April 12, 2004

You sowed the stuff to do, now you hath reaped the procrastination

Let's see, what to write about...

Well, I both left for and came back from Canada ABOUT THREE WEEKS AGO, my life has been full of its usual writability, and my computer is in a coma.

Ah, I know! I'll write about Birdman!

Birdman, sure he may be the lamest super hero ever* but his existence poses the question:

Would a man/bird hybrid be born live, in an egg, or a freaky combination of both?

First, let's ask the masses:
DaProber - He's born live but with the casing of an egg surrounding him.
Lisa Behind Me - Both. What kind of person would be asking these kinds of questions?

'Kay, since those are the only two masses I can find at the moment, I'll interview an expert on the subject:

WTE - Dr. Florgenboozenhauzen, you're considered by many to be the foremost expert in the field of man/bird husbandry. Having written seventeen books, five screenplays, and a musical on the subject I think you could finally give us an answer to the question on everyone's minds. Would a man/bird hybrid be born live, in an egg, or a strange combination of both?

Dr. F - Dr. Florgenboozenhauzen is at lunch, I'm his secretary.

WTE - ...There you have it folks! The answer to one of the world's age old questions. Sure, some people may try to prove it wrong, but that's what's so great about having a scientific community in which one is free to throw a hissy fit and argue about something for days on end.

See you next time, when we explore the question: What the hell happened during these past four months?

*In the spirit of journalistic integrity, Whiny The Elder would like to clarify that Birdman is not truly the lamest super hero ever. That title belongs to The Legless Avenger.

Posted by Paul at April 12, 2004 12:15 PM
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