May 17, 2003

Love or Like?

How can you tell if you're in love or in like? I can't really be sure. I've been hanging out at a forum that I just joined recently and one thread really got me thinking. I'm not sure if I love my b/f or if I just "like" him. The one thing that I refuse to do is say: "I love you" because if I said that I could be lying. I think that one of the most important parts of a relationship (romantic or friendship) is honesty. So, I won't say it but that doesn't mean that I'm not in love. I don't know. This is too freaking confuzzling.

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May 14, 2003

A very...odd rp...

I just stopped rp'ing with Laura, Omi, and Graham...scary...

If you wanna read you can below... ^.^'

UkeSoraKun has entered the room.
Youko the Fox: Okay lets start over!
LauraFPal: ok!
Youko the Fox: Setting __________.
LauraFPal: ah
LauraFPal: then were REALLY starting over
PSqweek: Okay!
UkeSoraKun: ::tilts head::
LauraFPal: hehe
PSqweek: Slup Omi?
UkeSoraKun: slup?
LauraFPal: lol
UkeSoraKun: do you know all my friends? O.O; lol
UkeSoraKun: waaait...
UkeSoraKun: GRAHAM?!
UkeSoraKun: OMG;
UkeSoraKun: LOL
UkeSoraKun: I thought you were....omg...
LauraFPal: yes!
LauraFPal: fwahahahaha
UkeSoraKun: i feel sooo retarded...
PSqweek: why?
UkeSoraKun: i thought he was rob...
UkeSoraKun: wooooooops
LauraFPal: ok, so where are we setting?
PSqweek: rob...I only know 1 rob and graham knows that he ISN'T rob...
PSqweek: heheheh
UkeSoraKun: rob is a cosplay friend lol
PSqweek: ((heheheh...))
UkeSoraKun: ok...rob just IMed me...
UkeSoraKun: that was odd
LauraFPal: LOL
UkeSoraKun: kay! lets let Omi raise the roof!
PSqweek: ((...))
UkeSoraKun: jees people ^___^ LoL
PSqweek: ((but its raining...if you raise the roof I'll get wet))
UkeSoraKun: welllll then i'll raise my roof...
PSqweek: okay!
PSqweek: we are like the only ones...
PSqweek: were'd Laura and Graham go?
LauraFPal: huh?
LauraFPal: no im here
PSqweek: theres Laura
PSqweek: GRA~HAM!?
UkeSoraKun: graham is gone ::sits back slurpin' on tea::
PSqweek: YOU~KO!?
LauraFPal: lol
LauraFPal: ok!
LauraFPal: now that we're all sorta present and accounted for...
PSqweek: lol
LauraFPal: where and when are we setting this?
PSqweek: Trik: *steals Laura*
LauraFPal: gah!
Youko the Fox: ((sorry))
LauraFPal: ive been STOLEN!
PSqweek: *slipping her into his pocket as he walks by*
LauraFPal: heyyyy im not that small!
LauraFPal: AH!
PSqweek: he has infinately huge pockets
LauraFPal: oh
PSqweek: EEK!
PSqweek: I hate the phone
LauraFPal: me too!
PSqweek: Its talks funny
LauraFPal: LOL
UkeSoraKun: ne...
PSqweek: its like "You have reached -# deleted- please leave a message after the tone.........."
PSqweek: 5 minutes later
UkeSoraKun: sqweeky, do you know what Apocripha/0 is??::looks hopeful::
PSqweek: BLEEP!
PSqweek: not that I remember...sorry
PSqweek: sounds familier though
LauraFPal: ...i cant believe ive been stolen...
Youko the Fox: ((where are we now?))
LauraFPal: nowhere
UkeSoraKun: o.o
LauraFPal: unfortunately..
PSqweek: ((I don't know, Laura is in my pocket though))
UkeSoraKun: on a tourist mountain in japan...
UkeSoraKun: in the hotsprings with Tao Ren and Horo Horo o,o i dunno, creativeness!
LauraFPal: hee
Youko the Fox: ::is George::
Youko the Fox: ::relaxes in hot spring::
