Sentinels Gusil Zayas 1st Gusil Zayas 2nd 1st
White Mountain Raiders Kate Pennypacker 2nd Drigrin Cotton 1st 2nd
Helm's Deep Harriers Kenneth the Pillager 3rd Kenneth the Pillager 3rd 3rd
Hobbiton Howlers Lacey the Pink 4th Lacey the Pink 7th 6th
Greenwood Greats Petunia Moss 5th Petunia Moss 5th 5th
North Mordor Flying Dragons Gilberto the Independent 6th Gilberto the Independent 4th 4th
Hithlum Stallions Aldagrim Proudneck 7th Aldagrim Proudneck 6th 7th
Erebor Fire Drakes Ryan Kidneykiller 8th Ryan Kidneykiller 15th 9th
Prairie Hill Ponies Ruulg the Fireball 9th Ruulg the Fireball 12th 8th
Brithon Fey Gethro Goldcrusher Tied for 10th Gethro Goldcrusher 11th 10th
Mithlond Stars Saruk Muleskin Tied for 10th Saruk Muleskin 20th 16th
Langflood Lightning Gord Dona 12th Gord Dona 17th 15th
Hyarastorni Sheep Duunk Gnomebasher 13th Duunk Gnomebasher 13th 14th
Mount Doom Maniacs Menegilda Bramble 14th Menegilda Bramble 18th 17th
Eldalonde Eagles Gridish Badgerthrower 15th Gridish Badgerthrower 9th 12th
Ettenmoors Eruption Grushdrog Eyeslobberer 16th Grushdrog Eyeslobberer 8th 11th
Belfalas Bounty Virgil the Abominable 17th Virgil the Abominable 10th 13th
Southfarthing Snowthorns Esmerelda Muddyfoot 18th Esmerelda Muddyfoot 14th 18th
Falas Falcons Hob Tendertush 19th Brian Kidney P 19th 19th
Rhosgobel Rainbow Celiahil Halflingslicer 20th Tied for 21st 21st
Minas Tirith Tigers Frulok Toothchewer 21st Frulok Toothchewer 16th 20th
Tuna Casseroles Hamson Middlebrook 22nd Tied for 21st 22nd
Lithlad Lizards Nestor Spleenwhite 23rd Tied for 21st 23rd
Longbottom Belles Niall Brumbach 24th Tied for 21st 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
North Mordor Flying Dragons Erin Pelham 1st Erin Pelham 1st 1st
Hyarastorni Sheep Podush Moonbane 2nd Ferdinand Greenthumb 9th 4th
White Mountain Raiders Fridak Throatscarer 3rd Fridak Throatscarer 2nd 2nd
Greenwood Greats Sancho Hornblower 4th Sancho Hornblower 3rd 3rd
Mithlond Stars Betsie Sandyman 5th Betsie Sandyman 5th 5th
Belfalas Bounty Lennier Shaudriel Tied for 6th Lennier Shaudriel Tied for 10th 9th
Ettenmoors Eruption Bazwush Humanslurper Tied for 6th Bazwush Humanslurper 8th 8th
Eldalonde Eagles Legeron Arwodriel 8th Mounir Gollailob 7th 7th
Langflood Lightning Namak Handthrower 9th Namak Handthrower 14th 13th
Brithon Fey Rafe Gollaund 10th Rafe Gollaund Tied for 10th 11th
Hobbiton Howlers Valacol Ratgobber 11th Otakar Laffont 13th 12th
Prairie Hill Ponies Naggek Facestomper 12th Naggek Facestomper 6th 10th
Southfarthing Snowthorns Vorah Halialf 13th Rona Walekino 4th 6th
Rhosgobel Rainbow Kate Overturf 14th Tied for 16th 14th
Ithilien Sentinels Marcho Bunce 15th Hamo Glombor Tied for 16th 16th
Helm's Deep Harriers Dialla Elvulith 16th Tied for 16th 17th
Falas Falcons Ko-Rei Gollailob 17th Tied for 16th 18th
Minas Tirith Tigers Bulbo Hill 18th Tied for 16th 19th
Erebor Fire Drakes Laweye Canchola 19th Laweye Canchola 12th 15th
Longbottom Belles Gotam Solero 20th Gotam Solero 15th 20th
Mount Doom Maniacs Zéphirin McFalls 21st Tied for 16th 21st
Tuna Casseroles Mahműd Luciani 22nd Tied for 16th 22nd
Hithlum Stallions Tied for 23rd Tied for 16th Tied for 23rd
Lithlad Lizards Tied for 23rd Tied for 16th Tied for 23rd
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Langflood Lightning Grimag Moonripper 1st Grimag Moonripper 2nd 1st
Greenwood Greats Diathor Willew 2nd Vrsal Nailslobberer 1st 2nd
Mithlond Stars Mario Denprinz 3rd Cemal Agrela 5th 5th
Longbottom Belles Halir Throatprodder 4th Por the Crusher 3rd 3rd
Hithlum Stallions Yoriyoshi Mathon 5th Yoriyoshi Mathon 4th 4th
Hyarastorni Sheep Meriadoc Knotwise 6th Bosco Rowbery 16th 9th
Belfalas Bounty Ponto Bats 7th Ponto Bats 6th 6th
Helm's Deep Harriers May Green 8th May Green 7th 7th
Southfarthing Snowthorns Garag the Wretched 9th Gallin Schmollinger 8th 8th
Mount Doom Maniacs Flambard Tussle 10th Roderic Bracegirdle 19th 15th
North Mordor Flying Dragons Kuukar Badgermangler 11th Kuukar Badgermangler 12th 11th
