Pos Name Age 2035 2036 2037 2038 2039 2040 2041 2042 2043 2044
RP Janis Joplin 36 $18.6m
LF Pudrak Took 27 $5.3m
SS Linda Goodbody 24 $4.5m $5.0m(A) $5.0m(A)
CF David Hornblower 25 $2.8m $3.2m(A)
RP Radiagrin Headstrong 26 $2.7m
C Sarkla Eärémbor 28 $1.9m
CF Susan Undomiel the Charred 25 $1.9m $2.3m(A) $2.3m(A)
1B Falir Chiseltooth 32 $1.0m $1.2m(A) $1.2m(A)
C Vuugush Devilgobbler 29 $870k $1.0m(A) $1.0m(A) $1.0m(A#)
2B Roger the Untidy 29 $850k
3B Serin Tookes 26 $850k
LF Blaennyn the Changed Man 29 $800k
RP Celiahil Nazgul 32 $750k $850k(A)
2B Sjors Brainslasher 25 $650k $750k(A) $750k(A)
SP Holfast Mulhall 28 $650k $750k(A) $750k(A)
RP Pervinca Hornblower 26 $600k $600k(auto) $700k(A*) $700k(A) $700k(A) $700k(A)
CF Shatai Elváril 26 $502k $502k(auto) $600k(A*) $600k(A) $600k(A) $600k(A)
SP Fay Goodbody 26 $502k $650k(A) $650k(A) $650k(A)
SP Jay *Frieswirth 22 $400k $400k $400k $400k $400k $400k
SP Tobi Baggins 25 $400k $650k(A*) $650k(A) $650k(A) $650k(A)
C David Black 27 $400k $600k(A) $600k(A) $600k(A)
SP Kurboz Dwarfpunisher 24 $400k(*) $400k(auto) $510k(A*) $510k(A*) $510k(A) $510k(A) $510k(A#)
RP Thuvvia Eladriendil 25 $400k $650k(A*) $650k(A) $650k(A) $650k(A)
CF Ugrueth Eowilmandil 25 $400k(*) $400k(auto) $510k(A*) $510k(A*) $510k(A) $510k(A) $510k(A#)
RP Berliac Hedgeworth 24 $400k $400k(auto) $510k(A*) $510k(A) $510k(A) $510k(A)
CL Lagush Humancrawler 25 $400k $650k(A*) $650k(A) $650k(A) $650k(A)
1B Grama Hurtubise 24 $400k(*) $400k(auto) $510k(A*) $510k(A*) $510k(A) $510k(A) $510k(A#)
RF Legil Lomymbor 24 $400k(*) $510k(A*) $510k(A) $510k(A) $510k(A#)
3B Amrynn Moonsbreath 24 $400k $400k(auto) $510k(A) $510k(A) $510k(A)
C Lucas Orcmaker 27 $400k $400k(auto) $510k(A*) $510k(A) $510k(A) $510k(A)
SP Hob Peatfingers 25 $400k $400k(auto) $510k(A*) $510k(A) $510k(A) $510k(A)
1B Floror Sawen 24 $400k $400k(auto) $950k(A) $950k(A) $950k(A)
3B Vrugar the Wretched 27 $400k $400k(auto) $510k(A) $510k(A) $510k(A)
TOTAL $51.7m $23.9m $21.4m $11.4m $9.2m $4.8m $1.5m $0 $0 $0
Legend: auto = auto-renew contract, V = Vesting Option, T = Team Option, P = Player Option, A = Arbitration Eligible, A* = possibly Arbitration eligible, else auto-renew, A# = possible FA eligible, else arbitration, MiLC=Minor League Contract, O=Player holds opt-out after the season, *=players in minors on league minimum deals are only paid 16.5% of their salary while in the minors
Thursday, April 27th, 2017 - OOTP Baseball 17.12 Build 75