Saturday, June 15th, 2030
Released 3B Irene Knotwise.
Released CF Gloilin Tunnelmover.
Released SP Borin Musictears.
SP Sokak tThe Deathless joins the team.
SP Nusur Edmond joins the team.
SP Cenni Paredes joins the team.
SP Albert Shipley joins the team.
1B Nim Brasshands joins the team.
3B Gandogast Galebririth joins the team.
LF Gandomli Emeraldmallet joins the team.
RF Aurelio Belulith joins the team.
2B Gandauthor Couto joins the team.
Monday, June 10th, 2030
Released 3B Dwalin Denugorn.
Released 2B Golloron Lómithien.
Released MR Phanlla Grudgemaster.
Released SP Betsie Willowbottom.
Released CL Dalo Throatscarer.
Released MR Denise Greenthumb.
Released 1B Grotlakh Handwalker.
Released 1B Moinus Domenech.
Released LF Galdur Elvorion.
Released C Pruugush Moonpoker.
Released MR Thaimli Tinalinde.
Released SP Wilak the Slobberer.
Signed General Manager Ruby Muddyfoot to a 3-year contract extension.
Signed Hitting Coach Mauro Gallegos to a 2-year contract extension.
SS T.S. Cole joins the team.
SP Dana Derrocrawler joins the team.
SP Gandeagast Sachi joins the team.
SP Mosin Holgate joins the team.
SP Damir Grimoire joins the team.
C Vuran Dill joins the team.
C Wart Starslobberer joins the team.
2B Claude Fariamli joins the team.
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