Sunday, June 24th, 2035
Released RP Darwoo Runereader.
Released 2B Celilthor Tinürion.
Released 3B Um'tai Belerith.
Released C Elrealob Earorfilith.
Released RF Splint the Devastate.
Released 3B Fuunai the Grim.
Released SS Dejahth Anilmathien.
CF Snugbug the Straggler joins the team.
SS Ruumak Colop joins the team.
C Armel Koumaditis joins the team.
Friday, June 15th, 2035
Released SS Hagugh Giantslurper.
Released SP Skiknug Bloodcrawler.
Released 3B Thaija Mistwinter.
Released SP Bligmub Trollgobbler.
Released SP Paladin Underhill.
Released SP Krag Facestomper.
Released SP Haricapa Papoulis.
SP Buudush Adronyk joins the team.
LF Luigino La'Lin joins the team.
Tuesday, June 27th, 2034
Released RP Vorzava Siand.
Released RF Razrhot Footkicker.
Released RF Guukar the Masher.
Released RP Thaija Fil-Gar.
Released RP Kin Carstensen.
Signed Manager Arwoma Arwaun to a 2-year contract extension.
CF Will Gilmore joins the team.
SP Wulak Fanarjian joins the team.
Thursday, June 15th, 2034
Released CF Gligzub Manthrottler.
Released SS Aremer Devilhammer.
Released SS Golmazh Throatprodder.
Released SP Ardatai Earadriewen.
Released CF Niall Brumbach.
C Bludak the Cow-catcher joins the team.
1B Anastasio Sanvoval joins the team.
CF Bulgha Hearteater joins the team.
Sunday, June 26th, 2033
Released RP Zudor Iselinde.
Released RP Orangeblossom Bunce.
SS Hagugh Giantslurper joins the team.
3B Thaija Mistwinter joins the team.
SP Folcard Bracegirdle joins the team.
SP Bligmub Trollgobbler joins the team.
SP Paladin Underhill joins the team.
Wednesday, June 15th, 2033
Released SP Axel Heusler.
Released SP Baira Leitch.
Released SP Prong Nosebasher.
Released SP Bercilac Ramblebucket.
Released SP Adkush Heartcutter.
Released SP Wukor Shauma.
SP Skiknug Bloodcrawler joins the team.
SP Haricapa Papoulis joins the team.
SP Krag Facestomper joins the team.
SP Egiodeo Naniloa joins the team.
SP Magnus Eavesdropper joins the team.
LF Snoblug Hammerscarer joins the team.
Thursday, November 16th, 2017 - OOTP Baseball 18.8 Build 76