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Stat of the Day
Most Home Runs By A Player Who Played One Season
(Top 25 Players, Current and Inaugural Seasons Ignored)
Joseph Delk200527
Luciano Schmidt200815
Juan Almeida200414
Todo Twelvetoes201813
Jackie Frasher200413
Dennis Hernandez200813
Danny Pea200413
Michael Woods200713
Kimli Eowl202612
Richard Pearce201612
Isewyn Imriaden200512
Ishukh Kidneydragger202912
Rafe Youngblood202712
Jimmy Wasilewski200610
Grink Gnomedragger20329
Wesley Earwood20058
Daniel Porter20048
Ko-Rei Takamasa20048
Mimsh Derrokicker20298
Robert Lamarche20048
Dumli Forgedelver20318
Gilgorn Fil-Garil20047
Henry Hartzler20047
Tonai Moonpoker20237
Radiden Anvil-tester20307
Today's Birthdays
PSmealf TinytoesGAL27July 11, 2006
CSosur SilvermakerMT28July 11, 2005
PClarence ProudneckRetired30July 11, 2003
CLumtina EarthheadRetired35July 11, 1998
SSSyo-go BeagolRetired38July 11, 1995
PFrugash GnomebasherRetired38July 11, 1995
1BBernie the UndominatedRetired38July 11, 1995
LFDejria DerroslurperRetired39July 11, 1994
CRibur OretoothRetired39July 11, 1994
PVralak FootpokerRetired43July 11, 1990
PKenneth MainsRetired58July 11, 1975
PSaar GalendRetired60July 11, 1973
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