August 24, 2003

Oh the happy day

yesterday was quite possibly the best day I've had in a LONG time. There were a few bumps but all-in-all it was awesome!

Shrooms, Kory, and I set out for the mall at 11:30. We got there, hung out until 2:30, mostly at The Royal Kingdom (a weapons shop), when we met Graham in front of Sears. My day was so-so until Graham came, my god that kid cheers me up! So anyway, we spent some more time in the mall and realized the security gaurd was following us... -.-' Graham and Shrooms had to do an English project in which you dress differently and act differently and write a paper about the reactions you get. All four of us were punk/gothed out. We left at 4:15 and went to Shrooms house. The four of us climbed in the back of Shrooms moms car. A seat made for 3. It was fun! We started glomping in the car. (for those of you who don't know: A glomp is half pleasure half pain. Its inbetween a huggle and a tackle.) When we got to his house we continued our Glompification and played Super Smash Bros. Later on we went to 'The Medallion' Really good movie. But the highlight of my day yesterday was at the movie and after it. I was the closest to Graham I've ever been. I felt at home with my arm around him. .:sigh:. It feels so good to be near him like that. Just thinking about it makes me happy! Could it be loke?

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August 21, 2003

keep in mind this entire convo was in maybe 15-20 minutes.

Me: I learned/remembered something in science today.
Whiny: Which was...?
Me: There are actually 4 states of matter.
Whiny: yeah and they are...?
Me: Solid, Liquid, Gas, and Plasma.
Whiny: yup.
Me: what is plasma exactly?
Solonor: Yah see blahblahblahblahblahblah.
Me: yeah but what is it?
Solonor: blahblahblahblahblahblah
me; .:being ignored:. I wanna see something go straight from gas to solid. that would be funny. there would be a lot of concussions though because of rocks just suddenly forming above peoples
Whiny: yeah, but blahblahblahblahblahblah
Solonor: We should look it up
Whiny: yeah!
Mrs R: Okay!
Me: why? Why do we always have discussions like this that always end in "lets look it up" and then we never do.
Mrs R: I like these.
Me: yeah, I do to but why do I do it at school and stuff too? Is this hereditary or something?
Solonor: yeah I guess.
Me: wait, I said hereditary. did I use it right... .:ponders:.
Whiny: yeah.
Me: cool!
Whiny: actually did you mean 'you got it from them' .:points in the general directon of Mrs R and Solonor:.
Me: yeah
Whiny: then you did it right
Mrs R: actually, can't it mean you got it from the environment around you
Solonor: lets look it up!
Whiny: yeah!
Mrs R: Okay!
Me: .:cries:. why!? why can't I have a normal family!?
Mrs R: you can't have both, its one or the other.
whiny; yeah, ::stupid voice:: Do you remember whats on the teleV t'night? Eh? EH? EHHH?
Mrs R: I have a beer on the tv
me: there plasma in beer?
whiny; i dunno but there should be!
me: we could call it plasmeer!!!
solonor; yeah!!!
me: but what if there really is???
solonor: lets look it up!
whiny; yeah!
mrs r; okay!
mrs r: then it would techniqually be green
me; actually...purple.
mrs r; oh yeah...
me: .:sigh:.
Whiny: is plasma purple?
Solonor: i just remembered! Isn't there plasma around lightning?
me; does that mean I can take a big metel rod with a jelly jar attached into the middle of a field and catch plasma???
whiny; yeah, then we can dye it purple!!!
me; experiment!!!
mrs r; i'm not sure you can dye plasma.
solonor; lets look it up!
whiny; yeah!
mrs r: okay!

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August 11, 2003


yeah, I'm what?

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August 10, 2003

RIP El Gato

Yesterday was a very bad day. Started off happy then got angry then sad then really really really depressed, so depressed that my friends thought I was lying dead somewhere when I went to the grocery store. So anyway, I was already depressed when I looked over at my mouse cage and El Gato has choked on something. Mom said I could try gerbils or hamsters or something after Piccadilly kicks the bucket, or I could get another mouse. I don't wanna kill any more mice. So anyway, Marky, Shrooms, and Graham Cracker, I ain't dead.

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