Minas Tirith Tigers Abguk Throatshaker 12th Abguk Throatshaker 10th 10th
Falas Falcons Carly Boffin 13th Carly Boffin 18th 17th
Ithilien Sentinels Lulaklenzi Snider 14th Lulaklenzi Snider 11th 13th
Ettenmoors Eruption Vrsorbag Starslobberer 15th EwungaGoiba Gabourel 9th 12th
Hobbiton Howlers Galeadoc Olyrnn 16th Asteroid Blaster Curumo 13th 14th
Rhosgobel Rainbow Eiamir Picón 17th Eiamir Picón 14th 16th
Prairie Hill Ponies Chukky Hill 18th Harto Sierras 15th 18th
Erebor Fire Drakes Rufus Taralom 19th Lidish Heartdragger 20th 20th
Eldalonde Eagles Gaspare Ryan 20th 24th 21st
Brithon Fey Marcelo Fumlefot 21st Vrsorbag Humanslammer 17th 19th
Tuna Casseroles Jason the Persecuted 22nd Jason the Persecuted 22nd 22nd
White Mountain Raiders Gordon Glarion 23rd Gordon Glarion 23rd 23rd
Lithlad Lizards Fruulg Soldavila 24th Fruulg Soldavila 21st 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Longbottom Belles Kate Roadapple 1st Thema Mobley 2nd 1st
North Mordor Flying Dragons Camellia Pelham 2nd Tied for 11th 4th
Mount Doom Maniacs Phantina Elrand 3rd Melkum Trabucho 8th 3rd
Hobbiton Howlers Celain Buckland 4th Celain Buckland 1st 2nd
Ettenmoors Eruption James Boffin 5th Bhagana Osterberg 4th 5th
Hithlum Stallions Tanta Dogwood 6th Tadzog the Hated 9th 6th
Eldalonde Eagles Framer Gemli 7th Shima The Fell 5th 7th
Minas Tirith Tigers Gundabald Proudfoot 8th Frodo Willow 7th 9th
Belfalas Bounty Eeahil Doyle 9th Eeahil Doyle 6th 8th
Falas Falcons Gwahil Mangro 10th Tied for 11th 10th
Ithilien Sentinels Dejbis Moneybasket 11th Tied for 11th 12th
Rhosgobel Rainbow Dam Gollaiden 12th Dejaah Moonblanke 3rd 11th
Lithlad Lizards Edgar Silverfish 13th Tied for 11th 13th
Greenwood Greats Ji Tone 14th Tied for 11th 14th
Brithon Fey Marcho Willow 15th Tied for 11th 15th
Southfarthing Snowthorns Dillon Celŕldor 16th Tied for 11th 16th
White Mountain Raiders Erin Green 17th Tied for 11th 17th
Hyarastorni Sheep Marroc Bunce 18th Tied for 11th 18th
Helm's Deep Harriers David Brownlock 19th Tied for 11th 19th
Mithlond Stars Marroc Muddyfoot 20th Ahanmani Mashkara Tied for 11th 20th
Tuna Casseroles Ekabhakta Bancila 21st Ekabhakta Bancila 10th 21st
Prairie Hill Ponies Diego Brandes 22nd Tied for 11th 22nd
Erebor Fire Drakes Adkush Heartcutter 23rd Tied for 11th 23rd
Langflood Lightning Reuben Kijana 24th Tied for 11th 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
North Mordor Flying Dragons Vark Gnomehammer 1st Tied for 17th 4th
Hithlum Stallions Keran Toemasher 2nd Nerog the Disreputable 3rd 2nd
Belfalas Bounty Eeahil Doyle 3rd Isidoro Halind 6th 3rd
Greenwood Greats Grego the Dead 4th Glendon Dahlquist 1st 1st
Falas Falcons Gwahil Mangro 5th Tied for 17th 9th
Langflood Lightning Phaitina Greenly 6th Phaitina Greenly 15th 7th
Longbottom Belles Godush Ettincrawler 7th Godush Ettincrawler 11th 6th
Helm's Deep Harriers Elessar The Odd 8th Tied for 17th 10th
Ithilien Sentinels Ellsworth Daggerscarer 9th Ellsworth Daggerscarer 4th 5th
Ettenmoors Eruption Nick Pelham 10th Tied for 17th 14th
Hobbiton Howlers Theoden Hamm 11th Theoden Hamm 5th 8th
Mount Doom Maniacs Ghudkuh Soirbag 12th Ghudkuh Soirbag 14th 13th
Prairie Hill Ponies Phrank Rex 13th Tied for 17th 16th
Erebor Fire Drakes Sim Tussle 14th Tied for 17th 17th
Lithlad Lizards Fruulg Soldavila 15th Fruulg Soldavila 9th 12th
Minas Tirith Tigers Tessema Galialas 16th Tessema Galialas 7th 15th
Mithlond Stars Splin of Mirkwood 17th Splin of Mirkwood 2nd 11th
Rhosgobel Rainbow Born Mosseater 18th Tied for 17th 22nd
Eldalonde Eagles Simăo O'Mullery 19th Simăo O'Mullery 10th 19th
Tuna Casseroles Devrim Brun 20th Devrim Brun 13th 20th
White Mountain Raiders Nisin Schep 21st Tied for 17th 23rd
Hyarastorni Sheep Kanakarasa Emlin 22nd Kanakarasa Emlin 8th 18th
Southfarthing Snowthorns Yuba Tumanishvili 23rd Yuba Tumanishvili 12th 21st
Brithon Fey Galust Carapeta 24th Galust Carapeta 16th 24th
Monday, March 13th, 2017 - OOTP Baseball 17.12 Build 75