July 31, 2002

Chicken Jelly

What is this chicken jelly you ask? It is an old recipe involving chickens. This is greatly enjoyed by children today. You may think when your kids say may *scratch that* can I have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich they may mean grape or strawberry jelly. What they really want is Chicken Jelly. They are just too polite *scratch that* oblivious to actually notice. You should see the commercials they see when you aren't watching.

Mom: Today I thought I should turn you into a conformist by giving you the school child sandwich....Peanut Butter and Jelly.
Child: What kind of jelly did you put on my sandwich mommy?? Grape...Strawberry...Raspberry??
Mom: No, I put Chicken Jelly on your sandwich!
Child: Yay!
Break into song and dance
What kind of jelly do I want?? Chi..ken.. Jel..ly
What kind of jelly do YOU want?? Chi..ken..Jel..ly
What kind of jelly will YOUR mommy buyyiiiiiiyah. Chicken...Chicken...Chicken!
To get the recipe for chicken jelly send a pre-stamped envelope to:
1234 Get off of my lawn you crazy kids

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July 30, 2002

Ahhhh neopets the blessed savior of all.

Coware at my kougra's feet and beg for mercy! She is level 10 and shall kick your bottems. By joining you shall help my riegn raise from just lord of the kitty people to lord of the neopia! I shall make Adam beg for mercy! Bwahahahahahahaha!
Join today by clicking Here
By the way this is a great kids site!

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Austin Powers 3!

Austin Powers 3 was one of the stupidest movies I have ever seen. In fact it was so stupid I loved it! The whole point of Austin Powers is to be stupid! 3 has been the best yet! I encourge you all to go see it, And then grovel at my feet for my good movie advice and declare me lord of all!

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July 14, 2002

Solonor had one and I wanted one too...

Of course you already know that I am PEPPERKAT, SLAYER OF BUNNIES, EATER OF FLUFFERNUTTER SANDWICHES. FWHAHAHAHAHA! Now I have a blog all my own, AND ALL YOU MORTALS WILL BE FORCED TO READ IT. BWAHAHAHAHA! Oops lost the happy, but the happys back. Well if want to read this please do. If you don't then I can SUMMON DEMONS TO TUANT YOU ALL THE DAY LONG! Oh dear, looks like my other self is coming out to stay.

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