October 11, 2002

What highschool stereotype are you quiz

Take the What High School
Stereotype Are You?
quiz, by Angel.

As if I didn't already know.

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October 02, 2002

More books!

I haven't been keeping up with my book reviews. Shame on me. *does finger thing meaning shame on you* Well ok. Here yah go.

If I Should Die Before I Wake
I finished this book a while ago. It was a fantastic book about a teenage neo-nazi named Harriet and a teenage jewish girl named Chana. Actually its the same person. Harriet gets in a motorcycle accident and is sent to a jewish hospital. While in a coma she dreams about a girl named Chana. Suddenly she is living Chana's life during World War II. Chana and her family are sent to concentration camps and only 1 survives. It is a captivating book and I suggest it for anyone interested in WWII or anyone who is between the ages of 12-15 or higher. My mother even liked it!

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People to People

Well. Lets start from the beginning.

One day a couple of months ago I recieved a letter from People to People Student embassador programs. I was very excited as I opened it because my friend got one last year. The letter basicaly said I was nominated by a teacher to goto Europe for 22 days with P2P.

I went to a info meeting and an interview and now its finial. I can go if I get enough money! $5,ooo ouch thats a lot.

So now I have to do a loooooooooooooooot of fundraiseing! If you have any ideas please post them in the comments.

Well that was my little piece of useless dribble.

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This is an essay I had to write on freedom for English class. I hope you enjoy it!

What does freedom mean to you? The definition of freedom is: Liberty of the person from slavery, detention, or oppression. Americans have three major freedoms: The freedom of speech, the freedom to worship god in your own way, and the freedom to engage in the pursuit of happiness. All these should be done without prosecution. Americans are entitled to many other freedoms as well.
The freedom of speech is the freedom to say whatever you see fit. In America you can criticize the government or talk to authorities no matter your age or sex. In some other countries this is only a dream. People are beaten for trying to do such things that we take for granted. The freedom of speech is very important indeed.
Religion is a temper mental thing. In America you may worship any god in any legal way and you won't suffer government prosecution. In other countries it is not this way. Even in America religious prosecution remains. The government can't do anything to stop your worship but others may try. Many will disrespect your customs and faith.
Happiness. Isn't that one of your priorities? To make oneself happy is one of the greatest triumphs anyone could manage. Happiness is an important thing in everyone’s life. Without some happiness in your life you may go into depression, a state of mind where many try to end their suffering by killing themselves. It's a scary thought.
In conclusion freedom means different things to different people. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. That right there is even a freedom we have. I only mentioned three of many freedoms we have. I hope you will think a little more about these freedoms after what happened on September 11, 2001, and remember what we are all fighting for!

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