• Jules
    Wednesday, March 30th, 2011 at 13:19 | #1

    I’ve been smitten by Justin Townes Earle’s “Yuma” this week, simple stuff but kinda precious.

  • Ric The Schmuck
    Sunday, April 3rd, 2011 at 12:09 | #2

    As I know nothing current (or close to it) I’ll be the guy to dig into the way-back machine, and suggest stuff that we used to do, and should be do-able in your current format.

    “Things We Said Today” might be cool to hear.

    Why don’t you go really retro, and knock out something fun that we can hear you work that guitar at the same time? Pick a Chuck Berry song and put your 2011 touch on it.

    Last one. How about your own work up of “Take Me To the River”?

    Unrelated to what we used to play, pick a Johnny Cash song to do. I realize it’s strange for me to be asking for Johnny Cash songs, but I love hearing you do them.

    Looking forward to hearing whatever it is you decide to do.

    On a different note, a had a grand chuckle the other night at the Eagles club where I play pool. (And occasionally sit in with one of Jim’s bands. That’s a whole other story…)

    They had a band playing that evening, made up of guys who must’ve been in their mid-20’s. They’re playing standard bar-fare. I’m in the other room playing pool, and I hear “Psycho Killer.” Smile.

    A little later, “Shakin’ All Over”. Now they’ve got my attention.

    Next set, halfway through… “Dead Flowers.” I kid you not. I smiled the rest of the night. Meant to mention that to Jim, will do so next time I see him, 4/16. Yup, he plays every month at the club now.

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