PSqweek: *steals George slipping him into his pocket as he walks by*
PSqweek: ((lol))
LauraFPal: ((so is that where we are?))
Youko the Fox: ::is use the the routine by now and cuts his way out of the pocket going back to spring::
PSqweek: Duck: *in pocket* "quack"
UkeSoraKun: {mmmm sure! LoL}
UkeSoraKun: ::Ren, trying to relax in hotspring, watching the theif carefully:: o_o;
Youko the Fox: {{in a hot spring}}
PSqweek: *steals Ren slipping him/her/it into his pocket as he walks by*
LauraFPal: ::Turns into Adrienne and crawls out of the pocket::
PSqweek: *steals rock slipping him/her/it into his pocket as he walks by*
PSqweek: *whistles inocently*
UkeSoraKun: ::wonders why everyone teases him about his height even if they dont know him...::
PSqweek: ((gdi I hate spelling))
LauraFPal: ::looks at the thief oddly, and returns to the springs::
PSqweek: *wanders around trying to find something good*
PSqweek: Maro: *craps on his head*
PSqweek: ((lol))
Youko the Fox: ::sees Ren:: HAHA are you still "playing" with Horo in bars? ::nudges him::
UkeSoraKun: O_O who the hell are you? ::squints::
PSqweek: *splats Maro getting squrill dung on his hand*
LauraFPal: ::feels small and suspicious::
PSqweek: *steals the small and suspicious one slipping him/her/it into his pocket as he walks by*
LauraFPal: ((GAH! AGAIN!))
PSqweek: ((lol, I'm having fun!))
UkeSoraKun: ::takes out teeny glaive:: diiie!! ::slice slice slice::
Youko the Fox: Oh you don't remeber me from the bar when you were looking for your cookie and I took your staff and put it on a high self and we almost blew up the bar.
UkeSoraKun: ::blink:: I uh >_> dont remember <_<
LauraFPal: ::finds a knife in the pocket and slices her way out::
Youko the Fox: Oh well. ::takes staff again so he cant use his powers to their full extent::
UkeSoraKun: ::follows:: o__o
PSqweek: Trik: "THEIF!" *points to Adruenne* "You stole my rightfully stolen knife!"
PSqweek: *steals staff slipping him/her/it into his pocket as he walks by*
LauraFPal: ::falls out of the pocket through the hole and gives him the knife:: It's Adrienne.
UkeSoraKun: ::blinks:: okay, i was not this tiny before I was slipped into that pocket...
PSqweek: Maro: *hits Trik with red and yellow sqweaky hammer* "baka!"
LauraFPal: ::runs away::
Youko the Fox: I wouldn't take his staff he can summon spirits don't piss him off. ::shouldn't talk consitering he just took it a second ago::
UkeSoraKun: ::hurries off to Yoh's house::
PSqweek: *steals George again slipping him/her/it into his pocket as he walks by* "don't lecture me"
LauraFPal: ::hides::
Youko the Fox: ::jumps out and stabs in head::
PSqweek: *dies*
LauraFPal: ((YAY!))
Youko the Fox: STOP STEALING ME!
PSqweek: *then comes back jumping up and laughing* "EVERYTHINGS FINE!"
LauraFPal: AH! ::runs again::
UkeSoraKun: ::gone:: o_o
UkeSoraKun: ::Prince Arexu randomly walks along::
LauraFPal: ::runs right into teeny little person who is same size as her...:: Sorry...
PSqweek: *steals Prince Arexu slipping him/her/it into his pocket as he walks by*
LauraFPal: ::keeps running::
UkeSoraKun: eek?!
PSqweek: *takes out a piece of cloth and puts it on a rock*
PSqweek: *steals piece of cloth slipping him/her/it into his pocket as he walks by*
UkeSoraKun: ::stabs way out with giant cross:: bukimi...
LauraFPal: ::hides again::
