March 23, 2003

well, Spring Break...

is over in less than 6 hours... .:sniff:. I'll miss it.

You'd think that over the span of Spring Break I might actually blog. Well, if you did think that, than your thinker must be broken. I'm just kidding. Lets see, what have I done over spring break?
I watched childrens tv (including Maisy, The Wiggles, and The Bearinstein Bears. but not Rollie Pollie Ollie which is odd.)
I gave Little Robbie her b-day present. (2 cans of spray cheese, a card, and some chocolate.)
I read. (a lot; book list now around 75-76 I think, I'm to lasy to check)
I er, saw Daredevil. (pretty good)
I went bowling with Little Robbie and George Alexis Saki *George from now on* (I won once and tied the second game, then blew a bunch of quarters on video games and air hockey *yes the bad fast track kind* And George gave me this wierd bag made out of empty juice packs. Thanx again!)
I got Chobits #2 (double yay!)
I played Sims, Step Mania, and Roller Coaster Tycoon (I found a bat phone, a rejuvenation chamber, dehibillitation chamber, teleporter, pool bed *lets your sims sleep in the pool*, some new furniture, and some other stuff for my sims)
I went to Rockys with Whiney. (yes, I do do things with my brother)\
I played DDR a total of 8 times *i think*
I slept, a lot
I went to my girl scout leaders office to do some stuff (I got up 14 minutes after I was supposed to be at her house -.-'')
I got a $18 System of A Down T-Shirt for $4.82
I got a really cool System of A Down CD from one of Whineys friends.
erm, I can't remember anything else. It was good though. Great Spring Break.

Pistachio: I don't wanna ruin your Spring Break but how 'bout making my name different a lot. I kinda liked Snotty-Snotty-Whine-Whine-Boy meself. Why didn't cha pick that?
Me: It took to long to type.
Whiney: How about SSWWB?
Pistachio: Yeah!
Me: shut up -.-'

I still haven't put any pics up. I will soon though. I'm not sure if they will work -.-'' I hope they do!


P.S. Writing with your teeth is hard. I say this from expirence.

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March 14, 2003

Winners of the LD naming contest!

First Place: Lory with Pistachio!
Second Place: Ashley with Chokishi
Third Place: Solonor with Snotty-Snotty-Whine-Whine Boy.

Thanks to all for participating...I might add other characters but Probably not...

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Due to popular demand, PUT THE GUN DOWN ASHELY!, I shall make a post completely about ashley...starting now...

Welcome friends, I am your host for this wonderful game show, Little Dude!
Today on 'Meet One Of Pepperkat's Few and Annoying Friends', we feature Ashley, also known as: Little Robbie. Lets focus on her good points shall we.


1. She has a good taste in music and movies.
2. er...She talks to the voices in her head.
3. She reads
4. She is not afraid to waddle or walk on her knees from English to Lunch.
5. She also knows how to annoy the heck out of several people.
6. She likes to help out at 'Give Kids the World'
As you can see there are many great qualities in this Carbon Based Lifeform we call Ashley. And heres a clip!

*tv lowers and scene pops up*
Ashley: Lets spend all lunch hour reading!
Me: Yeah!

but alas, she is not perfect...far from it.

1. She talks to the voices in her head about Louis.
2. She talks to me about Louis.
3. She talks to Mike about Louis
4. She talks to Graham about Louis.
5. She talks to the whole freaking world about Louis!
6. Shes a tough opponent in the 'I Can Read More Books Than You' contest.
7. She talks and talks and talks and talks and NEVER SHUTS UP! (but we don't mind...holes in a convo are bad)

hmm...I wonder why there are more bad than good...
I KNOW! Its because Ashley is one Badass geek!
Oh yeah! And heres a clip:

*tv lowers and scene pops up*
Ashley: You gotta come over this spring break and watch a bunch of anime! I CALL A GEEK PARTY!
Me: Partah! yay!

ahh...yes the good ol' days...wait, that was yesterday.

And know it the time on our show for the guest to die! And heres a clip:
*tv falls*
STOP! *in flies a large elephant wielding a loaded mongoose* This post has almost entirly been taken from 'The Evil Piggies Show' Now, using my awesome mongoose powers I shall right this evil! Fwhahahahahaha! *blows up site using mongoose*

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March 13, 2003

Icky sicky Spring...

On top of all the crap about Ashley and I going around school, my fight with Graham, AND my freaking out over my science grade. I am sick aswell, and what a wonderful time to be so...SPRING BREAK!

Well, I'm feeling craptacular already! I couldn't breathe today, I had a pounding head-ache, and my throught (GDI! I hate spelling) has been killing me!

