Saturday, June 15th, 2030
Released SP Kuukar Badgermangler.
Released 3B Boriathor Starlight.
SP Pervinca Bauwyn joins the team.
SP Vorria *Dogsb joins the team.
SP Boredriel Elund joins the team.
SP Erin Green joins the team.
1B Leoril Neilsen joins the team.
3B Thaithor TinŗlindŽ joins the team.
LF Mar the Garolous joins the team.
Monday, June 10th, 2030
Released RF Gakak Ogredragger.
Released SP Sool the Massive.
Released SP Gibur Beardworker.
Released SS Gosin Oremaster.
Released SS Celebalata Ešršthien.
Released 2B Anson Proudneck.
Released 3B Bognar Stonetearer.
Released SP Tavseen Tandir.
Released C Visur Hammerbeater.
GM Balin Anvilcutter retires.
Signed Pitching Coach Lasil Nora to a 2-year contract extension.
Team Trainer Gamialbo Belan leaves the team, his contract was not renewed.
CF Allyson *of Ereb joins the team.
SP Ulthor Grub joins the team.
SP Kuuggek Lerma joins the team.
SP Boraumli Arwamli joins the team.
C Guillermo Page joins the team.
C Sirbag Throatshaker joins the team.
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