Position Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Catchers Vruudish Ettincrawler 15th Dejtina Thrilmanduil Tied for 2nd 15th
First Basemen Progdish No-Tooth 16th Grulo the Insane Tied for 1st 16th
Second Basemen Elreamer Tyriand 14th Fikak Clubslicer Tied for 1st 14th
Third Basemen Radand Derroslammer 14th Gwogorn Skeen Tied for 2nd 14th
Shortstops Kar Goblinmaster 12th Kimria the Slob Tied for 4th 12th
Left Fielders Gilgaril Merauman 14th Pruurk Gnomedragger Tied for 3rd 15th
Center Fielders Karan Ringarm 12th Vrurbag Ogreripper Tied for 4th 13th
Right Fielders Mad Evilcub 12th Baran Schaefer Tied for 1st 12th
Starting Pitchers Russon Yourphylo 9th Tied for 2nd 10th
Relievers Dilo Handthrower 6th Saurk Throatslobber 1st 1st
Closers Iseahil Noriand 9th Leftear Armormaker 3rd 4th
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