July 29, 2003



This is how I felt yesterday.

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Well, I'm back from Europe. Very good trip. Thanks to everyone that helped make it possible! And for your pleasure I will put a few entries from my journal here. Enjoy!

Day 3 - July 7, 2003, 12:27 Athens Time

Dear Journal,
Today the fun began. We got up, ate breakfast, and headed out for the acropalipse. Thats where the Parthanon is located. on the way we saw the changing of the gaurds. The gaurds wear pleated skirts as part of their uniform. Each skirt has 400 pleats to represent the 400 years under...uhm...the Turks I believe. The Parthanon is sooo big and pretty. Afterwords we went to lunch then on to The Interactive Museum. There we saw a 3-D presentation about Ancient Olympia. Then a movie about the Olympics, and I'm so glad that we went because it gave me a chance to read my e-mail and check up on Solonor's Groovy Grove. When we were done there we went back to the hotel. I slept for a few hours then we went to Dinner. Dinner has been the most fun so far. There was music and dancing! Ryan and I got up and danced with the people. A bunch of other delegatesdid too. I'm really warming up to my new friends especially Albee and Ryan. I know almost everybody's name too! Anypoot, dinner was awesome and now its after one o'clock and I think I'll be able to sleep tonight. ^.^
I can't think of anything more so, Buh-bye,
P.S.- The A/C is fixed YAY!

Day 10 - July 14, 2003, 11:28 Italian time

Dear Journal,
Today we went to the Colloseum. It was built by the Romans to use as entertainment. There were three sections of seats. The seats nearest the arena were for the senetors and their families, the next section was for the middle-class citizens, and the last section is for the women, children, and slaves. I would have thought it would be expensive to go to the fights there, but the guide said it was often free, or so cheap even a slave could go. Under the arena there was a network of passageways used be the slaves that worked there and the gladiators. In the passageways there were small lifts that used a weight balencing system. The lifts were used to bring the gladiators or animals cages up through the trap doors on the arena floor. After we left the Colloseum we had lunch and about 2 hours of free time. Then we went on a scavenger hunt of sorts. We split into 3 teams; Red, Green, and Yellow. We put paint on our face in the right color to show what team we were on. Then we were givin a sheet of paper with questions on it that we had to answer at each of the sites that we had to find our way to. I leaned a few latin words at the end, because we had to come up with 5 latin words and make a five yard rope with whatever we could find. Our team lost but I got a bunch of good pictures. After that we went back to the hotel and slept!

Day 13 - July 20,2003 1:22 French Time

Dear Journal,
On day 13 we went to the S.O.S. childrens camp for our social project. The first thing we did was get a short explination about the camp. The S.O.S. children's village is a sort of summer camp for children whose parents are unable to care for them. S.O.S. provides the chilrdren with a foster mother and father and during the summer they come to the S.O.S. childrens village. Ther is only one S.O.S. village in Europe and kids from all over Europe come there. After the explination we split into 2 groups, Sports and Creative. I was in the creative group. The sports group played soccer and the creative group split into small groups of 2 or 3. Then went to different stations at the camp. Albee, Ryan, and I helped at a tent where the children played with legos, blocks, sand, water, and colors. Then we watched the kids on the playground. Then we went and helped at the circus then. I spun plastic plates on a stick. I'm actually pretty good! Then we had a long bus ride to our hotel.

I'll give you more entries later on...

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July 05, 2003

And Shes Off....

With the sound of fireworks Pepperkat dashes out in front. Or she would, if this were really a race. So anypoot, I'm leaving today, in a few hours. RUSH RUSH RUSH! Why am I writing in my blog you ask? Well, there will probably be a considerable pause in the entries. Ahh, well, I might find internet access in Europe. For those of you who don't know already, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN WO/MAN?!, I'm going to Europe for a month to represent our youth. Heheheh, excellent...Anypoot, If I do find somewhere in which I can write in my blog, or answer my hotmail e-mails, I will do as much as I can, unless I'm tired...

G'bye all!

PS. Graham, Ashley, Orion, and Paul expect an e-mail with my hotmail!

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July 01, 2003


Ever wanted to know how and when you going to die? I thought not. But you can still find out! Happy Death-Day!

Happy Deathday!
Your name:Emily
You will die on:Wednesday, July 20, 2022
You will die of:Lead Poisoning
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