UkeSoraKun: ::tumble tumble:: aiyaaa x_x
PSqweek: "ow" *steals giant cross slipping him/her/it into his pocket as he walks by*
UkeSoraKun: >_< waaaah! ::kicks and screams;:
LauraFPal: ::hears screaming and goes to investigate::
PSqweek: Maro: *bonks Trik on the head again* "BAKA!"
UkeSoraKun: ::skitter rip rip, tumbles out::
UkeSoraKun: huff, huff x_x...
LauraFPal: ::sees huffing person::
PSqweek: *steals erm...Laura slipping him/her/it into his pocket as he walks by*
LauraFPal: ((AHHHHH!))
LauraFPal: ((::rips way out so can rp correctly::-))
Youko the Fox: ::pokes Prince Arexu:: Who are you?
UkeSoraKun: EEP! U-uhh..
UkeSoraKun: I'm a Prince...dont poke me?
LauraFPal: ::looks at Prince curiously::
UkeSoraKun: ::sweatdrop:: vote for me, not my brother! ^_~
LauraFPal: Riiiiiiiiiight...
UkeSoraKun: Red prince! Remember that! I'm the Reeeed Prince~! ::blink::
PSqweek: *takes out the artist formerly known as Prince*
UkeSoraKun: o_O'
Youko the Fox: Blue okay!
LauraFPal: ((LMAO!))
PSqweek: "I thought he was Prince*
PSqweek: *"
UkeSoraKun: NOOO blue is my brother!
LauraFPal:! ::wails::
UkeSoraKun: ....I'm not "Prince", I'm "Arexu". Ya know, 'Alex'?
Youko the Fox: VOTE PURPLE!
PSqweek: The artist formerly known as prince: "no, I'm the artest formerly known as prince" *crawls back into Triks pocket*
UkeSoraKun: THERE IS NO PURPLE! ::falls oveR::
LauraFPal: ::is VERY lost::
Youko the Fox: I am purple I am made from your two colors so I am best!
PSqweek: "I'm with that guy" *points to George*
LauraFPal: ::whines:: Somebody tell me what's going on here!
PSqweek: *steals Laura slipping him/her/it into his pocket as he walks by* "there, now you don't need to know"
LauraFPal: ((AH!))
LauraFPal: ((AGAIN! thats time three...))
Youko the Fox: Nobody knows what is going on.
PSqweek: The artist formerly known as prince: "welcome"
LauraFPal: ((::rips out of pocket again::-))
PSqweek: Duck: "quack"
UkeSoraKun: ::sweatdrop::...
Youko the Fox: You are not with me.
UkeSoraKun: ::sits on a rock, writing down royal duties::
LauraFPal: I'm still lost!
Youko the Fox: You try to steal me and I kill you that is how it works.
LauraFPal: Me?
PSqweek: Trik: *laughs and steals George slipping him/her/it into his pocket as he walks by*
LauraFPal: ::is extremely confused, and runs AWAY::
LauraFPal: ((bye! books calling me!))
UkeSoraKun: Vote for meee! :D
LauraFPal has left the room.
Youko the Fox: ::sits on rock sharpening knife about to go into one of his crazy moods where he gets one of his vials::
PSqweek: ((I scared her away...))
PSqweek: ((oh well))
UkeSoraKun: {LoL}
PSqweek: ((is he sitting on the rock that Trik stole?))
Youko the Fox: ((George is my character and he is a guy you all know him HAHAHAHA!))
Youko the Fox: ::no he got out::
PSqweek: ((nods))
PSqweek: *steals rock under George*
PSqweek: slipping him/her/it into his pocket as he walks by*
Youko the Fox: ((he now has a little door in Triks side so he can get out of the pocket))
PSqweek: ((lol))
UkeSoraKun: A-Ah...Platina-onii is visiting soon! ::worry worry~::
Youko the Fox: Dont vote for the red prince he steals and tortures babies!
UkeSoraKun: O.O i do not
Youko the Fox: ::runs around saying this::
PSqweek: Trik: "how evil!" *steals a tortured baby slipping him/her/it into his pocket as he walks by*
