January 26, 2003


Go, See, Like, Laugh.

Don't forget the first time here thing

Don't bother with the link. It doesn't work. Stupid piece of S***!

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The Chair Made Of Cheese.

I wrote a story called 'The Chair Made of Cheese'. I rather like it. In fact, I like it so much that I might just post part of it. Wait, no one reads my blog. WHY POST THEN??? NOW I'VE GONE AND CONFUZZLED MYSELF... .:wonders off and gets lost in the greatness of 'The Chair Made of Cheese':.

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January 25, 2003

.:sigh:. Pepperkat isn't happy.

Pepperkat is rarely happy. why she is saying this I don't know. Pepperkat is angry at the world. Pepperkat is still pent up....Pepperkat is ready to kill something...where did she put those goldfish crackers...

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Venting feels good and is addictive...like a drug.

I was talking to my friend today. actually I'm still talking to her. Here is our convo.

NamiGashima: my bf left me he aint comin back on till tomorrow
PSqweek: okay...again wouldn't know...
NamiGashima: I hope you forgive me on this one.. i just cna't come to term to gettiing on
aim tonight. I don't wanna push you away but right now my life is
spirialling in all directions and i can't control it. So possible this whole
weekend i'm going to be in this coma state where my body is just a shell and
my spirit is where it needs to be (i'm not dying don't worry). I just need
some time to myself to figure things out.

*kisses you* love you always

NamiGashima: he promised he'd come back on and den he gunna email me sayin he isnt comin back on
PSqweek: There BETTER not be anything 'bout cyberin in this one
NamiGashima: brb
NamiGashima: no theres not
PSqweek: k
NamiGashima: back
NamiGashima: thats sad
NamiGashima: he promised he's fuxing come back n den he aint even gunna come back thats fucked up
PSqweek: uhhh....er.... .:isn't sure what to say:. I have no expirience with boys. I have guy friends and a crush...thats it...I can't really help you
NamiGashima: -.-
NamiGashima: how old r u?
PSqweek: 13
NamiGashima: -.-
NamiGashima: ::falls over::
PSqweek: what?
NamiGashima: ur that old
PSqweek: yeah
NamiGashima: And u've never had a bf??!
PSqweek: nope...
NamiGashima: thats not normal!
PSqweek: I'm not normal in the smallest way...trust me
NamiGashima: -.-
NamiGashima: how
NamiGashima: can u NOT
NamiGashima: have a bf?!
PSqweek: I don't really want one
NamiGashima: ur 13! im 12 and this is my fifth bf
PSqweek: I mean. My friend is on her third and shes about 8 months younger than I am. She was really crappy after her first one. I don't wanna be like that
NamiGashima: ur not gunna b perfect on ur first date now c'mon
PSqweek: no shes always bringin us down after she breaks up
NamiGashima: -.-
NamiGashima: of course you gunna b down n bring ur friends witchu i mean it hurts to break up or be broken up wit
PSqweek: I don't even know her anymore. We've been friends for 8 fuxing years! Its not fun not knowing your best friend anymore...
NamiGashima: i know
NamiGashima: well actually i dont
PSqweek: that sux.
NamiGashima: i have no friends whatsoever except my friends online
NamiGashima: and my sister ericka dont count cuz she's like my sister she not a friend she family
PSqweek: I avoid face to face with people as much as possible
NamiGashima: i avoid ppl at any time as much as i can
PSqweek: I usually can't wait for school though...just because I get to talk to my crush...although...I talk to 'im online too
NamiGashima: -.-
NamiGashima: how long 'as he been ur crush?
PSqweek: sort of odd. I had a crush on him in the 5th grade. then went to 6th and never saw him. now in 7th we see each other every day. and I have a HUGE crush on him again
NamiGashima: -.-
NamiGashima: so two years
PSqweek: just about
NamiGashima: and u still aint go out wit him at all? even in a group thing?
PSqweek: not really. we see each other at school and talk online thats just about it
NamiGashima: -.-
NamiGashima: god chica u needa get out more
PSqweek: lol
PSqweek: He came to our rp once
NamiGashima: oh HIM??
PSqweek: yeah
NamiGashima: omgoodness!!
PSqweek: my other friend thinks i'm nuts or was nuts in the 5th grade. she doesn't know I still like him
NamiGashima: -.-
NamiGashima: is he cute?
PSqweek: in my terms yes. in others terms NO WAY
NamiGashima: lol
NamiGashima: is he a geek?
PSqweek: yeah
PSqweek: but so am I
NamiGashima: well i dont call geeks geeks so
NamiGashima: im jus asking as a social person
NamiGashima: i dont see why you dun ask him to go out witchu in a group thing or somethin
PSqweek: anime geeks...theres about 4 of us in my school
NamiGashima: lol
NamiGashima: there are none in my skool
PSqweek: I don't do group things
NamiGashima: i dont either
PSqweek: I'm kind of...anti social
NamiGashima: but cuz my crush Dean was dere i did
NamiGashima: trust me if it weren't for dean and ericka i'd be a complete anti socialist
PSqweek: lol
NamiGashima: Dean dont even go to my skool
NamiGashima: he goes to the high skool i think he gratuated
PSqweek: I go outside to goto GS and School
NamiGashima: graduated*
PSqweek: lolo
PSqweek: *lol
NamiGashima: he did
PSqweek: well, thats kind of scary
NamiGashima: i cant help it
NamiGashima: the boi is hot as fuck
PSqweek: My friend went out with this guy in 6th grade when he was in 8th. He dumped her when he got to 9th. We all saw it coming 'cept her
NamiGashima: aw
NamiGashima: that so sucks
NamiGashima: she musta been crushed?
PSqweek: We warned her that it wouldn't last.
NamiGashima: that poor girl
PSqweek: That guy stole her first kiss
NamiGashima: WHAT?!?!?!?
PSqweek: exactly
NamiGashima: damn i'da pounded him in tha face
NamiGashima: DEN I woulda cried
PSqweek: thats why when she told me about the kiss I wasn't as sure that he would dump her
NamiGashima: god
PSqweek: I found him rude personally
NamiGashima: dear goddess Aphrodite
PSqweek: lol
NamiGashima: What?
PSqweek: nvm
NamiGashima: oh no whats funny person
PSqweek: nothing...my friends doing a report on aphrodite and asked me if I knew anything about her....
PSqweek: that just made me laugh that you would mention her
NamiGashima: lol
NamiGashima: I know TONS about Aphrodite
PSqweek: I bet
NamiGashima: hell i even painted one of my walls with a portrait of Aphrodite
PSqweek: cool
PSqweek: Damn it girl
NamiGashima: lol what?
NamiGashima: i like to paint

