Name 2029 2030 2031 2032 2033 2034 2035 2036 2037 2038
Gredoc Foemasher $19.3m $18.8m $18.3m $17.9m(T) $17.9m(T)
Hob Rego $12.0m $12.0m $12.0m
Halildur Tunnelbender $8.1m $8.6m $9.1m
Prorbag Brainthrottler $8.1m $8.1m $8.1m $8.1m $8.1m
Baztrak the Vague $7.5m $8.5m $8.5m
Crystal Green $6.0m
Glafur Puñal $3.6m $4.2m $5.2m $5.2m $5.2m $5.2m
Timlus Beardsmelter $3.4m $3.4m $3.4m(V)
Pansy Mugworts $3.0m
Snikbad No-Tooth $2.9m $4.2m $5.3m $6.1m(T)
Dinodas Bolger $2.4m $2.8m(A) $2.8m(A) $2.8m(A)
Glosin Elfhand $2.1m
Nazbag the Story-teller $1.9m $2.2m(A) $2.2m(A) $2.2m(A)
Teun Stonesoup $1.5m
Omar Bugbearjuggler $1.0m $1.2m(A)
Kingsfriend Belulinde $980k $1.2m
Migan Orcsmith $970k
Isumbras Millstone $950k $432k $432k $1.1m(A) $1.1m(A) $1.1m(A)
Mimsh Moonpoker $850k
Vabis Lomadriethien $683k $840k(A) $840k(A) $840k(A)
Thraryn *Samarkand $432k $432k $432k $432k $432k $432k $432k
Gignar Armorarm $432k $650k(A) $650k(A) $650k(A)
Beama Celim $432k $432k $432k $650k(A) $650k(A) $650k(A)
Hildibrand Dap $432k $432k $432k $3.9m(A) $3.9m(A) $3.9m(A)
Celomer Earaldor $432k $432k $432k $432k $650k(A) $650k(A) $650k(A)
Gandaudur Eäräthien $432k $432k $432k $3.0m(A) $3.0m(A) $3.0m(A)
Erurbag Footthrower $432k
Flora Glang $432k $432k $432k $432k $900k(A) $900k(A) $900k(A)
Dudo Hornblower $432k $432k $432k $1.6m(A) $1.6m(A) $1.6m(A)
Bulbo Moss $432k $432k $432k $3.4m(A) $3.4m(A) $3.4m(A)
Nee of Lake Town $432k $432k $432k $432k $650k(A) $650k(A) $650k(A)
Ferdibrand Pelham $432k $432k $432k $650k(A) $650k(A) $650k(A)
Bodo Sandyman $432k $432k $432k $432k $700k(A) $700k(A) $700k(A)
Boreagrin Saruman $432k $432k $432k $650k(A) $650k(A) $650k(A)
Kagan Son of Boimli $432k $432k $432k $432k $650k(A) $650k(A) $650k(A)
Dudrak the Fanged $432k $432k $432k $432k $650k(A) $650k(A) $650k(A)
Elreamer Tyriand $432k $432k $432k $432k $650k(A) $650k(A) $650k(A)
TOTAL $94.5m $83.5m $83.2m $62.1m $51.4m $25.4m $5.3m
This league is powered by Out of the Park Baseball, the baseball management simulation game for PC, Mac and Linux
Friday, April 18th, 2014 - OOTP Baseball 14.7 Build 42