PSqweek: *something in Triks pocket seems to be pelting George with fecies*
Youko the Fox: Don't vote Blue Prince eather he eats cats!
Youko the Fox: ::goes out door::
UkeSoraKun: brother does not eat cats...
PSqweek: Trik: *smacks pocket* "quit it"
Youko the Fox: THAT IS IT TRIK!
PSqweek: Trik: "Its the monkey!"
Youko the Fox: ::takes out knife and slits Trik right below the eyes collecting his blood and tears in a small bottle::
PSqweek: *dies*
Youko the Fox: ::puts bottle in pocket::
PSqweek: *comes back jumping up* "HA....HAHA!"
UkeSoraKun: ::looks up:: i missed something! ::curls up scrolls::
PSqweek: "ow"
Youko the Fox: ::steals scrolls::
PSqweek: *steals George thereby stealing the scrolls slipping him/her/it into his pocket as he walks by*
Youko the Fox: ::goes out door with scrolls::
PSqweek: *a large pile of dung is on Georges head*
Youko the Fox: ::goes back to spring to wash off knowing unless Trik is gay he wont follow him into the shower::
UkeSoraKun: o-oi!!;
PSqweek: Trik: *follows Him*
UkeSoraKun: XD;
PSqweek: ((lol))
UkeSoraKun: scrolls! ::follows as well::
Youko the Fox: ::throws bricks out of now where at them both::
Youko the Fox: ::throws scrolls at the Prince::
UkeSoraKun: OW x_X ::recieves brick head on::
UkeSoraKun: ::scrolls land on stomach after he falls:: iteee...
UkeSoraKun: ::blink:: ah, yokatta! ::grabs them::
PSqweek: *dies a total of three time by the bricks*
Youko the Fox: ::get towel and raps around self and undress while he is dead::
Youko the Fox: ::goes into shower stall and takes off towl hanging it so Trik cant get it from the outside::
PSqweek: *comes back and sees the towel* "damn."
Youko the Fox: Trik you can steal my cloths.
UkeSoraKun: ::pokes Trik with a stick::....
PSqweek: ((ohhh, you're just begging!))
PSqweek: *steals clothes slipping him/her/it into his pocket as he walks by*
PSqweek: *opens shower stall and steals towel slipping him/her/it into his pocket as he walks by*
Youko the Fox: ((No George just knew it would have happened anyway))
PSqweek: *steals Princes stick slipping him/her/it into his pocket as he walks by*
PSqweek: *comes back*
Youko the Fox: ::gets new towel and goes back to his shower::
PSqweek: *sits waiting for George to come out*
Youko the Fox: ::shoots with gun out of nowhere.
Youko the Fox: ::
UkeSoraKun: o.o'
PSqweek: ((Trik: "willie wants to meet you"))
PSqweek: ((JK))
UkeSoraKun: {O_O;}
Youko the Fox: ((STOP THAT))
PSqweek: ((lmao))
Youko the Fox: {{brb}}
PSqweek: ((quotes from mike))
UkeSoraKun: {You're surrounded, Alex is from a yaoi game...LoL~}
PSqweek: ((lol))

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Ashley told me to write in my blog...

So I will.

You know you need new friends when...
1. You have rope-burn on your neck from when they try to strangle you.
2. You come home with a pounding head ache because they hit you hard several times on the back of the head.
3. Several People say "You need new friends"
4. When they run around you screaming "nutty nutty squrill bum"
5. They scare you simply by saying "willie"

Technically I have about 4 out of those 5 but I like my friends...They are pretty cool.

Oh another random tidbit of information...I made Ensomble (not that I can spell it) Chorus! YAY! Ikkle Robbie be in it too!

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