Part of Convo Removed For Pepperkats Own Sanity

PSqweek: Of course, ashley was inside my mind at the time
NamiGashima: lol
NamiGashima: ashley?
NamiGashima: lol!
PSqweek: shes my other friend at school
NamiGashima: OH!
NamiGashima: made me think of a girl we knew in skool
NamiGashima: she was so tall we called her Ashley Oak
PSqweek: lol
NamiGashima: i swear!
NamiGashima: she was taller then the doorway in our skool for cryin out loud
PSqweek: WOAH!
NamiGashima: yesh
NamiGashima: yep Ashley Oak
PSqweek: oh wait! .:retracts earlier comment:. We have 3 anime geeks at school...or true ones at least
NamiGashima: oh ok lol
PSqweek: Ashely (kind of an AG but not a big one), Graham, and me
NamiGashima: oh ok
PSqweek: yup
PSqweek: Ashley and I creep people out all the time, especially in English
NamiGashima: lol
NamiGashima: lalalalalala
PSqweek: We sang Hukunna Matata (sp) the other day
NamiGashima: Lalalalalalalaaa
NamiGashima: Hakuna Matata
NamiGashima: Tale as old as time
True as it can be
Barely Even friends
Then somebody bends
PSqweek: and we sing Queen Bohiemian Rhapsody, Anikin Guy, American Pie, Oscer Mayer Wiener, and the bologna song\
NamiGashima: lol
PSqweek: and my teacher makes us write stories, her latest one is called "Pickle Juice" and mine is "The Chair Made of Cheese"
NamiGashima: -.-
NamiGashima: -.0
PSqweek: We kick a protruding electrical socket on the courtyard wall everyday after lunch
NamiGashima: lol
PSqweek: because she tripped on it. and bruised her leg
NamiGashima: damn
PSqweek: it was her fault
NamiGashima: poor girly
PSqweek: she was running and jumping into the wall
PSqweek: -.-0
NamiGashima: lol
PSqweek: shes a bit...odd
NamiGashima: lo
NamiGashima: lol*
PSqweek: l
NamiGashima: brb
PSqweek: k
NamiGashima: back
NamiGashima: ^.^
PSqweek: wb
NamiGashima: arigatou
NamiGashima: i got a sharp object
PSqweek: koo
PSqweek: what kind?
NamiGashima: a black handled dagger
PSqweek: SVEET
NamiGashima: lol
NamiGashima: im throwing it into the air and catching it
PSqweek: My parents won't let me have a katana
NamiGashima: aw i got one
PSqweek: LUCKY
NamiGashima: yeh
NamiGashima: its hanging over my door
PSqweek: I want a katana or bugnuk...that would be awesome
NamiGashima: i got a katana
NamiGashima: and i asked my grandpa about a bugnuk he said he'll talk to my mum bout it
PSqweek: I doubt you'll get some
PSqweek: they're pretty damn hard to find
NamiGashima: i dunno
NamiGashima: if my mom says yes i know my grandpa will get them for me
NamiGashima: he knows a friend who has some
PSqweek: DUDE
PSqweek: I envy you
NamiGashima: hehe
PSqweek: my parents won't let me get weapons
NamiGashima: lol
PSqweek: Its not like I'm gonna kill anyone
NamiGashima: i know
NamiGashima: lol sometimes i wanna use one to kill my neice
PSqweek: lol
NamiGashima: ^.^
NamiGashima: i have twenty ninja stars
PSqweek: dude...I hate you
NamiGashima: lol
PSqweek: My friend thinks your wierd
NamiGashima: heh
NamiGashima: my mom trusts me what can i say
NamiGashima: besides i only practice with my staff and my dagger
NamiGashima: n im PROUD to be weird
PSqweek: shes totally freaked out about the cyber thing, if she knew about the whole weapons thing she would probably get messed up
NamiGashima: lol
NamiGashima: U told her?!
PSqweek: no
PSqweek: I didn't
NamiGashima: 0.-
PSqweek: She comes over every day in the morning
NamiGashima: ack
PSqweek: yeah
NamiGashima: -.-
NamiGashima: dont that get annoying?
PSqweek: sometimes when she doesn't call and I freak out, I'm a creature of habit ^.^
NamiGashima: lol
NamiGashima: i know how it is
NamiGashima: my friend Lacey
