November 29, 2002

YAYYY I finally got a head!

I drew a body on Monday...It took about an hour and fifteen minutes...It took me 4 days to draw the head...

Anyway...I got 2 head shots done today. I'm in a good mood so they aren't to miseriable.

Of course just about everything I do somehow relates to the role plays that I do. They are mi 2 newest rp characters. Zephyr and Alex. I think I'll draw Pix. Pix is Alex's pet mouse. Pix saved the day a couple of nights ago. It was cool.

I just looked at mi pic of Zephyr again...I was wrong...he is meserible...oh well...He doesn't smile anyway. I guess this just goes to show you...I can't draw.

I'm going to go wallow in self pity now...

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White Kougra!

Today I got up earlier than I do when I have school...Just to get a cute little plushie...actually the main reason I got it was 1. Its mi favorite neopet and 2. Its larger than the others...Now I have a collection of: White Ashia, Purple Chia, Faerie Kougra, Halloween Ashia, and White Kougra...I'm soooo happy!

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November 27, 2002

BEST Present Ever!!

Mi friend Ashley (now called SnozzWiz) got me the best present for mi birthday. Better even than the Anne Muray Christmas CD that the rents gave me. She got me A lovely card and a book called....are you ready for it.....are you sure.....better run a series of tests to see if you are....Whut do you mean I'm going to far.....screw you!....

The Ultimate Hitchhikers Guide!!!! YAYYYYYY

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MP3s, AMVs, and WTE RULE!!!

Okay...I'll admit I have been obsesing over System Of A Down (also known SoaD...not to be confuzzled with SOAB *which I will NOT explain for those little ears out there*) I have been listening to Chop Suey to much (meaning I'm driving the rents crazy)...So...after hearing Chop Suey, Breath, and In The End so many times I decided to ask Whiney for help...he of course has WinAmp (MP3 Player for those who don't know)...He helped me put WinAmp on mi computer and I added many songs to mi list...I have a total of 52 MP3s on it. Including to 10 second WinAmp Intro (WinAmp *echo WinAmp* we really kick the llamas ass.) And the 50 second White Stripes Song, "Little Room". I'm a happy little camper...

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November 22, 2002

Poem test

Okay....I took a test in English was really easy for those of us who know the load of $#!% it was on. Now granted some of the other kids in mi class can have a sudden flash of intelect...but not often. *note: I have very little esteem for mi peers* If I were the girl beside me or the boy in the front I would have failed the test because of mi horrible vocabulary. I lukily knew what the word alias meant...NO ONE ELSE DID!!! does this make me extremely coo and smart....NO this makes me the outcast....oh well....They couldn't say picturesque either...they didn't know half of the words on that test....
this is the question that blew mi mind...
5. the author of Macavity: the Mystery Cat compared Macavity to Napolean Bonapart....why?
a. Napolean was a criminal
b. it is his real name, Macavity is just an alias.
so on and so forth......
And so ends mi rant....I feel better now.

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A whole bunch of crap

GDI this is the third time I have had to write this!!! You better enjoy this!!!!

this is a dude from Kodocha (Kodomo no Omocha) which is an anime that I really want to watch....but can't because I haven't figured out how yet....

This is a funny pic that refused to show up...

not a screamer but turn on the speakers

a very odd game

just plain odd....


This is funny

Push me!



learn to drive

Insanity Test


Doodie Olypics

Burger King






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Seeing as its mi B-day

well....I think I should say something.....................................uhmm..............tainted doughnuts!
uhhh every time someone at mi school has a b-day on a school day they get thousands of balloons.......Mi friend and I came up wit a great plan to do today.....I am going to bring a poped balloon tied to a really stiff string so that I can hold it above mi head......isn't that just the bees knees.....

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November 20, 2002

bored out of mi mind

I found miself incredibly bored today...yup....I got mi progress report *hides in corner*

comic book guy (the simpsons): Worst Grades Ever..

