Pos Name Age 2036 2037 2038 2039 2040 2041 2042 2043 2044 2045
LF Celillbo Arwiama 30 $27.2m $27.2m $27.2m(T) $28.6m(A) $28.6m(A) $28.6m(A)
RF Holfast Middlebrook 33 $12.6m $12.6m $12.6m $12.6m(T)
SP Flem Kidneydragger 30 $8.3m $8.7m $8.7m $8.7m $8.7m(P)
2B Muumsh Toebelly 29 $8.1m $9.2m $10.3m $11.9m $11.9m
C Celimir Elreodriel 28 $6.4m $8.5m $10.6m $10.6m
RP Arwauhir The Sling 29 $5.8m(^) $8.4m(^) $8.4m(^) $21.0m(auto) $12.0m(A*) $12.0m(A) $12.0m(A) $12.0m(A)
CL David Brownlock 30 $4.9m $5.8m(A) $6.8m(A)
SP Ecthel the Slob 28 $4.5m $4.5m $4.5m
RF Ruzdug Manthrottler 34 $4.3m $4.8m(A) $4.8m(A)
SP Subur Táng 35 $3.1m $3.1m(T)
RP Mimosa Black 34 $2.9m $3.4m(A) $3.4m(A) $3.4m(A)
SP Arweadriel Eläril 30 $2.8m
3B Hildibrand Bridger 34 $1.7m
RP Galdur Freadur 33 $1.7m
RP Rasman Galindil 28 $1.7m $2.0m(A)
RP Isseen Elvolad 32 $1.5m
CF Malin Roadapple 36 $780k $900k(A) $900k(A) $900k(A)
1B Fesil Stonethrottler 34 $780k $780k(auto) $780k(auto) $780k(auto) $900k(A*) $900k(A) $900k(A) $900k(A)
1B Elrelf Dolfenien 34 $710k $710k(auto) $710k(auto) $710k(auto) $800k(A*) $800k(A) $800k(A) $800k(A)
2B Ligar Shegorn 33 $690k $690k(auto) $690k(auto) $800k(A*) $800k(A) $800k(A) $800k(A)
RP Gliran Earthshaper 34 $560k $650k(A) $650k(A)
SP Isor Arkenston 29 $502k $4.8m(A) $7.2m(A) $9.6m(A)
1B Pimpernel Banks 29 $502k $502k(auto) $1.3m(A) $1.8m(A) $2.5m(A)
SP Isiln Belelad 34 $502k $502k(auto) $502k(auto) $650k(A*) $650k(A) $650k(A) $650k(A)
LF Sim Buckland 28 $502k
RP Glasil Earthjuggler 27 $502k $502k(auto) $502k(auto) $502k(auto) $650k(A*) $650k(A) $650k(A) $650k(A)
1B Sufur Earthsnapper 33 $502k $502k(auto) $600k(A) $600k(A) $600k(A)
CF Voinus Fareomli 30 $502k
SS Huurg Handthrower 29 $502k $502k(auto) $600k(A*) $600k(A) $600k(A) $600k(A)
1B Barliman J. Legáldor 32 $502k $502k(auto) $502k(auto) $502k(auto) $600k(A*) $600k(A) $600k(A) $600k(A)
SP Gruulak the Basher 29 $502k $502k(auto) $502k(auto) $600k(A*) $600k(A) $600k(A) $600k(A)
RP Fumli Trolltearer 36 $502k $502k(auto) $502k(auto) $650k(A*) $650k(A) $800k(A) $1.1m(A)
CF Henry Twelvetoes 28 $502k $502k(auto) $998k(A*) $1.2m(A) $1.7m(A) $2.3m(A)
RP Hildibrand Bauwyn 28 $400k $400k(auto) $400k(auto) $400k(auto) $600k(A*) $600k(A) $600k(A) $650k(A)
RP Fastolph Black 28 $400k $400k(auto) $400k(auto) $400k(auto) $650k(A*) $650k(A) $650k(A) $650k(A)
CF Galaron Bramble 30 $400k $400k(auto) $400k(auto) $510k(A*) $510k(A) $510k(A) $510k(A)
C Lumth Earaldor 27 $400k $400k(auto) $400k(auto) $650k(A*) $650k(A) $650k(A) $650k(A)
LF Vatok Elendil 26 $400k $400k(auto) $400k(auto) $400k(auto) $510k(A*) $510k(A) $510k(A) $510k(A)
RP Bushnakh Elephantdicer 27 $400k $400k(auto) $400k(auto) $400k(auto) $510k(A*) $510k(A) $510k(A) $510k(A)
RP Arweand Elreodriel 26 $400k $400k(auto) $550k(A) $900k(A) $1.2m(A)
SP Primrose Goodbody 25 $400k $400k(auto) $400k(auto) $400k(auto) $536k(A*) $536k(A) $536k(A) $536k(A)
3B Berkant Headpunisher 26 $400k $400k(auto) $400k(auto) $400k(auto) $600k(A*) $600k(A) $600k(A) $600k(A)
LF Candrata Madariaga 26 $400k(*) MiLC MiLC MiLC $510k(A*) $510k(A) $510k(A) $510k(A)
SS Sillbo Moonripper 25 $400k $400k(auto) $400k(auto) $400k(auto) $510k(A*) $510k(A) $510k(A) $510k(A)
RP Sindre Spearripper 25 $400k $400k(auto) $400k(auto) $400k(auto) $600k(A*) $600k(A) $600k(A) $600k(A)
RP Vorseen Tandir 29 $400k $400k(auto) $400k(auto) $510k(A*) $510k(A) $510k(A) $510k(A)
2B Kubmak the Crazy 26 $400k $400k(auto) $400k(auto) $650k(A*) $650k(A) $650k(A) $650k(A)
RP Susnug the Tearer 27 $400k $400k(auto) $400k(auto) $510k(A*) $510k(A) $510k(A) $510k(A)
TOTAL $113.0m $116.8m $120.0m $123.5m $81.3m $57.1m $26.0m $20.0m $0 $0
Legend: auto = auto-renew contract, V = Vesting Option, T = Team Option, P = Player Option, A = Arbitration Eligible, A* = possibly Arbitration eligible, else auto-renew, A# = possible FA eligible, else arbitration, MiLC=Minor League Contract, O=Player holds opt-out after the season, R=Retained Salary Player, ^=Team portion, *=players in minors on league minimum deals are only paid 16.5% of their salary while in the minors
Thursday, March 15th, 2018 - OOTP Baseball 18.8 Build 76