NamiGashima: she would spend the night on the weekend
NamiGashima: come over every morning at four
NamiGashima: do my hair and make up for me, n we'd b off to skool by six fourty one
PSqweek: we been friends for 8 years and we ride to school togather every day...4 O'CLOCK???
NamiGashima: yeh
PSqweek: GOD! I'M NOT UP TIL 7:30 AT MOST!!
NamiGashima: llol
NamiGashima: my swim class starts at six fifty five
PSqweek: ick
NamiGashima: and it dont end till bout seven thirty
NamiGashima: from seven thirty to eight ten im at chorus
PSqweek: I don't do sports......I would like to be on a soccer team though...
PSqweek: I have chorus at school
NamiGashima: i only swim
NamiGashima: chorus is da best
PSqweek: swimmings cool but I haven't done it in like 2 years
NamiGashima: i luv swimming
PSqweek: its okay...
NamiGashima: every morning
NamiGashima: seven days a week in the morning
NamiGashima: then on saturday and sunday i swim from six fifty five to ten thirty
PSqweek: why do you bother with hair and make-up if you go swimming every morning?
NamiGashima: i dont
NamiGashima: lacey does
PSqweek: ohhhhhhhhh
NamiGashima: dont ask, jus dont ask. she's nuts on looks n everythin
PSqweek: I hate makeup
NamiGashima: me too
PSqweek: it bugs me that people depend on it
NamiGashima: one brush thru the hair one slick of lipgloss and then im out the door
PSqweek: there are these 2 girls in my homeroom that say almost everyday "Imagine a world without lotion"
NamiGashima: -.0?
PSqweek: and it bugs the shit out of me
NamiGashima: gods
PSqweek: In chorus we don't get to do much because more than half the girls are putting on lipstick and make-up
NamiGashima: god
NamiGashima: my teacher would so kill a girl if they did that in HER room
PSqweek: Some days I don't even bother to brush my hair....and they are CONSTINTLY (sp) late for class because they were fixing their hair or lipstick
NamiGashima: gods!
PSqweek: My hair is short enough that I don't have to brush it...
NamiGashima: constantly btw
PSqweek: arigatou
NamiGashima: no prob
PSqweek: People ask me if I care about my looks and frankly anyone who doesn't like me because I don't wear make up can go take a flying leap off mount bite me
NamiGashima: lol
PSqweek: Another thing people are constantly asking is "Are you a boy or a girl?"
NamiGashima: -.-
PSqweek: Thats just mean. I mean COME ON.
NamiGashima: i know!
PSqweek: My school is full of rude people....god....I'm talking too much
NamiGashima: no
NamiGashima: im good at listening
NamiGashima: trust me the way ur talking isnt much compaired to my friend Lacey
PSqweek: damn people pissin me off every day...thats why I get so desperate to be someone else.
PSqweek: lol
NamiGashima: lol ^.^
PSqweek: I rp every day just to be someone else. And they usually end up in pain...
NamiGashima: gods
NamiGashima: that shucks
PSqweek: yup
NamiGashima: ::grins evilly::
PSqweek: .:sigh:.
NamiGashima: Hindou is luna's uncle
PSqweek: lol
PSqweek: hey, thanks btw
NamiGashima: for what?
PSqweek: lettin me vent. I don't feel so damn depressed anymore
NamiGashima: ^.^
NamiGashima: im always here to listen
PSqweek: I realized the other day I don't smile a lot at school, unless I'm at lunch of course, my friend (sort of) Damien asked me if I ever smile
NamiGashima: lol
PSqweek: In pictures I'm always sort of...empty I guess is the word...
NamiGashima: yeh thats how i is
PSqweek: There is nothing to smile about damn it. The world is at war, people are as rude as ever, and I'm sitting in an uncomfortable position in a damn uncomfortable chorus uniform! WHY SHOULD I BE SMILING?!?!?!