Me: what do you mean by a little more than...OHHHH! No! About 37 people want to kill us thats all...anyway, I found out that my sci...
Me: they think we were saying rude and racial things about them. Which I might add we were not! so ANYWAY...
Little Dude: please continue...
Me: *glare* anyway, I found out my science grade (last time I checked a 76 C) has turned into a 93 A in a little less than 2 weeks...I like how fickle grades are...can never make their minds up wether to be pass or fail...*sigh*
Little Dude: so all in all you were freaking out about something that didn't really matter and know it REALLY doesn't matter???
Me: shut up -.-'

BTW: Current Contest Standings: Lory with Pistachio 1st, Ashley with Chokishi 2nd, and Solonor with Snotty Snotty Whine Whine Boy 3rd. well, what an amazing race... .:whisper:. oh dear god this isn't helping much....

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March 11, 2003

Its looking a might bit gimicky around here...

You may have noticed Little Dude. He is new around here and critical...of EVERYTHING.

but, alas, he has no name. So, I'm making a contest. Post on the comments what you think Little Dudes name should be. I will post a nice pic of him later.

the prizes...well, as of right now...

1st place: Your name will be used and you will be on my blog!
2nd place: your name was cool and I might use it for somthing else. You too will be mentioned on my blog
3rd place: you will be mentioned on my blog.

If you don't want to post your choice of name then e-mail me at, or IM me at PSqweek

Pleaze help me pick a name!

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March 10, 2003

You know that I happy feeling I had a few hours ago?

its gone...absolutely gone...

I don't think I can take this...

I can't even Rp

Graham and I had a fight...a nasty one...that ended in "THATS IT! WHATEVER WE HAD BETWEEN US IS OVER! GOOD FUCKING BYE!!" then blockage...

I can't believe I said that...

I think I might even cry...

It hurts...literally...right near my heart...

Little dude: Oh no, Pepperkat...I'm so sorry...
Me: *holds back the tears and skips "shut up" joke*

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2 posts in 2 days!

ooooo! I'm on a roll

Small Annoying Shadowy Figure That Looks A Lot Like Little Dude: a bun?
Me: no a er....I don't know...go ask Whiney.

Small Annoying Shadowy Figure That Looks A Lot Like Little Dude: Wait, what happened to no more time wasters?
Me: Shut up -.-'

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In honor of having 50! entries! I will...

take part in activities that I don't do often!
Eating Breakfast!

Little Dude: Yeah...right...
Me: Shut up -.-'

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March 09, 2003 maybe its not the Last entry...

Yes I'm back. And feeling much better! I was way to stressed and this wasn't helping, now FCAT is almost over, I only have 1 more cookie booth that we are expected to sell 20 CASES in the first 3 minutes -.-', International Festival is over and we did WONDERFULLY.

The only things I'm still kind of stressed about are my C in Science (ARGH! MY BEST SUBJECT, I KNOW THIS CRAP), my stories (MAJOR writers block lately), and the fact that my science teacher wants be to take the Gifted Test. (which I have taken twice and I'm still in Standard... (I didn't want to be in gifted because my friends aren't but she says the behavior isn't as bad in gifted)

Oh funny story, sort of

Wednesday I belive: I was sitting in Science copying the movie questions off the overhead. The rest of the class was braging about how many detentions and referals they had gotten.

Steven: Yeah well I got 4 detentions in one day!
Christian: So? I got a referal in every class one day! Thats FIVE!
Me: Six *still writeing*
Christian: SIX!
Mrs. Barnard: Steven! How many have you copied down?
Steven: er...3
Christian: Ha! I have 4
Mrs. Barnard: Get to WORK!

by this time I have copied the 19.
Steven and Christian go on braging about how many d-halls and referalls. Until Austin and Jason join in. The noise is unbareable. and I have a headache

Me: *get up, walk out and stand by the door*
Jason: Mrs. Barnarrrd, Why did Emily just get up and leave??
Me: *begins to bang head on the wall several times*

extremely loud in classroom. I can hear it and I'm down the hall a ways.
Movie starts

Me: *gives up and walks in when noise level decreases, walk up to Mrs. Barnard* I Am SOO sorry!
Mrs. Barnard: its okay, sit down and do the movie questions.
Me: *sits*

the movie ends and the bell rings

Me: *walks up to Mrs. barnard* I AM REALLY sorry about just walking out.
Mrs. Barnard: Its okay, Where did you go?
Me: just outside the door.
Mrs. Barnard: what did you do?
Me: I was banging my head against the wall in an effort to pass out and go home or to kill enough brain cells to be as smart as Steven.

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March 02, 2003

Last Entry

I have come to the conclusion that the world doesn't care. Nobody cares about what I have to say. Online and in life. The only people that read this $|-|1+ are Ashley and my family. This is my last post. Don't bother coming back Ashley.

I hereby cut off all verbal communication with my peers. Except for Girl Scouts and P2P.


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