A in Chorus (do de do)
A in Geography (snore)
B in Gym (how the *beep* do you get a B in gym?)
B in Science (a B in mi best subject....unheardof)
C in English (OMG A C!!!!!!!! *faints*)
C in Math (this is not true...on a report card it would have been a B)

eek! *rocks back and forth*

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November 12, 2002

In the Spagetti

Weird thingy in 3.....2.....1

Last night as I sat at the table in Olive Garden and pondered about myself I discovered...I'm in the Spagetti...On the outside I am this out-going, sweet, happy girl....On the Inside I am this inner turmoil, stay-away from me, depressed thing....I'm not sure which I really am....So...I am somewhere in-between....IN THE SPAGETTI...

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November 10, 2002

Quint's Death Song

I just wrote this song/poem/thing while rping...I seem to get my best Ideas from my

Ender Icies is one of my characters...he is dying at the moment...Quint has been trying to heal him and gives up after he sings the song...

My rps are always sad...

I hear a knock knock...I don't know what for...Its death as he knock knock knocks on my door... I throw myself upon his mercy and what do I see?...Death devouring my Ender Icies...Its getting dark and I can't see...Death devouring my Ender Icies...Why oh why did he not take me...its a horror to see...Death devouring my Ender Icies...thy name is Death...thy name is Joy...I am not your toy...You will pay...on this day...for your horrible crimes... As I sing this song...the innocent lay down to die...It is your doing I know...I will not let you go...I can't stand the pain...the death...where is the joy in our lives...Like bees we hide inside our hives...hide away from death...hide away so we don't see...Death devouring my Ender Icies...

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November 06, 2002

Sick Day accomplishments...

Today I had to stay home from school :(... but I did get a lot of work done! I progressed greatly on my rp web-page...and came up with the personality for a new character...Dingo....He speaks l33t....I also learned quite a bit of the basic rules of l33t...Cool huh! I feel l33t!....A few other things I did today were: Sleep, read the entire MegaTokyo series so far...its really good, sleep, read, sleep, watch Leagueily Blonde (sp), and sleep some more...well that was my day...and what a day it was! *snores*

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November 04, 2002

Title Change

Today at lunch...(while singing spam and bohimian rhapsody)...we changed the band name to *drum roll please*......THE BLOODY VIKINGS!!! YAYYYYYYYYY

ouy knaht

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November 03, 2002

Rock Band

rants and giggles on the phone last night!

My friend Blackbelt (poor blog-less soul) called me at about 8 o'clock last night....


I answered...

thank you....

Just Kidding! As anyone will tell you I will take as much time up giving every detail as possible! At any time!

so anypoo I said hi and she said: "I've just had the best idea...I've ever had" (she isn't the brightest light on the x-mas tree) "I'm gonna start a band!"

My first question of course was..."Do you know how to play an instrament?" but in my head I was thinking "SUGAR HIGH!" She knows how to play the piano...(she demonstrated by holding the phone by the piano and hitting many keys in random order...) she also knows how to play the harmonica (her mother paid her $7 not to.) and the recorder...(I shudder to think)......I know 2 chords on the guitar (almost enough to play a song! YAYYYY *I have decided to learn a bit more) and the recorder...(*shuders* ahhh 3rd grade.) so she asks me if I would like to join....And I ask "don't you kind of need instraments to be in a band..." she replies "We'll worry about that later....Lets think of a name!" at this point I can tell she is on a sugar high....

We threw names at each other for a few minutes ranging from Neeuq (Queen spelt backwards) to The Rubberbands....We settled on "Bacon"

When I told this to "the rents" (mom and dad in pre-teen terms) over a nice frozen custard at "Lickty Splits" (a little frozen custard shop). my father was somewhat excited while a little uhhh worried?? my mother said "at least your father won't be yellin *"you can't be in a long-haired hippie band!"* He'll be worse....he'll want to "jam" (rock in old-timer terms...... also good on toast) with this point I decided we would be practicing at BlackBelt's house.....If we find a drummer.....

And that my friends is how I became a part of a "band" (a small group *2* of musicaly challenged 12 year olds) called "Bacon".....

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November 02, 2002

To link it (the actual code):

Much Betta!

To link it (the actual code):

I probably should have taken the heroine one though! heh heh heh