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January 12, 2003


I think it might be an artists way to wallow in self-pity.

Everytime I draw something...I end up dispiseing it. (might as well ignore all spelling mistakes)

Anyway. I drew something realitively cool yesterday. I still think it looks like a load of shit but my parents like it. (Riiight, they HAVE to like it) I tried to draw the same guy only his entire body not just his head. I got the body done. The paper is almost transparent because I erased the head to many times. I STILL don't have the head. Maybe I should leave it and title it "Headless Zypher Floating in the Memory Realm" (The memory realm is a white void in which the ocupents must re-live their memories, freaky) anyway. I drew a copy of the head shot that my parents liked and then colored it. I guess its okay. oh well, I guess I'm not a great artist. but who here can really say they are happy with your art? Wait, Nevermind, I don't want to know.

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January 09, 2003

I've got a really damn overactive imagination.

I roleplay a lot. Probably to much. I find that my imagination has gotten even more overactive. Now, its like when I'm rp'ing. I am my character. I feel everything he feels. Well, most of what he feels. If its pain its there but dulled. He's been stabbed twice. Right now he is vomiting constantly. I seriously felt like I was going to vomit. Maybe I should cut back. Oh well, I think Nami might kill me if I did. Heheh.

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January 06, 2003


Gravitation is a wonderful anime, but it is a Shounen-ai series. For those of you who don't know what Shounen-ai series is...well, to put it simply its a male-male relationship series. I enjoyed it, but I wouldn't recomend it to those of you who wouldn't understand it.

WARNING! There are a few spoilers.

Its about a sucessful new band called Bad Luck. Actually, Its more about the lead singer (Shindou Shuichi) and his relationship with a romance novelist (Yuki Eiri). Bad Luck consists of Shindou Shuichi (lead singer), Nakano Hirochi (guitarist), and Fujisaki Suguru (keyboardist).

There are 2 other bands in it; ASK and Nittle Grasper. Nittle Grasper is a band that broke up 3 years before and then got back togather after the singer (Sakuma Ryuchi) saw Shuichi on stage and sang with him. The NG Company's (the company that the 3 bands belong to) president (Seguchi Tohma) is also a keyboardist in Nittle Grasper.

The series is adapted from a manga...as are most anime series.

The series is 13 episodes long and will most likely NEVER air on Television. If you do find it on television then...eh...I guess I was wrong. But you should watch it Subbed instead of dubbed.

This is my absolute favorite anime...ever!

If you don't mind it being a Shounen-ai then I strongly suggest it! If not...why did you bother reading this far?

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January 05, 2003

Sakuma Ryuichi!

You act like a 3 year old most of the time but you have a ton of talent stored inside you. You are passionate about the things you're good at and you love to have fun. You always have a cute stuffed animal beside you and you love to play around with it. You have a weird way of helping people, but you help them nevertheless. XD

Which Gravitation Character Are YOU?
Take the quiz at Dare to Dream

A little problems with the gender...but there are only like 2 girls on the show...

BTW this is a character from my FAVORITE anime. YES ABSOLUTE FAVORITE...for now. GRAVITATION!!!!

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January 01, 2003

New Years! Yay?

I'm happy its 2003....Really. I am. Just because Killer moo and I had plans and they got canceled doesn't mean I'm not happy. REALLY I'm happy. See -> ^.^'
Yeah. I'm happy. Even Kirby is happy! -> <(^.^'<) See no one here is sad...or angry. see if I were sad I would be all :'( and if I were mad I would be all >.< but I'm happy. ^.^ Not amazingly happy *.* but happy ^.^ none the less. Is that enough faces? -.-"

.( *.* )
.( ^ ^ )@

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